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  1. Speak of children with shotguns... This is about green making fun of orange ideas. Orange ideal world view.
  2. Nah... I'd argue that the first pillar is pretty higher than orange.. Talks about consciousness a bit and asking questions to be more conscious/self-aware. I read that book a few weeks ago. In some context it is orange from a shallow perspective but for the most part this is deeper. Depends on the perspective of the reader and other prior knowledge to see the depth of this book.
  3. That's a really unfortunate situation for those men and future actions going forward. That's a sticky problem to address too. Now what are your thoughts on solutions to bringing change to such a situation there? Convergent vs divergent thinking. I can't imagine the complexity of the problem. I don't know the answers.
  4. Hire a drill sergeant. Set a really annoying alarm in the other room that forces you to get up to turn it off. Sleep early. Drink glass of water by bed side. Splash water on face.
  5. Where does one go to find these magical mushrooms. I heard it's legal in Denver, Colorado to use them now. Im down in Colorado Springs. Curious where. My question is where to find them...
  6. Ok depends on how determined you are to save. Saving is kind of a habit of making trade-offs. OK so.. Step one. Get a used RV, fix up a hail damaged rv, or build a tiny home. Cut cost on the biggest expense rent. I recommend auctions bc I got one for like $4k and fixed it up. 27ft rv that could sleep 3-4 people. Step 2. Get a roommate to live with you and split expenses halfway. Buy a plot of land out in the middle of no where or camp out on BLM land full time for free for a week. Logistics gets confusing with managing tanks. Get a thousand trail annual pass membership and live in the rv parks to the max daily limit. Milk the dang system. Would really cut costs. Camp out in Walmart parking lots or cracker barrels for free. Then use... ioverlander is the best app out there to help find free places to Camp out at. Or campendium some places have free water and electricity. Another app is harvest host.. Camping on wineries or farms but I believe they only allow one or two days. I'm sure someone could negotiate something. There's another site that people can share their driveways or use their land for free. Only a few days though. Step 4. Find a goat farmer and offer to help them out then negotiate a rent plan. (I'm currently paying $300 month in Colorado springs/includes utilities) Grow your own food & fast. (if possible/able) Eat 4 eggs for breakfast every day. Great source of protein. Buy frozen bell peppers. Using a slow cooker is perfect for making bulk meals and soups. Cuts costs with adding cheap ingredients such as vegetables and pasta. Eat peanut butter sandwichs every. single. day. Chicken breast is super cheap in bulk. Bananas are relatively cheap and healthy too. Bread is super filling. Buy only nature own 100% whole wheat. Super cheap and is OK healthy. Download an app called fooducate to help find healthy food at grocery stores. Drink only water and nothing else. Invest in a berky water system. Travel berky is a Long term investment that pays for itself. Best filter on the market. Don't go anywhere in your car or waste gas. Don't buy coffee at coffee shops. Maybe tea. Danger/warning: Do not get a girlfriend or a wife. Avoid 99% of them at all cost. Delete tinder & Bumble. Don't buy them drinks at bars. Get you a flip phone. (I don't have one bc I'm addicted to my galaxy s9) At the grocery store try and use the store apps for coupon deals. Buy only what you need. Come up with a list of essentials on a printed document. Preferably, get an electric bike or scooter to get around town and to save on gasoline. Plus, be physically fit. Only buy essential items for staying alive. (Pretty much just food and cellular device bills for internet access to YouTube.) Sell anything that is taking up space. Only have the essentials. Nothing else. Watch all expenses like a hawk. Track them with killer attention. Pay off your credit card in full each month. Or don't have one at all. Use YNAB to allocate funds and plan the budget. ... Now to take it to the extreme mode I met a dude up in Wyoming that was living out of his tent and camping in a local park I was at. In his 20s. Would go to local grocery stores and get free food out of the back dumpster. Dumpster diving. It's amazing how much food is wasted in this country. Perfectly good food too. He would snack off fruit and random food. He had a tray of cinnamon rolls at one point. I ate one without knowing where it came from. Now he lived almost 3 months without spending a single dollar too. He also was walking from Montana to Mexico by foot. 30 miles per day by foot. That's not exactly an easy life but it's doable. He was living off the kindness of others too. He seemed like a homeless person if you ask me. Really really cool guy. Stage green for