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  1. @StarStruck Oh I see what you're saying. I've heard about doing that but seems above my skill level. I mostly just grew it out of a $2 bag of rice. Then used Reddit for help & suggestions from other people.
  2. Yeah, that's pretty scary to think about. Depth vs shallow pools of information.. People like their kiddie pools and being self-deluded in them. Jumping from kiddie pool to kiddie pool without going deep on any real topic. Information pile only gets deeper & sharper with split testing. More and more cherry-picking information & misperception there will be. Wonder how far the cherry picking will go. Internet needs an overhaul and a way to dump the junk & limit garbage information before the whole internet is saturated. I'm being too idealistic.
  3. Yeah, that's pretty scary to think about. Depth vs shallow pools of information.. People like their kiddie pools and being self-deluded in them. Jumping from kiddie pool to kiddie pool without going deep on any real topic. I feel sorry for kids that are being born into this reality these days compared to 20 years ago. Not much guidance on information dieting... All you can eat buffet of information daily. Information pile only gets deeper & sharper with split testing. More and more addictive, cherry-picking information, & misperception there will be. Wonder how far the cherry picking will go. Internet needs an overhaul and a way to dump the junk & limit garbage information before the whole internet is saturated. I'm being too idealistic.
  4. Entire field of psychology is a new philosophy. DSM 5 isn't perfect. DSM 1 was published in the 50's.. DSM 3 was published in the 80's... Which was a huge reform to allow for descriptive diagnosis. Since the 80s it's been pretty much the same. There's been a ton of debate on BPD. It was actually supposed to be renamed as emotional dysregulation I believe. Yet they kept the name. .. I'm not a therapist so don't take my word for it. Um I've been around people that have that type of split. Personally I think IFS is the best thing to look into. It doesn't focus on pathologizing or labels. It's more seen as a fractured self or a protective part that is activated to defend the self. I've never done IFS therapy. I've done a bit of research on it. Looks legit talking to different parts of ourself. I could see in the future it directs toward IFS. I would love to be trained in it but the cost is extremely expensive & there's a huge list of people that want to get trained. Not enough instructors to teach it. The protector subself seems to be really dominant from a BPD perspective. Kind of like a DID episode where there's a flip in the self & a locked attitude with people. ... Talking about personality disorders is tricky. There's a ton of debate on this stuff.
  5. Yeah, I just quit betterhelp today after 5 months. About to look for a different therapist with more a specific focus. Online therapy is ok. Personally I'd rather it be in person bc it's more investment in the process. You have to know what you want when going into therapy or they'll waste your money and time. My therapist was helpful by mirroring back. She was mostly listening the entire time. Helped me discover some issues. Yet felt like mostly self-therapy. Personally I wanted more depth and insights. Depth psychology seems to be my interest. Most therapists are CBT focused. It helps a bit. I don't think it gets to the root of the problem. I recommend doing 15 minute consultation to see if they seem right. Talk to multiple different therapists to see what seems best. I ended up going with the first person without much thought. Switched to a different therapist few weeks later b/c the therapist seemed a bit arrogent & not open minded. Personally I think my 2nd therapist was overly busy with clients & got overwhelmed with me going too deep on certain topics. Typically therapists want simple clients so it's easier to handle & manage multiple clients. I had to quit bc I felt the therapist wasn't really putting much effort. Self-disclosing all of your vulnerabilities gives the therapist tremendous power & authority over you. Careful with it. Some therapists have big egos. Especially some that have been in it 20+ years and charge a stupid high fee. They're in it for money. It's a business model. We like to think all therapists are good & functional. Most people that go into the field of psychology have their fair share of issues. Some therapists have therapists to sort through their vicarious trauma from others. Some older therapists that have been doing it for a while tend to avoid newer types of therapy. I think a younger therapist usually are fresher and more willing to dive into deeper issues that are more taxing on the mind. Difficult clients typically are weeded out bc it's difficult & not rewarding. Therapist want to help but also are tied with a financial interest. I recommend watching some of this guy's videos. He gives really honest thoughts on therapy & being a therapist. Psychology today is a good place to look for a therapist. Look at the criteria & get very focused on the type of therapy. Journaling is probably the best thing I can recommend for self-therapy. Theres an app called 7cups where people volunteer to listen to each other. It's free chat. I'm sure that could help but it's not the same as paying a therapist who's supposed to help. End of the day, it's your responsibility to fix your shit. Most people will only be able to nudge you towards responsibility & self-discovery/self-awareness so much. Most people only care so much too.
  6. I heard mindfulness helps.
  7. Curious how to handle dismissive avoidant type people that emotionally shutdown with closeness. Seems like bringing up emotional topics create some kind of triggered response. As if this is attached to certain attitudes or beliefs about relationships. ... So from what I understand they were raised by two parents that were emotionally unavailable & no emotional needs were met. Making them phobic of any intimate emotions because of some kind of negative association. Curious to learn how to bring down the wall and allow emotional vulnerablity & self-disclosure. Extremely confusing figuring this one out.
  8. Some serious lyrics.
  9. @StarStruck Dehydrator just removes water. Water doesn't really do all that much. You can rehydrate if you want. Powder just makes it easier to mix with other stuff & put in capsules.. Typically easier to consume. Mushrooms are like 99. 99% water if I were to guess. If you eat the entire fruit it does the same thing just different texture. Not sure on the chemical side. I'm no scientist or chemist Mushrooms rot if not stored properly. Kinda like most any fruit.
