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  1. Even if we were to do that and consider the worst case in all teachings , then i dont think there will ever be a good enough teachings . With the buddhist teaching you could invest 40 years and still not reach the ultimate destination , its still not that bad from normal human perspective . Maybe you have reached the highest state because of your genetics or spawn count or something and you have the privilege to say that a buddhist practice will maybe not take us to the highest state . But i think the worst case with psychedelics and your teachings could be more dangerous , it could scar people for lives if they have bad trips or if they dont reach your levels at all and end up becoming some demented freaks......
  2. It seems like you are not against buddhism or any other teaching but only against the ideas these buddhists and others put into people's mind.
  3. sadhguru comes from a wealthy doctor family , and his grandfather was like the richest dude in his village
  4. haha I get your Point , but this you know only when your awakened . TIll then life seems as real as it is , with limited identifications , fears , biases etc.till that point what would be implications of reincarnation? because after that point maybe this doesnt even matter
  5. I have heard own stories from my family which basically prove the existence of reincarnation. what are your guys views on it ? Watch these Videos: I know that the parents of the children could be just lying to get attention , but if we put that narrative aside for a second and see what would be the implications of this being the truth?? In my family , my mothers paternal uncle used to remember his previous life till about he was 11 years old , he even went to meet his family and talk to them about it.(believe me or not , i am just telling you what i have heard) Basically , he has no reason to lie , moreover how would he know details of his previous life if it wasn't real ??
  6. So i recently started working on my addictions , i have many but few are prominent. These are :- 1) Listening to music on youtube. 2)Reading and watching too much spiritual content. 3) playing video games . due to these addictions , I could seriously get no work done . So I watched Leo's Video on overcoming addiction and applied the technique , it was emotionally difficult and after a few hours i realized that was not doing anything because i didn't know what to do , so i spent time in planning and forming goals etc. I also planned to decide what to do next day every night before going to sleep , which i think will really help long term (although i allow certain degree of freedom). But right now because of years of addictive behavior , I am not able to put in more than 1 hr on work at a time , and after a certain time it becomes really emotionally frustrating to work more than 3 hrs . So here's the plan , i am planning on being consistent with my work rather than increasing the time I work , which i think will increase with due practice and consistency of a sustained period. Sort of Like in the gym , we do a weight until we become comfortable with it, then increase it . So i want to ask is this strategy good ?? and are there any suggestions you would like to give?
  7. well the answer to this question depends on you : if the phd is really important to you and if you work hard , you will not mind getting employment at 27 because you like what you are doing . if the phd is not important to you , or you are not interested in the subjects/or plan on doing something else entirely after college , then doing a phd is not a good idea .
  8. Look , believe it or not like I said I am not idolising Leo. I know very well that he is not perfect and nobody rarely is. But you should notice you are only talking about his personality. Be it Buddha or Leo , to only look at their personalities it is a fatal mistake . Of course as they are human they would have their own unique personality, which of course will have flaws because personality itself is subject to many things.(the times we live in , our family, environment etc.). Leo seems cocky , you are right about that one , but what to do with it ? I don’t think it’s a big deal . I only watch Leo and content for his insights , which I can inculcate into my own life and I don’t give a damn about his personality. For me Leo is just like another book, just for the sake of information…. we here are not for idolising or demonising, but for collective self actualization isn’t it ? Isn’t that the purpose of this forum ? So that we can help each other with self actualization. Leo’s value is not in his personality but his content and insights , personally that’s what I take away from him. when a man is showing you the moon with his finger , don’t miss all the heavenly glory for the insignificant finger of the one who is showing . about his healing thing : I don’t think that is a good reason to pin him down because personally I don’t think he has that kind of stability that he could pull it off right now at least.of course I am just assuming and I could be wrong . But consider my perspective.
  9. This may sound like I’m in some sort of Leo cult or whatever , but I think that Leo recognises his blind spots well , even in his videos he talks about his problems sometimes. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if he admits his mistakes , what is more important is that he knows about them and makes a path correction, and if you have seen Leo for many years , you will realise that once he know , he surely makes a path correction
  10. He may have issues in life which we certainly don’t know about , that may be the reasons about his videos inconsistency. about his healing: becoming conscious of a thing and applying that thing are two very different things ……. Leo becoming conscious of his abilities do not necessarily mean that he can use his abilities for such a purpose…..
  11. I don’t think that’s right , most people say that in their 50’s becuz they never lived . When you begin to truly live fully , that’s when life actually begins I think……
  12. Exactly, even already most people misuse it... They do psychs for entertainment purposes rather than real work
  13. In sadhguru videos you have seen about psychedelics , he is mostly talking about casual people who just wanna have fun and waste life kind of guys . In one his books , where he is talking about various things he doesn’t talk in public , which he only talks about with close groups , he has acknowledged psychedelics . This book is not new though , the talks are from the period 1994 -1999
  14. Why make a poll on this , I think it will just waste time , we should try to get to higher levels of consciousness instead of doing this . But do what you want lol