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  1. Dan's videos are great- also stumbled across his channel recently.
  2. Dude that screen size would overwhelm anyone, I'd just switch it out, I mean just look at that thing 😲
  3. I mean how are you supposed to find anything on that humungous screen you might wanna trade that in dude
  4. dude your phone is even longer than I thought how do you even use that thing 😲
  5. yeah that iphone is unusually long dude no joke is that a custom model
  6. You can get a high from Phenylethylamine.
  7. And this stuff comes from the very same people who post things like "Female love is very selfish while male love is selfless and sacrificing." LOL what a joke. The dating section is certainly the cesspool of the forum.
  8. Leo has qualified his statements and put disclaimers literally all over the place. And if you aren't interested in higher perspectives then what are you even doing here.
  9. He's not wrong. If you're struggling with suicidal thoughts go back to more basic self-development work.
  10. Well Portugal decriminalized all drugs in general so
  11. Canada definitely seems to be at the top of the list right now.
  12. Good question. Haven't taken any myself yet so also curious. At the end of the day probably just have to experience for yourself, as with psychs in general some forum description probably won't do it any real justice.
  13. so the current lack of masculinity is due to not blaming women enough? are you listening to yourself lmao. god the dating section of this forum is such a lost cause.
  14. Yes, it's literally about the problem of blaming others for your own mistakes. maybe watch before you judge.