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  1. @blessedlion1993 Yes, I have had this experience. I always recommend everyone investigate and verify the truth for themselves. In my opinion it is foolish to blindly accept beliefs or information from any spiritual teacher.
  2. @Virgo That is wonderful. There is a lot of benefit that comes from being in the field of highly conscious beings. I have attended many satang's and received shaktipat. The energy field of David Hawkins was one of the most powerful I experienced. My entire body would be buzzing and I had the most intense vivid dreams all night long.
  3. @isabel Yes. I first noticed this when I was very young while I was relaxing or trying to fall asleep. My mind had a dialog and images just running on it's own. I could step in and stop the process with my own thought, but as soon as I would let go it was off and running again. The good news is with spiritual practices you can dramatically tame the monkey mind. I often experience a still mind with no thoughts now. It just takes discipline and focus.
  4. @Kshantivadin At the root of jealousy is fear of not having or losing something. When you eventually see this is an illusion, the jealousies will fall away.
  5. @Raphael The common meaning would be a person who has acquired a lot of knowledge. It doesn't mean the person is conscious or wise. Knowledge is just human made up concepts and information. It has nothing to do with truth.
  6. A much better podcast for Leo would be someone like Aubrey Marcus. He is a serious truth seeker and advocate of holistic living. That would be an insightful interview I would enjoy.
  7. At Joe Rogan's current level of consciousness, going on his podcast wouldn't be the best use of Leo's time. In my opinion, the types of questions Joe would ask wouldn't provide many profound deep insights or truths.
  8. @kag101 The distortion in your thinking is that you view these things as flaws. The distortion is in the negative judgments you attach to these aspects of being a human. If you learn to reframe them, you will begin to enjoy your human experience more.
  9. @Vision I agree. I have had a insatiable curiosity to realize truth since I was young. The majority of people seem content being lost in their dream though. I use to be very surprised by this. How could they not care to understand the deeper meanings of life? They are just exploring something else. Enjoying the game of forgetting they are god and getting lost in their creations.
  10. @Thought Art Yes, it appears we designed this game with many levels, so from our human consciousness level things seem to be random or chance. In many ways it is the ultimate game.
  11. @Leo Gura I think where this causes confusion for some is you are speaking from the Godhead level, not from the human mind imagination.
  12. @Javfly33 I would recommend increasing it closer to 1 once per pound of bodyweight per day for a week then drop to around .5 ounce per pound. Also, try adding some lemon juice to your water. That is a good way to start gently detoxing the body. Try that and see if after 3 or 4 days you are feeling better. Also, look into doing a detox diet for a few days. Toxins that build up in our body can greatly effect our mood. Kratom is a diuretic, so keep that in mind too. You will need additional water to avoid dehydration while you are taking it.
  13. @Javfly33 You may be dehydrated. It is very common. When our body doesn't get enough water toxins build up from the environment, food we consume and metabolic processes. This effects our mood. How much water do you drink on average a day?
  14. @TheAlchemist Fear is the greatest trickster and illusion of all. Something that helped me was remembering the fear I felt at other stages of my development ended up being an illusion. You don't lose anything. That is the deception. Your sense of self only expands and becomes more. Also, remember to enjoy your human experience. So often in spiritual communities people seem to be in a rush to reach the godhead. You have eternity to get back there, so enjoy the journey. Enjoy the awesomeness of being human. You wanted this unique experience.
  15. @Albert Roiterstein Do you have any regular spiritual practices currently? Meditation or Mindfulness? I naturally have always been a good listener, so that isn't something I had to work on. What changed for me over the years with regular spiritual practice was my judgment of people. More and more I was able to see them as unique expressions of god. Often very different from me, but no less important. That doesn't mean you can't have preferences. I still have many preferences, I just don't have negative judgment's about other peoples preferences as often as before. Enjoy your mother for who and where she is. If she isn't interested in philosophical or spiritual discussions, that is ok. Cultivate other relationships with people who share those interests.