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  1. @Vagos of course the answer, again, is yes. Whatever is present right now in your experience is ultimatly real. The point is though, the dicotomy real/unreal have been framed by our materialistic society cause it needed a category to discard al phenomena considered unuseful or even threatning to our survival. That's where your question is coming from.
  2. @Ajay0 as it has been told to me, our magnetic body swaves in an out of us through the moon phases: New moon=magnetism complitely inside the physical body; Full moon=magnetism completely outside the physical body. Magnetism carries memories, impressions, emotions, desires etc. During the new moon day your magnetic body is super sensibleand directly impressionable by phisical acts. Those hours are pretty important to spend on purification work and fasting and chilling, you can use a new moon day to make a prayer in order to recieve something. cause it's like planting a seed in the dark of earth. On the other hand,during a full moon is when life force reaches its climax, bringing the the fruits of your past actions. magnetism is in the ether. This would explain all strange phenomena linked to it. Hope this helped
  3. @Vagos you are conflating mundane and spiritual frameworks here: commonly speaking an allucination is a personal perception that doesn't appear in the "outer world" for others to see it. Spiritually we can say tha either everything is an hallucitation or nothing is, because every fenomena truly hasn't a location nor a "possessor", both Mental constructs.
  4. @PurpleTree Well, that was basically an Arahant (highest attainment in Theravadan Buddhism) that tells how he prays and the mechanics of it. I think it's pretty good advice. It shows you that prayer/spell casting/magic is part of every contemplative tradition. If you haven't found the podcast useful i don't what you expected to understand through your post. Feel free to elaborate if you want.
  5. @Phil King You would create a federation that periodically evaluates the work of these checkers, degrading or upgreding them based on their mistakes. Of course no system is perfect and there would be still room for possible corruption, but just by establishing this fundation we would benefit of more honest information by the media. Moreover, what you are saying is like: "who judge the judges?". As i've said there is still space for corruption in these institutions but it is cerainly better to have the judicial system around then not.
  6. @PurpleTree Well, certainly it's both. Originally, prayer was intended more like a visualization mantra. But every tradition has kinds of prayers more akin to what you are describing Coincidentally, i was listening to a podcast where D. Ingram (hardcore meditator) shares how he "ask the universe" for certain things in his magical practice, i invite you to listen to it so you can get so you can idea of how these techniques can get integrated in a meditative path. https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/daniel-hill6/episodes/Magick-its-not-what-you-think--An-interview-with-Daniel-Ingram-Part-Two-efjkek This is the 2 part, in which he talks about his practice. There are 3 parts in total.
  7. @PurpleTree I think you can interpret praying as connecting your tiny soul to an archetype that can make elevate you. you are drown to it little by little like a magnet. When thoughts are directed towords something, that something becomes part of your reality over time: so yes, prayer is actually good if your aim is correct.
  8. @Leo Gura When master of chronicle meets master of lie things ain't looking good i think...and it makes you wonder how many of these demons are still around and manipulative enough to not get caught... Do you think official fact checkers are going to be a thing in the near future? Wouldn't solve this mess but atleast it's a start.
  9. @Yimpa yes, that's exacly what i wrote. Reality flows imperturbably no matter what.
  10. @Yimpa Of course realizations have many levels. At the higest decostruction possible (Spiritual experience, Peak of a trip, death) surely everything collapse, but i was speaking more on realitive terms. Realizing time is a construct doesn't mean that the notion somewhat desappear from your conception of reality, otherwise you wouldn't be able to function as a human.
  11. @Someone here 1) if only everyone truly would get this...so much more peace. 2) "..The universe is hostile, so Impersonal. Devour to survive So it is, so it's always been..."
  12. @Simple Success As an identity you are defined what you are. If you start detaching from this "what", you switch from identity to Being, you start to be just for the sake of it, without being this or that. Every good mediation technique trains you to be in tune with this untied being. Notice your search for a utility in this. Nothing happens exacly beacause nothing ever happens to/in Being. Doing things make you to focused with the outside world - so doing nothing for long enough calms the agitations of mind. A calmer mind make you more easily in tune with your nature.
  13. @Vlad_ that is exacly how all your existence as Vlad came about Deep is not truly deep if you need confermations
  14. @Paul5480 humans are not immortal unless they are trained to couagulate a body that can survive deep pleep and the after death period. usually someone that can do this can rimember his past incarnations and therefore be considered "immortal". Most poeple are so attached to material fenomena that they never develop this body, resulting in complete unconsciousness after death and obliteration. Pure Cosciousness is a whole other matter. It's infinite and eternal. If it was a glass, the concept of death would be just a little stain on it.