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  1. Keep being more conscious, but a lot more! And you will understand that these people who suffer need to experience this suffering to learn new lessons and evolve. In fact they choose this sufferings before coming to this world.
  2. The farmer gone green and stoped exploiting the cows. A enlightened farmed would know that theres nobody to exploit because its everything an illusion.
  3. The topics are gone too meta so quickly. It is needed a whole generation of people to become actualized. Then the meta topics would have sense. People works 9-5, you cannot pretend them to evolve so quick, and leo has been adapting the content to his own personal development, thats the mistake. A guy who works on himdelf all day long and does meditation retreats and psychedellics is light-years away from normies
  4. Do you think, it would have been possible to survive without the ego? Only with intelligence and intuition?
  5. Yo can never be alone unless you live in a isolation chamber. For example if you live alone inawoods yo are with nature, plants, animals... thats a way healthier environment than living in a sick society
  6. We all know That JP is referring to toxic feminism, not equality of rights. For example for entering in the police or fireworkers the physical tests are easier for women, this is wrong, because a criminal or a fire is not gonna say oh its is a woman, lets her put things easier... This kind of feminism tries to put things easier for women so they dont get offended or victimized. So they end up being snowflakes.
  7. You are envying the bliss of the ignornant. But you finding actualized.org is not casuality, it comes from hunger of knowledge that some of us have inside. Yeh, it sucks knowing too much, some of the thinks we discover are sad, but high awarenes and acces to knowledge is a privilege. We must somehow integrate it to our daily life. The main issue is to find the way.
  8. I think similar to you but I need a place to call home, as a introverted and zodiac cancer my shell, my temple is my little echosystem where I feel safe and can recharge my batteries, so being a wanderer is not a option. Im saving money to live in a cabin with the minimum, I wish I could be free like you but I feel bad and anxious outside my home.
  9. Anxiety is mainly genetic, I mean overdeveloped survival mechanism, high alertness and fly or fight response as a byproduct of living in dangerous environments. The problem is the past survival threats are now substituted by daily problems in our jobs, which makes anxiety and stress more constant, and thats unhealthy.
  10. No. Monogamy was natural when women need the support of a man when living in nature was dangerous, needed resources, food, security... when the love ended women remained with their man because they had life needs resolved. The problem is we live in a artificial unnatural society where women has all life solved just by working. So once the love ends they have no reason to remain with his man.
  11. The reaason why carnivore diet cant be forever is because people dont eat organs, just muscle meat. If you eat organs and muscle you find the right balance of nutrients.
  12. My supervisor works 12h a day, he has no life. I cannot understand why he does that. Suprisingy he often receives packages from amazon at work, he is addicted to buy gadgets and stupid things, this is his coping mechanism.
  13. I'm loving this 10 min clips because due my job I cannot have the luxury to spend 2 hours watching the other videos.
  14. being able to not be in actualized forum all day like you do
  15. Quit my job, do what I always wanted, try all foods and drugs, travel in my own way, seek enlightenment, pickup hot girls i never had the balls to... And take lsd when I feel my death is coming.
  16. Im mr cortisol and im telling what i've done. Rhodiola in the morning, ashwagandha in the evening. Magnesium bisclicinate before bed and after waking up. Phospatidylserine with a meal. these are the top supplements for lowering cortisol. I discovere I had high cortisol when trying intermitent fasting. This is not for us, because fasting increases cortisol, we need to take a bit of carbs every 3 hours. take care.
  17. Coming from a guy who wastes time in the matcha tea ritual paraphernalia
  18. Life is cruel is a fact. Op do you feel angry when you see a lion killing a gazelle in a 10 times more brutal way than shoting a cow with a fast and clean death? If yes, you have a proble with the cycle of life. if not you're a hypocrite. The we dont need meat is a falsehood. Okinawa diet from japanese people is considered the one that brings more vhealth and longevity. Guess what? It contains 90grams of meat or fish a day. TA -DA!!! Veganism is pushed by the elites to reduce the environmental impact of overpopulation, this is good for nature and the ecololgy. But really bad for our own health.
  19. Wrong. Meditation rewires the brain to avoid spending energy and resources in stupid overthinking and intrusive thoughts as distractions, also improves the focus. If we think of IQ as the capacity of problem resolution yes, it increases with meditation. Ive taken brahmi as a nootropic, an the capacity of solving problems in my job which is highly mental increased in a crazy way.
  20. in my country we call girl until 25yo...
  21. I've read about how some enlightened gurus and christian mystics died, and they died from illnesses like most human beings. There are stories or legends about indian and buddhist gurus who in their latest stages of his spiritual development they retire alone into the woods or in a cave meditating all day and night to the point of eating only a handful of rice till they became mummified or petrified, and their body didnt rot ( low temperatures, low fluids, no eating). I reach to the conclusion, is physical death the ultimate stage of enlightenment? It may be a consequence of the ego death, which is the survival mechanism to make the body alive. Is it a suicide by disatention of bodily needs? I'ts clear that everybody that meditates with determination and /or takes psychedellics may experiment glimpses of temporary enlightenment. But achieving permanent enlightenment implies the body's death as a consequence, and this from nature's perspective doesnt make sense. I heard once Leo saying something like if you achieve enlightenment and become the great mind your physical body would disappear and melt into the absolute, which in this material tridimensional world we live is impossible. So to find a more integrative approach of spirituality, should we just attain little moments of enlightenment while living the best we can in this world integrating what we know from our enlightened experiences? ( living in the matrix knowing that its all false, but still playing its game?) I dont know the psychological consequences of living in congnitive dissonace ( knowing its and illusion and living pretending its not). The third approach I find is to live away from a sick society, for example hermit mode, hippie community, spiritual community. This makes things easier, and you dont have to fake acting like a bluepilled human to fit in the society. -Please, let me know your thoughts about your vision of how it looks like reaching the final stage of enlightenment.
  22. What I've done in the past is to stay in the shit-job untill I save enough money to live a year without working. Then the next year had time to focus un my projects, personal development, spirituality, leisure, walks in nature, sport. This is crucial because free time is what you need to understand what you want in life. The 9/5 work schedule doesnt give you time to think about the important things in life. And the government loves it.
  23. science is a model of knowledge for comprehensing the rules of the 3dimensional world, only a fool would apply this man-made model to the entire multiverse.
  24. You dissected my text and reduced it to thoughts and illusions. I can do it too with yours and say what you wrote is just a bunch of pixels. The purpose of my thread is to find a consensus about what have to be done in our limited existance in the physical plane. The "life has no purpose" we have to find our purpose doesnt convince me. Because there is causality and purpose in nature we are here for something. Maybe we are God incarnated multiple times at the same time to experience its creation, maybe its God's experiment, but as long as God puts himself into the trap of duality and reincarnations he also have to find a way backhome, to the source or master mind, whatever you call it. Everything is mental and obeys to a intelligent design, so please dont reduce everything to just my thoughts, its God's thoughts.