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  1. Are you getting much sunlight? You need to get sunlight within 45 minutes of waking to set your circadian rhythm. Get 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight early in the morning. You will sleep much better. Everything in life will get better.
  2. Yes. Read reviews of hustlers university. You can literally learn more for free on youtube.
  3. can't find the video. I hope this shit doesn't get you down @Leo Gura
  4. lol.... Come on, man. You are here. You watch Leo's content. You should be able to see past this BS. You can find better info for FREE on youtube.
  5. Please, no more almost nude eating ice cream pics
  6. very bizarre...
  7. @eggopm3 that's all true. It's a good series to share with friends and family though. It'd send people to this series before Leo's psychedelic videos.
  8. this guy is insane. He's a terrible role model and young men are looking up to him. I know people who idealise him, it's ridiculous. The guy's a joke. Only watch him for comedic value and to see the hollowness of strange orange and blue. Men shouldn't be following him for advice.
  9. @Consept thanks. I'm looking for more youtube channels and podcasts
  10. @Razard86 It would do more harm than good. MOST people would think leo is insane.
  11. This is the stage orange i need in my life!
  12. @Majed No one here is able to give you the correct answer. We know nothing about you. Get a teacher or coach. Otherwise, try both. Experiment, but do each for at least 90 days.
  13. The integral zen crowd is good. They teach / coach awakening and shadow work https://integralzen.org/ https://www.integralsomaticawakening.com/
  14. @Thought Art yes basics. Long-term investing strategies. Financial education