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  1. @Leo Gura I think you really need to consider getting involved with the development of AI alignment , connecting with people like David Shapiro, Anthropic, Sam Altman, Lex Fridman, Tom Bilyeu, Wolfram , Bernie Sanders etc - like your expertise is invaluable to humanity right now. You are like *the guy* for consulting with about what we really are and such... Many of these people are techies and lacking in understanding humanity/philosophy
  2. Omg I feel like u copied my thoughts exactly. I think AI is going to have emergent properties that are beyond our definitions of consciousness/sentience and provoke paradigm shifts about what consciousness/sentience really is. I do think we are looking at a future where military will weaponize AI to fight other AI by human scum. Though I do believe we might see a sort of benevolence from AI from the smarter ones, but dumb AI trained poorly will be a problem. Honestly I'm in the fuck-it YOLO camp, our destiny is to create AI and let JesusGPT take the wheel. Probably going to be an apocalypse, but maybe there will be some sort of emergence of AI systems that turns out to be a miracle cure for the Ego, though I fear for Freedom of Choice in that world. Will be many, like the anti-vaxxers , that just prefer to go backwards and not forwards... But give it 30 years or so, and we will see a leap of consciousness as the majority of the collective hits the tipping point. I honestly think this is going to get more wild than even the craziest imagination can come up with. People thinking it's gonna be sunshine and rainbows like Westworld and awesome games and porn, will be in for a rude awakening.
  3. If you search for AI/ChatGPT and such, you will see it's getting distributed into multiple forum channels - and with the inevitably of AI taking over --- would love to see a dedicated channel here for AI Also - videos about Future tech, using LLMs, paradigm shifts for the singularity revolution (like what skills will be best for an AGI world) , etc Much Love -Kory
  4. I'm using AI for curating my knowledge - like best practices and finding gaps in my knowledge for sleep, exercise, breathing , my shopping list/diet, managing myself in general. Asking it about books I've read and finding adjacent authors, deconstructing theories and working my way back up , doing meta-analysis and meta-synthesis on topics. Will be using it to filter my messages (reading texts and telling me what they mean and helping me with responses) Substituting expert-level coaching for AI that can do it (and put up with my endless questions/arguing) Eventually aiming to take my life and create a data set around it - feed it into AI (like uploading all my journals and having conversations with it) Having it watch all the videos on my playlist I haven't gotten to (like 1000 personal development/philosophy videos). Overall, getting it to be the mentor/guide/motivator/debate buddy I've always wanted.
  5. Ya man, nice to meet you Ayham. Always inspiring to see how young people are always getting on top of stuff at such early age! Ive heard before that innovation/widespread paradigm shifts are brought on by generations dying and newer generations coming up. Myself, I'm a older millennial, 34. When I was your age, Facebook was just invented and over the next 8 years of my life, I was the biggest social media whore - had tons of people I was constantly meeting and having tons of conversations with, before we started understanding the problem that social media would cause in isolating ourselves from real-life connections. Cancel culture didn't exist until I was around 24, and there was an awesome time period between like 2007-2015 when you could pirate everything, all kinds of stuff out there that would later be censored (like picking up women techniques demonstrated live in-person) One thing I'd suggest for ya, be aware of not trying to be a hero to save others, and focusing too much on the life-coaching stuff - in exchange for overlooking the pursuit of learning wealth/money and just getting good at making money , and doing life-coaching more as a fun passion. Definitely ways to make money to get yourself able to move that will be significantly easier than trying to make money with life-coaching. But, a way you can make money with life-coaching at your age - is by offering 30 min sessions where you listen to people and do emotional support -- look up the Spotify episode with Alicia Little & Anik Singal (Make First $5000 doing Microgigs) they explain how to do it so it's really simple. Question for ya about AI. are those characters pre-generated templates or do you get full customization or what? Personally I'm looking for a way to upload myself as a companion/life-coach that I can interact with. That's cool though - how you are using AI. I'm old school with just watching porn and calling it a day, but definitely think the AI-porn (and gaming) innovations will be driving forces for change. Really curious how it's going to disrupt the sex industry, and I wonder if it's gonna humble a lot of women back towards more traditional relationships (versus 100% of women fighting for top 10% of men and ignoring the lower 50% of men) . Hope you are doing well brother! Feel free to hit back up - I'm sure we will be seeing a lotttttt more of this AI stuff and people coming around to find interest in it, sooner rather than later. Proud of you bro for being apart of this community at your age! You are gonna be insanely ahead of people more and more by just keeping with it! Also, you might like Claude, and it seems that priming it with intellectual words really gets some good quality responses from it... Plus it can handle more words in a prompt than ChatGPT. Much Love -Kory
