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  1. Chris Ware - Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth David Mazzucchelli - Asterios Polyp Charles Burns - Black Hole
  2. Rupert Spira uploaded a video about this issue yesterday but today it's gone. I wonder if he deleted it or it was banned?
  3. I highly recommend Ensō meditation app. It has the same bell sound. https://apps.apple.com/app/ensō-meditation-timer-bell/id840637879
  4. If you check out Dr. Joe Dispenza's books (the first example that comes to my mind) or videos you can see how those claims can be true.
  5. Never heard of him, thank you @Epikur By the way, I've seen this comment in the Nootropics group in Facebook. I wonder how true is this claim?
  6. It sounds like a very useful tool, congrats. Other than the things you mentioned, it would be really beneficial for researching emotions in film/media studies. I would like to see some empirical results, for example how can it show the people's reaction to horror movies.
  7. Thank you for sharing this. His videos are really cut to the chase. I think he deserves a topic in the forum:)
  8. Leo uses various kinds methodologies on different subjects. Mostly phenomenological and empiricist methods I presume. It would be great if he shoots a video on methodological approaches. * The importance (or insignificance) of using methods (in spirituality or any kind of subject) * What kind of methods work in particular topics? * Differences between scientific and philosophical methods * Pros and cons of scientific and philosophical methods...
  9. You can check this topic out:
  10. I have the same problem, I can't buy the booklist because here in Turkey PayPal is banned too. I wrote to @Leo Gura in "Contact" section and mentioned somewhere in forum but either he didn't see or he doesn't care. I'll be much appreciated if he opens the credit card option.
  11. Esther (Abraham) Hicks makes a crucial point in this video. (around 8:00) "This self love is the thing that you're looking for is not love of self, it's love that is self. There's a difference between 'loving me' and 'being me who loves'. And when you're 'me who loves' it's easy to love that one and that one and that one... then it becomes irrelevant what your object of love is if you're loving."
  12. Shunyamurti has recently made an in-depth analysis of The Wizard of Oz.