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  1. @Leo Gura Perhaps to you. Something I have discovered in exploring reality is there is always more to uncover and understand on any subject. There appears to be endless depth to anything you want to explore. Most of the time we only skim a very superficial layer though.
  2. @The Mystical Man Thank you! I am a fan of Hawkins. I was fortunate to attend some of his workshops while he was still with us.
  3. No, waste of a contemplation. @Leo Gura I see. Thought you may have since you mentioned watching porn and the film Blade Runner on 5-Meo. Any observations on 5-Meo you can share about politics, society or current events?
  4. I have been fascinated by the nature of reality since I was young. Even after close to 20 years of researching, exploring and contemplation it is still deeply mysterious. Many proposed theories, some by brilliant scientist's, but science has it's own limitations. Maybe we are not suppose to know. Perhaps it would spoil the game. Sorta like if you knew how a magician was performing their illusions you wouldn't enjoy the show. If you were immersed in a game wouldn't you want to understand the structure and rules of the game though? I would. @Leo Gura Can you share any resources you have found to contain a high degree of truth on the subject?
  5. @Leo Gura Do you ever observe or contemplate politics, society and current events in expanded states? If so, how does it appear to you? Is it just theater or do you perceive a deeper purpose behind it?
  6. @Bruins8000 Good question. No, I'm sure it isn't always the same. This is just the current structure of this reality and state of consciousness.
  7. @JuliusCaesar So you created the being to help awaken you. Our consciousness is so complex and layered. It's fascinating that we are creating on other levels that are out of our awareness. Just think of our nightly dreams. Every night we fall into these different immersive rich realties and somehow our mind is orchestrating all of it. Except for occasional lucid dream, we are immersed in the dream narrative as it plays out completely unaware our mind it creating everything in it. I have awakened to that knowing, but I fall back into the illusion of being a human in an objective world.
  8. @Leo Gura There is a lot more involved than love. There are endless versions of different realties you could create to explore love. The poster is asking why this reality is specifically this way instead of many other ways it could be. I feel just because God doesn't have biases in a human sense, there are preferences of what it chooses to currently explore. Maybe you had some insights around this when you remembered why you created your current human expression of Leo.
  9. @JuliusCaesar How did this affect your belief of being sovereign in your reality? Perhaps these highly evolved beings you encounter are your own creations?
  10. @Holykael If God has no biases how does god choose? No one is really answering your question. I have contemplated this as well. While there isn't biases in the same way a human personality has, there must be preferences or themes of what we as God want to explore. Reality can be anything God wants, but this reality is very specifically designed. I feel this implies preferences we are currently exploring. Otherwise, reality would be a confusing mix of everything possible.
  11. @Razard86 I agree with you about infinity. I have experienced the infinite holographic nature of consciousness during very expanded states. I asked the question because Leo and other people who have attained very expanded states talk about being the only awareness or conscious being. They don't perceive any other. That's why I asked about how unique aware viewpoints co exist at the level of the God head. Leo only perceives himself when he is there. He did talk about the possibility of other Gods in his Infinity of Gods episode, but he also said it could have only been him imagining another conscious God.
  12. @JuliusCaesar Interesting. I have no idea. If this is happening it's not within my dream. During my lucid dreams, no one else appears to be able to influence the dream, only me.
  13. @axiom I do seem to be at the top and in control during lucid dreams. I can completely change environment's and control people. It does appear my mind is constructing and controlling all of it. Interesting thought. I'm not sure. Where would those dreams be occurring? I assumed when I wake up the dream and characters cease to exist.
  14. Interesting. Thank you for sharing. Can you share anymore details from this trip or the second one? 15 mg to 30 mg is a huge increase. I would suggest trying 20 mg.
  15. @axiom Can you share your perspective on the differences between our waking reality dream and sleeping dreams on my thread Reality being a dream?