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  1. I would appreciate it that you talk about the dichotomy between useful and useless. Generally, people make decisions based on what they think is useful to them and I know that you talk about this in your videos. Why I want you to do that? I haven't thought carefully about what means useful and useless, but I have done many things that I thought were useless. So, when things appear to me to be useless, I don't dogmatically dismiss them. E.g. Many people that I know think spirituality is kind of useless, but they haven't done any kind of spiritual technique. Of course, it can be other than spirituality.
  2. @RendHeaven The problem is that it (the glimpse) comes and goes. I am sure of it, but then a doubt creeps in. It is hard to see whether it is my ego doing its thing or I have not realized it yet. It is tricky.
  3. How do I know about the past? By remembering it By having an image in my mind By perceiving By thinking What is the past? It is not the present and the future. At one point that was the present. But, I am thinking about it in the present moment. When did the past start to exist? At some point something had to be known and when it was known it "stayed" somewhere in me. What happens before something "registers" in the past? One has to be conscious of the thing first. If the past is in the past and is already gone, how do I know about it? I'm somehow "accessing" my past. What are the assumptions or intuitions that make the past different from the present and future? People tell me about it I tell myself about it It is obvious People talk about it It affects the present moment and without it, there would not be the present and the future Scientific studies heavily rely on the past People will gladly prove to me its existence and will say it is real I have grown up by using past experience to know and understand things If the past didn't happen I wouldn't be sitting here and writing this. All of the things that I'm using now have been taught to me in the past at some point. So it seems to me that these assumptions all together are proof that the past exists. But is the proof true? So, to prove the existence of the past, I will have to somehow "access" it. The thing is that I speak about the past without proving it first. So, I unknowingly create the past and then demand proof of it. And every proof will support the assumptions that I have made, but that doesn't prove the existence of it. So, to actually prove it, I have to be conscious of it.
  4. When you do it consciously it becomes like meditation.
  5. @PepperBlossoms Remember something now. You will likely hear voices, see images and maybe start to feel something. Then, ask yourself. Is there a difference between that experience and the experience before you started remembering something?
  6. Didn't want to open a new topic. Just a simple question. Is there a "natural" way of the extraction of 5-MeO. I have found a lot about DMT, but not 5-MeO.
  7. @roopepa What do you want from any of this? If you want to know something, why should it be frightening or scary?
  8. @machiavelli But why should you care posting radical stuff? What's the point? Don't post for a week and see what happens. I have done the same thing. Now, people don't even like my post. And I rarely post there. It wastes your time. When I stopped posting, I realized that, mostly, I was doing for the likes.
  9. @machiavelli But why do you do it? When people don't understand what's being said (if you truly know about it) they will think your weird and weirdness is generally a bad sign in mainstream. Even if they like it, most of them don't understand it. Facebook is not the right place to say or post spiritual stuff in my opinion.
  10. @Gabith Even if it is a cult, it does not matter. What matters is that what do genuinely want to know or understand something in this case. But if you do that you will realize that it is not a cult. And what makes a cult a cult. Well, Leo has books on it and you can buy and read them if you haven't read them already. Even Leo stresses that don't believe him and watch or study others. Or maybe I am a cult member who tries to justify that Leo is not a cult leader. Or maybe question what is a cult and how it starts to develop. How do you judge whether someone is in a cult or is a cult leader? That's not obvious. And where did you get the idea of a cult? E.g. You might say there is a cultish behavior around here. But I would say that it is not special to this environment only. You can find it anywhere else (in your family, friends, etc). And, of course, would a cult member reply to you in this way?
  11. Don't know if this is related to the topic, but @Leo Gura Are the breadcrumbs also my imagination that there is this thing called God to be realized?
  12. One of the important lessons is to make good distinctions. That's the problem here. Once, I wanted to kill myself, because I was questioning myself too much. But you have to go deeper and realize that killing the body is not the same as killing yourself and even making that distinction does not mean that you have realized what you are.
  13. To me, a certain kind of music opens you to a mystical experience. For me, it is piano music. As I have been introduced to spirituality and glimpses of the self and reality that I have had, I started to appreciate music even more. Over a year ago I would have a little bit of mystical experience on it. Now, When I listen, I become one with it and enjoy it totally. But my bias is that it has to be made in a certain way and have a certain type. I would like you to share one of your favorite spiritual pieces of music as I share mine.
  14. I am discovering my hidden emotions.