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  1. Had a similar problem a few months ago with Dollar store tape. I purchased some dollar store "OfficeHub tape®" to put a big 5' x4' map on the wall. It ended up being a double-sided tape which I had no clue till I couldn't get it to stick to the wall or anything. Pretty frustrating experience. By far the worst tape I've ever experienced. Still haven't put the map on the wall which it's been like 3 months. Just realized that the map was in the background of the profile image. I took it down and ran out of tape. Basically, I keep procrastinating on getting good tape and don't recommend dollar store tape.
  2. @Leo Gura Good ol' China & Chinese labor unfortunately @EternalForest Because Walmart doesn't have enough Greeters. They only have 2.3 million employees, and the Greeters only make up a small proportion of the Walmart army. Next mission is to figure out.. 2 Blockbusters Currently. Previously 9,000 stores 558 Costco's 197,000 small business fast food restaurants 13,813 McDonalds (USA) 38,695 McDonalds (Globally) 24,000 KFCs 2,900 Chick Filas 500 Golden corrals 299 Cici's Pizzas 4,357 Dairy queens 600 chucky cheeses Subway 26,887 Starbucks 14,825 Dunkin’ 9,419 Pizza Hut 7,456 Burger King 7,327 Wendy’s 6,711 Taco Bell 6,588 Domino’s 5,876 Dairy Queen 4,406 Also, most military bases include majority of these fast-food restaurants (domestic & foreign). Banks 6,455 JPMorgan Chase banks 6,411 Bank of America 4,582 Wells Fargo banks 168,000 gas stations - Gas stations have the best food 9,522 seven eleven's 590 "Love's" gas stations 750 Pilot gas stations 12,619 Shell gas stations 12,088 Exxon Mobile 6,858 Chevron gas stations 18,700 BP gas stations 4,676 Citgo gas stations 3,302 Speed ways ~34,000 liquor stores? ~45,000 Churches? Not sure how accurate that is.. Some cool websites: Some of the data came from these sites 20 Fascinating US Fast Food Industry Statistics [2022]: Revenue, Trends, And Predictions – Zippia Distribution of fast food in the U.S. - Vivid Maps Walmart Inc. 2022 Annual Report 10-K ( ( If anyone needs the .csv files I'm cool with sharing them. ) I take no credit in any of this data / information. Most of it is speculative and hard to know exactly how accurate it is. Some of the work is directly from Google. Mostly doing this for fun research. I love playing with maps and utilizing the available data on the internet. I think being aware of this type of information shows the scope of how big our problems are and the complexities of truly creating solutions. Also, it's pretty difficult to find some of the data for these companies because most people want to be paid for aggregating such data on these companies. Frustrating that the direct data to these corporations isn't more openly accessible & disclosed.
  3. Created a map with a list of csv files that display all the locations for some big ass businesses.. Reading from the 2022 Walmart 10-K report ... "As of January 31, 2022, we had approximately 4,600 pickup locations and more than 3,500 same-day delivery locations." - USA? "157 distribution facilities" "To date, we now have over 8,000 pickup and 6,000 delivery locations globally." "Our supply chain combined with approximately 2.3 million associates as of January 31, 2022 to better serve our customers." "The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased revenue growth relative to historic trends, and has particularly accelerated our eCommerce growth." "With respect to people, our sustainability efforts focus on sourcing responsibly, helping prevent forced labor, empowering women, creating inclusive economic opportunity and selling safer, healthier products." "With respect to the planet, our efforts aim to enhance the sustainability of product supply chains by reducing emissions, protecting and restoring nature, and reducing waste. To help address the effects of climate change, Walmart has set science-based targets for emissions reduction, including our goal to achieve zero emissions in our operations by 2040—without offsets—and to reduce or avoid one billion metric tons of emissions in our value chain by 2030 under our Project Gigaton™ initiative." Figured I'd share a map that I'm working on: + 2000-3000 Walmarts (USA) + 400 Walmarts (CANADA) + 1800 Targets (USA) + 400 Amazon Fulfillment Centers (Warehouses) +18000 Dollar stores
  4. This is supposed to be about @Razard86. Yall are going way off the central topic of Razard86 criticism. Stay focused people!
