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  1. At the end of the day you can extract nuggets of truth from anybody's content. Doesn't mean he should be the active recommendation. You can find better role models.
  2. Tate is not a healthy example of exhausting stage orange.
  3. Different people will have different tolerances and quality of your source can always affect, and always remember to take distance from last trip into consideration if you're experimenting (in my experience I really do need a full month to reset the magic). For reference I rarely take as low as 3g but your description does sound a bit weak.
  4. Just echoing the above sentiments, fast six hours before and don't eat until you're at least coming down.
  5. 1000% this. Many of us have wanted a real-time chat since day one.
  6. For reference, Merk is talking about services like Definitely useful. EDIT: just saw it was already mentioned lol
  7. Just tryna siphon off whatever he could. Probably had incomplete information. There are rare payment gateways out there that don't do full security checks (against name, zip, security code, etc.) which could explain the god-knows-what company. Luckily sounds like he wasn't successful.
  8. These would be good videos for you to watch and review thoroughly @Scholar. Once you have them integrated, maybe you can get back to doing some real art with improved tools at your disposal.
  9. It is trolling, you are not fooling anybody, and really accomplishing nothing other than embarrassing yourself.
  10. no, you can't, and you are acting like a complete fool.
  11. It's a serious cesspool -__- @onacloudynight you are acting like an utter imbecile and just embarrassing yourself.
  12. You're not fooling anybody and you are not a woman. You do realize everybody can read your forum history right?
  13. idk I also find rhodiola useful.
  14. 100% have multiple bank accounts. Doesn't cost you anything. Put most of your money in savings type accounts that aren't directly tied to a card and move money as needed. Even disregarding this sort of exact security concern, your account and money could be randomly frozen for any number of reasons. I've had it flag my own international transactions before even after I notified the bank in advance I would be travelling and having your only source of funds frozen is a massive issue.
  15. Heroin and cocaine you can take every single day and will ruin your life. Like carl said, psychedelics are anti-addictive by design and if you take them too often, they literally will not work. In my experience anything more than once a month is a literal waste. I rarely take less than 500ug, can handle myself just fine without a sitter. Of course depends on the person, will affect people differently.