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  1. @Godishere It is amazing, just to explore the idea of what I am is for a moment, brings me back to my natural high state. Timeless Formless awareness, blissful and so amazing
  2. Seems like you've become more aware lol feels good to see that. What was it that helped? LSD? MDMA? both?
  3. It's like you wrote a book of every possible ending and to enjoy it as if you didn't write it yourself, you made your self forget and are now reading it for the first time and you can always go back read it again with just subtle things changed but it would still be new because Its slightly different and you don't remember reading the previous similar one and you don't remember writing it.
  4. The's experience... always changing and manifesting as the isness that is experience or existence itself. My opinion
  5. Having the dance of duality while staying aware that your everything is challenging. Play the character but let your triggers be your signal flares to let you know you've dosed off at the wheel and have become the character. Step away and still yourself, remember what you are, feel your heart center flood with love and go back to the dance of survival with the rewarding sensation that your everything and being the truth
  6. Are you high haha You are love. God's looking through your eyes at itself.
  7. Every moment is this moment. The next moment never comes. Any and Everything already exists and it's existed forever on the infinite film real. Just a thought in My Mind (God). Close your imaginary eyes and realize that all sensations happen and if you can manage not to imagine "your avatar body" and not attach a sensation to arm, or leg, or anything, you'll be a floating in nowhere and become nothing but raw awareness floating in nothingness. It's gets really cool after you reach this place
  8. Theres no finite lol just the illusion of finite. No time no space. A Cosmic Child's laugh
  9. You are the entire dream. Everything that your conscious of is You manifesting as that and all that exists is only what Your conscious of. Nothing else. You are all alone.
  10. When you close your eyes, where does everything go? Superposition, the True Mirror
  11. @RickyFitts same for me..the infinite dream and how you never die, you just awaken
  12. He's speaking from the absolute not that it's a lie. Then again depends on what you mean by lie, I assume your meaning to be a lie from the government. Not a lie a Cosmic ageless child would tell to itself for sake of expressing itself
  13. "Inception", "vanilla sky", "Westworld", "the fountain"