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  1. In the video he says that you have to learn to surf other waves than spirituality, but he precisely stop pursuing girlfriends and petty socializing because were distractions... How we interpret that? I'm not interested in financial formation, entepreneurship, being expert on public talk or having a wife and childen. Why should I surf these waves?
  2. Saying that there are other truths is a falacy of the same level of: -The anus is made to evacuate digested food. -But its also made for anal sex. Denying all truths, would be so false like denying the true purpose for the anus.
  3. For me a high level of consciousness equals quiality time, like the time you spend doing what you love, with your loved ones. In the other hand low consciousness time doesnt worth being lived. I've spent most of the time behaving unconsiouss, like a mist of mental fog, and it wasnt until I discovered some foods reactions made me this unconsciouss, that I understood what it feels like being alive and in the now. Also some nootropic suplements helped me. Why underestimate consciousness? I had a grandma that had a ictus and later dementia. I observed her, and was like a vegetable, he wasnt aware of anything that was hapening around her, ... it may be my opinion, but living in low consciousness doesnt worth being lived.
  4. You dont waste time, you learn of everything. Do you know what is wasting time? Wasting money that cost you time to earn, in stupid things.
  5. Tai Lopez rented a lamborghini and naive ignorants believed he was successful in business and bought his material. Then the snowball got bigger and we got the scammer he is today. And in the process, this narcissist believed his own lies, and his ego got total control. Poor prick. But I feel more sad for those who fell in their traps.
  6. Chronic fatigue and headaches are caused by a autoimmune reaction, and its your task to identify what causes it. In most cases i s some kind of food that you eat. id suggest make a eliminative diet and start reintroducing them gradually until you identify the bad one.
  7. You will eat bugs, own nothing and will be happy. Hey but the elites will continue being rich
  8. There's not such thing as "universal culture" for isolated african tribes. They are unafected by and ignoring the rest of the world. Discrimination for not being equal to the integrants of the tribe is racism here and in planet mars. How you dare to negate inverse racism while white christians are burned alive in south africa?
  9. Life hasnt to be great, successful, or meaningful, this is part of the bluepill indoctrination. For me the best life is which has had absolute freedom. Its curious how this society never promotes freedom, because this will stop the machine.
  10. The question is who monitors if "Fact Checkers" are lying or not?
  11. God has no superpowers in the 3D material dimension, he still needs to struggle to survive in a cold cruel world.
  12. My ego is so weakened by so much meditation, that when I'm in a social environment I'm like a sponge and absorb everything.> The problem is, a tamed ego is not judgemental and may accept everything. This is bad on a spiritual level because of distractions.
  13. We have been conditioned to base our happiness on external events that we cant control, thats why we arent happy.
  14. You talk like if death was the end. there's no need tu rush, we all will find enlightenment within the next 5 or 20 lifes
  15. I see the archetypes more like roles, and the spiral dynamics like degrees of consciousness. It doesnt imply a direct relation, because one can be in the lowest spiral stages and be a lover. And people often see a warrior as something barbaric and orange, but a warrior can also be green.