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  1. @Marcel Besides the conceptual and intellectual work try to do masculine things. -lift weights -run a Marathon -get into a fight (in a safe environment ofc) - approach girls -do psychedelics (in moderation) -think as if you're the shit. (In moderation) And lastly try to always push your comfort zone and face the fears that you have. I have noticed myself that doing these activities, automatically make your more confident, masculine and proud.
  2. Yes, he has come a long way. It's only when we look back, that we see how much change we have undergone and can appreciate all the time and effort we had put in, for achieving something that we have committed to mastering in the long term.
  3. I was at age 17 when I got a scam call by an Indian team. They claimed to be from CRA and told me that I violated some policy/rule and was responsible for $1500 violation fee. Otherwise I would have gotten arrested and taken into custody. (That's what they claimed and even put me on the phone with a "police officer"). They told me to deposit $1500 cash into a bitcoin machine located in a nearby convenience store. Although in retrospect I now realize how ridiculous this was, I am gonna say it was very well planned and played out. I was being controlled by a puppet master. Reasons for falling prey to this scam: Ignorant of how CRA notifies people for penalties. Ignorant of what bitcoin is and how it works Mediocre English skills 0 understanding of psychology unconscious of the fear/anxiety state that I was in Man after I got told by my parents that I was scammed, I was in total shock and disbelief that such a massive recontextualization was possible. The quote "it's easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled" applies to this situation perfectly. Anyways I have learned my lesson the hard way.
  4. @Thought Art no a Christian church. She transitioned from Islam to Christianity (that's what I understood)
  5. Ok so today a woman approached me at the exit of a grocery store and started telling me that she can see something different in me, implying that I have a big chance of discovering the truth. She was talking about her backstory of how she was a Muslim and was seeking for answers, due to suffering and that Jesus visited her and saved her. We talked for a bit and then she invited me to visit their church. I got cultish vibes due to her use of reverse psychology, over-enthusiasm, certainty, persuasion, etc. Now I am thinking weather it is a good idea to go to the church, just for the sake of observation and picking people's brains and get a general picture of what is going on in cults/religious circles and how does it actually work (get an insider feel). Just a thought. Let me know what you think. Maybe it's stupid, dangerous and a waste of time.
  6. @Javfly33 lol you made my day. 😂 To answer your question though, there actually are certain supermarkets where they sell a higher quality freshly baked pizza depending on where you live. But still pizza is not a good option. It's very unhealthy. If you want to gain weight get liquid calories in. You can easily make a 1000 calorie shake in the morning. Put some protein powder/Mass gainer some peanut butter bananas oats maybe even some ice cream in there and voila. Consume healthy fats as well (oil, nuts, nut butter, avocado). They are very high in calories and can add up very quickly.
  7. @Peter Miklis both are great books. How about "Everything is fucked" have you read that one? If so, would you recommend it?
  8. @Gianna mee too. Not only the forum but the discovery of in general. GOLDMINE
  9. Is happiness produced from productivity an illusion? I am usually extremely productive while I'm on modafinil. Being very productive is not fun, it's hard work and required concentration, but I still feel very happy doing things and accomplishing tasks, even if I don't like them. I am also very authentic and open on days when I take nootropics. Now is this happiness coming from doing productive things and accomplishing things? or Is it a boost that modafinil provides temporarily (basically chemicals in the "brain" lol, making me more conscious, hence increased presence resulting in more happiness?)
  10. Well it's homeostasis at work here. I also did psychedelics at my last retreat which also contributed to the backlash. Ego's job here is to make you fall off the path in various ugly ways and I am noticing that. In my experience psychedelics haven't really caused any severe backlashes. Usually after a trip I am fuelled up with motivation to do work.
  11. Has anyone ever tried a 5-meo cartridge? If so how do you measure the dosage? Is there a way to test the purity of it?
  12. Ohhhh yes. I was in a ego backlash for the past month. Doing things that I have quit long ago, being very judgemental and rude as well. I am almost recovered now. The faster you try to dissolve the ego, the stronger it will come back to bite your ass.