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  1. @Leo Gura How would you recommend planning it out?
  2. Sound like a great idea!
  3. @AlwaysBeNice @Girzo @snowleopard @Azrael @Nahm @JustinS @AleksM @Leo Gura Thanks for all the advice guys!
  4. I want to have the most fulfilling life possible. But I don't have a truly genuine interest in Truth with a capital T. Does anyone have any advice?
  5. Oh fantastic. Thanks @Empty
  6. Hey everybody. I want to start a journal to record my progress throughout the months/years of me doing personal development . It would be great If I could get some feedback on how to start it, how I should format it, If I should split each area of my life into category's, how often should I do it (every day, every week?) etc. It would be good to have some feedback and advice so I can get the most out of it. Thanks
  7. Hey everybody. Thanks for all the fantastic advice! I really appreciate it
  8. Hey Leo my Life Purpose is performing music. But I want to incorporate many different instruments into my performance. My question is if that's possible or should I concentrate on one instrument?
  9. @Leo Gura Wait but you're still doing videos on Actualised.Org? How have you given it up?
  10. Alright cool. Thanks @Shin
  11. @Rashid Ah right cool. I'm a musician as well. At the moment I'm only doing 20 mins of meditation a day but I hope to boost it up to 40-60 mins. But I probably should get more used to it.
  12. I've been making up my college timetable and noticed that most of my time is put towards my life purpose. How much time a day should go to all the other aspects of personal development ?
  13. Cool thanks @Allinthemind
  14. Ah alright cool. Thanks @Leo Gura