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  1. You should get good at manipulating your energy with your mind, with enough practice you can direct your energy anywhere in your body or even instruct it do do something or feel something or in more advanced stages use it to change the state of your mind, I did this personally, and its just wonderful and amazing! There's also an amazing empowering feeling you get when you are working with your life force energy ( you feel like you are in charge of your life or you are the master of your mind) It's good to start this by practicing making energy balls:
  2. @Vibroverse you imagined certain limitations upon yourself in this dream/game, you gotta develop a good concentration and imagination skills to able to change the current dream.
  3. The reason why God is doing anything of course coming out of pure selflessness love, but how which is the technical part I'm curious about is very mysterious indeed.
  4. @Leo Gura Does God know how he is doing his magic (manifesting stuff, will something to happen etc) or the how part remains the mysterious part even for God?
  5. I know what you mean, been in a similar situation in mushroom, its a knowing, a feeling that arise and tell you that if you don't fight this and let go, you'll never come back to life, or you'll go insane and remain in this state for the rest of your life. Probably the solution would be having taken enough dose that you wouldn't be able to fight the experience. I'm not sure if I ever going to do so, what if those crazy high doses damage my mind really? Cause I've had insanely challenging experiences in mushrooms with just 3grams lemon tek that terrified the shit out of me and I thought I will be insane like this forever. I cant imagine what 6grams would do to my mind.
  6. @Maru No, but you can imagine that you've been. The truth is that awareness can never experience being unconscious, it's impossible.
  7. @integral I don't know about plugging mushrooms, but you can make lemon tek, zero nausea for me, be careful though, it'll at least double the intensity too, but trip will be a bit shorter also.
  8. WBTB method works great on me!! so it's been 4 days since I decided to seriously commit to master my sleep, I always wanted to put in deliberate regular practice into this work but for whatever reason I procrastinated it until a few days ago. My goal is to reach a level which I never ever loss consciousness in sleep. So in the past few days I started using this Indirect method to experiment with lucid dreaming, Basically for the past few days I sleep at 11 pm and Wake up at 6 am, meditate for 20 mins and go back to sleep, not a single day I missed the tunnel and vibration state!!! it's working from the very first attempt! basically at 6 am after meditation and falling sleep consciously my energy body starts to detach from my physical body and find myself floating in a tunnel which I previously talked about it in the recent posts, Today I figured that these few second of moving in that tunnel is a very crucial state and something need to be done here with my imagination in these few seconds to consciously enter a dream. tow attempts today and both worked successfully (first attempts trying to stand up while moving in that tunnel and second attempt imagining flying with a very high speed towards sky) having two lucid but very short dreams ( first dream 5 to 10 second and second dream probably 25 to 30 seconds. in the second dream all I did was engaging with my senses to stabilize the dream and make it a very long one but unfortunately ended very soon and I did nothing but rubbing my hands with each other and talking and smelling something. In the previous days I didn't have any lucid dreams most of the time I only experienced the tunnel and then snapped back to my body or had non-lucid dreams after the tunnel. The tunnel which I immediately enter after separation of my energy body and physical body looks similar to this: it's so weird man, I dunno why it's the case for me.
  9. @Leo Gura It's very cool to realize God in some other beautiful dimensions or planes than just your ordinary room.
  10. Very real, the experience itself is crazy enough that you have really hard time staying calm really. Btw what's your thoughts on self-hypnosis ,reprogramming subconscious mind in a way that you define a trigger like a word or something, and once you said it and have the intention to have it, instantly put you on astral realm? Maybe its easier to be done with help of psychedelics? Have you encountered anyone in the forums who achieved something similar to this?
  11. @Mercurio3 I think that could happen in almighty Salvia divinorum. Leaving this life completely to experience a totally different things I mean.
  12. @DVL I think very few people in this forum are into lucid dreaming or these kinda of stuff in general, you'd have to use other specialized forums like dreamviews to reach out to advanced lucid dreamers. Btw what's your method for lucid dreaming?
  13. Yes I'm pretty sure I'd land somewhere in the universe but the experience is so freaking real that I've never made it to the end and couldn't overcome my fear, so I after a few seconds I come back to my body. so I'm not really ready to go to some unknown places as a beginning of my astral travel journey. I need to be in the rea-time zone to be able to stomach whatever I'm experiencing and be able to slowly overcome my fears. I wish that was as easy as you said man, it takes a lot of work and dedication. Yeah, I'm just floating, it's like you are on a rocket. I dont know what i'm doing wrong, usually after exit people can just normally walk, that's not the case for me. hopefully. Yeah, currently I'm reading that pdf of frank kepple forum posts hopefully can find something useful in it.
  14. @GreenWoods btw have you tried microsleep method?