sure. ... Basically this has been my plan for 2020! It's allowed me to not work for like half the past year. I was able to travel from lower Alabama to Yellowstone NP during this pandemic. Did it solo with no help. Did not spend a single dollar on rent for the first 2 or 3 months. Living in random ass places. Was not easy. Then now I'm living in Colorado Springs super cheap on a goat farm while most people my age are losing a ton on rent. Yes, I'm living in an rv trailer when it's snowing outside right now but hey I'm more than comfortable with less rent. Plus I've been able to read + learn about life + travel. Now.. Living on the road full time. I've met a decent bit of people that live out of their cars/vans. Seems a little unrealistic if you ask me. Vans seem viable for the short term but still not much space and would get old quick. Showering and going to the bathroom would get old. Travel trailers have a pretty decent amount of space. Pretty unique systems. Plus being able to disconnect and drive into town. I have a shower/bath in mine. Has hot water heater. Floor heater. A/C. Propane fridge. Bunk beds. Stove. Has essentially everything I need and more. Feels like I'm in a miniature apartment that can move anywhere. Plus, install cellular booster and a wifi booster. I can pick up wifi from extremely far distances. Plus, I worked from the rv remotely. I haven't met too many people my age that live in an RV full time. I'm 27 right now. Mostly have seen people in their 30s and up. 27ft rv has been perfect for me being solo. Plenty of space to cook and do some yoga. Encourages me to be outside too. Wish it had slide outs for more space but I'm content. Class A RVs seem only viable for campgrounds. Plus it's not easy to get off road and find boondocking locations. I had little to no issues with camping out in the wilderness. I did get stuck on a hill once. Plus, broke the black tank valve on accident (don't ask) Class B seems perfect but super expensive typically. Yet if it brakes down you'll be in a unique situation. Plus not as convenient as a travel trailer. Truly a smaller travel trailer is ideal for one person cutting costs. Allows for mobility purposes and cuts cost on fuel. Also limits a person to the essentials. ... Other crazy option is join the military and live on a military base full time. Don't spend a single dime. Don't go any where. Go to work and nothing else. Eat only at the chow hall only for free. Basically prison life but you're getting paid to be there. Literally surrounded by fences and security force guys. Yet a little more freedom than prison. Did that and I was able to save up wayyy more than most people in my early 20's. Nearly zero expenses and saving 3k per month income. Was able to accumulate over $30,000 within 2 or 3 years at the age of 23. I was bored out of my mind though and not exactly happy with my life choices. However I wasn't in debt. Yet the ability to save is unheard of compared to most options. ... Last option I've been contemplating with a buddy is buying an acre or two of land. Get a couple buddies to pitch into this new venture. Build a village of tiny homes. Dig a well system for water. Install a bunch of solar panels and build lithium batteries with parts online. Create a redneck septic system with water barrels(not sure if this is legal). Then invite people to create an intentional community. I would be the overlord and set the bylaws, covenants, conditions, and restrictions for this village. Pull together resources and live off the land like true hippies. Grow a few gardens. Milk them goats I was talking about and buy an army of hens for eggs. Survive off the organic+non-gmo-grass fed hens. OK I'd like to see someone beat all this advice.
  7. Not exactly films bust a few good YouTube videos. Films.. Into the wild Tree of life Matrix
  8. 5:00-6:10 Makes good sense. People should heal from their childhood trauma and toxic shame before bringing someone into a shame based world. Passing on trauma from generation to generation.
  9. What to say when you talk to yourself by Shad Helmstter : Programming creates beliefs > Beliefs create attitudes > Attitude creates feelings > Feelings determine Actions > Actions determine Results --------- Then also, I'd say identity is deeply rooted in our habits. How we see ourself creates a loop of action taking or not. Identity based beliefs. I am "xyz".. I am a runner. I am a swimmer. Connects with a role of certain actions. Identity based > Process orientation > Outcome focus
  10. Playing chess♟. Play consistently and building a habit over the years. Playing a few games each day adds up with time.
  11. Curious how emotionally aware people are on here Are you hyper-logical.. In your head..?Monkey mind most of the time? Withhold expressing yourself? Numbed out? Tune down emotions and ignore them? Or... Are you more in your body..? Connected with the sensations..? Expressing your feelings? Aware of subtle emotions? Understanding your emotions?
