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  1. My vision board is so damned lame, I guess it sums up how badly it's all going for me with my life purpose course. I started back in 2016, and I mean, I have watched all Leo's videos, and a couple of my ideas felt good at first, like getting into neuroscience, but I think it wasn't long after I finished watching the videos that I started working part time restaurant work where instead of my old office job with computers, I went down the ladder of success to washing dishes for a living. Today, I still have those restaurant jobs but I am in an IT course for foreigners in Finland and it does not inspire me currently. I did make a vision board at one point, and it has some eminently achievable goals, one of which is to have 6 pack abs. I am getting closer to it, but I still haven't even achieved that goal. I also still can't do a handstand for longer than 20 seconds, and I don't have 10k € in the bank nor do I even have a fitness tracker. I would have put other things into my vision board, but if I can't even achieve these easy targets, it's really hard to add the grandiose ones. Anyway, here's a snapshot of my pathetic vision board on the wall in front of my bed. Is my pessimism shining through today like the September rain here in Finland? I did read Martin Seligman's book about learned optimism and even that hasn't fixed me. I feel like Eeyore.
  2. Where the streets have no name still rests in my heart from back in the late 80s
  3. I got it without any help... it seems that paypal requires you to confirm your credit card, which costs $1.90 I would have used my credit card directly, but it didn't work from here... I live in Finland but my card is from the USA, so it seems they have some bugs in this system, which naturally are subject to Murphy's laws...
  4. I have been trying to pay for the course and get access, but PayPal won't take my debit card, and my bank says it is a problem with paypal. Can I pay some other way than through PayPal? There's really no help or support provided for this circumstance that I could find. Maybe I am blind, but that's why I post this question here. I cannot do the life purpose course because of a stupid web/credit card page. Talk about stuck in life... I'm such a failure that I can't even get into a class for people who are failures, and it feels like nobody will help me with any problems. I am really tempted to hate my life :-(
  5. OK, thanks. I will look into this.
  6. Dr. Amen has some other really incredible videos about ADD and the brain that are worth watching.
  7. I'd still like to hear an opinion from somebody who can objectively have an opinion about Dr. Amen. Here's a provocative article about him: My own still amateur opinion is that Amen is right, the anti-SPECT advocates seem like a failed establishment pov when some revolutionary new idea shakes their paradigm.
  8. I am doing a similar cold turkey for facebook. Just eliminated all my friends, all posts, all likes, all everything except the account name since it can be useful for security verification. Feels like addictions of today all surround facebook, so my idea is to start living the real world more and less in virtual space. Same applies to these forums, when it's otherwise not a relevant topic.
  9. Anybody have experience with Dr. Daniel Ames? He sounds very credible, and he bases his discussions of ADD on brain scan images, plus understanding of the emotional functioning of particular parts of the brain. I didn't know that one can have more than one of the 7 types of ADD until I started watching his training videos.
  10. @Quizzer I guess "you" were being serious? Ok, ironic or not, let's give it a shot. Please feel free to take my ramblings with a grain of salt. For the logical brain, the truth is a (double blind) verifiable story. A rational concept of objective reality that can be hypothesized about, and strengthened or invalidated with evidence, facts, or predictions. In other words, rationality is akin to the scientific method and worldview, based on hypotheses, reigning paradigms, measurements and verifiable claims or predictions. Murder trials and physics problems are subject to logical truth. There is also another qualitatively different kind of truth, emotional truth that seems completely subjective and accessible only through first hand experience. The same events, seen by different people can be simultaneously sad, happy. Outrageous or laudable. Ecstatic or depressing. Amazing or boring. And many other emotions without words to describe them. For example, if the language is any indicator of origin, then the experience of "deja vu" was first labeled in France Previous to these latest experiences, I was highly visually impaired, limited to seeing only logical truth. The world of emotions has been opened like a genie out of the bottle in this experience. I previously had a logical conceptualization of emotions. In other words, a logical depiction of emotions with labels. Now all of a sudden with this new, more focused and amplified vision that I am feeling, I see a lot more nuance. I was sure that I could comprehend everything logically, eventually. Just had to work harder in order to really understand it all. But it seems that I was wrong. Can't remember that. I don't have a ton of friends or family in my life. Probably something mundane like, "I'm going to the grocery store." I think the proper epiphany to use as a milestone was when I was preparing for a public speech where the topic was myself. I had a very egotistical speech lined up. Then I had a serendipitous combination of events that helped me reach this peak. 1. Started to get familiar with Eckhart Tolle and his ideas on presence and egocentric valuations of self. 2. Had an argument over chat with my sister about some stupid thing. I felt that I was right (a logical truth right) but she disagreed with me in an angry manner. I wanted to figure out what triggered her anger, and found that it was my arrogance with which I wrote to her. 3. Then I got into wondering about the relationship between arrogance and relationships. I realized that this was one of the social cues that everybody meant when they talked about how people with ADD and Aspberger are unaware of how they make people dislike them. I rewrote my speech, trying to be more authentic. Deleted as much of the bragging and apologies from my speech as possible. Then when I gave the speech, I really went full throttle with being present in front of a room full of people. Do you mean to criticize this story? Offer advice? I still don't understand what you are offering to this conversation.
  11. @Quizzer My question may also sound sarcastic. I'm curious to know, is this really what you wanted to contribute to this conversation? How about if you take a turn at enlightening me, what do you really want to say? Or was that all?
  12. I was hoping to get advice about how to be a good parent or what kind of family values to have. In my case, I'm a father of two, and I would like to get tips on how to become more involved in my children's lives. How to guide them toward their own actualization. then on the other side of the coin, you could talk about how to be a good child. How to relate to your parents. Is it okay to be best friends? How active should you be in their lives? And what is a good balance between selflessness towards family and selfishness to be honest with ones own needs and wants. Also, maybe a few words about why and when to have children and how to cope with a life with no children. Death of a child. Death of a parent. Topics such as adoption, step parenting, foster parenting, and being a big brother or sister could be relevant to this discussion. Even something about grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the extended family.
  13. I would like to hear about this topic from the perspective of a parent with a child who is already addicted to video games. How to get out of this situation?
  14. I agree. Leo has a good grounding in the logical mind in addition to his spiritual understanding. I had a little insight last night that the third eye was what you see when your eyes are closed. Somehow, you still have a sense of spatial awareness when your eyes are closed. I am rather skeptical about psychics and clairvoyants, but perhaps Leo would have some better insight. Generally, I also don't know whether to take all this talk of "Chakras" seriously or not. Some guidance could be good.