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  1. Of course, nature and survival is cruel from ego perspective, they key is to be a strategician and be ready for the highs and lows, remain stoic, accept everything as a lesson, with this behaviour is impossible to not be happy, no matter what is happening in your life. By a happy life I dont mean be happy every day 24/7, this is nonsense, I mean to be imperturbable in front of adversities or joy, be free from the outcome of things we cant control.
  2. The majority of oriental philosophies and spiritial schools point that the ego is the origin of all suffering because it has desires and attachments, this way is impossible to live a happy life. Btw, Ellliot has told previously in other videos that the purpose of men in this world is to suffer, to sacrifice himself like jesus in the cross.... kinda toxic masculinity with masochism.
  3. Awesome video. This guy has the face of a model, owns a mansion and a nice boat too! If I were a woman If have a dream life with him and never had to worry about working. Incels live in their mother's house and live from neet checks...
  4. You owe your life to your mother. Now she is who needs your help to deal with the 90yo grandma and the tyrant father. help your mother all you can until the grandma dies, that will be probably soon. Then your mother will be less overwhelmed and you can go to live your life in other place. Think of this as a sacrifice, your family needs help now. I'm in a job I hate, living in my mother's flat with motherfuker noisy neighbours that never let me sleep. But I'm saving all the money to have my own house, this is my sacrifice, accepting shit conditions to have a better future.
  5. Imagine the emotional scars and trauma lived in 1000 years, would be psychologically unbearable, just living with ptsd, broken, damaged. Thats why we die and reincarnate with deleted memories with a full blank sheet...
  6. If they want to implement wireless battery charging with the 5G... believeing that these waves wont fry your brain is being so naive
  7. But women only produce milk when theyre pregnant!
  8. Do you know the story of the marine who burned his face and looked like a monster, and then he married with his lifelong girlfriend, but she couldnt handle living with him and they divorced quickly? Personality is not determining when you dont like what you see. When I was young I didnt talked or look to any girl, but because I was goodlooking they approached me and I didnt even wanted.
  9. Your friends are right, the human being has lived thousand of years coexisting with all type of virus without the need of vaccines. Vaxers are like these type of people that cant live without the smartphone.
  10. If everybody shits in the pool we are swimming in a pool of shit
  11. Government cares a lot if you are a consumist slave that buys, consumes and pays tons of taxes, or if you live outside of the system growing your own food with zero debt and taxes. If half of the population quit consumerism the capitalism would crash.
  12. First you didnt get well informed about how this "vaccines" work. Genetic vaccines are a reality and this is what you are taking for covid. Thanks for influencing Mods to punish me without reason. And i dont invent conspiracy teories I tell the truth. I'm starting to be very tired in this forum when I say something that digress the mainstream TV narrative its automatically a conspiracy theory! Theres no evidence of safety, it's experimental, and theres not proof that the MRNA disappears magically: http://www.uphs.upenn.edu/cep/COVID/mRNA vaccine review final.pdf
  13. You're right and divine identification is what happened to the prick C. Murphy. Nobody should try DMT without having softened the ego.
  14. That's not a shot, its a genetic experimental therapy. But eveybody has the right to be used as a guinea pig.