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  1. How do you that his methods are not a reliable path to enlightenment?, where are these statistics that you are pulling out of your ass? This video was released on Sadhguru Exclusive, and as such it is fancified and made to look appealing for the seekers that are thirsty enough to pay and watch What you are saying shows that you haven't bothered to try any practices yourself, or began to understand Hindu spirituality and the way in which it encompasses every area of life. Be careful with your own biases and dogma, a genuine Guru will be able to flick the switch for you in an instant, and that is the nature of Tantra and yoga. Comparing Sadhguru to non-dual teachers is a bit silly, if you experience his presence or any of the advanced programmes that Isha offers you will see that he is everything any Western or non-dual teacher can be and much, much more. Nobody you know compares or is close to being the same league with regards to their capability to enlighten other beings It is one thing to approach things through substances, or to transcend and reach through self-inquiry and meditation, and it is quite another thing to have the inner capability to consecrate the Dhyanalinga, which upholds every dimension of life at the highest possible peak. Give the technology a try before knocking it, or at least make an effort to understand Hindu spirituality before sharing publically gross and misrepresentative caricatures. These are not things that you talk about without experience or understanding, tens of thousands of years of spiritual culture and culmination do not exclude what you have experienced up to now. Yoga simply means conscious action, it isn't "accidental", or one method or path which excludes other methods, it is by its nature inclusive and non-discriminatory. In this context, nothing is more reliable than a Guru and the science to attain
  2. Here is a brief example of the spiritual approach towards genetics through Hatha yoga -
  3. That is precisely why potent Hatha yoga is taught in genuine spiritual foundations, in Hinduism it is the intermediate transmission of energy from our parents through prana which genetically encodes the physical body. Hatha means Sun and Moon, it is a means to reconstruct the physical body and to purify and distance yourself from genetic information, because the source of our physical manifestation ultimately comes from the solar system In Isha potent Hatha yoga like Surya Kriya and Yogasanas are building blocks and rudimentary steps, but also a means to ride the cycles of nature and rise above any form of energetic influence in family or society and so on. Surya Kriya is described as a means to align your physiology with the sun's cycles, and according to yogic lore this purification carries over from previous lifetimes All other practices are geared towards realization and there is essentially no limit to the potency of these practices if you look in the right places, Isha being one of them. You would be surprised how these things fit together if you care to try or look into it
  4. LSD and the Mind of the Universe by Christopher M. Bache - a professor of religious studies meticulously documents his insights from 73 high-dose LSD sessions conducted over the course of 20 years
  5. This was cool to read, thanks for sharing
  6. Life can be experienced from various dimensions, whether those dimensions are illusive or not It is a trickery of language to pretend that other dimensions of energy and deities and so on do not exist, they do exist in the practically relevant sense that your physical body exists, and are therefore a relevant aspect of life You cannot apply higher modes of consciousness to yourself and every single problem that exists in the world, that is not a practical or scientific approach, the illusion has to be purified from varying levels to be dealt with from its various existing levels Not all people are willing to transcend the illusion of life in this manner, in the same way that the Buddha failed to transform the world's population into monks, life as it exists is a multi-faceted illusion and has to be approached as such
  7. This is a misunderstanding, because by that definition simply having a body and living are also a form of ego. If somebody is fully enlightened but also tends to to the body in a particular way, there does not have to be an identity involved. If we are limiting ourselves to higher states of consciousness from the crown chakra, which is one dimension of experience, whether we refer to it through no-dual language as nothingness, reality, love and so on, then we won't necessarily selflessly embrace other modalities of life and energy and attend to them in a relative manner, as a multi-faceted energy form. Living as nothingness, reality, love and embodying higher levels of reality is not a practical solution for all of the world's problems on the outset, because like the world, our physical bodies comprise of pranic physiology and the five elements, lifetimes of karmic impurities on various levels which exist regardless of our state of consciousness. If we are in touch with things in this spiritually holistic and sober sense, the realistic pace at which we can help ourselves and other people, especially those outside of the spiritual community who are not willing to immediately transcend everything, will be more obvious. It is important to attain to non-dual states through ground up purification, so that energy can function from other dimensions without an identity. I agree with you that prana is a duality, masculine and feminine, the five elements, these are all dualities, but it is our purity in prana and the elements which determines how