  10. Asking a question about a question.. Meta talk. A high quality question? Here's a website for generating questions in clusters. --- Who, what, where, when, and why. How --- Open ended questions are pretty powerful bc they seek for more information. --- Why questions tend to be very powerful. It's digging deeper Why are we here Why do you Why do I Why is the sky blue .. When is more historical.. When was... When can When will When did .. What seems more.. I have no clue. What was.. What is.. What it do.. What can.. .. Where seems more location based or research based.. Where can we What .. Who questions are more directed at people or self. Who am I? Who are you? Who is God? Who wants Who likes Who's ya daddy .. How questions seem a bit more instructional and breaking things apart. How do I How can we How is this How are you How will this How does time function How did we get here How do .. I'd say how and why questions are pretty powerful. .. I think self oriented questions are insightful. Knowing yourself. .. Breadth vs depth. I guess it depends on how much verticle questioning vs horizontal. If you focus on one topic and ask 1000 questions you'll eventually find something neat. Yet the deeper you go, the less people are interested in talking about it. Vertical questioning. I guess just being curious and exposure. Constantly wondering.. Eventually you end up somewhere that seems high quality. ... How do you find a diamond? ... Could argue the image I sent is wrong. Figured it seemed like something reasonable to add. Some people are pretty interesting.
  11. Curious thoughts on the amount of information on the internet. How much information is uploaded to YouTube daily. Plus other websites. Even this forum. Seems a bit wild how society has evolved over the years. People are dependent on the internet these days. If not addicted. Not too long ago it didn't exist. People would have to meet in person to talk about these ideas. The amount of information a human digests these days compared to 50 years ago is insane. It's insane to think how much information is uploaded daily. The implications of opening up the internet for humans. Once VR becomes more high tech people will be living in a different reality going to class in VR worlds. Not sure how to make of this. Having access to the vast amount of information on Google is just really bizarre to think about. How we can literally search anything in a split second. It's like Google is god and you can ask it anything and find answers. As if the internet is pandoras box or something. Especially now with smart phones giving us direct access to this much information is a bit mind boggling. We used to only have flip phones. Now everyone can't get off their phone for 10 seconds. Glued to their body. Some times I'd rather not have this much information but at the same time its awesome way to learn and know. I couldn't imagine going back in time to let people know that this exists. Imagine going to ancient philosophers back in the day to tell them about such a tool for access to unlimited information anywhere.
  12. Clearly talking about this is triggering and creating drama / arguments. Not sure if you were insinuating something with me sharing my situation. My family stuff is a whole seperate deep topic. Emotions are not bad. Emotional immaturity is a bit of a problem these days. The topic of shame is a whole different discussion too. Just doesn't seem like this is a constructive respectful conversation. Mostly just I'm right, you're wrong type of conversation. The attitude of the conversation too seems more like venting frustrations & hurt/pain. Not saying laughing is bad. I'm open to you expressing yourself. It's awesome you express yourself vulnerablely and can admit such things. Im simply giving different perspectives. Yes, I have bias about emotions. Emotions make us human. Emotions arent good or bad. They just are. I'm just pointing for emotional maturity, self-regulation, co-regulation, & emotional understanding. EQ stuff. Some families are too loose and have no boundaries for emotions & emotional contagion. Some are too rigid & repress & create a list of issues. Infants lack emotional maturity. They do not care about personal boundaries in any public setting with regards to emotions. Some children scream and cry in grocery stores when they don't get what they want. Egocentreism. If an adult does that they get kicked out of the store. Different expectations of emotional acuity. Laughing randomly might lead to misperceptions. Taking things out of context and lead to confusion. When people become adults we like to think people can maintain their emotions. 1/6 people in the United States have a personality disorder. I think Schezotypical personality types tend to fall into such category. I'm not an expert so I could be wrong. Don't seem to care about social rules for emotional regulation and social attunement.
  13. Let's be real. OK so. We're on a spinning rock out in the middle of nothingness. True? We probably came from a monkey or something. Who knows? You were created by your dad's sperm from him doing some dirty stuff. And your mom has eggs. They magically created you. When they got it on. Birth is like some weird alien process where the baby decides to pop into "reality" . Literally a human inside a human. Apparently were stuck on this rock with some crazy people. People create imaginary concepts and call it real. Countries and states are literally invisible lines. Is this real enough? Then there's this thing called perception. Which makes no sense. Is my perception more real than your perception? Do you know what I am perceiving? Most neuroscientist are clueless to what the difference between perception & reality is. Literally, if you can discern the difference between perception & reality then I'd like to know. What is perception? You see with your eyes? OK cool. Now tell me how that functions? Your eyes magically create reality? OK cool the brain creates reality. Then how does the brain create reality? What is real? Weed. OK cool you smoke weed and think it's like dmt. Have you done dmt? You watch some dude on the internet that makes videos about ideas. Who's to say it is true or false. How do you discern this? How do you know if your perception of reality is true or not? What if there are multiple perceptions of reality? What if you can have part of a truth but not the whole truth? What if your perception of reality is different than someone else's reality? Why so serious? Were all gonna die one day. Shit load of people before us have. Man some information like Recontextualization are pretty interesting. Especially if we recontextualize this conversation. Life is pretty strange. We spend 1/3 of our life asleep. So if you're 15 then you've spent 5 years asleep. That's a shit load of time. What is time? Is time real? Show me Life is a really strange dream. But you gotta wake up to the dream.
  14. Yeah, I just recommend having boundaries. It's hard to know unless someone else is there to see the behaviors. It's also hard to know how you are carrying yourself. When people try to psychologically manipulate or bully. They press buttons bc they know you will react. They want a reaction. No reaction isn't fun. Just show them you're not willing to be pushed around. Reframe the situation. Recontextualize the situation. Learn how to self-regulate yourself. Don't participate in the drama. Distance yourself as much as possible. Request to leave the camp? Surround yourself with better people. Who knows its usually just certain people in the environment. Hurt people, hurt people.