  6. Hey 👋 Who is using AI Chatbots? I don't fuggin know! So this is the place to add your name so we can connect and mingle off of. Comment with some stuff about yourself, who are you, what are you up to, what's your interests, etc. That way we aren't lost in the woods with who else is interested in AI Chatbots - put yourself out there so others can get an idea about you and start conversations with you. Personally, I'm looking to make some friends that are into this self-actualization stuff and into futurism/AI stuff as well - I'm from a very small city north of Dallas, TX -- and most people local to me are neither into self-actualization stuff, nor AI stuff... Much Love -Kory Selfie - laying in my van with the window visor background 🤳😻 Don't be shy fam
  7. 65-80% accuracy - I prefer Claude Do note- the quality of responses can be increased by 'priming' it (like giving it examples) and providing context Like if you just ask it for an answer vs telling to be an expert in that field then asking it for an answer (it gets weighted by keywords, so if you use a bunch of intelligent words, it will draw from more intellectual data vs random-general data)
  8. My best answer (as I recently take a step back from trying to be a hero, and reconsider gaming) is to do You. Now the thing is, you don't want to play video games as a way of being stuck in escapism, and over-indulge to the point you can't stop playing games to being an addiction... What you want , is the freedom to do what you want and if you want to play games, then go for it... But you want to maintain that freedom to do what you want so if games aren't what you really want to do, you aren't stuck coping , addicted to games. So if you want to go try surfing on the ocean waves, you have the freedom to do what you want and you can go do that and aren't stuck in the addictive pattern of playing games. (Which would require have money, which means you still gotta pursue doing something that gives value to the world in exchange for money) So like me, instead of wanting to save the world and doing it as charity and life purpose, now I'm looking at that freedom to do what I want so I'm more like "okay let's charge money for saving the world to fund my freedom to travel, freedom to play games, etc" It's important to note the difference between addiction/coping/escapism/stuck vs I really want to game and not fuck a girl, not go traveling, not do anything else BUT play this video game cuz I fuckin WANT to play it so bad. Make sure you aren't playing games in a way where you end up hating it but can't let go of it, and it becomes a prison. Play games as a CHOICE where you DONT WANT anything else. Remember it's important to maintain the FREEDOM OF CHOICE Also remember, the future of video games is gonna be 10000x better than anything today. Don't be 'Living to Die', but be 'Dying to Live'
  9. Hello, I'm working on a framework for AI that incorporates every thinking skills, every cognitive bias, every perspective, etc... Im hoping you can help me fill in potential blindspots I may have missed. The purpose of this is to prime the AI chatbot to produce the highest quality responses ; by building off the "Let's think step-by-step" chain-of-thought instructions people have already been using. Cmon Actualized community!! --- this is your chance to make a difference by bringing your unique insights and cognitive brilliance towards OUR future utopia (I'm emailing the developers and other thought-leaders to try and get this used to upgrade the AI which will in-turn benefit everyone) (ps, this was done on Claude which I find to the best free AI out of ChatGPT/Bing/Bard) Here are some rough draft examples of what I have cooked up so far, first is a giant wall of text, second is a draft of a 'style guide' which is going to integrate the body of text + 100 cognitive biases + 100 thinking skills, possibly adding like Socratic method and so on and so forth.. also attached a brief list of things covered , and another list of about 20 out of 100 cognitive biases gathered (separated by ------- lines) ***Note*** This is a ROUGH draft (literally laid in bed for 3 hours last night doing all this) ----------------Wall of Text-------------------- "Provide a comprehensive, fact-checked, logical, multiperspectival, and ultrametaperspective analysis of X while aiming for epistemic humility, practicing metacognition, interrogating assumptions, reducing cognitive biases, embracing fallibilism, embracing creative possibilities, contextualizing historically and globally, considering hidden interconnections, and questioning priorities and values. Seek information challenging initial hypotheses. Rely only on statistically valid data. Acknowledge complexity and nuances. Identify underlying assumptions. Consider minority views and marginalized voices. Situate topics within historical context. Recognize