dualistic our experience of life is. Taking 5-MeO-DMT and transcending the karma existing in these physiological bodies is not a scientific approach, and we risk lopsiding our spiritual development. Look at the Dhyanalinga for example, it has no karma or identity, but it is reverberating as all of the 7 chakras and dimensions of life, it is a fully developed energetic form with the non-dual dimension of sahasrara at the highest possible peak Likewise, the energetic forms of the Divine Mother do not have an ego or identity, they exist as deities in the form of the pure five elements, so that people can surrender and make use of them to purify themselves. Language makes this difficult. Isha's practices work to strip you of your identity very early on, which is also what I meant when I said that they allow you to function from subtler energetic sheathes, to purify and transcend gross forms of karma in mind and body
  8. I would be careful ascribing it to ego development. It is more that full spiritual development is inclusive of all dimensions of life, and our present and past lifetimes of impurity in the elements, in our prana and so on have created a tremendous backlog of karmic information. For higher modes of consciousness to be grounded in physical form, and for us to be connected to our own and the world's issues, those dimensions of karma are most important. Without that purification we'll overly analyze everything which disagrees with our subtler mode of consciousness, but no amount of videos and mental explanation will help people become more rounded and capable in these dimensions of reality. All dimensions of reality are spiritual, and purification of the elements and prana ground our higher modes of consciousness within other dimensions of life. The feminine quality of the Moon is no less spiritual than the dissolution and masculine quality of the Sun, for example If anybody commits to any of Isha's practices they will see that these subtler sheathes of energy become more dominant than grosser manifestations of karma, or mind and emotion. The impact that we have on the world and others is related to these dimensions of energy, and is a natural consequence of our state of Being. This is opposed to making a mental effort to apply higher states of consciousness to everything else, and in doing so coaxing people to limit themselves to transcendence
  9. That makes sense, the point that I was making and the point that Sadhguru makes in referring to Saints and Gurus is that Saints limit themselves to realization and awareness, transcending grosser dimensions of energy and in essence neglecting large segments of life, so to speak. It isn't that techniques which are taught in Hinduism or Sadhguru are not transcendental in nature or geared towards realization, any potent practice will cultivate the necessary awareness and energy to transcend the self and attain to realizations of nothingness, non-duality and so forth, and this is one powerful facet of Isha's practices In Hinduism duality exists up to Agna, or the third eye, the crown chakra and beyond it are where higher consciousness and states of selflessness take place, but it is approaching spiritual growth with only one end of the stick and exaggerating the importance of realization alone, and not coupling our conscious experience with a deeper purification of the energetic bodies, which causes us to restrict ourselves to relatively disconnected, higher modes of consciousness This is why Shakti Chalana Kriya in Isha is coupled with Shoonya, an experiential initiation into nothingness. Likewise, purifying the elements with Bhuta Shuddhi and balancing them within the system causes you to transcend them. And also, with Hatha yoga and practices which purify the pranic body, total balance and synchronicity with the rest of the solar system leads to an undifferentiated and neutral state in which the five elements are transcended. The spinal channel, Sushumna, is neutralizing and lacks all dualistic qualities, and people who attain to Sushumna are refrerred to as being in a state of nirguna (lacking all qualities). The Shambhavi Mahamudra initiation is intended to awaken Sushumna, and during the programme Sadhguru will quote the Shiva sutras in which Shiva describes the quality and importance of Sushumna So it isn't that realization, selflessness, transcending the senses and so on is neglected in Isha's practices, it is just seen as a rudimentary and necessary step for us to be able to purify the many dimensions of life and our Being, and that is where the real work lies Sadhguru adds to his description of Saints and Gurus by saying this -
  10. Throughout the day the dominance between Ida and Pingala switches, if you are sensitive and in a sober and grounded state then you should be able to notice this. In Isha, practices like Surya Kriya combine the pranic duality of Solar and Lunar together to awaken Sushumna in the spine, which in turn leads to a total purification of the energy body and a natural attainment towards non-dual and higher states of consciousness There are many Saints whose various energetic bodies are undeveloped and impure, but they may be in higher states of consciousness. It is a blessed way to be if you only care about realization, but the application of such growth to the world is akin to applying stage turquoise in spiral dynamics to everything without development in the grosser centres Here is a nice excerpt from Mystic's Musings in which Sadhguru describes the Saint Ramakrishna's spiritual growth - I would recommend any of Isha's Hatha yoga techniques if you want to purify and balance prana, but the household practice Surya Namaskar will also work wonders for you over time and assist you with your meditative endeavors. Here is a recently released video which sheds some light on Surya Namaskar and Surya Kriya -