  5. To be 100% real, it's hard to know for a fact where to criticize without all other details. In person it would likely be 10x easier to pinpoint this stuff. Online it's a bit harder to know tonality & subtleties. Mostly speculative guessing on blind spots. Atleast that's my perspective. I've only read like maybe 3 or 4 of your posts. I try to not be on all that much. I think in some ways you paint with a thick brush. It can be difficult to connect the dots in abstract ways. It's like looking through a glass of water and seeing things from one angle and telling someone who's facing you on the other side to see what you are seeing from your perspective. When all they see is all that they see. I can kind of make sense of your perspectives, but it gets confusing uncovering the paradigms conveyed. It's kind of seems like the experiment done for egocentrism.
  6. Ok. You're the pink one.
  7. Please be honest with yourself. AT THE PRESENT MOMENT ... Yes ALERT BEING PRESENT MINDFUL AWARE SHARP PURE CONCIOUSNESS ATTENTIVE OBSERVING IN THE HERE & NOW COGNIZENT OF SURROUNDINGS CONCIOUS OF MY BODY INTENTIONAL THINKING AWARE OF THOUGHTS AWARE OF FEELINGS IN THE ZONE EMPTY MIND SURRENDERED TO WHAT IS ACCEPTING SILENCE BUDDHA NATURE No DISTRACTED A BIT MINDLESS MINDLESS WANDERING UNABLE TO CONCENTRATE ZONED OUT FUTURE FOCUSED & PAST FOCUSED ALL OVER THE PLACE UNCONCIOUS NONSTOP THINKING OVER INTELLECTUALIZING RUMINATION AIMLESS OVERTHINKING MONKEY MIND ABSENT MINDED DISSOSIATED A TON OF THOUGHTS ON MY MIND Depends I DON'T KNOW I DON'T CARE I DON'T UNDERSTAND Questions: What is at the root of your distraction? Are you using to distract yourself? Are you using YouTube to distract yourself? Are you using Video games to distract yourself? What can be done to create more mindfulness & awareness in your life? Are you numb to your emotions? Alexithymia? How could you reconnect with your emotions? How can you clear your mind? How can you vent your emotions to get them out? Are you able to meditate? Are you able to sit in a room by yourself with nothing to distract yourself? Can you live without your phone for a few hours, days, weeks? Can you live without your laptop, internet, or tv for a few hours, days, weeks? I'll admit that I have been distracted by over thinking. Such a subtle thing to notice when one is distracted. I mean even as I type it's such a simple thing. I am working towards improving this and making things simpler. Figured this is something to bring attention to because it's so easy to get distracted these days with technology. I was mainly curious about those that use the forum and how others feel about their level of self-awareness and self-discipline towards being mindful.
  8. I've got a dumb phone. Light phone 2. It's been a pain in the ass figuring out where the grocery store is or simple places. I've been living on the road full times so. Got lost attempting to find a UPS store the other day. Traveling with a dumb phone is what I'm referring to. Yet it was interesting going to local places and asking people for directions instead of depending on the technology. Asked this one guy in a Fedex truck where the UPS store was. He seemed extremely happy to talk to someone and give directions. Love it! I did start to actually have to remember directions and signs which I guess could help with memory and recalling information. Which typically I don't put much effort into remembering random information. It's been a little over 2 months now since getting the phone and ported to a different company. Now, the downside is I end up using my laptop as a substitute wayy wayy more. The good thing is I can't carry my broken ass laptop in my pocket. Yet I'll admit I'm addicted to YouTube & this website mostly. Mainly YouTube because of not knowing how to do certain things. Recently purchased a diesel heater and I had no clue how to install it.. So it is hard to say how much it has helped because I'm still getting my youtube fix in a different way. Yet having the obstacles has helped with bringing awareness. I still get distracted in other ways. When I have to go into town or other places I am never on my phone. When I get back home I tend to get sucked into the laptop. The main issue I've had was getting lost 2 times in a pretty congested area. Driving for 20 minutes down the wrong road to realize I had no clue where I was. I didn't mind getting lost. Yet when it's at nighttime and you're in an unfamiliar area it can get annoying. I think the best option is to just delete all the apps on your phone and block them. Might be a way to jail break the phone to make it dumb. Get a friend or someone to put a password on certain apps you do need. Then focus on meditation and self-discipline as the main focus. I do recommend the shift towards a dumb phone to disconnect. I do believe people need to be more cognizant about privacy on smart phones & giving away all sorts of PII on smart phones. With 3G going away it's becoming harder to find phones that respect privacy. Such as a de-googled phone. Sucks that we can't use flip phones from years back because of the shift towards 4G phones only. I wanted to get that yellow banana phone that looks like the phone from the Matrix. Heard it doesn't work in most places in the US b/c of 4g requirements. Says that it's 4g so I could be wrong.
