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  1. The video that shows the flight is created by computer, Branson is bluffing, and with the excuse that "anonymus" rich millionaires will be the future travelers we will never know if its true or fake. I will only believe it when people like you and me travel to space and capture it with your smartphone camera.
  2. Do you know what negative priming is?
  3. sugar+fat+salt stimulates the dopamine production, so its easy to fall in to the addiction
  4. Consciousness is not material but need material eyes, ears, nerves, brain, to exist. Otherwise is a white blanket. Consciousness is the reciever of the synthesis that your brain creates of all the exterior world. Yes consciousness can exist without a body and a brain, but this conscious would be aware of nothingness.
  5. I dont see incompatibility between satisfying his own intimate fetishes and being sincere.
  6. OP you are focusing on the cognitive function and missing the neurotype (how neurotransmitters are balanced in every person) and also how the body can change how the mind works, for example body stiffness, blockages, breathing... there are more variables that afect the personality rather than the simplistic view of cognitive.
  7. Anyone experienced upper stomach burns with ala? It happends to me with ala, nac and potassium, very painful.
  8. The same motivation for getting rid of Epstein. Mcafee claimed to have 50 terabytes of data involving politicians, this data couldnt be released!
  9. Generally they'll abandon their parents in nursing homes like a useless object.
  10. CR7 is at the end of career, has nothing to lose, is super rich, and this is his ego saying eh I'm influent and powerful. I doubt the Cristiano of 18yo would have the balls to do that. It's like jim Carrey, exposes every shit on Tv and he doesnt even care of the consequences, because is in the end of his career.
  11. Because spirit and soul doesnt mean nothing? because the astral plane doesnt exist?
  12. With internet its not gonna take 1000 years, for the good or the bad people is sharing insights and helping people to awake, otherwise in isolated communities it would never happen.
  13. The "sober experience" is the trap nature uses to make sure you keep alive taking care of yourSELF. It's a mental trick, not true.
  14. You're full of prejudices. You can find enlightenment via tantric sex. The problem is society is so selfish that thinks having sex with unknown people us bad. This is a common misconception. Often associated casual sex with STDS and other fearmongering created by mainstream media. it's not a sin, we all are brothers in this planet, and sex is a healthy way of giving pleasure and love.
  15. It looks like the guy dont realize that materialism is part of the illusion?
  16. You have been brainwashed, carnal pleasures and spirituality is perfectably integrable. Watch this.
  17. Imagine yourself in your deathbed, at 70-80 years old. If you're so lucky that brain is still working properly and start remembering what you done in life, what you regret... Being or not a entrepreneur will have zero importance. Having acomplished a big purpose or not will have zero importance too. Probably you'll regret passing thru life without stoping to smell the roses, to spend more time with your family, to forgive, to love.
  18. Antivax movement is derived of critical thinking. The more educated the people the more critical thinking. In the most "first world" cointriues of Europe, like Switzerland or Germany is where more people is manifesting against the official version. Then we got the other side of the spectrum. In south america there is no critical thnking, just mass thinking like sheeps. And they believe everything that Tv tells them.
  19. Enlightenment is about liberation, life purpose is about commitment. the two are opposite.
  20. repetitive practice has a physical impact via neuroplasticity in your brain, so its not an invention. Dont expect finding something by accident.
  21. I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of losing the things I learned in this lifetime and then reincarnate into a ignorante being... this in comparison looks like a involution, and from my ego perspective feels like a loss, sad and lamentable. Imagine in this life unveiling great enigmas of humanity, or inventing something great and then reincarnate into a crack smoker who lives in perpetual mindfog...
  22. hedonism would lead to dopamine resistance, depression and suicidal.
  23. And when he was young, before the goatee, he recorded a videoclip
  24. Of course, nature and survival is cruel from ego perspective, they key is to be a strategician and be ready for the highs and lows, remain stoic, accept everything as a lesson, with this behaviour is impossible to not be happy, no matter what is happening in your life. By a happy life I dont mean be happy every day 24/7, this is nonsense, I mean to be imperturbable in front of adversities or joy, be free from the outcome of things we cant control.