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  1. Do you have a practice you use to embody this state in between using psychedelics?
  2. @Tyler Durden It's not a question of God wanting or not wanting. Everything is in a state of evolution including the consciousness of mankind. War is the natural expression of certain stages of evolution.
  3. Beautiful soul and teacher.
  4. @Gianna Great post Gianna! So many things. Most recently I would say I love and am fascinated at the infinite intelligence and masterful design of it all. The intelligence behind it all is something my human mind can't grasp.
  5. @spinderella You have already realized that separation is an illusion you are creating. You don't need to detach from desired outcomes. The only thing you need to do is uncover what belief systems you are creating and buying into that you can't have exactly what you desire. What are those belief's and why are you accepting them as true?
  6. @Raptorsin7 You are on the right track. To me self love leads to forgiveness. You have to recognize other as self though. But as your awareness expands more and more you begin to see the perfection of everything as it is right now. Then you realize there was never really anything to forgive.
  7. @Forza21 Trying to explain God in language isn't possible. God is beyond all language, concepts and physics. It is something you have to have your own personal experience of. Even then, you will only have a partial glimpse and understanding, because you are using your human mind to interpret your experience. Our mind immediately filters the experience through our human concepts. When Leo says you are God, he is not referring to the personality self, he is referring to the higher aspect of you.
  8. @Aaron p You need to be prepared for the chance that your current goals and ambitions may radically change.
  9. @Samuel Garcia As you awaken to realize everyone is you, empathy naturally arises.
  10. @Kamo Of course you can. You are already doing this 24/7. Your dominant belief's, assumptions and expectations will be your experience in the waking dream of your life. Many of these are not conscious though, which is why things show up that we don't prefer. The personality self or ego communicates with the higher mind which is orchestrating the dream through imagination, thoughts and feelings. You can easily test this by visualizing something and holding the feeling of it as you're falling asleep and then watch how is shows up in your reality. It has more to do with your state of mind then your state of consciousness. State meaning, how do you view yourself and the world? Your dominant state will continually be reflected in your waking dream. When you change your state, your dream will reflect it.
  11. @Leo Gura Yes, and I have spent a lot of time exploring this as well. I do feel many in spiritual communities are missing all the very interesting experiences and discoveries we can have in all the layers in between. There is so much emphasis on becoming the Godhead. We have spent eternities exploring that. That is why we are dreaming all this variety. The joy is in the journey.
  12. I enjoy exploring all the different levels and varieties. It's like an endless buffet of infinite flavors.
  13. @Ineedanswers Jealously rarely. You have to realize I don't live in a state of complete oneness. It is not possible to function as human being in that state. So, yes the personality of Matthew can experience a little jealousy at times, but it is rare. One of the reasons we limit ourselves and play this game is to experience the wide variety of emotions and unique experiences being human offers.
  14. @Bacher Excellent insights! Thank you for sharing!
  15. @Raptorsin7 I think I always had some natural ability to tune into other peoples energy. Then when I got deeply into spiritual practices it was greatly enhanced. Now, all I have to do is focus on someone and I will immediately begin to sense, feel and embody their energy. It's very useful. For instance, if you want to enhance a certain aspect of your personality for success in business or dating. I am a lot more selective now. I primarily embody the energy of highly enlightened beings to help expand my own consciousness. The main thing that will help you with it is intention and focus. If you have written material from them, reading it or listening to recordings of their voice, focusing on a picture of them works too. You may want to look into taking some remote viewing classes. They have methods to help people cultivate this ability. I was fortunate to naturally have the ability.