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  1. I guess it's HRV or heart rate variability. this guy explains a lot about this method in his videos:
  2. @Leo Guraa Do you see a possibility of eventually gaining the ability to stay in Samadhi or God head for as long as you want, after so many trips? And if so , How close you think you are to achieve something like this?
  3. @Leo Guraa I still dont have any experience with psychedelics, Can these substances have any help in this process (Samyama)?
  4. You need to study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there's a great book which explains all the sutras pretty well and in depth, its "The science of yoga" by I. K. Taimni. Basically by practising Ashtanga Yoga you manage to get rid of all distractions physically and mentally, and so in your practice of Samyama (Concentration, Meditation, Samadhi) you fix your mind on the object of meditation for as long as you want, and nothing distracts you, not a single thought should break or interrupt the flow of your focus, and eventually you forget about your body and you lose body self awareness and your mind fuses with the object of meditation and you pass into state of Samadhi in this state you become one with the object of meditation, and you come back to normal state with knowledge and or Siddhi's, for example if you wanna be as strong as an Elephant you perform Samyama (Concentration, Meditation, Samadhi) on it and you will get this Siddhi, if you wanna get all knowledges of past and future you do Samyama on the Sun. But passing into Samadhi from Dhyana (Meditation) and to Dhyana from Dharana (Concentration) is a very big challenge, it's so so difficult, you need to develop a very calm mind, if you have a calm mind in general, there's great chance of success otherwise you need to spend years of practising to calm down and eventually shut down your monkey mind completely in your meditation practise. This is from the Chapter III of the book I've mentioned: "in Samadhi may be represented in the following way. If A is the object chosen for Samyama and B, C, D, E, etc. are distractions, then the content of the mind at regular intervals of successive moments in the three phases may be represented by the following series of Pratyayas present in the mind. The circle round the letters represents the mental self-awareness referred to above." "It will be seen that the frequency of distractions goes on decreasing in Dharana and frequency and degree of mental self-awareness goes on decreasing in Dhyara. In Samadhi there is complete freedom both from distractions and self-awareness and the object alone remains in the field of consciousness."
  5. Thanks for your answer! I guess the day it happens without me doing anything would be the day i literally would stop caring about anything at all really including spritual works cause i think all these practices are there to get us to that point... Btw should i stop Kriya Yoga practises that i was doing and just keep doing the meditation only and keep going as you said, or continue the yoga practises also?
  6. @Yog well explained man, what you think about the idea of pineal gland producing and releasing natural dmt? Otherwise what else it could be?
  7. @Cykaaaa yeah man the shit is so weird, it's like i enter hallucination or psychedelic state just after a few mins of meditation, seriously what the fuck is real? I recently watched The Matrix again and contemplated about this a lot, what is real?? Just bunch of very limited sensory information that brain uses to create this 3d simulation of world we call real?
  8. I experience this also after few mins, objects waving and my vision also gets a little bit blury first then so much that i cannot see the object that i was focusing on clear anymore untill i blink multiple times, but then it starts again, and i see purple color moving also, How deep this can go guys? Can i experience more serious stuff than just waving objects? Like a serious shift of consciousness state?
  9. Is it really a sign that ego is dying guys? in my case when i put the awareness on awareness after a few mins not only the heart starts beating faster but also i experience arrhythmia, some strong annoying beats every two second or so, not cool and really bad distraction for me...
  10. Beautifully written! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Put your awareness on awareness, being aware of the self is real meditation.
  12. @MAYA EL Yeah man exactly, he told this also mutilple times in his vids that no one should belive a single word that comes out of his mouth at all, he don't believe his words neither, but just direct experience, even in this case you don't even know if you can trust that too haha, in your entire life mind is always working against you, it's desinged and wired to keep the physical body alive,so it doesn't give a single shit about your sprituality bullshits, that's why there's so many tricks that minds plays on you, to keep the truth hidden ad long as it could. So your number one enemy is your mind in this path.
  13. "Who am i?" "For whom the thought arises?" Your reality and true Self is hidden from you by the mind and thoughts so asking these questions hundreds times a day might finally wake you up from the dream of life
  14. @purerogue well i guess it's not a belief but Self-Realization, and how do you know like a lot of people in this forum who are in this path, I'm not on this path too?
  15. @purerogue No, but no matter how much you seek happiness in external world, your ego-mind will never be satisfied, and its happiness is very temporary state, and it's always in state of wanting. Because God designed it in such way, for his specific goal and keep the game going.