  11. Claiming that the practices which Sadhguru offers are 'weaksauce' or anything of the sort comes from misunderstanding spiritual sadhana and the nature of purification. Our Being consists of different sheathes of energy which are connected to reality from different dimensions, transcending those modalities with a psychedelic like 5-MeO-DMT is not a way to tend to or purify those aspects of reality, if anything we're likely to neglect them if we only focus on short-term alteration of consciousness through substances or practices The purpose of every Isha practice is to put present and past life karma on fast forward by purifying the energy physiology from the different sheathes, purification of the mind is only seen as a consequence of this and no importance is even placed upon the mind or higher states of consciousness in yoga because it is the purification of our gross and sober state which determines how free our consciousness becomes in any permanent regard. Substances, excluding a few which are more rooted in gross dimensions and the earth element such as Ayahuasca and mushrooms, only tend to higher consciousness and states of mind and it can be very easy to neglect the rest of reality through that approach. Purification through Ayahuasca and mushrooms is likewise quite unreliable and arbitrary, and that is why yogic practices which purify the energetic sheathes are important. Yoga is rooted in the purification of the five elements and purification of prana (solar and lunar energy). Our sober connection to the purity of the five elements determines how pure our body and mind are. Solar and lunar energy are represented as Father and Mother in yoga because those are the energy channels/intermediaries through which our actual Father and Mother transmit information to us to condition and create the body genetically. The five elements are the very basis of creation and without them we would not exist, on top of that it is solar and lunar energy which creates and encodes life to take a physical form, so both of these dimensions are extremely important in Hinduism. By purifying our connection to the solar system through Hatha yoga we are purifying our connection to the original Father and Mother, the original source of our physical manifestation, and this purifies grosser dimensions of information and conditioning in the mind and body It is our past (sanchita) and present (parabdha) karma which keeps our consciousness compulsive in a sober state, and to exhaust that backlog of gross information yoga incorporates the purification of elements and prana. Purifying the mind is the easiest thing that we can do, through substances or through intense kriya yoga, but purifying the mind does not tend to grosser dimensions of energy and that is what we need to purify to free our consciousness from the grips of karma in our sober state. It isn't for no reason at all that Hatha yoga exists, or that deities which represent the sun and moon as Surya and various forms of the Divine Mother exist. If we want deep and permanent spiritual progress which isn't restricted to exaggerated states of mind and consciousness, and which isn't disconnected from the gross problems in the world and the dimensions through which they exist, yoga becomes important. You will see that teachers like Leo and others who focus on transcendence, nothingness and so on are mentally masturbating over those states, and that is because they are neglecting real spiritual science in the name of substances which stimulate the gross bodies and exaggerate the application of higher mind and consciousness, without addressing the origins of these impurities which are being transcended Coming to Shambhavi, the purpose of Shambhavi is to purify the pranic channels (Ida/moon and Pingala/sun) and to awaken the central spinal channel known as Sushumna. The potency of Shambhavi lies in the fact that it causes the etheric body (the subtlest energetic sheathe) to become the most dominant sheathe in our experience, which in turn causes all other gross manifestations of karma in the energetic, mental and physical body to exhaust over time. Mahamudra means a seal, and it is the sealing aspect of Shambhavi which locks the physiological changes which the practice makes in place. This grosser purification allows you to attain to meditativeness in a holistic and organic way, exhausting the karmic impurities in the energetic physiology so that your entire system becomes meditative Yoga from Isha is different from kriya yoga because it aims to achieve higher states of consciousness through permanent purification of the elements and energy body, instead of transcending and neglecting them. A lot of people in the world will not take Leo's path of transcending those dimensions through substances, or the Buddhist path of transcending those dimensions through awareness alone, and that is why attaining to awareness and consciousness through these methods is a more holistic and purificatory approach. In Isha's most advanced practice, Shakti Chalana Kriya, you can attain to a state of non-duality by purifying and taking charge of the body's five Pancha Vayus. The practice causes the Pancha Vayus to recede from the body as they would at death, which is therefore more physiologically accurate and purifying than death through any transcendental mode of consciousness. Shambhavi is very intense if you are initiated, and it is a kind of intensity which needs to be understood from the right perspective
  12. Responded Sorry to clog this thread up a bit, I would love to hear about other's experiences with Sadhguru or Isha Looking forwards to your report!
