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  1. I've seen a while ago, I have zero doubt that the directors of this movie had at least a few fucking intense psychedelic experiences and God-realizations. Such a damn good spiritual and well made movie about infinity.
  2. @Topspin715 you need a realization to notice the thoughts. Sit and do nothing for any period of time you're comfortable, you'll eventually realize that everything is known by you including the contents of your mind.
  3. Yeah, I just realized I blocked it long ago, it's working now, thanks!
  4. Not in site, and for the topic you're subscribed to.
  5. Hey guys, As title suggests, Is there any chrome notification we can activate?
  6. So isn't these temporary losing mind makes it easier and easier overtime to get you to a point which it's a totally normal thing, cause you know everything will be fine at the end? Don't you find this beneficial? Like you may take 10 grams of mushroom and it will be like having an intense amazing experience rather insanely challenging and scary to death.
  7. Exactly, the energy is indeed intelligent, I can easily get sleep and I've never had any problem in the past few years. It's just that I'm superbly introvert person and love the energy that I get from pure awareness space in silence, I just want to be able to somehow control it to never really disturb me in my spiritual or relaxing activities. Just like you said its totally fine in any other activities.
  8. It's just energy and energy flow where the mind concentrate, for example if I focus on my arm all the energy will flow there and I experience relief in my spine but once I stop doing so it will back to the spine, very simple. Its just energy and not a sentient being.
  9. It can take up to a decade for a full blown Kundalini experience, but indeed at least partially can shut it down forcefully.
  10. Basically if I don't meditate or do any kind of relaxing activity like reading books in silence, I'm totally fine with the normal energetic activity of Kundalini, no pain nothing disturbing really. But I love meditation and reading books, I love to sit in silence and bask myself in the pure consciousness, awareness empty space, but all these give rise to Kundalini and can get intense sometimes, these days it's ok.
  11. @Raphael any reiki healer can do that? also I have some level of control over my energy can I do it myself though I don't know enough about reiki
  12. Do you have any psychedelic experiences? You sound like you don't. You can reach some totally unknown and different states of consciousness in which "you" are literally gone! So basic self-help, male energy and all that are gone when you experience a real ego-death you don't even know who what you are how you end up being here.
  13. Nice quote Again all your thoughts and philosophy will fly out of window in that experience. You don't control shit.
  14. How you lose your mind without taking anything btw? And I guess you cant remain sane while literally dying! So basically that should be the same for everyone! I personally am very calm and can handle my mind easily in day to day life thanks to my meditation experiences, but man the experience of losing your mind is the most insane and the most profound experience like literally you just want to save your ass no matter what, you don't even remember that you took mushroom, all thoughts and memories will be fly out of window. How this is managble? This is not something that "you" can handle in the process cause you are literally dying and that's the most real shit for you without any memory of how you got there. You don't know how much you want life and continue living untill you experiencing a big mushroom ego-death!! Still you can find that picture of a monk peacefully meditating while burning in fire so maybe I just need to meditate more to gain more experience or eventually become a monk I don't really know the way to go deeper.