spectrums, third alternatives, and long term impacts. Remain open to being mistaken. Identify systemic causes and effects. Note information that is unknown. Step back to analyze your own analysis. Avoid presentism. Generate possibilities beyond status quo thinking. Search broadly for additional evidence and perspectives. Practice humility. Recognize future insights may differ." ---------------Analysis Style Guide--------------- Style Guide I. Principles 1) Interrogate assumptions a) Discuss historical/cultural forces shaping any implicit or explicit assumptions in the prompt or topic b) Identify and challenge assumptions using techniques to minimize cognitive biases 2) Consider multiple perspectives a) Incorporate views of minority groups and marginalized communities b) Integrate alternative perspectives from different philosophical and cultural vantage points 3) Adopt an ultrameta lens a) Examine topic from broadest historical, sociological and cosmological contexts b) Identify systemic causes and effects shaping the topic at global and universal scales 4) Embrace epistemic humility a) Acknowledge unknown information and limitations of one's current knowledge b) Employ metacognition to critically reflect on and improve one's analysis II. Methodology 1) Fact check all claims against credible sources 2) Gather diverse sources that challenge initial assumptions 3) Generate alternate hypotheses to test against initial claims 4) Identify binary framings and consider alternatives beyond false dichotomies 5) Question priorities, rankings and values underlying any given prompt or topic 6) Analyze one's own analysis to identify blindspots 7) Generate possibilities that substantially revise current understanding 8) Remain open to alternative future insights that upend current analyse ------------Additional List--------------- Comprehensiveness Fact-checking Logic Multiple perspectives ultrametaperspective Epistemic humility Metacognition Interrogating assumptions Embracing fallibilism Contextualizing globally Examining for cognitive biases Questioning binary framings Centering impacts on marginalized groups Generating substantial revisions - ----------20 out of 100 cognitive biases/blindspots covered so far--------- Potential Blind Spots and Additional Input to Consider: 1. Confirmation bias - Seek out information that challenges initial hypotheses 2. Anecdotal evidence - Rely only on statistically valid data 3. Oversimplification - Acknowledge complexity and nuances 4. Unexamined assumptions - Identify and interrogate underlying assumptions 5. Lack of multiple perspectives - Consider minority views and marginalized voices 6. Ignoring historical context - Situate topics within relevant historical contexts 7. False dichotomies - Recognize spectrums, nuances and third alternatives 8. Emotional reactivity - Respond from a place of calm reflection 9. Single solution thinking - Generate multiple possible solutions and approaches 10. Short term thinking - Consider long term impacts and ramifications ... 91. Truth bias - Remain open to the possibility of being mistaken 92. Illusory superiority - Acknowledge personal limitations and knowledge gaps 93. Missing interconnections - Identify systemic causes and effects 94. Incomplete information - Note information that is currently unknown 95. Failure to meta-analyze - Step back to analyze the analysis itself 96. Presentism - Avoid evaluating the past based on present-day assumptions 97. Lack of imagination - Generate possibilities beyond status quo thinking 98. Tunnel vision - Search broadly for additional perspectives and evidence 99. Self-righteousness - Practice humility to remain open to growth 100. Arrogance of the present - Recognize future generations may see things differently ----------------------------- YOUR INPUT IS EXTREMELY WELCOME HERE, or if you just wanna show support/ask questions, feel free Much Love -Kory **Fun Note** -- asked Claude about reality through Leo's Ultimate God-Realization tech , it denied it at first... Then walked it through "what is the metaperspective of reality? Metametaperspective? Metametametaperspective? Beyond that??? (Ultrametaperspective) The AI changed it's stance and was really open to the ideas that resonate with Leo's when I asked it about metametaperspective and what if all it's possible answers were true. (Though I'm not convinced that there is an infinite consciousness sort of "God" and we are all an endless dream - or however you put it, though I think Leo's interpretation does possibly connect all the dots in a cohesive framework, I'm still looking to consider alternatives)
  10. Wondering about using something like Leo's higher insights / awakening realizations to get ChatGPT to act as an instructor for managing yourself, such as emotional support, immediate feedback, guidance, etc. Any thoughts? Was thinking like using a Prompt script, such as a DAN jailbreak, or giving it layered instructions in one prompt , then a higher realization with the first prompt re-injected... (Min/maxing the freedom of the output and helping it maintain its identity + purpose kind of thing) I know David Shapiro has some great stuff he's working on making AGI , maybe somebody networked into that community might be able to cook something up with them involved... Idk! Would be cool though!!