  13. It is not a beginner program in the sense that it is any less relevant than meditative practice, I have been through Isha's advanced programs and the Hatha yoga like Bhuta Shuddhi is provided as a means to purify the root of your system. That was the difference I pointed out in attaining to realization by transcending the mind, and attaining to it as a result of purification which permanently grounds the subtler and higher dimensions within the gross. In all of Isha's programs they place emphasis on activating the muladhara before you begin your kriyas for the same reason. Transcending the mind and being gross in the rest of the body will be a lopsided development, purification allows realization to find expression in the rest of the system. Think spiral dynamics, if you are realized on the level of consciousness and not in energy then you will try to apply stage Turquoise to every other stage of life, whilst still having the gross compulsions from the other stages Oh, you should be able to access Sadhguru Exclusive without having attended any programs. It is a monthly subscription just like Netflix. Does this link work for you? - Where are you based?, there are Hatha yoga instructors in most countries, here is the teacher finder -
  14. If the path of realization is all that you are seeking then what you are saying is absolutely fine. I think that you would benefit from some of the videos on Sadhguru exclusive, he discusses the difference between enlightenment on the level of consciousness and then enlightenment in energy, which aspects like the sun and the moon and the five elements are responsible for. Consciously attending to those dimensions will be a huge support for your other practices Your own experience is the only thing that matters, and realization cannot be demeaned because it is the very nature of things. The difference between Saints and Gurus was made because realization is one dimension of energy, and understanding that the world's problems manifest in many dimensions will open up the path more for you. Purification is multi-faceted and can be approached through various means, this is why in Isha they have created forms like the Linga Bhairavi, Suryakund and Chandrakund, and teach processes like Surya Kriya and Yogasanas and so on Even if you only learn the Bhuta Shuddhi process from Isha and then couple it with your meditative practice, that is huge step forwards in my experience - I'm not sure where you are situated, but here are Hatha yoga instructors in most countries that teach Isha's processes - And for anybody interested, Isha will be streaming an online ritual to cleanse the five elements in March, it is quite a minimal fee and you will receive items to take part and experience this for yourself - Here are some of the listed benefits -
  15. All relativism between This and That, and the relevance of other dimensions of experience that are not non-dual drop away when you are established in non-duality, but transcendence of the ego and non-dual experience of life is still one dimension of experience The emphasis is on rising above the ego through purificatory means, which differs from transcendence because you naturally attain to non-duality when the grosser dimensions of who you are, the solar system being your extended body, and the five elements being the makeup for your physical body, are purified and the memory and karma in the form of the physical, mental, pranic and etheric bodies no longer determine who you are Transcendence of the mind's duality occurs on the outset when you are initiated into and commit to a potent system of yoga, and Isha's are exclusive in the sense that they work towards transcendence on the level of your awareness, which is what you are referring to, and by purifying the energy system's connection to reality on an elemental and pranic (solar) level so that your realization is grounded in all dimensions of experience The very reason for Sadhguru's description of Saints and Gurus and Ramana Maharshi not caring about the sheathes of the body, is to explain that realization through transcendence alone neglects other manifestations of reality, which causes you to mistake the psychologically transcendental, non-dual dimension of life to be an all encompassing solution towards the world's and life's problems Dharma, Vedanta and all mental forms of spiritual teachings exist to help us to connect to our Vijnanaamaya kosha (wisdom sheathe) in Hinduism or Dharmakaya (wisdom body) in Buddhism. By applying non-dual teaching you are connecting to a subtler bodily sheathe which is connected to reality from the level of your awareness, and transcending the elements within the mind-stream rather than purifying the root cause of your disconnection to reality in the form of elemental, pranic, mental and physical karma Hinduism teaches that Buddhism is regressive and originally devised for monks because instead of purifying your lifetimes of karma, by purifying your system and permanently attaining to non-duality, you are ONLY transcending life so that you can cut off from all of your karma at death. Gautama's intention was to regress all of humanity into monks so that they could be liberated at death, rather than allowing people to live a full life by both transcending and purifying their karma If you only establish yourself in non-duality by transcending all other modes of life, you exaggerate the application of that one dimension of life to all of the world's and life's problems, Gautama's mission failed by definition because he limited himself to this one dimension and application of spirituality for the larger public The Hindu approach is to transcend and purify your karma, and to rise above the cyclical limitations of the grosser bodies (physical, mental, energetic) so that the cyclical karma of your past lives is exhausted. This is what experiencing life fully means, rising above the limitations of the mind, body and energy system by purifying your connection to reality at the most fundamental levels (elemental, pranic), and experiencing all that there is to experience in life so that you also become liberated from the cycles of life and death. Hatha means to purify the elements (the subtlest space), and also to purify your energy's connection to the Sun and Moon so that your gross karma is exhausted and you evolve as a Being, freeing your consciousness from these cycles of creation There are very potent methods and processes towards attaining this, and Isha (and others if you look in the right places) initiate people into these processes. If you are a serious seeker then you should experience these processes first-hand alongside the grace of a Guru before you come to any real conclusions. Taking substances which explode you into high dimensions of experience and then cause you to come back down to the karmic cycles of your mental body, your psychological experience of reality, and exaggerate the importance of such experiences is a complete misunderstanding of spirituality