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  1. What I have understood so far women are basically simple, it just looks complicated, because they often add unnecessary layers of complexity I e.g. have higher priorities than relationships even if it could be nice. So it is easier for me to see through. there is no formulary how to behave in situations They feel attracted if you are aligned with reality, focus on what you want, if you are inspired, detached, not afraid to show emotions but at the same time are dominant but not in the way of acting superior - more this strong energetic form of being and also a form of leading the situation without ignoring or dismissing the female. Also you have to be serious with relationships in terms of not using your partner for your advantage, but show real interest which only can be the case if your partner really fits your values and life-vision. You have to be charismatic, funny etc.. Not because you are some weird pickup guy but because you enjoy life anyways. This will attract for sure. But if you got this you don't really want a relationship. It will more like come automatically as an extra.
  2. This reveals he has a lot of problems and I promise you, it doesn't feel good to him either. You have the possibility to live a great life on your own terms with good feelings all the time, because you work on yourself and you are inspired and have dreams. He obviously not really and will probably live in misery till the end of his life or he will never experience real joy and happiness till his body dies.
  3. Ergo she doesn't want to be alone, that is all. If she wasn't someone who settles for less and makes clear decisions, she would have left him long ago. For me, that would be too little class and cheap. But I think similar people attract themselves.
  4. She doesn't want to be together with you, but has fear of being alone. Especially, if someone was raped this is the case. Ihate to tell you that, but you are second choice. You can decide if you love yourself or not.
  5. Hope you feel better now. What did he do?
  6. It is more a roast than a serious analysis. He has humour that you have to hand it to him lol
  7. Currently it would be too expensive, maybe in the future. It would be just funny at the beginning, if you found out your partner is an android and now in the case of a dispute you have the power, like a man is supposed to have : P And finally, you can let her do what you want and press silent, if she is overreacting again etc. . But this would become boring at time I think.
  8. Philosophing is just thoughts, inner work is not about thoughts. It is about feelings. You are just stuck in interpretations, that is why you don't get it. yes and maybe you can look inside and see where loves really comes from
  9. It is just that many people here only have in mind their own well-being and that everybody is a thought. This is kind of a solipsistic and selfish view, which is frequent in the spiritual community. Lack of compassion. I know for you it is not the case, but for many wanna-be enlightened people like @Chris365 e.g. who just replicate what others have told them 1000 times before. And this is in a not very original way lol Maybe tomorrow I also go to everybody and tell them "you are god" and "hey, you are god, too!" and then I think I am the best Guru on earth. Maybe I am a genius, but nobody knows about it and doesn't understand it, because they don't understand that "they are god" lol. It is like citing Einstein and thinking one got what he is trying to communicate and then feeling like a cutting-edge pyhsic. Haha cool approach x D
  10. All this "it is just a thought" is dumb and you are just brainwashed. You cannot deny suffering, or you are just a selfish idiot. You could also have the thought "I got something he didn't got", but then I could also say it is just a thought. It is backwards and it becomes kind of ridiculous, honestly. It is hard to take you seriously, I know there are a lot of funny characters on here x D That's ok, I just don't want to have anything to do with it. This is below my standards.
  11. What you are writing is not new to me and many not new to many other people. It doesn't make me suffer but I am not an idiot and it is obvious that people are suffering even if you or I are not. Not only from dementia but also other stuff. Don't eat wisdom with tablespoons. Actually get it.
  12. If you needed coping mechanisms how could the oxytocin still remain the same? And why wouldn't you switch the partner? It would be easier and your partner wouldn't be hurt, because it is an android.
  13. I have written that if your partner is a robot you could hack her. But not that I actually want this. Would be boring
  14. Wasn't meant this way actually. I am not offereding you. Thought there was a deeper truth behind the statement. Like when you forget to be God you often suffer. And dementia is about suffering. And suffering is real for some people as well as bliss. So saying that this is funny didn't seem compassionate. I didn't felt any "negative" emotion but if you want to be satisfied with the first thought which is "negative" which comes to your mind, it is also up to you. And just to be sure: I also don't want to outsmart you. It was from a place of interest.
  15. @Nahmwhat did you mean with forgetting is funny?