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  1. I am looking on Twitch at Mental Health and Mindfulness tags and seeing a vacancy for the next Alan Watts-like character to become a star. There aren't Discord channels I can find with communities for the anime-weebs and normies out there. All these gamers are mentally insane and needing leadership , such as HealthyGamerGG's mental health community. If this unfolds and we all awaken, then it's not a question of 'if' it becomes mainstream, it's 'when'... And fat saggy men are streaming in bikinis in hottubs on twitch as a meme and getting famous + the number of people being suicidally insane being astronomical.. What are we doing? I say we start an army. We can make Leo our George Washington
  2. There is a video with Kim Barta and that older guy with glasses who is on Integral Life channels called Shadow and Light of Higher Stages of Consciousness or something... I think around 30-60 mins he starts using the analogy about 'Knights of the Round Table' as the multiple perspectives and giving each their own kingship authority , not just equality, that was really powerful
  3. Win/win?