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  1. Coffeezilla also chimed in on this one:
  2. Very excited for this release.
  3. We would need to know the mg per gummy in order to recommend dosages. I would agree with Rigel's numbers. I think personally I started with 20mg.
  4. They're not laughing at themselves. They fully believe everything they were talking about and that they're literally saving humanity. It's just cringe.
  5. Have you tried meditating on these problems under a full moon? If you do this on a good night when your chakras are aligned, you may be able to catch a glimpse of these mental constructs you are creating and simply dissolve what is holding you back.
  6. you should invest I think
  7. Why ask the forum? Just go download a game and find out whether you're missing anything lol. I'm sure you own a computer of some sort. You don't need an xbox console.
  8. Thought this might provide some interesting discussion. Looks like AI-generated influencers are making an appearance.
  9. Raw food diet is different from veganism. Cherry picking extreme crazy people doesn't really say much.
  10. If you're putting on some sort of facade of being rich that's obviously your own fault. She's of course going to behave in a way that reflects that, not sure why you would expect otherwise.
  11. Dan definitely has some great content.
  12. Without money our primary commodity becomes people themselves. And believe me, you do not want that. It's how we abstract value away from that.
  13. He said excessive porn use. Evidence for it being unhealthy at all, again, is extremely lacking, and entirely anecdotal. And yes, like I also said, if you have an actual addiction, go for it. Most people don't.
  14. Nothing but broscience. It's of course useful for people who have an actual problem / addiction. It's immaterial for normal people.