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  1. I have been contemplating on why most rich people (with money , knowledge or other such commodities ) are the way they are . I realised most people's life (for those who want to be rich and those who are) is like counting the natural numbers . They start with 1 ... then 2 .... then 3 , but dont know realize that they will never succeed ? because if you keep on counting you will just end up counting and the counting will never end . Thus probably most people are living in circles of materialistic (money, knowledge , sex etc.) desires and the problem with running in circles is that there no finish line and you just keep running. Maybe thats why most people never attain to financial independence because after attaining to a certain level , they want more and this more keeps on working till the end of their lives for something which DOES NOT END. then i thought maybe the problem is desire?? Then I started contemplating on desire . then after a few weeks of contemplating I realized that desire is like an engine without which movement is not possible , but most people do not have mostly the desires that will turn them inward . So i now know that without desire life is not possible just like the car which cannot run without the engine . so what i want to ask is there solution to this problem of endless chasing ? if the answer is realizing we are doing this , then how will someone do that? (because even for that most people will need the right kind of atmosphere of knowledge around them) and is it true that we just cannot change some people because this problem seems like it is not solvable ?? i just want your insights because i have been contemplating this for a long time without a answer .
  2. Just Asking , dont you guys think that the so called lunatics are more conscious than us in the sense that they are aware of dimensions that we are not?
  3. @nistake i am not talking about a quick fix , i am just asking i there a way to organise all the theory about enlightenment so that it does not turn into a ideology . of course , i am not underestimating sober practices , i have a regular meditation habit
  4. @Marten @nistake i am very open to psychedelics or anything that promises getting nearer to the truth , but the thing is i am 17 ...
  5. How do i study enlightenment theory without adopting an ideology? i have a habit of studying from various different resources , but i get lazy to do the practices , but i just push through it , but the thing is meditation is not giving enough of direct experience . due to lack of direct experience , i think i end up making up my own ideologies at the end and consider them as the truth , whereas in reality i have nothing to show for it . so is there a way or method to study theory without adopting various beliefs and ideologies about how enlightenment is etc.. PS: - i have seen various people with siddhis in my life , when i used to live in india there were people who could perform various kind of siddhis , can seeing such stuff considered as direct experience , because sometimes i find i become ignorant and put them on a higher pedestal .
  6. @Bittu what do you know about me?? for example : have i ever had a surgery?
  7. @allislove yeah i already do that , i have a ton of good bookmarks that i think i very relevant to my life . thanks for the tips!! i see that cleaning up my diet and physical exercise are also very crucial
  8. 2-3 days ago , i asked about a problem that i had on the forum and i got great replies . I have formed a plan and strategically thought about my situation . i will continue my meditation and concentration habits that i have formed , but now my focus is to study , find and apply healthy "self help" methods for 5 - 12 years of my life to attain a degree of financial freedom while maintaining at least 1 hr meditation practice and concentration practice which i want to ramp up to about 20 minutes (it is about 5 minutes right now) . i already have a bit of resources organized . i will also study non duality theory for the future and try to better or upgrade my practices . i will watch probably about 1-2 actualized or other channels video / week . i dont watch TV and play very little games and therefore i will spend most of my time to study and apply principles to attain my short term goal of financial freedom . But my final goal is be enlightened . do you guys think it is a good plan , i know its my particular situation , but suggestions and advice are always appreciated . second part of my question is how should i use the forum as most people use it for consciousness stuff and dating life , both of which are not my priorities at the MOMENT . so how should i use the forum ?? it would be worthless and for entertainment if i just read stuff and never apply it and never have a direct experience . isnt it? in the self actualization forum , most people (sometimes including me ) tell theories or give problems , right now i am not capable to solve most people's problems here , as i have myself seen little of life and dont have the direct experience they have and there are other more qualified people to help here . can youo advice how should i use the forum??
  9. @diamondpenguin some part of every advice can be helpful bro ,dont worry,i don't take someone else advice blindly anyway tho and i sincerely hope you do well in the future.(as another young person) @Moondo you have some resources about LOA ?? i havent have had much experience in it , and thanks for the advice
  10. @FlowerNote true . if it worked for you ... then i think i will also try again maybe for more days (60 , if you say) last time i did for 20 days
  11. i asked my mother the same question when i was 5 , she said when people become old , Yama Deva takes them away from earth . he can take them to two places : heaven or hell , depends on what kind of work you do in life.
  12. @kagaria thanks for the advice! @FlowerNote i have tried no fap , but honestly its very difficult to do , its does not feel good to do it . i just feel like an fully inflated balloon just ready to explode , that's why i gave it up . in the second part of your answer are you telling about the law of attraction and techniques basically ?? i am already planning to work on daily visualizations . @Leo Gura btw is there a substitute for LP course , i was genuinely saving alot of money , but needed to give it away for family reasons.