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  1. I saw this video last night and I can't get my head to fully process the implications of the two parts of the brain acting without awareness of the other. Does this mean the nothingness we think we are is simply the other side of the brain? If so, does that completely undermine everything we have been learning with Leo as far as the nature of true self? And if that's true does it really matter as long as this stuff works anyways? I feel like my brain is a spoiled kid that packed up his toys and left; refusing to play anymore.
  2. "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by unconsciousness."
  3. I have been mediating for years but not consistently until now and I understand all too well how the monkey mind tries to talk you out of your routine. I have realized the following: 1)The less I feel like meditating the more I need to. 2)I have never finished meditating and thought "That was a waste of time.". On the contrary, I always feel exponentially better: refreshed, positive and energetic. I am not claiming these are original, but they are what do the trick for me when my lying monkey mind tries to tell to skip my meditation.
  4. You'll never completely cut out thoughts, but you can widen the places between those thoughts and just be.
  5. Absolutely this is normal! You are learning things that challenge your basic understanding of reality. If that doesn't shake you up then you don't understand what is being said. Anytime you try and drastically shift your paradigm you will have a mental reaction as well as a physical one. When this happens I would like to suggest stopping and taking sometime with what it is you are learning and ask yourself "why is this bothering me so much?", doing some meditation and breathing exercises can help with this anxiety.
  6. I watched them based on title, in no particular order, but as a "perfectionist" this made me come face to face with the neurotic behaviors that I have to have everything in perfect order before I feel ready to accomplish my goals. The truth is that events rarely unfold in a neat and pristine order and this behavior is crippling to personal progress. If this sounds at all familiar I would suggest you watch first:
  7. I think a morning ritual is something I could use. Thanks for bringing this up, Rares!
  8. Just watching "Eckhart Tolle - Enjoying Every Moment" for the first time and he "told" an enlightenment joke and then said "In Zen Buddhism they have "Satori". Satori is a sudden flash or realization, not always lasting but it's there. Sometimes accompanied by shouting or laughter." It's amazing how things can fall into place when you slow down and become fully present in this moment.
  9. I was just meditating and after not even five minutes had an incredible realization. I was contemplating the fact that staying motivated is like thirst and it must be refreshed every so often. That lead me to ponder about the process to get inspired and how I often watch/read powerfully motivating things and that builds up feelings like a volcano till I am about to burst. I realized I have no idea what to do with this mind energy, I have currently no true purpose, only vague ideas of wanting "to be better". It became clear how dangerous this behavior is: Getting very excited about what my potential could be, having no true goal to focus on and then falling into despair because I had these powerfully motivating moments and failed to apply them to anything constructive. Repeat this behavior over any amount of time and this becomes almost fatal to self improvement. At this realization, I then experienced a feeling of peace and joy like I have never felt before, the joy of understanding the truth of how completely ass backwards I have been doing things... and I started to laugh, and I mean laugh hard. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt, and then I realized I was crying too and that made laugh even more. It was the most alive I have ever felt, the most honest. So I think my next step is to set aside some money the next few weeks and get Leo's Life purpose course. I think it's time I knew what I really want from this existence.
  10. Pick one and work on that. Set reasonable goals and track your results. Then when you feel you have that at the level you desire move onto something else.
  11. I had an experience with limits of mental reality this morning. I awoke rather sleepy, looked and did not see my wife in our bedroom, nor in the living room or kitchen. I called out her name and did not get a response so I figured she had left early on an errand and crawled back in bed. Turns out she was literally right next to me on the ground in the bedroom meditating in plain view. When she told me later in the morning smiled and nodded my head at the truth of the moment.
  12. My humble suggestion would be to start by not using such a strong word as "hate". I am sure you know the words we use influence our emotions. It may sound silly at first but it makes a huge difference in the long run.
  13. What music do you listen to inspire you? How do you incorporate music into your self-actualization process? Any recommendations to share?
  14. It makes me (but who is the me?) very happy to read about all of you and your backgrounds and seeing us come together in pursuit of self-actualization. The fact that we can can acknowledge to others our previous difficulties but not fall into a victim mindset is incredibly powerful and useful.