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  1. I want to collect different perspectives regarding the proper and intelligent first use of DMT. What kind of tripping foundation do you need to have in order to try NN DMT/5meo? I know that some people use it immaturely, which might result in PTSD and other kinds of problems. So far I have done 13 trips, 6 psilocybin trips and 6 lsd trips, maximum dosage being 3.5 grams and 250 ug respectively. I have been meditating for 15 months and have only done 1 retreat . I think that age probably plays a pretty significant role as well (I am 21 years old). Looking forward to hearing some ideas.
  2. Found this pretty impactful and creatively made video about our government and society. This video goes well with the "30 Way's Society Fucks you up the ass" We need to escape this system by living in a way that truly adds value to people's lives. I suppose that starts with me.
  3. Well, I have noticed that people who go from New Age to Christianity, justify their transition by claiming they had an actual experience of seeing and receiving a blessing from Jesus himself while being "sober". They also claim that if you pray and believe in Jesus he will reveal himself to you. So could this be an awakening experience that's being misinterpreted? @Leo Gura If reality is imaginary, are you implying that believing in any fantasy for long enough will actually result it being displayed in your direct experience? (In this case, seeing Jesus).
  4. @Spiral Wizard It's a creative bucket list although number 4 takes balls to do. I would even suggest you add number 5. Sensory deprivation tank + psychedelics.
  5. @Consilience Mostly regarding the speed at which your consciousness shifts and the level of the increased awareness. I feel this way probably because the psychedelic shows you the contrast between ordinary consciousness and high consciousness so quickly that it truly leaves you baffled and astounded. However, I agree with you that retreats are much more effective to gather insights and make serious habitual changes in your life. My retreat was only 6.5 days long, so I assume that doing those extra 3.5 days might have made a significant difference.
  6. Hi forum, I am back from my first week-long retreat. Now I understand what Leo means by real personal development. This truly is an advanced technique for growing yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I want to share some of the things that I have done and learned. I have completed 40 hours of formal meditation. I have assigned different meditation techniques to the numbers on a dice. Every hour or two I would roll the dice and do the technique which corresponds to that number. 1-Concentration 2-Do Nothing 3-Mindfulness Meditation 4-Breathing Meditation 5-Self Inquiry 6-Strong Determination Sit It was very interesting to slowly see my consciousness rising and reaching a point where I felt connected to life, myself, and being. I started to truly appreciate every little activity (doing the dishes, cooking, eating food, writing, thinking, being alive, looking at the stars). I also had many different insights, but the one that shocked me the most is how little I really know about life and reality. It's really easy to get lost and sucked into ideas and concepts, create a belief system, and act as if you already know how everything works. As Socrates would say: "The only true wisdom is to know, that you know nothing." Although it was a very humbling and profound experience, it doesn't come even close to a psychedelic experience, which increased my respect for those substances even more. When I came back home/to society I felt like I was away for decades. I immediately noticed how luxurious my life is, with a decent house, cars, money, technology, people, food which was totally taken for granted 7 days ago. Only by living through such boredom and minimalism, a contrast of lifestyle was created, which helped me realize all of this. To those who have never tried a solo retreat, I can say that planning and going for a retreat should be on your top priority list. I will be committing to do at least one of these every year. Take care and good luck!
  7. Hi all, Did anyone ever bought nootropics and got it shipped to Canada. Is it safe to do so without a prescription?
  8. Hey all, I have finally booked a place for a 7 day solo retreat. I am seeking some advice here. I have never been on a retreat before but have been meditating for a year. Now my question is: Should I go balls to the wall and try to meditate 10 hours for 7 days or would it be better to take a book and/or a journal to do some reading and contemplation as well? Any other suggestions which you consider helpful will be much appreciated.
  9. Hey all. I am located in Vaughan, Ontario. Let me know if there is a group of some sort so that I can join as well.
  10. @Ichooseluna Nice. What's the best way to reach you? My IG is gevor_k99 hit me up ✌️.
  11. @Patrick_9931 Although I haven't gone that deep to experience ego death yet, I have used psychedelics on a weekly basis for a month or two back in December. I noticed that taking it that frequently, wasn't actually growing me but making me more judgmental and nihilistic. I think it's better to spend most of your time doing the work in ordinary life and take psychedelics when you think it is appropriate. By the way how much did you guys take to experience ego death?
  12. @Osaid true true, but hey, we can't give up gotta keep searching.
  13. @ApeInTuxedo Yes the job was done by Vistaprint, check them out.