  12. Pretty good chance you were born normal, innocent, and freely expressing yourself without shame before you could speak. Self-love and self-acceptance were with you automatically by default. 👶🏾 Why should you want to heal? I'd say because deep down you have value and worth. And the idea of worthiness is just an idea. ⭐⭐You are worthy to exist⭐⭐. Whether you know it or not there is value in you. You were born worthy of love. Now part of you holds that true value. If you can point to this thing called "worthlessiness" then do it. Where is worthlessiness at🗺️? What does it look like👁️, smell like👃, taste like👅, sound like👂? I can't see it. 👀 It probably doesn't exist in physical reality. It's an idea💭 in your head🧠. Just the belief of shame 💩 inside you is getting in the way. The voice of shame 💩 is the belief of "I am not enough". Which is a false belief. It's a psychological wound most likely. Truth is, you are valuable. Value really is perspective. If the the glass half full 🥃 or is the glass half empty🍺. Which is true? It depends on your perspective. Is the cup worthless? 🍼 If you haven't had water in 3 weeks then yeah its worth something probably. I'm saying you have value by worthiness of being alive. Now worthlessness by the measurement of what? Society? 👥 Me? 👤Who creates this so called measuring stick of your so called worth? What type of worth we talking about? Monetarily or net-worth?? Dude money is invisible and it comes and goes. 💸Even some of the wealthiest people feel not enough. They strive for trillions to find enoughness.👨‍💼 What is enough by definition ??? Define enough? A baby would eat a dollar💷💸 if you gave it to the child. It's a social tool. Well social worth?? Social value? Social status?👑💄💍👡🏍️ That's all social conditioning to categorize you and organize the system. Has nothing to do about you for being you. A baby holds zero social status and could care less what clothes holds the greatest value.👼 Baby has no intellectual value too. It can't work. So its value of labor is worthless.👼🏼 Would you shame that child and say you're a worthless little child bc you aren't doing anything but taking. No that's silly. 👶🏾 You are taught to feel an anxiety towards not having or buying "stuff". This makes you a good consumer and enables the marketing to mess with your buying behaviors. 📺💳🧾 Self-esteem?? Now then what is esteem? Self-image? Self-ideal? Self-acceptance? Why can't you accept yourself? What's blocking this? Why the lack of self-respect? What personal values do you even hold? Well honor your personal values and don't feel ashamed. Typically the voice of a care taker or an authority figure put this silly narrative of I'm unworthy or I'm not enough. That voice 🗣️lives in your head on autopilot all the time as self-judgement. The more you feed that silly voice, subself, or belief the louder it gets. 🔊 Most the time as a child we think in terms of "black⚫ and white⚪". The critical factor 🧠allows all ideas as truth to live in the mind. No critical thinking. Either I'm a good boy🧑 or I'm a bad boy👧🏼. People either like me or they don't like me. They love me or they don't love me. Bro Life ain't that simple. Just because someone doesn't like your music doesn't mean it's worthless or bad music.🎶 Just because someone doesn't like your red hair, doesn't mean your red hair is bad.🧑‍🦰 Just because your mom doesnt like your autistic friend named Larry. Doesn't mean Larry is a completely worthless dirt bag. Larry might have a unique skill. Just because someone doesn't want to date you, doesn't mean you're undateable. Just because you got fired at waffle house, doesn't mean you can't get a job at ihop to contribute value for someone that likes breakfast food. Heck if you can flip pancakes you're worth something to someone that values pancakes. I like pancakes.🥞 Just because one person doesn't see your value, doesn't mean you are valueless. Value or worth is a complex thing in this thing called life. Hopefully this connects a few dots. Spend a little bit of time and understand this emotion called shame. Here's a video of an old whistling guy that has some decent information. 🗝️
  13. It's ok to cry. Awesome for you to open up and be vulnerable enough to speak up. It's necessary for you to speak up and let it out. Crying helps heal broken bonds. Healthy grieving is something that we must all must express and not repress. Sounds like you have blocked grief from the trauma. That we must have healthy grieving to let go of our losses that we had in our past. Grieving the past trauma associated with family is normal. I'm in the same boat b/c I've essentially gone "no contact" with my family. It hurts because my parents weren't emotionally all there. As well as grieving the past abusive relationships with men - Going through heart break is hard as well as the trauma that you experience there. Getting physically active and going to they gym gets all those hormones pumped out of the body. Also, for me personally I notice an instancant change in my emotional state when I drink a glass of ashwagandha. Emotions are there for a reason because there's incomplete grieving. Hopefully this video helps anyone that is confused about grief and bottling up heavy emotions. Many people are taught in childhood not to express their emotions. Shamed for crying. I highly recommend speaking up like Preety_India did. It's perfectly normal to cry. Don't feel ashamed. Inner Family Systems (IFS) - Grief: Finishing Incomplete Grief
  14. I'm cool with collaborating with someone about habits. Determining if an accountability partner is viable. I'm currently listening to the audio book Atomic Habits. My interests : Discuss habit cycles Create list of habits & priorities Discuss environment design Discuss apps & tools Build keystone habits Watch and track habits Create habit contracts for reinforcement Constructing mind maps for brainstorming