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  1. Mean IQ differences among various ethnicities are a real thing (even in Europe, where e.g. Western Europe is generally higher than Eastern.) That they exist doesn't mean you want to "exterminate the inferior races." It does mean that this leftist idea that everything is socially constructed and all differences are due to environmental factors (iow total denial that genetics play any part in intelligence and ability) is not just a fantasy or a lie, but one of the most bald-faced lies one can possibly tell. This is why leftism at its essence is seen by many on the right as either wishful thinking or moral narcissism or some kind of vendetta against God and nature. If something this foundational is lied about, then all specific policies and ideas must be questioned as well.
  2. Put down the Leo solipsism kool-aid, please. I swear this forum is like a bunch of three year olds who think they can fly if they flap their arms hard enough or something. "The Truth" is that what you think you are (a separate self with a delimited identity) is an illusion. It doesn't mean that upon realization of this illusion you suddenly become invulnerable to everything that being human entails (physical limitations, pain, illness, aging, death, unmet basic human needs, etc.) This is not DC Comics or Manga. That some people have siddhis is irrelevant; you don't need to be enlightened to have them, and being enlightened is no guarantee of having them.
  3. "No porn" is a good idea regardless of the existence of Deep Fakes. As for banning it -- good luck. It's like banning music file sharing back in the day before streaming services. The best you can do is reduce the distribution channels.
  4. That is a silly argument. There's a difference between feeling good over a period of weeks, months and years and having a several hour high which is followed by a crash. You can't possibly believe that's a reasonable argument.
  5. Pain can cause anyone to go insane or dissociate, enlightenment doesn't make you immune from being human. Enlightened people aren't Superman.
  6. That's an inflation experience. Why would a solipsistic experience be pleasant? Has anyone here actually claimed that? It seems pretty horrifying tbh. Lots of "logic" is specious. Lots of things sound logical when you can't recognize where the logic goes off the rails. You have to understand the difference between an experience of inflation (or cosmic ego) and the experience of nonduality. If you expand your boundaries to include the entire universe, there is still an ego. You're identifying with the all. Nonduality means the very process of identification is dissolved. This is virtually incomprehensible to someone who still has a fairly strong ego (and is susceptible to ideas like "solipsism.") It's as if the idea of "ego" is meaningless. It is seen as a fiction. This is not the same as '"I" am the only thing in existence.'
  7. Can we be honest here and admit that "take the teachings and leave the teacher" is pretty much a cult tenet? Why would you take the teachings? How do you know the teachings are "right"? Simply because they're out there? Because Leo says so? Because he's a charismatic YT content creator and that somehow lends credibility to the teachings? Well, firstly, Leo does not get to redefine terms, he does not get to have his own private English vocabulary. Secondly - that definition is pretty much standard Advaita Nonduality. Or if not - please tell me how it's different. Thirdly - wrong. He DOES NOT say what you're saying he's saying. That is your comforting interpretation of what he is saying. He claims unique spiritual knowledge which transcends traditional spiritual teachings (it's right there in that outburst.) So, you can't claim that this is in essence standard advaita/panentheism.
  8. Did you read the thread? Quite a few people here seem to be immune to reason and will defend and rationalize Leo's behavior and appear to have completely swallowed his basic spirituality schema. If that isn't cult-like behavior, I don't know what is. Even the criticisms here basically miss the mark. The critics are clutching at straws -- their basic take is that Leo's teachings aren't the problem, it's his behavior that is. Well, no; the two go hand-in-hand. You can't separate them out. It's not a "Good Leo, Bad Leo" situation (Leo is good when he just teaches and bad when he lashes out at people.) Leo's behavior and his teachings are reflections of each other. Solipsism as a spiritual teaching can only come from someone who has experienced profound inflation (i.e. "cosmic ego.") According to him "ego IS God." Why would you expect different behavior from someone who believes that?
  9. Yeah, totally only a 13/30 on the narcissism scale (below average.) Completely normal behavior. Not a shred of grandiosity there at all. Just "Leo being Leo." Yup - totally not a cult.
  10. You read this forum, imbibed its solipsistic teachings and then, lo and behold, your trip reflects those teachings? Well, isn't that just a pure coincidence, lol. Yeah, I've taken psychedelics too -- some powerful ones. Never in my experience did I get a message of solipsism from them.
  11. Small mind, little comprehension. Maybe you like concrete examples. "When they ran outside, she said, they heard the suspect uttering racial slurs about "white privilege."" That's pretty much where modern progressivism leads. A fucking accountant in a Lexus, not some nutjob on the way to jail.
  12. There's nothing inherently "progressive" about modern leftist dogma (such as intersectionality) which is a regression to tribalism and group identity. It's authoritarian, collectivist, triumphalist and really, based in romantic irrationalism. There is nothing resembling "progress" in such dogma by any metric a reasonable person would recognize.
