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  1. Loved When my parents gave me the flash, which was the only way to connect to a wifi. It was very slow, like 10 to 15 kilobytes per second. When my father gave me permission to use his laptop for gaming sometimes. When my mother helped me in doing my homework. Back then I was really scared from teachers. I wasn't able to study for the exams, I always started to cry, because I was very alone as a kid. I didn't have a close friend to talk to. But my mother always had my back emotionally. She would say that none of that matters, everything would be okay, don't study if you don't want, even if they give a low grade I will be ok with it. For me the exams were a life and death situation. When me and my family traveled to different place, like the pyramids, Alexandria, the red see, ... . When my family was always there for me when I had different kind of illnesses. If it wasn't for my sister, I would be dead. She was the first to notice that I was having a epileptic seizure when I was asleep. My mother was there, when I was literally boiling from having a cold. My body's temperature was like 40Β°C. My father would look for a good doctor without having a rest. You couldn't not experience a deep love when you see that your family, even if it is broken apart emotionally, is there to look after you when you are on a bed after having a surgery. When we went to shopping, even if we didn't buy anything. I loved when my father would take me to the tech section. Unloved When my sister imitated me. If I didn't play by her rules, she would really hurt me. I didn't understand why would someone get aggressive for not agreeing on something. I really wanted her to understand me, because I did understand her, but didn't know how to talk to her. When my father always judged me for having from his perspective weird thoughts. We barely had a conversation. Even if we had, he would always control the conversation and he would make it about himself and how I should think. One of the best thing that I loved to do was to be lost in my imagination. I would create an entire world with different characters in it and I would talk to them, be them, and experience them. I mostly did it, because I wanted to have different kind of experience with the characters from real life. I know it is crazy, but I loved it. It was my entertainment back then. I wanted to share what I felt and thought with my father, but he would get angry at me. Of course there are a lot of things that happened to me. These are the things that I remember now.
  2. @Leo Gura Your last awakening made you rethink about your way of teaching. Will it have a big effect on book-list especially on spirituality section? E.g. changing books or even removing books about yoga or meditation. Are they still the best books you have found to learn from?
  3. @B_Edwards13 Some of Leo's video are very direct in that it can actually shake your reality. I believe that the course will be very powerful in helping people in their awakening. But I don't know if it is worth paying 1000$ for it, maybe it is.
  4. @No Body So, you forgot everything. Then forget about this.
  5. @No Body You just wanna preach your beliefs. You're not being truthful.
  6. @ThePoint What if you will never be able to purchase any kind of psychedelic. Why does it make you fearful? When I started watching Leo's content, I was not aware that he was using psychedelics. But his teachings really touched my heart. When I realized that what Leo uses is illegal and taboo in many countries, it kind of discouraged me. That was a sobering moment, because I really wanted to understand what he talks about and also it could be hard or even impossible to aquire psychedelics. So, I started to become paranoid about it and I assumed that it was impossible to aquire it. But, eventually, I accepted that reality and dropped off the paranoia and started to do surface level research about it. It took me about 1-2 month to discover that there is a way to aquire it legally, but it will be hard to do it. And I still don't know whether it could work. So, drop off the paranoia, because it will not help you in knowing the how part. Do you want to be paranoid when you discover that it is impossible to aquire it? Do things with the help of Leo without psychedelics and also remember that there will be things that will be impossible to do without psychedelics. I think you need to watch his video about requisite variety, which is on his blog.
  7. I have gone through enough suffering to realize that you cannot escape reality. I have learned to love every part of my suffering, which has been hard for me. I really trust in it. So, the thing that inspired me to follow his work is that he opened my mind to the possibility that I can love reality and myself infinitely.
  8. I thought I was the only Armenian here. I guess eventually Armenians will open their mind to this kind of spirituality.
  9. I would appreciate it that you talk about the dichotomy between useful and useless. Generally, people make decisions based on what they think is useful to them and I know that you talk about this in your videos. Why I want you to do that? I haven't thought carefully about what means useful and useless, but I have done many things that I thought were useless. So, when things appear to me to be useless, I don't dogmatically dismiss them. E.g. Many people that I know think spirituality is kind of useless, but they haven't done any kind of spiritual technique. Of course, it can be other than spirituality.
  10. @RendHeaven The problem is that it (the glimpse) comes and goes. I am sure of it, but then a doubt creeps in. It is hard to see whether it is my ego doing its thing or I have not realized it yet. It is tricky.
  11. How do I know about the past? By remembering it By having an image in my mind By perceiving By thinking What is the past? It is not the present and the future. At one point that was the present. But, I am thinking about it in the present moment. When did the past start to exist? At some point something had to be known and when it was known it "stayed" somewhere in me. What happens before something "registers" in the past? One has to be conscious of the thing first. If the past is in the past and is already gone, how do I know about it? I'm somehow "accessing" my past. What are the assumptions or intuitions that make the past different from the present and future? People tell me about it I tell myself about it It is obvious People talk about it It affects the present moment and without it, there would not be the present and the future Scientific studies heavily rely on the past People will gladly prove to me its existence and will say it is real I have grown up by using past experience to know and understand things If the past didn't happen I wouldn't be sitting here and writing this. All of the things that I'm using now have been taught to me in the past at some point. So it seems to me that these assumptions all together are proof that the past exists. But is the proof true? So, to prove the existence of the past, I will have to somehow "access" it. The thing is that I speak about the past without proving it first. So, I unknowingly create the past and then demand proof of it. And every proof will support the assumptions that I have made, but that doesn't prove the existence of it. So, to actually prove it, I have to be conscious of it.
  12. When you do it consciously it becomes like meditation.
  13. @PepperBlossoms Remember something now. You will likely hear voices, see images and maybe start to feel something. Then, ask yourself. Is there a difference between that experience and the experience before you started remembering something?