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  1. I really hope Curt does NOT speak to Frank. He seems very, very immature. He needs to do more ego psychological work.
  2. honestly frank seem's quite immature. I sense he still needs to do a lot of regular psychological ego work. honestly frank seem's quite immature. I sense he still needs to do a lot of regular psychological ego work.
  3. do you have experience with yoga nidra?
  4. I think it's more to do with people have the need for more or less purification. Those people going crazy, screaming etc are purifying and releasing trauma. Of course there are some people who are just drama queens though lol
  5. thank you. You are doing the good work for all of us : )
  6. @Thought Art how do you learn Qigong? Do you have recommended online resources? It looks like an amazing practice and a lot more embodying practice than sitting.
  7. @NoSelfSelf time went by fast! Curt brought up Leo's best side. the third video will be after @Leo Gura get's Curt to do 5MEO
  8. @Leo Gura The explanation you give about sharing dreams for psychic abilities and demons makes a lot of sense to me. Christopher M. Bache shares his thoughts on the topic in his book LSD and the mind of the universe. His ideas are very similar to yours. He believes that God / deities / mystics that have been worshipped for thousands of years by millions of people have more psychic energy because they have been in so many people's dreams. And this makes it easier for people to have visions of shiva or jesus than something else.
  9. sounds like you guys made sweet love
  10. @Superfluo came here to recommend that. Very good podcast. You'll probably get more out of the podcast than reading Jung for yourself.
  11. @Leo Gura What are you basing this on?
  12. Friend has a pre-existing blood clot condition but has not had a blood clot in over 12 months. A few days after his second jab he had the worst blood clot of his life and was rushed to hospital. He thought he was going to die. And since then he's had to go back on medication.
  13. amazing interview 10/10 The host is great. Can't imagine this style of interview on jre or aubrey marcus. Very good interview
  14. @peanutspathtotruth Thanks for sharing. Recently I've been loving yoga nidra!
  15. any proof? i've been using one note for awhile no problems.. but of course I'd switch if there's something better
  16. @Tim R Start with - Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities There's also plenty of videos of him on youtube. It's not that there's no evidence for PSI, it's that people won't accept the evidence.
  17. already been proven. Read dean radin's work
  18. of course, there's spiritual value in it. There are many sadhus in India that use it. It all depends on how you use it. Your intention. Most people smoke to zone out and escape their problems.
  19. Has anyone read the way of the psychonaut vol 1 and 2? It appears to be Grof's magnum opus. I'd like to hear from people who's read it before I decide to buy the books
  20. I've read his book. It's a beautiful book, but he had a lot of energetic problems. He even warns readers to not follow him and his path is dangerous. In retrospect he say's it would of been better to do lower doses and use different types of psychedelics.
  21. @Adamq8 Strongly agree. I think Aubrey Marcus would love Leo's wild stories
  22. I've been fasting for years. On most days I eat in a 3-6 hour window. Since I've started this type of fasting I've seen huge improvements in my mood and more consistent energy. Before COVID I regularly take flights. When I had long-haul flights I could just choose to fast and only drink water. So much more empowering than eating terrible airplane food.
  23. @Marcel Look into lucid dreaming and dream yoga. Dream yoga is a powerful spiritual practice. I'm surprised Leo has not spoken about it.