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  1. Why would anyone want to deactivate it??!! Maybe you didn't experienced a blissful awakening is that right?
  2. Can anybody please explain how to know if there's a blockage in chakras without reaching out to a psychics (not really available any in my region)? When i do visualization pranayama when the prana reaches the heart chakra i feel strong pulsation not on my back ,but under sternum, as energy gets stronger the pulsation gets stronger too, i don't know if it's a blockage or not?
  3. Those energy that you feel are prana doing the preparations for awakening the Kundalini energy, Kundalini is very intense and extreme energy and once its awakened, then there's no way to stop it, its not like a little bit come up your spine with you focus on it then go back, no its prana energy man, my situation is exactly like yours, i do pranayama visualization moving prana up down the spine to complete all stages of awakening with prana, I'd say you do the same thing, never force the Kundalini to awaken man, let the prana energy do the necessary things on chakras and other stuff and when its done, then you are gonna experience a very pleasurable Kundalini Awakening
  4. So yeah that's the pineal gland man opening, I'd say you mediate on the point between the eyebrows and mentally chant OM, if you wanna develope your pineal gland finally fully open it.
  5. Maybe its releated your third eye pineal gland? I experience these too, mine is like purple color moving, and it gets brighter and close to white color and white flashes when my concentration stabilized, recently i saw flashes of people I've never meet, it wasn't in the mind's eye. I hear high pitch sound in the right ear, and vibrations, tinglings and pressure in the forhead, and top of the skull. Can you releate these too?
  6. Maybe "sufferings" or "bads" are just creations of your mind and doesn't exists at all. Just like who you think you are and or your thoughts about your personality and all that only exist in your mind, and its just imaginations. Every body can realize these with just Self-Inquiry.
  7. My voice is silence, if I become aware of anything other than what i say (nothing), in the mind, i simply ask who is witnessing? This is something the ego-mind cannot hold on to and will eventually melt away in this pure nothingness space ❤️
  8. There would be just one thing to believe: Love Love Love
  9. There's not a single thought shows up for a while when i just ask myself "who or what i am" or "for whom thought arises?" I don't recall even a single thought arises, no answer just no answer which means basicly YOU ARE NOTHING It's so powerfull really, so i continue until i reach a state of no mind (which i think I'm really close), complete disable of thought process. ps: btw when the feeling of needing something to do or wanting something comes up, i also ask "for whom or what this needing or wanting something arises?" Like a feeling of wanting to drink tea comes up i ask "for whom or what this needing of drinking tea right now shows up?" See? I make big big separtion this way between me ( the self) and the ego-mind (of course there's no duality at all, I'll experience true absolute non-duality when enlightening occurs). Continue Putting the awerness on the Self on every moment if possible and the magic will happen.
  10. @purerogue Yeah man exactly, those areas in the brain will eventually deactivate over time, once it happens there's no way to go back, Self-Inquiry in my experience brings continuity of awarness, and since i have developed a very calm mind in years by practicing visual art, it works amazingly effective on me.
  11. Today i spent the whole day doing self inquiry and i tried to be conscious as much as i could, and i end up realize how I'm b just a watcher and didn't want do anything at all and was aware of how the ego mind wanted to eat, drink, work, and basically every god damn things, the whole time i was just in service of the illusionary self. How the ego-mind desinged to fool you and play so many tricks on you in your entire time of experiencing this human thing as long as you are in deep sleep. Right now that I'm posting this, i feel extremely happy and blissful, and I'm surprised and admit how indeed Self-Inquiry is one of the most effective and powerfull spritual tool if not the best one to practice and get enlightened. And IMO enlightenment basically is just changing and rewiring the brain in a way that those areas responsible to keep and maintain the sense of self and the fake identity, will get weaker and weaker and finally lead to complete deactivation , it's just how you practised and learned a skill in the past and you stoped practicing for a long time and so those neuron connections gets weak and so you found that you are no longer as good anymore in that skill, see? The mind really don't give a shit about anything its just adapts itself based on the things you do, habbits you make or things you learn consciosly, so get really bad at this mechanically running skill you developed in your whole life and the shit will finally happen
  12. Hey guys, I can feel the life force in my entire body, so much vibrations and tinglings or worms moving underneath your skin kinda feeling everywhere in my body, specially feel it in spine and head more intense of course, if i focus on any part of my body i can feel vibrations and tinglings there after just a bit of focusing!! Does anybody experienced these?? i just practiced Kriya Yoga, does anybody knows any books that shares information about how to work with it?
  13. Why you'd want to know how my ego-mind feel about physical death? Of course ego-mind designed in a way that you ignore this phenomenon in your entire life and not letting you investigate on it and tell you that it's the most scary thing that could happen to you, what if "you" cannot actually die even after your body died?
  14. Who is this "you" that you're referring to?
  15. Its not that commun i guess in my experience i wake up immediately after i die in a dream all the time, my illusionary self dies and i wake up and realize that it was just a dream, then i continue with another imagination and another illusionary self, untill i die again and wake up in another imaginary life, what if i keep fooling myself forever??!! I'm taking to my self about my hallucination experiences hahahaha its crazy as fuck