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  1. why would you tell someone you're monogamous if ur not? bc i asked him and he said hes not sleeping with her (unless hes lying) i dont want to "contain him" if u dont want to be faithful. i just want honesty.
  2. i know that. i dont look for guys with leadership traits and i especially look for men who SHOW their emotions because thats really important to me. what's in it for me to lie about something like that lol
  3. literally what does age have to do with anything? my relationship is absolutely not the best and im not denying that. but he is a quiet introverted guy like literally all my previous partners, i have never been drawn to men with "leader" personalities
  4. ok? he doesnt have a strong personality and deff not a "leader" he shows his emotions and that never bothered me. so your point is?
  5. that's not always true though? ive never had a thing for strong men what are leaders and never show their emotions? i feel like u r going after a certain type of girls who prefer this type of men.
  6. I really don't want you to be right. but you probably are.
  7. we have been together since April 2021
  8. i realize excessive jealousy is a big turn off and it is a turn off to me as well bc i had really jealous partners in the past. i only bring up this one individual for obvious reasons i said above
  9. he said he'd be ok with it and i believe him, he never gets jealous when i talk to other guys (and i rarely talk to other guys) and i dont know if he's doing that bc hes really mature or if he doesnt take me seriously. but thats not the point now, i never had friends i had sex with and i dont talk to any of my exes, i just don't think its right to do that as a pass if im doing selfish things why can't just just communicate it to me instead of doing that and hurting me
  10. that's the thing. it feels really disrespectful to me.
  11. I'm 23 years old my boyfriend is 31. we have been dating since April my boyfriend has some female friends and it bothers me, but i can live with it, he has one female friend he lives right in front of. he told me he slept with her in the past. i looked through his phone (i know thats wrong but i couldn't help myself) they talk all day he invites her over to his house and he calls her whenever he needs help and never me! i have made it really clear to him that it makes me uncomfortable but he said he's not going to stop talking to someone he knew before he met me. i feel like it gets worse every day it makes me insanely jealous I do not know how to deal with it! and i don't want to leave him does anyone know whats the right thing t do in this situation????
  12. @CultivateLove this video was really helpful thank you lots
  13. @Nahm i definitely contribute to the fight. but i only do that because i feel like i have to fight to get my freedom which obviously is not working.
  14. @Nahm i have tried to talk to her about this last month because she made me cancel my trip to see my friends. she had a meltdown and told me im becoming too western and i literally lost $700 bc of that. so yeah i have tried talking to her about this and it ends with a fight every time
  15. long story short i come from a muslim family but i live in the US. my mother is controlling. its smothering me. i can't do anything by myself and have anything for my own. but at the same time i can't leave my mother. i am all she has. she will not listen to me if i try to explain to her that i am an adult in my mid 20's i make my own money and go to college. please do not suggest i just "move out" because i will not tolerate the amount of guilt id feel we literally have no one here its just me and her. ive been dating this boy for few months and she still doesn't know.. if she finds out i do not know what will happen. i dont know. how to deal with this. it stresses me out every day. are the only options i have i either live my life the way she wants or i move out and cut ties with every single person in my family bc no one would talk to me if i left my mom. the stress is so overwhelming ive been trying to figure out what to do but i cant. its getting worse day by day.