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  1. Interesting information. Realized a section of the probe corroborates Leo's 'New Kind Of Awakening: Infinity Of Gods' video, as well as other info I've gathered.
  2. Had the same vision in the same year as this man. Although mine was quite a tepid experience in comparison. What he calls the 'Cosmogram' I think is also called the 'Tree Of Life'.
  3. @OBEler more like Qi-Gong but Kriya Yoga would work just as well. Basically you're searching deep inside yourself with your breath. Gut mining is a good way to describe it. I start as soon as I've had my bong, the psilocybin takes abit to kick in. There is tolerance but it resets quickly if you take a break.
  4. @OBEler it depends how I'm feeling. I take psilocybin honey almost every day with weed before my daily practice. Like half a tablespoon. Not a big amount but not a microdose either. I've been doing yogic work for several years now and I've had breakthroughs but when I started adding psilocybin my progress just shot through the roof and I keep improving to this day. It really is amazing.
  5. Psychedelic (+weed) breathwork has changed my life like you wouldn't believe. I really recommend it ?
  6. If I can add something. There's a woman I follow on Patreon who made a video about the situation and specifically tapping into Putin and Zelenskyy. She said Putin came off very empathetic and compassionate whereas Zelenskyy was very dark. Basically Putin is doing what he feels he needs to do but that this might also be his end and for Russia. He thinks NATO is corrupt and he wants to protect Russia from it's covert agenda. Putin references Neo-Nazis because the initial undercurrent began in WW2 with Germany. What's been learned since then is that power can't be taken by force. Instead you seduce a target into accepting your rule. Russia will not comply so it's out. She said Zelenskyy felt like an A.I. Very dark. This is just my bat-sh!t crazy addition, but I don't think it's totally bat-sh!t crazy either. So there you go.
  7. Hey guys, Just had a cheeky thought. Thinking about powerful psychics and there propensity for good/light and thinking that hard polarity inadvertently creates it's opposite. So close yet so far. Am I talking ish or am I hitting something? Thanks
  8. No complaints here. I haven't done all the reading but I think I'm starting to piece everything together now. No more ego games from me.
  9. @Phyllis Wagner I've got it too but haven't read it yet either. Looks fascinating to me, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So much to read Lols, it's taking me years Lols
  10. @Blackhawk Buy the book list. It's worth it.
  11. @LisaH I discovered archetypes in a big way when I started taking acid late last year. Not encouraging you to start tripping so you could take inspiration from this lady below who clearly has an unparalleled understanding without the help of psychedelics. Enjoy!
  12. @Mel B Oh ok, nah not the same but yeah definitely interesting eh. Would love to get my hands on some dmt soon. See where I go