  9. @ThePoint I recognize your hopelessness. Sounds like you are coping with a great deal of pain and distress. These have been some pretty tough times for soo many people with all that is going on, you are not alone. Feel free to answer if you want : Do you have a safety plan set for yourself? Do you have a support system? Have you mentioned this to anyone outside the forum? Are you taking care of yourself? What options do you have to cope in your current environment? Can you come up with some reasons to live? Do you believe you can influence your current state of function? ---- is a great website for finding a therapist. You can search for a therapist that specializes in addictions. National Crysis line #: Call 988 for the suicide hotline. Another number to call : 1-800-273-TALK Local Emergency Room will help too if worst comes to worst. --- Make & Keep on hand your own personal CRP (Crisis Response Plan) is recommended for suicide prevention. Having an CRP index card (laminated) with you all the time - Filled with the following hand written information: Personal Warning signs - (Examples : Crying / Intense anger / Repetitive negative thoughts / Pacing ) Reasons for living Social support contact information - Name & numbers Emergency procedures --- Hoping that you can find some kind of help with the list above. If you still need someone to talk to feel free to reach out to me in private chat to talk.
  10. Never experienced sleep paralysis before.. Doesn't sound like a fun experience. Snoring I've experienced. Speak of snoring. Reminds me of when someone is sleep walking. Then they wake up the next day not remembering anything but hearing stories from others said happened. How the body is still doing it's own little thing. Grabbing food out of the fridge. Walking in circles. I had a neighbor that used to sleepwalk outside and wake up in the front yard. Had this one experience where this guy was sleep walking right over me. I mean, he was standing at the head of the bed. I woke up and turned around. Noticed he was standing there for a few minutes. I tried to talk but he was unresponsive. Group of guys were following him around the dorm room wondering when he would wake up. He ended up running for the exit door yelling he was ready for battle. Woke up a ton of people. They had to carry him back to his bed. Talk about a strange experience. Also, went on a walk at night with this girl down to the bay to sit on the pier and talk. Just met this girl too. On the path down to the bay there was this guy standing in the woods alone at like 2am. Not moving or anything. He was facing perpendicular with the path. The guy didn't say a word. Talk about no self. He didn't move for long time after passing him. Pitch black outside. I talked to him casually as we walked by like it was normal and the girl was freaking out the entire time. I was a little anxious. A few years prior, I recall an old friend who passed away did a similar thing. A childhood friend. He was alone out on a path in the woods at night. He was standing on the path alone. Not saying a word as people passed him. Even when I called his name. Nothing. As if the body was operating but no one was inside it. Just a body without awareness. Really Really confusing. Not sure if this is what you were referring to die before you die. Literally, the soul died before the body died? Soul death vs ego death? To mirror back about sleep paralysis. Have you ever experienced sleep walking but being consciously aware? I mean, it's like sleep paralysis but the body is not sitting around... A yang version of sleep paralysis. It's walking around like sleep walking. One of the scariest things ever too. It's literally like complete loss of control. Where the body is fighting the mind. You can't even do anything. Can't even get the body to sit in bed. Not sure if it is called tweaking or if there even is a word. For example, if you try to take a shower the body can't stand still long enough to do anything. Constant uncontrollable moving. It's like the opposite of sleep paralysis where the body can't fall asleep and can't stop moving. Complete loss of control. No self. Where the self is fighting a battle to get back in the body. Without proper awareness of self-regulation I could see someone losing the mind or self-destruction. Leading to what probably happened above with those two guys in the woods. Sounds like the elephant kicked the elephant rider off and decided to do it's own thing. As if being in a tesla driving around town full speed doing it's own thing. The driver can't operate the car or turn it off. Not fun. It's like the brakes broke off. Only having a gas pedal but it's locked down. As if our experience in this dimension of reality is mostly habits & we don't have control of much except small micro decisions. Habits for everything. Manually programming the body with self-talk. Then body operates on autopilot because the body is the subconscious mind. What's your thoughts about mind over matter? Also, your thoughts on soul vs ego?