  13. Let me share my highly un-PC and insensitive model of anxiety. I used to have anxiety disorder before I made changes in my life, so this is from personal self-discovery (including psychedelics.) Anxiety is what babies have when mommy isn't responding or daddy is absent. It's a response of "shit, I've been abandoned." It's basically "the world is a threatening place AND I'm helpless to deal with it." The problem is that second part: I'm HELPLESS to deal with it. I depend on others to an unhealthy extent. This is a normal response if you're an infant. If you're an adult, it means you have to rectify the feelings of helplessness in dealing with the world. Maybe it's by acquiring more skills, more self-reliance, by shoring up your weaknesses or intentionally facing your fears. Maybe it's as simple as cooking for yourself or doing regular physical exercise. The point is, if you think meditation is a panacea, you're going to be disappointed. It's just a tool to get you to the place where you're ready to make positive changes in your life. So you may as well think about what that needs to look like now.
  14. It's not enough by itself. It may be useful to become calmer, to get insight, etc., but ultimately you have to make changes in your life and I don't know what those would have to be because I don't know what your life is like and what's causing you to experience anxiety.
  15. Honestly, take some of that money and travel and gain more of that experience.
  16. Being enlightened doesn't mean being emotionally dead or detached, neither does it mean being a doormat. People have all the confusing examples from history, like Jesus or Gandhi. It's none of that shit. In fact, you may become more self-assertive in a healthy way after being enlightened. If someone's attacking you, you stand up for yourself. You can do this before or after enlightenment.
  17. Why? Are Asian or African or female spiritual leaders somehow communicating a different message about the nature of reality? Cause I haven't noticed a difference.
  18. Unless this has happened to you, don't worry about it. They're probably doing it so badly and reading social cues so poorly that they are generating an overreaction from the girls.
  19. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Being present with someone says more than a million words about nonduality.
  20. And there is a lot to be said for that, but let's distinguish between the philosophy of hedonism (and how it translates in modern terms) and integrating your base instincts, because the two aren't necessarily one and the same. I mean, do you have a "base instinct" to watch porn or to have sex? Arguably the first falls into the modern hedonism territory. The first is easy, on-demand, short term pleasure, long term psychological harm. The second may require considerable struggle or overcoming for people with certain psychological issues or hang-ups. Getting off to porn isn't really an adventure for an ubermensch.
  21. Occasionally you have SOME people who will do a psychedelic and will permanently break through to some first stage of enlightenment, but this is relatively rare, and full enlightenment is virtually impossible. Here are the problems with psychedelics and enlightenment: - If you suffer from narcissistic personality disorder, you are almost certain to experience full blown (Jungian) inflation, i.e. your ego is absorbed by the archetype of the divine (i.e. Cosmic Ego.) This is most of your cult leaders, certain rock stars (like Jim Morrison e.g.), even some philosophers. - If you suffer from antisocial personality disorder, you may read the Bhagavad Gita literally and conclude since there is "no doer" you may kill people -- like Charles Manson. - Confusing having an experience of nonduality or some mystical insight with actually living in a nondual state 24/7/365. Since the surrender required for any genuine enlightenment cannot be forced by psychedelics (there is always an element of voluntary surrender, or braving the fear of ego death even with psychedelic trips) most people return to an egoic state most of the time. - Again, the very psychology of psychedelic enlightenment is highly misguided. It removes agency, like psychedelics are ACTING UPON YOU to cause enlightenment. This isn't how it works, and e.g. why some people who do psychedelics discount the experience in materialistic terms and return to be e.g. atheist materialists. In other words, you have to VOLUNTARiLY surrender the ego and all its precious attachments, including cherished beliefs and enter an entirely uncharted territory where you are unmoored from everything that defined the old "you". This isn't something that can be FORCED upon you via a chemical rearrangement of the brain. Once you come-down you may decide to interpret the experience in whatever way you choose, and some choose the blue pill a la The Matrix.
  22. There are other conditions that share many of the same symptoms, e.g. schizoid personality disorder or even simply having social anxiety. Autism is a highly trendy self-diagnosis these days. Genuinely autistic people have a REALLY hard time socially adjusting; they are very different not just because they are shy or anxious or isolated, but because there are real differences in wiring and deficit in processing social situations. Just off your posts, you don't strike me as necessarily autistic, especially since you're self-aware in how you deploy rudeness, e.g.
  23. It's a disorder if the narcissistic traits are so excessive as to be obvious to anyone who cares to honestly observe. You can look up the DSM criteria and see if they PLAINLY fit in a case by case basis. Check the criteria. See if they fit. Try to be objective. You're the one with the black-and-white thinking pattern if you believe standing up for yourself in a healthy manner turns you into an abuser. There is healthy self-assertion in response to narcissists and psychopaths. What you are is probably a co-dependent.
  24. I would assume that any girl approaching me while I play basketball alone (which I actually do) either wants something or is so openminded and outgoing as to be a good candidate for a deeper conversation, so that makes sense.
  25. If solipsism is true, Britney Spears is a figment of your imagination.