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  1. That's not true, Ramana Maharshi said a lot about God also, you welcome to read the book "Talks with Ramana Maharshi".
  2. @Tim R I think the point is there's no center which knows about everything else (no duality of subject object) this relationship doesn't exist, everything is self-aware, everything is equally God.
  3. basically that means there has to be something other than God's self so that God can know about, when there's only God, there's only one, that means that God doesn't know shit right? God is purely everything, no subject object relationship into existence so we can say God doesn't know anything. what's your thoughts on this?
  4. @fish what the fuck are you talking about? You just realized that about this tiny place? All consciousness is doing is mental masturbation, why? Cause there's nothing can stop it.
  5. Kundalini experience, yes on 2grams of lemon tek golden teacher, ended up experiencing so much love and bliss beyond words, the amount of joy I experienced on every part of my body was beyond my imagination, and the experience literally opened my heart chakra. But I've had a lot of meditation and Kriya Yoga experiences before that trip. if you know what you are doing with psychedelics, these substances are amazing tools for accelerating your spiritual growth really.
  6. If your nervous system is weak and you take a very high doses of psychedelics and that ignites a full blown Kundalini rising, there's a chance that you burn your vessel this way.
  7. Search for breatharianism, there's people who purely live of of Prana. meaning they don't eat anything or rarely some fruit juices here and there, and some don't even drink at all. their body adapted to only use the universal life force energy as fuel. This guy is one of them:
  8. Don't know if somebody posted it here or not, quite enjoyed it, thought why not share it here
  9. @dlof Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with us, really appreciate it ??
  10. Faravahar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faravahar
  11. But maybe they are, please stay open to such possiblity. To me "Maybe" was the wise answer that you edited it. The life energy is doing everything in your body to sustain your experience in physical reality as life, but the whole process in being done unconsciously, but you can become conscious how you are doing it by mastering the energy and this will even open the gates to access a whole new level of consciousness and miracles. By mastering your life energy. how can you really do such miraculous job when you cant even control your thoughts? you need to gain access to the command center in your body to be able to do any of such things. in a psychedelic trip you don't do anything to reach a high level of consciousness, the prana (the substance) is doing everything necessary in your brain for you to reach that level, so the whole process is being done unconsciously so how do you expect to have any control to either sustain it or prolong it or break it or any kind of of control over it? not possible without controlling the life force.
  12. I believe mastering your life energy (prana) is the doorway to infinite possibilities or miracles. Energy work practices such as Kriya or Tao is not same as a simple fucking mindfulness meditation. So really consider dedicate some time study these materials in-depth. @GreenWoods and I passionately discuss our experiences or researches in the topic bellow.