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  1. You can take this nihilist approach to literally everything in life if you want to. You're going to die eventually so why do anything at all. Obviously this kind of thinking leads absolutely nowhere.
  2. i recommend you invest in some lucid dreaming because that's the only place your 12 girlfriends are gonna exist lmao
  3. Same here. Not even remotely comparable at all.
  4. "good guy" with "admirable qualities" LMAO dude just got scammed into a pyramid scheme and is now in the middle of straight up stockholm syndrome
  5. Smoke and vapor are most definitely not the same thing. Smoke is produced when a substance undergoes combustion. Vapor is produced simply by heating up a liquid until it turns into vapor.
  6. Sorry I do tend to react a bit too strongly online sometimes.
  7. LOL triggered much? the original post literally word for word described a telepathy of sorts, specifically not literally being able to read minds, but a light sort of intuition for inside jokes and such, and Eph75 very thoughtfully responded to that. OP literally went on to directly say "I think the typical idea of it is BS." You're so desperate to validate your own nonsense and fantasies you can't even read other people's posts straight anymore.
  8. Don't worry @BlueOak your comment was perfectly fine, @Heart of Space gets triggered easily, just ignore his antics.
  9. jesus christ leo can't even make some slightly more casual posts on his own instagram without everybody losing their minds, already deleted one of them, i feel sorry for the guy, everyone take some serious chill pills.
  10. IT is one of the best fields you can be in lol, I'm super glad it's where I'm at, I can work from my laptop anywhere in the world and make enough money to live on with part-time hours, almost any other industry I'd be tied down to some shit office job somewhere.
  11. lmao this is spot on. it's good that people like @Heart of Space have so much patience but this, uh... "scholar" is not worth anyone's time. Just take a moment, cringe at his blatant insecure projections, and move onto the next thread.
  12. LMAO ok this is simply disgusting
  13. Oh so you are aware of your creepy stalker vibes. Glad we got that out of the way.