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  1. from what i know , he didn't , but you are right most spiritual do have sex lives , though some have got into trouble for it
  2. but doesn't this imply that all free will operates in the orbit of predestined genetics and stuff. It seems like there is only a sliver of free will that we actually have , otherwise we already are restricted in options from the time of birth isn't it?
  3. how does one meditate for 100hrs , if they can't do 4hrs?
  4. because merchant navy stuff is dangerous and people dont want to do these jobs , even though they pay well , because they have to live at sea for 6 months a year
  5. not true many formulations in science happened way before in theory before they were implemented in reality.
  6. 1. Travel 2. read books about various topics - like literally just read everything you get your hands on. 3. documentaries & different types of movies - from different types of movies and cinema , you can get an idea of different things from that particular movie or documentary , which you can research about 4. relationships 5.going out and basically just talking to anyone
  7. but since it takes exponential time to figure it out , we can and probably break encryption with quantum computing , because we will compute in multiple states, thereby solving problems which take exponential time really fast
  8. maybe this is not a question of survival being the chief distraction . I think people who are attracted to this stuff already have a certain predisposition and sense that tells them the limitation of what they are currently doing. Hence , they pursue higher things. Also , I don't think it's a matter of distraction. you can invent distractions in any era , previous or new ones , although the new ones are a lot more efficient . People who want to run away , run away, regardless of the era. People who want to figure it out , figure it out , regardless of the ERA. and also survival is still the chief distraction , we just changed the identity which is trying to survive . At least that's what I think
  9. In what world sir! (jk) , personally i think gaming is much better on a pc (with the whole capability of a pc + better environment for gaming ), however ps5 is only for playing exclusive games .
  10. Well What we call *new* is just permutations and combinations of the old , GPT-4 can create poems because it has access to large data of text based information on the internet . Similarly for AI to create something new in any scientific sense , it would have to have access to physical information , which is at least not possible now. One other thing which GPT is good at is producing code , and it can produce new code from boiler plate and bits of pieces of code already on the internet. So I think AI can discover new things , its just that it will take time , it could be in a few years, but also could be on a scale of decades
  11. Even if we were to do that and consider the worst case in all teachings , then i dont think there will ever be a good enough teachings . With the buddhist teaching you could invest 40 years and still not reach the ultimate destination , its still not that bad from normal human perspective . Maybe you have reached the highest state because of your genetics or spawn count or something and you have the privilege to say that a buddhist practice will maybe not take us to the highest state . But i think the worst case with psychedelics and your teachings could be more dangerous , it could scar people for lives if they have bad trips or if they dont reach your levels at all and end up becoming some demented freaks......
  12. It seems like you are not against buddhism or any other teaching but only against the ideas these buddhists and others put into people's mind.
  13. sadhguru comes from a wealthy doctor family , and his grandfather was like the richest dude in his village
  14. haha I get your Point , but this you know only when your awakened . TIll then life seems as real as it is , with limited identifications , fears , biases etc.till that point what would be implications of reincarnation? because after that point maybe this doesnt even matter