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  1. Awarness is the changless reality, Take a look at these paintings: Imagine the first painting is like deep sleep and the second painting is waking state. So tell me guys, is the paper ( awarness) which is art and the artist more self-aware in the second painting? The way the artist paint himself cannot change a damn thing about himself which is pure awareness and is self-aware ALL THE TIME.
  2. Isn't it better to stay as who you really are? Ego is the consequence of identifications with thoughts and not a second entity inside us! Why can't you just not be identified and just be? 🙂
  3. One will get close more and more to the source once one decides to surrender his gifted intellect (ego-mind), but it's a very challenging and would be a slow process, eventually one will live in his heart instead of his mind.
  4. You only want to meditate either for sake of calmness, or you are practising something that requires being in the trance state of mind.
  5. Again you need to be there in those states to later come and describe your experience right? How can you not be in those states and then later be able describe those states? you can only describe your experience of the deep sleep as being unaware in the waking state, so in relation to waking state, we consider deep sleep as being unaware, but do we say we are unaware in the deep sleep too? Imagine you awarness could access a state different from your current state which you could also experience being 10 people all at once, when you change your state and switch to one person are you now less you? Did this switch change any fact about awarness? No, the way awarness paint himself changed, the dream changed, awarness didn't change. how awarness dream or paint himself cannot affect him. So from Awarness POV, there's no state which awarness can switch to and experience and can become literally unaware(an impossible change to reality, by the way, awarness paint himself) or less or more aware. Reality is unchangeable, otherwise it couldn't be reality.
  6. Yes, you need to be there to be able to tell us your story as being unaware. Awarness can also experience being unaware if he wants to, but in reality there's no such thing for awarness to be literally unaware, it's just impossible, you are AWARE all the time.
  7. No Never again after my sober awakening with meditation and self-inquiry and other concentration practices I did before the awakening, everything shifted to some high degrees from a state of ever suffering and depression because of thought process to being in the Now aware of everything (the self or awareness is always in the now aware of everything! either you realize it or not, your realization of it depends on what you identify yourself with), kind of shifted to open awareness, there's still some thoughts which arise from time to time, but very very minor thoughts and have zero power over me. and all sufferings one was experiencing before the awakening completely ended. either sitting in silence or watching a movie or any other actions the stillness of mind is always there! but does it matter really? either am "I" experiencing these or not you can never experience me , so it don't matter really. No, but I know how a person with a still mind experience life. if one is still highly identified with his ego-mind, its hard to understand how one can just sit and enjoy doing nothing. Ramana Maharshi lived his life really that simple. do you enjoy meditation or not? don't imagine these limits on yourself, you as the self are not identical to your ego-mind's false imaginary self. You can easily let go of the thought process and enjoy the present moment all the time, it just requires certain practices. Yes of course. Yes, thoughts will arise but with zero identification and power over you. which is simply like experience of hearing a sound. you see thoughts at what it is really, you don't make any meaning out of the thought's content. it's freedom from thoughts. Yes if your mind loses it's power over you with the practices. there's degrees to this. I'm not enlightened, but in my current state I cant imagine how Ramana Maharshi could experience boredom really, the mind simply transcends so these experiences who belong to ego-self will also be transcended too.
  8. Ahh not really, what is that? lol Even those who had "actual" near death experience caused by any accidents or whatsoever who returned after, their body was still in operative state to some degrees and was not stopped working completely. even if it was stopped working completely the body was still there and not annihilated. are you bunch of flesh and bone or beyond that? because you can die and everyone consider you dead while your body still have it's normal functioning, blood still flowing normally in veins, body alive "you" dead!
  9. See, you still talking about an ego-self in that being, I assumed one transcended one's ego-mind and removed identifications to some great degrees in his "sober awakening". so, huge reduction in the thought process and automatically being in the present moment all the time would be the consequence of such awakening. I'm referring to Eckhart Tolle kind of enlightenment. I acknowledge one can also experience Absolute Truth with none sober methods in whatever level he is at and comeback from the high to his ego-self state. but I don't consider that liberation. I simply talked about liberated beings.
  10. Because it's not direct and very badly fucks with your subconscious mind and memory! you gonna feel like you fucked your life FOREVER and damaged you psyche ,and you gonna be insane like this and psychologically damaged for fucking ever! and at the same time you absolutely know you are dying and time literally stops. I remember I was checking my phone every minute and time literally were stopped for me! one experienced the illusion of HELL in it's perfection! if you wanna try mushroom go for "Golden Teacher", never ever touch "Penis Envy Albino", this shit is literally pure poison! in my golden teacher trip "I" melted in love and bliss like something I've never ever could imagine! easily could surrender everything like how you surrender when you go to sleep, absolutely positive trip. but I don't call those "Penis Envy" trips bad trips because you can learn a lot from any experience really.
  11. Actual death? What do you mean by that? If you're conscious that this very moment is who you are and not mixture of thoughts, emotions and perceptions, how can you possibly imagine the death of the Now? Btw stay away from mushrooms really! Specially "Penis Envy Albino". Mushrooms are absolute worst hallucinogenic substances to experience ego-death IMO.
  12. There's "fear" because of death and nothing else in our human experience! Fear doesn't make sense! It's only ego-mind's mechanism to protect itself against this most unknown and mystery phenomena that conditioned mind knows absolutely nothing about it because to know death is to experience death. Simply by dying over and over one can overcome this illusion too. And I say it's an illusion because everything you experience is actually illusory in nature. What the fuck it even means to die over and over? In one of my intense mushroom trips "I" experienced dying for 3 fucking hours but actually for eternity and in all possible ways "I" could imagine! 🤣🤣 3 hours in intense mushroom trip is forever dude! "I" simply died and died and fucking died until "I" realized nope, it's just impossible and doesn't even make sense to die haha. Contemplate "experiencing" death! What?? What it is like to experience being dead? See It doesn't really make sense if you contemplate deeply. It's all just imaginary and Illusory in nature. The same illusory way you experience fir example happiness.
  13. Boredom is simply ego's defense mechanism to fight against the very present moment which of course is the source of the ego. The more you stay in the present moment having nothing to do to distract yourself of yourself, the more you harass your ego, so of course expect some strong resistances towards This. ego won't simply sit and watch it's death. And of course this whole thing about ego are just illusions and nothing else, eventually you'll see there's not a separate being from you living inside you called Ego! Once consciousness expanded all these illusions are gone!
  14. @Schahin No, it's just impossible. Boredom is the consequence of ones lack of consciousness. You simply are saying "I'm unconscious AF" by saying "I'm bored". Once one expanded one's consciousness beyond default identification with ego-mind like ordinary man, one cannot even imagine being that unconscious again.
  15. Yeah I actually surprised myself how well the teachings and explanations worked on him, i didn't really expected anything, he was never listened to me to meditate regularly. I thought he'll completely forget about everything and reset the day after, but nope, this time something clicked on him. Some people who suffer their illusory self so much suddenly get it and everything shift in them. Like Eckhart Tolle who realized it all by pure intolerable sadness and mental suffering and had no clue about a damn thing about sprituality or meditation.