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  1. "Mother Wound could be described as having a mother who was not emotionally available when growing up. Perhaps the mother was distant, critical and cold. She could have also been very anxious and preoccupied with her own “stuff”. This could have been for a number of reasons. Often the mother herself was emotionally neglected or even abused herself and then unfortunately unable to be loving and nurturing. Perhaps your family struggled to make the ends meet and the mother was away for work a lot and you were looked after by baby sitters and other childcare providers a lot. Perhaps there wasn’t a consistent relationship with your mother as you were growing up." "A romantic partner may say “why don’t you talk?” or “you are so distant”. We learn about relationships in our early relationships. When you have experienced a Mother Wound and your mother was not nurturing to your emotional needs, you grow up with a view on relationships that you cannot trust someone to be there for you emotionally. It may be difficult for you to trust in a romantic relationship. You may struggle to commit and keep seeking for the next best thing. You may always find fault in your current partner. You may end up in a long-term relationship but you may end up with a person who is equally distant and over time your relationship dies. You may end up growing apart without even having many arguments." Read full article here: Mother wound This exact has happened to me. Maybe it helps someone. If you have something useful regarding this topic please share.
  2. They are strongly motivated by the instinct of survival. Giving them their fair share of the land will definitely put them in a lower moral ground. Now, they are radicalizing people because they are actually oppressed.
  3. West particularly America is biased against Muslim forces and always assume them the problem Creater. They cant see that they cannot cleanse Palestinians or resistance forces. violence against violence inspires more violence. Direct lash out against these terrorists give their next generation a reason to keep the fight going.
  4. Ask him "why did I want to come up with a good question? Is it Approval/validation seeking or something else?"
  5. They will get their captured people back by taking Israeli people as hostages. That's one of their objectives.
  6. You don't seem to have the right mindset. It takes more than what you are willing to do to get your desires fulfilled. Wishful thinking and wishing it to be effortless only gonna hurt you. You want to become committed towards your goals, make them your top priority. You need to get in the mindset where you can say yourself that no matter what it takes, how long it takes, I'm up to do it anyway. On the way there will be pain, discomfort, hardwork, emotional labour, learning, training and growth and it gonna transform me.
  7. More and more advice ain't gonna do a thing for you. There is nothing like the right path. You will have to began the hard way.
  8. I'm passionate about troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues, digital piracy, the dark web scene, and digital satellite TV systems (I've delved deep into this). Additionally, I have a keen interest in Tennis, Cricket, and learning English. These are activities I enjoy even when I'm unwell. Based on these interests, I want to ask about which career or profession would be a good fit for me. I dislike formal education but thrive on hands-on practice, which is why I won't pursue a degree, despite being a high-achieving student.
  9. People here can only give you some useful advice only. Be strong, Believe in yourself. No one here or elsewhere can take responsibility for your life.
  10. You're a Malaysian Girl. Right?
  11. Time is your greatest asset and it's on your side. Don't rush through life. I don't understand why there are these expectations to fix up your life reaching at certain age. This is the biggest stresser for most young people. You can start small and build up slowly.
  12. If you're looking to relieve your stressing feelings. I recommend you to go to this Subreddit . There, desperate people like us vent all the time.
  13. I feel their advice have weight. Challenging yourself will make the learning process faster. I'd have implemented the advice.
  14. @Understander To put it simply, I'm a young man without work experience, and I've outlined my interests above. I'm seeking guidance on the specific career path to pursue. For instance, I have a strong passion for learning about digital piracy, but I'm not interested in becoming a white hat hacker as suggested by Leo. I'm trying to understand what fundamentally ignites such a strong passion for unethical activities like piracy, while I don't feel the same level of enthusiasm for ethical hacking. It's not just that adventure factor.
  15. I enjoy so much to be around people and it's very easy for me to make friends but I don't wanna socialise with everyone. I've realised it makes me dumb, group thinker and cause degradation of my values. And most importantly it needs conformity for smoothness at the expense of authenticity.
  16. @universe It's truly fascinating to see how diverse things can be around the world, whether it's in terms of work or any other aspect of life. Your advice is of no use.
  17. I'm in the same boat. I'm in limbo phase to start doing any sort of job.
  18. I've somewhat social anxiety. I wanna try this. It's very simple actually
  19. @hyruga Re-reading and reviewing your notes are gonna give 10x more value out of a book.
  20. First figure out what sort of value you want that align with your goals and then look for resources to get it. You're reversing the process.
  21. I wonder whether these kinds of ideas can actually help resolve your and my social anxiety problems in the long term. Understanding the problem at its root (books help a lot), self-reflection, gradual behavioral adjustments, correcting erroneous beliefs, and other techniques have helped me.
  22. I can spend hours and hours reading books or reading on reddit. Figure something like that.