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  1. @Tanz it's not the same, vaccinated have 70% less chances to infect other poeple.
  2. @Preety_India This is mostly a cultural question. The only reason you are against abortion is because you are embedded in a society and culural environment that don't look kindly upon abortion.
  3. @Psilocyborg I completely skipped Talabya in my practice. As i understand it facilitates concentration and steadiness of mind during prananyama. I would suggest to implement it later, first you should establish your core techniques such as Mahamudra, Kriya Pranayama 1-2-3, Yoni Mudra, Concetration in the 3rd eye and i would add Mental Kriya aswell. In my experience these are the most important. In the beginning I would also practice Om japa. For when to begin using them and the number of repetitions you can simply follow the book. Just don't cought up too much in the lesser techniques. Focus on the ones above, then you can add Talabya, Kumbakha etc. if you wont. Then, after some months of practice, you can have a good idea of what works for you and what you can replace.
  4. Then why not eating? No reason to do anything. Notice your need to find justifications. Just do what you want.
  5. True. You cannot quantify Pure Being or Consciousness, but ESP are of a lesser order. Ok maybe "quantify" is a problematic term, what i meant was simply that is in the potential of science to isolate, identify and acknowledge this fenomena
  6. @Carl-Richard that's true. in the end we don't know the full extent of data that gorvernments possess. I was trying to make up my mind based on the content that is available to the public
  7. @undeather Thanks for the imputs. (i'm yet to research the Stargate project and the interview) Many of the videos shows there is quite certenly "something" out there ( Java healer's fire making is probably the most convincing tape on the subject i'v ever seen). Even though for many reasons even tape can be subjected to manipulation Anyway this make my think that most poeple with the most tangible powers developed them through radical paths that demands secrecy, so we will never be able to study their abilities So what remains to be examined is casual poeple with feble, foggy or subtle talents and that only complicates scientific research.
  8. Guys, honestly, these all seem weak justifications. and they don't stand on their feet. @Carl-Richard Assuming i prove that i can levitate and want to help science understand my power, every sane government would put national protection over me. i'd be safe. Furthermore, if you conduct experiments in places in highly developed countries like Germany, Sweden or Japan the risk is similar to zero. @Moksha one thing is to aknowledge the existence of abilities that can defy the currently known laws of physics and common limitations of humans. another thing is understand the mechanics of these abilities. I would argue that for science would be easy to quantify levitation or telekinesis or remote-hearing IF tangible. Understanding their mechanism would be another pair of shoes.
  9. @Carl-Richard Good topic. Yet, i'm perplexed. I get the change in setting, i get the pressure, i get the scientific method not being ideal in this situations. But just HOW is it possible that not even ONE person has ever been able to use its powers in an experiment and willingly execute them? There would be many noble reasons to do that. Are Siddhis so aleatory and labile?
  10. @modmyth i don't know if i undersood correctly, could you elaborate? I must assume they're screening public attention compulsively, ALL of them. Don't get me wrong, i'm pretty open about ESP existence, but where are the proofs?
  11. @Leo Gura I admit that i only read the wiki, but i find it absurd that if powers exists no one as ever been considered fit. telekinesis or remote viewing would be difficult to deny even for a materialist. Where are these poeple? Why don't they show up? You could say "why would they?", then i say: being less stigmatized and not called fools?! More job offers?! Could you suggest studies that show their existence?
  12. @InsecureAnon This is exacly why you are stuck. you can't change you height, but you can change your mentality, attitude and approach. Shorter guys that you gats laid anyway. Why do you think that is? The bad thing is: you lack traits which are scientifically more important in dating than height. The great thing is: you can develop them! Go work on Charisma, Leadership, Purpose, Sense of Humour, Spontaneity, Smile etc. Once you see that you make progress in this areas you will start to notice that you CAN change for the better.
  13. @Andrea Marchetti These are certainly scenarios worth reflecting upon but i don't think they're completely accurate for these days happenings. Why? About image 1: it presupposes that we don't know that if we chose the left trail longer down the road we will have killed more poeple then we would have if we chose the right. This to mean that what we initially thought to be the best choice turns out to be the worse one. This is NOT the case with Covid. We DO know that gatting the population vaccinated is the BEST choice in terms of life saved. And the more poeple get the vaccine the more it will turn out to be true. So paradoxically, the poeple that scream "muh freedom" are exacly the one that stands in the way of it. About image 2: Yesterday i got vaccinated and i was fine having a 0.003% risk of developing serious reactions. The benefit though, are much more evident, for the individual and for the collective. Again, it's about evaluating pros and cons. And every choice bears risks and some one that will get dameged by it. The question is not if but how many. And if you care about the health of your society you have to be willing of to take that miniscule risk. That's why the whole "what if it was you" paradigm is very low-consciosness. By this logic you should ban generic medicines, car driving, swimming, alcohol, and smoking because they cause more deaths than the vaccine. To close, it is funny to see poeple protesting in the name of philosophical rights when they don't take into account that this is an emergency. Ironocally, they are the one blindsided for not seeing that their behaviour is slowing down the process to liberty.
  14. @ivankiss Thanks for the ricontextualization.
  15. @ivankiss ok it make sense. But does this mean that those enlightened are still subjected to psychological delusion? Do you mean that you abide into these illusions even is it hurts without untangling them? Negative emotions arise basecly when - you are not accepting reality the way it is = delusion When there is a delusion, there is always someone deluded= Ego So, if the Ego is present (taking owner ship of some parts of reality over others), this means you cannot be conscious of being God because atleast partially you are plunged into delusion. I don't want this to sound like an attack, i'm just trying to understand and would be good if you correct me.