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  1. People, who say that China uses different algorithm for TikTok, think it would be a good thing if they had their own algorithm. Of course moderation is good but maybe banning the whole thing altogether could be way more better. And they are focused on the people that want TikTok to be banned who are already brainwashed with some other kind of ideology.
  2. @DefinitelyNotARobot Why do you give them power?
  3. TikTok is a gossip machine. It affirms your beliefs more than it opens your mind. You can find original and educational content on TikTok but there are so few of them. In my opinion, banning will actually make the world more better place. It makes people who are generally anti-internet more close-minded to exploring it. People mistakenly think that TikTok makes people more connected and open-minded. It makes all sorts of dogmatic people more dogmatic then ever. The internet has lot to offer than people realize.
  4. Glad to be of help. I don't know what specific advice to give for your situation. Maybe others can. All I can say is that in every situation you should be honest to yourself. Seek the truth of your situation. Eventually, by thinking through, you will know what to do, without anybody's help generally. I don't like listening other's advice generally. It's like not respecting my experience. I rather waste some time, go through it and think about it. People get annoyed around me a lot . If I get to the conclusion that I need some advice then I will do that, because I truly know that I need some advice. Maybe, my advice wouldn't work for you, so be careful. People can give you advice and knowingly or unknowingly sell their worldview to you. Basically, I'm giving advice about advice. So, be careful about that too .
  5. @Seed Getting out of the group is also fighting. Be aware what kind of group you want to be apart of. It can really suck your energy. Sometimes, fully cutting off from the group is the solution. For me it's 90% of the time. I don't really like to be a part of a group no matter what values it has.
  6. Try new things, have/create new experiences. You don't know how many things you will pursue. There will be things that you need to do and others that you want to do or maybe one thing, idk. One way of solving the problem is by doing something at first even if you are not passionate about it. Be open-minded on how to live your life. Often you need to think through your problems for a week or more. E.g. I have learned beatboxing, still learning piano, played soccer and basketball and learned some skills, have been a part of a choir and had vocal lessons, learned some acting, have been to dancing classes, worked on my physique, learned some poetry and won a poetry competition, ... . And now I'm a technical writer. Life couldn't have been more interesting to me. I haven't watched the LP and haven't read motivational books. So, don't take my opinion as the only way.
  7. @Devin Understanding understanding etymologically is one way to understand understanding. Noticed how you broke the word into 2 parts and connected them and understood it even though you didn't need to know it etymologically in the first place? Isn't it amazing? It's visible and invisible at the same time, but yet it can't be unseen.
  8. Understand your depression and then come up with ideas.
  9. I wasn't only talking about religious fundamentalists.
  10. @Carl-Richard Religion is a set of dogmas that you follow without questioning it. It has its rituals and ceremonies. Generally, It's about praying and asking for forgiveness for your sins to God. And because you can't doubt it or question it, your ideas about the world will be very biased and untruthful. It's not about direct experience and open-mindedness. Your observation of reality is worthless. There is no deconstruction happening. It affects how you relate to people and tells what kind of family is desirable. I have been religious when I was young. I worked at the church.
  11. Guys, what you have been describing is not actual religion. Have you all lived a religious life? Being religious is like a lifestyle and it has its price. It's not about awakening even if people like to believe that.
  12. So, your sober state is real? Stop the rant. Spend your time deconstructing your reality sober.
  13. @Hibahere You are basically deconstructing your reality. Thought experiments can be random, it will really be helpful to deconstruct your beliefs first, because they are the real foundations that hold your reality together. Start by what you think is real.