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  1. I always loved this example regarding music. "To play fast you must learn slow"
  2. INFP for the win
  3. Oatmeal with honey is also good.
  4. @TeaDiddy Your post was absolutely fantastic. You expressed how I felt about this topic better then I could. Effortless Mastery is one of my favourite books of all time. Kenny Werner is a genius
  5. @Brian Greendahl I completely agree. Marcin just has this magical way of playing piano. Every note just seems to flow so well. His playing is so effortless which makes so enjoyable
  6. @Brian Greendahl You don't know how happy it made me seeing Marcin Wasilewski posted on this thread. He's probably one of my favorite piano players ever. All of the music on this thread is fantastic. I love the diversity. I've learned about loads of cool new artists. This is one of my favorite pieces featuring Marcin Wasilewski on piano. I find this piece incredibly relaxing and helps to clear the mind. Hope you enjoy it
  7. Sounds interesting. I'll check it out