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  1. Sumo culture is a clear cut example of toxic masculinity: At 6:22 he makes a good point about how true masculine has been watered down into macho toxic masculinity and has also been watered down into toxic femininity masking itself as masculine, a good example of this is: Toxic Masculinity: letting another human live rent free in your head This is true mainly because it's used as an insult rather than to describe an archetype of toxic masculine men. Good examples of toxic masculinity Reading that book on feminism you like to mention must save you a lot of time not examining whether or not there is or has been a toxic side to modern feminism, otherwise complaining and blaming is characteristic of someone who is toxic in general.
  2. Yeah, you just proved my point. Didn't say Bernie was against working class. Didn't suggest you do so, instead understanding the underlying humanity in these people, appreciating every small detail that plays into them being stubborn in their ways instead of being frustrated at seeing people supporting Trump. Just like anyone who has to see through the lower levels of the spiral of other countries. I'm not saying agree with them.
  3. Huh, wonder why his campaign flopped. I don't disagree, but the point still stands that it's easy to critique these people with a closed mind when you live a cushy lifestyle. (Just like police)
  4. @wwhy Blue collared people are the majority of Americans outside of major cities and suburbs in the US. They can't afford to be unrealistically idealistic, you won't see many if any of them at right wing rallies because many of them follow practical values past down to them, they're busy raising a family and working. Don't mistake this as a race thing either, there are many black, Asian, and Mexican blue collared workers. It's so easy for "woke" people to critique working class people for not being progressive enough when they live a cushy lifestyle supported by daddies money, let them eat cake.
  5. How do woke people do these mental gymnastics with subtle hate boners for the people of political ideologies they're against when they say they aren't but then come out with this? Literally just try looking at things from the shoes of blue collar people and you'll see why it's practical for them to see things the way they do, if you got a spark of insight just what it's like to be a police officer from *moderating this (onine) forum* after you started: Could you imagine seeing through the eyes of someone who makes their living spending their whole week, 12 hours a day working at a steel mill? I'll play devils advocate and say everyone who attends BLM/ Leftist rallies are violent, trust fund baby Antifa members who travel from out of state and wreck others communities, they *all* live in an idealist fantasy land where they aren't supported by fly over state Americans who do blue collar work most of their life via factory work, farm labor etc. They *all* think they're macho in their head so they start following people who pervert left wing politics to the extreme in promise of being on "the right side of history" but are really being manipulated for the egotistical benefit of people such as the leader of CHAZ: See! here's proof with these two videos lol. Weak argument isn't it? I can play the same one sided view games with political ideology. If there wasn't a strong reason for right wingers (or left wingers in honesty) to feel the way they do they wouldn't be doing the things they do. It can't just be condensed into "(insert level of spiral/IQ people of political ideology) are stupid and underdeveloped" either way you're going to demonize that side without going deeper on how they see things.
  6. His content is too much thought masturbation, it applied well to his older content because practical topics are at least done some justice by being explained in detail, but even his older content was much shorter than the content he's producing now that's ~2 HRS+. Really, what's the point in listening to a 2+ HR rant about a spiritual truth if all he can do is point to the truth and all the words don't do the teaching justice? Even if you can handle the two hour rant good luck trying to integrate the fact he was only trying to point to direct experience and not get stuck on all the information thrown at you. A listener who hasn't experienced the stuff he talks about is more likely to analyze the information to death and mind fuck themselves rather than try to awaken via direct experience. I've had more spiritual success with other teachers just because it seems like as well as being spiritually successful they've also nailed down how to actually teach these things and that there's a method other than just venting all your spiritual experiences out via language and saying "there you go, now actually forget everything I just said because it's meaningless until you experience it directly". Leo's teachings lose their power because he explains them to death driving listeners who haven't experienced awakening neurotic because they analyze what he says rather than experience.
  7. The context of the video is that a guy took shrooms and had what looked to be an extremely bad trip, the guy later ended up making an appearance on Tosh.0 where he gives more context to whats going on in the video: Watching this makes me nervously laugh, it's a good reminder of how serious you should take psychedelics/ deliriants and follow precautions. This one is great