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  1. sun
    Aren't destiny and free will the same thing?
    I think most people use the phrase 'Free Will' to mean the opposite of 'Destiny'.

    Destiny: the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. (notice that this literally describes any future that happens, no matter what that future looks like. Of course what happens in the future happens necessarily, otherwise that's not what will happen.) 

     'Free Will' for most people, is defined as the opposite of 'Destined'.. but 'destined' has no opposite.. whatever happens is always destined to happen, otherwise it wouldn't happen.  If you press them to really consider what they mean by 'Free Will', they won't be able to say what they mean, because it's a nonsense notion.  The phrase itself, 'free will', is an oxymoron. Its self contradictory.. like a 'square circle', or a 'tiny giant'.   Consider what most people understand the word 'will' to mean..  I will go to the store.. The sun will rise.  What changes when we add the word 'freely'? I will go to the store freely.  The sun will rise freely.  'Free Will' must mean something other than just plain old 'Will'.. so what most people don't realize, is that the term 'free will' must mean something 'other than will'...  but we know this makes no sense in any context..

    "I will go to the store freely"  must mean "I will go to the store other than how I will".

    "The Sun will rise freely' must mean "The Sun will rise other than how it will". 

    Sure, if you want to play language and definition games, 'Circle' can mean the same thing as 'Square' as long as I think 'Circle' means 'a shape with 4 equal length sides and 4 ninety degree corners'.  Anything can mean anything you want it to, if that's how we're playing the language game..  but then it becomes impossible to use language to convey meaning to others, and words only have meaning to the person saying them, and mean nothing to the person hearing them. 


    "Any attempt to interfere with how things are occurring is always just more 'how things are already occurring'".  You literally can not interfere with how the Universe is being, because anything you do is 'how the Universe is being'. 

  2. Learn how-to journal that suites my journey and find out why i should do a journal at all.
    Journal Guidelines
    This sub-forum is only for keeping a public self-improvement journal. This is intended for committed users who want to make a big change in their life and want to document their rags-to-riches journey. Keeping a public journal of your struggles and triumphs can be very powerful, both for the author as well as for readers. You are encouraged to update your journal like a blog, several times per week. You are also encouraged to be brutally honest about your struggles. Document things exactly as they occur for your, without any sugar-coating or self-censorship. This is extra-powerful.
    If you're struggling with holding yourself accountable for taking action, starting a journal can be your lifeline. As other people become fans of your journal, they will hold you accountable and encourage you to follow-through.
    Tips for keeping a good journal:
    Make a commitment to yourself to update regularly. Power comes from consistency. Be brutally honest about yourself and your problems. Be authentic about your emotions and thoughts. Interact with your fans & followers. A quality journal will create followers if you keep it up to date. Give it a sexy title Here are some ideas for themes you could start a journal around:
    An all-purpose journal with your daily private ruminations and insights Your journey of starting of a new business Finding and aligning yourself with your life purpose The mastery process, how you're training your skillset Your creative challenges at being an artist, musician, writer, poet, novelist, designer, etc. Getting better at dating or relationships A new 30-day challenge that you start each month Enlightenment work journal Spiritual-autolysis journal (as described by Jed McKenna) Insights from your daily meditation practice Notes on personal development videos you watch every week Your struggle to overcome an addiction like food, sex, porn, alcohol, or drugs Your struggle to overcome a hard life event like a divorce, legal battle, death in the family, etc. How you're healing or coping with a medical condition like cancer, diabetes, etc. Your journey to conquer depression Your journey and insights using entheogens or psychedelics Your fat-loss journey Your journey to getting that 6-pack you've always wanted Your journey going vegetarian or vegan Your journey in martial arts Your insights from traveling around the world Insights from your weekly therapy or life coaching sessions If you're a life coach or therapist, your insights from working with clients Etc. There's a lot of potential gold to mine here, so get creative!