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  1. Maybe ..... Maybe not
  2. @Ananta Thanks Ananta ya I see , that’s why most astrologers try to meet the the consultee since that’s give them a intuition which forms the basis for correct predictions . Even great predictors like Kn Rao say that the background of the one taking the counsel is necessary.I tried and my best and feel nice after hearing your encouraging response. I try to my best with these because I am just trying to create a database for analysis which is good for research. thank you
  3. @Nahm thank you , love your posts ! i will surely edit that now
  4. @Swarnim thanks for your reply , i have been trying , nobody can be 100% accurate but i at least want to go to about 80% accuracy
  5. and also guys , you can post your feedback (positive or negative ) in this topic so that this topic doesnt rank low and also i would appreciate if you can p point out my mistakes etc
  6. Hey Guys , Right now i have been studying vedic astrology , would it be fine if i did a chart reading for any of you guys as it will be more than helpful for my research and i hope i could answer some questions you are having about your chart . If you are interested you can PM me here (WITH BIRTH DATA AND A LITTLE BIT OF BACKGROUND) P.S - This is for educational purposes only , you only need to give me the data if you feel safe (trust me i am !!) . i ask no money from you , i just want this for research basis , and if the situation permits i can give you remedies as well. required data: 1)date and time of birth 2)place where you currently live in THANK YOU!