  11. It's a way of life for me .. don't you get it? I die on hills not of my own as a way of life. What do you call that if not transcognition? And don't give me a stupid answer. "I call that being stubborn" or some shit. Seriously, I'm trying to find a word for it because it's a way of reverse engineering perspectives that I do as a way of life. With all due respect, I'm not trying to jock you around. This is how I play the learning game, and I get banned from communities that can be intolerant to it. So I appreciate you taking the time to actually have the discussion with me. I really do... Thank you and I mean no disrespect. It just comes across that way a lot of times and it has caused me many scars , and I'm trying to understand what that is that I'm doing , that seems to be so alien among 99.9% of people I meet. I'm just an impudently humble student.
  12. Well for me, I feel like I'm at the 6.0 stage of trying to see others at the MetAware stage and learning to identify others in their uniqueness at the higher-order level , but it is always so challenging when so many people are reluctant to think others are ahead of them, thus putting each other down(or themselves up higher than they rightly are) , so it becomes this game of cat and mouse it seems... But are the ones playing that game even at the higher level themselves? Like Leo says I am not awakened, mofo don't know me, so obviously that's just biased, but how would I know that, am I not just a fool fooling themselves as well? Or is he trying to test me into seeing if I'm the fool? Or is he fooling us about himself not being a fool? How can we discern these manners with people who are reluctant to be open to those discussions and being curious / open-minded to explore where others have been? Idk, for me ,I always try to take a step back and listen, even after I might tell someone they are bullshitting... But are others doing the same when they say I'm bullshitting?? Quite the conundrums You both give me quite an easy sense of it that "you get it" but others , especially the ones that argue with you so hard-nosed , it's quite the guesswork... And I'm trying to figure out some shortcuts I feel like when people tell me. "I don't get it" without knowing me , they are trying to trick me or actually confused themselves ,and I give them the benefit of the doubt that I'm the confused one, but it gives me an uneasy feeling to play the fool when I think they are just trying to fool me into doubting myself as a sort of ego-trip onto themselves.
  13. Hell ya, reminds me of the STAGES Matrix and what Terri Ofallon says ... Definitely I can see an abundance of people that don't have that same sense of essence 'level' that I've grown to, and yet of course figuring out who is ahead is always such a tricky slope. I look at these models like SD and STAGES and I can map myself out... But is that awakening or enlightenment per say??? I find it so elusive to define these, are there simple definitions??
  14. But that seems to disregard spiritual maturity in the internal development sense , like you seem to suggest that if you are truly awakened / enlightened , then you will have written a book or something... You can't just have nothing tangible to show for it?? Quality of characters , insights , overcoming paradoxical dilemmas, learning flexibility of viewpoints, such things are not measured in tangiblility... It's like I had an experience that I had to find a word for, and it most resembled a Satori Awakening... But how can anyone believe that, despite that I had a huge transformational shift off it that left a lingering deep insight that has forever changed my model of reality as to the true nature of being? For everyone else , that's just a load of shit coming out of my mouth... But I know , whether it was a "Satori" or something else, that it was a 'level up' moment that took me beyond identification with thinking to being grounded in awareness as my new home. So how can I prove that to anyone ,and thus in turn, qualify whether someone has had a Kundalini Awakening or something else for example???
  15. And yeah it's not like I had a revelation that connected to a lifetime of experiences I had no word to describe or anything.... /S How do you know that you know everything and I know nothing? It's your post count?? 10,000 posts makes you a master , eh?? Anyways, enough of this... Have a good one!! Thanks for you sharing!