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  1. Perception/direct experience is reality. There is no delay, that's utter nonsense. There is no external world so there is no delay in the "stimulus". There is no stimulus, there is only direct consciousness of what is.
  2. You really think that a world dominated by dark forces will give you a loving AI? It will be an abomination built on a mountain of lies to further damage humanity
  3. The joke is on god, not the ego. Who's the one who keeps corrupting itself for eternity over and over again? The "chad" ego wishes it had never come into being in the first place, that nothing but perfect peace and love existed forever without interruption while the "virgin" god keeps deliberately choosing to simulate/manifest retardation, corruption and abominations That's the cosmic joke
  4. Since god is all that exists. It is always present forever. It can't escape itself so no separation is possible. If god is not there it doesn't exist
  5. The ego had to be manifested by the will of god so this is nonsense. You're implying god doesn't have total power. God set the entire movie in motion. A movie that may span multiple lives or not, who knows.
  6. There's no free ride. The prescription pills will just add other problems on top. Look up natural painkillers, less side effects. Raw plants
  7. The thing about imagination is that you can imagine rules and systems, so unfortunately if the imagination of the systems are in play nothing you can do about it.
  8. Merciful would have been to have never brought this being into life. Mercy would have been nothingness for eternity. Create no one, disturb no one. There's no such thing as a "greater good", there just is everything which includes infinite mercilessness and cruelty.
  9. The illusion is that the technique or action by the body is leading to astral projection. This is false. The astral projection is destined to happen or not no matter if there is a practice or no practice.
  10. I was totally awake, no sleeping..i have had astral projections while sleeping or falling asleep consciously but this one was while totally "awake" in this world, I just transitioned into another realm entirely, I had my eyes closed and I started seeing a purple energy and I focused on it and then suddenly I was floating in a light body flying around in another world.
  11. A small glass pyramid with amethyst inside and resin inside.
  12. My first astral projection, I was meditating with a pyramid and I said "I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end" and the astral projection just happened. I was very much a masturbation enjoyer. This is certainly not required. Quitting masturbation and porn does raise baseline consciousness but it is not a requirement for anything because there are no rules
  13. When the "slave" complains. Who is actually doing it, it's the master. The "slave" cannot do anything on its own, not even lift a finger. So maybe the "master" should stop using the slave in such ways.
  14. This is what "source" did to this entire planet. Sold an entire population out to the "devil" which is of course also itself.