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  1. This is so damn radical... How this can be integrated in day to day life since consciousness working hard to support the game and the illusion especially through others? Like when you only hear someone speaking to you in another room and not seeing him or her, are you highly conscious that that voice is all that there's and there's no person who is doing the act of speaking and so that that's why you can hear it? Like literally!?
  2. Dude! This is literally your direct experience! Can you experience the past? No! you can only believe in your thoughts regarding past experiences! So if you drunk a glass of water a few moments ago, that actually didn't happen, you can only believe the thought which suggests it happened. I know this is so damn radical, but consider the possiblity that this actually might be the truth.
  3. Anything in your perception, that includes your senses, thoughts (not what thoughts suggests you to believe but just the experience of the thought) and wherever else.
  4. I'm looking for Absolute Truth regarding this subject, either it's real or unreal, I believe talking about a relative POV is just another mental game. What's the Truth? The truth beyond the mind game? That's what I'm looking for.
  5. You cannot say the past happens or is real, because all you've got is the present moment and you can never experience the past, if the present moment is the Absolute Truth then there's no past, you have never experienced anything in your life in the past, all that there's in the now for you is the Truth.
  6. @ZzzleepingBear I guess my struggle about the past being imaginary truth is how well the present moment stuff or other people fully support it. Also I'm looking for Absolute Truth regarding this subject, either the past experiences is absolutely imaginary and unreal, meaning you have never had any experiences and your thoughts about it is false or its real.
  7. @Anahata Thank you for your response I'm fully aware of all these, I'm fully aware that when I'm thinking about the past it's happening in the now, I'm that which is holding the entire past in my consciousness, but I still believe I'm experiencing stuff, don't tell me that you are fully integrated this truth because of course in your day to day life you do and act based on the thoughts you have about the past. One more thing is that the stuff in the present moment fully support the thoughts about your experiences in the past, for example you may have drunk a glass of cold water just a few moments ago, you still feel some coldness in your mouth, you are no longer thirsty all because just a few moments ago you have had that experience, is this imaginary to you? Really? Stuff in the present moment fully support the past experiences this makes it absolutely hard to fully integrate or understand the truth about the past.
  8. Something I'm still a bit struggling to understand which is not really simple I know.. Is the past real or I am literally like fucking literally imagining every single moments that I "believe" to have experienced in the past? Please don't simply respond like "the past is imaginary" cause you never act based on this in your day to day life... No mental gymnastics here, I'm trying to know the truth about this subject.
  9. I've seen a while ago, I have zero doubt that the directors of this movie had at least a few fucking intense psychedelic experiences and God-realizations. Such a damn good spiritual and well made movie about infinity.
  10. @Topspin715 you need a realization to notice the thoughts. Sit and do nothing for any period of time you're comfortable, you'll eventually realize that everything is known by you including the contents of your mind.
  11. Yeah, I just realized I blocked it long ago, it's working now, thanks!
  12. Not in site, and for the topic you're subscribed to.
  13. Hey guys, As title suggests, Is there any chrome notification we can activate?
  14. So isn't these temporary losing mind makes it easier and easier overtime to get you to a point which it's a totally normal thing, cause you know everything will be fine at the end? Don't you find this beneficial? Like you may take 10 grams of mushroom and it will be like having an intense amazing experience rather insanely challenging and scary to death.