  11. Thanks man, I'm grateful to hear that. Life is a trip. You're a deep diver bro! Man, we're perfectly imperfect. Even the whole Socrates dude had to realize that he knew nothing about how immaculate life was and pissed off a ton of authority figures telling them everyone was ignorant. Which is hilarious to acknowledge such a thing and he corrupted the youth which is more funny. I think he was focused on the limits of human knowledge too. Especially the whole beginner's mind and being playful. The man died telling people he didn't know jack squat which is comical. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) - Philosophizing With Socrates Scene (6/13) | Movieclips - YouTube I think there is predestination. Especially with the whole dejavu moments that come up. I recall some of them from dreams which is really odd. Not sure how to make sense of it. Especially the whole concept of seeing life flash before your eyes and recalling your entire existence. I'm curious what exactly it is. It's like rewinding the movie in a strange way. I do see it's really odd an experience merging with experience where no longer does it seem like there is a perceiver, but the entire field of perception is one. It makes no sense. Felt like being on a ship out in the ocean where the waves were deciding where the boat went, not the boat with it's tiny motor. Scuba diving and having the current of the water carry you where it was going. Where if you aren't in the drivers seat stuff really gets crazy. It's like you have to drive the ship but knowing you aren't driving the ship. Like even time was having to be present minded or time would be moving at it's own pace. I mean, like time was moving x4 slower if distracted. In the present time moved at normal. Like driving on an empty car and questioning how the vehicle is moving when it's on empty for 50 miles that is beyond physics. Not exactly noticable but after a while it seemed obvious like a time loop or something. Any idea what this is? Apparently there's levels to this duality game thing.. I believe standard base level is meant to be here as training wheels to other dimensions or something. Because outside duality it gets wobbly if not prepared for what is possible. I have no clue.
  12. So we are just the awareness. Just the present moment? So detach from the idea that reality is real & only a dream or a fantasy? Stop taking life so seriously & have fun? Words help with the visualization/manifestation process and describing what it is we want to actualize into the fantasy? No free will? Damn I thought free will was the real deal So follow your bliss & where your heart takes you to go with it. Follow your heart. Speak from the heart. Do what you love. Doing what you love, with people that you love, expressing creativity with love. Being your true self. Who you were made to be. Which all of this is reconnecting to self-love? -- I think a big part of self-love is reconnecting with emotions and feelings. How can you follow your feelings if you can't have self-trust because feelings were shamed? I grew up being addicted to video games so never truly had a chance to have emotional awareness because of neglect from family. Weren't too many role models that taught healthy expressions. Mostly cold distant responses. Leading to domino effect or affect with self-abandonment/self-neglect which is nearly the opposite of self-love. Creating "Autism" or "ADHD".. or "Flat Affects" when really it's all emotional numbness and blunting b/c of self-hate. The self-hate is there because of social programming. Then it goes back as far as the human condition caused this. The creation of self-deception. Which even then to go another layer is to examine the entire concept of duality and how the mind split from source. Then to go beyond duality and ego construct & self-construct which I believe that's what you're pointing to? Non-duality or no self. Just beingness. Like a heard of cows in a field doing their thing or a group of fish swimming together or clouds floating around. Which is oneness which is god which is nothingness which is beyond words. Which is just an experience or a movie? So it would be like there's a video game & you can play the campaign which is following your inner guidance system - Emotions which leads you closer to your true self or self-realization/actualization. -- Also, congratz on getting the job that you mentioned.