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  1. I disagree. The answer is turtles all the way down. You can split it indefinately. Then you reach the plank length. Then you go into energy. What is energy. Well energy is fueled by 5th dimension waves of patterns. which is fueled by 6th dimension stuff and it goes on forever. It doesn't end with nothingness. Ken wilber said it. It's holons. If you go a trillion orders of magnitide deeper or smaller, you don't get closer to nothing, you just go deeper into the smallness or in causality. At least that's what I believe.
  2. This work unfortunately reaches deeply fucked up people because of all the suffering they went through. I get that you cannot help them or take responsibility for it, and that's pretty bad. Suffering leads to spirituality, and if you don't want to take the responsibility for it (which you shouldn't), I would recommend you advise them/us regularly to use conventional methods for mental health. This of course isn't the perfect solution, but at least it's not a gamble. Anyway, this is a tricky territory, it can be bad, let's not make it worse. The only reason I don't teach is because I'm not sure I would cause more good than harm.
  3. @Leo Gura I really loved your guest appearance. It gives publicity and it opens up the bubble of this community too. And teachers absolutely NEED to communicate with each other. For the sake of everyone. Just so you know what podcast I would absolutely love to see you in in case you are interested in: -Sam Harris: This would be really entertaining and you might actually be able to make him shift from his materialism agnosticism towards deeper understanding. He knows about epistemology and philosophy, and you do too. You will probably "lose the debate" by playing by his rules, but he had a pretty interesting conversation with rupert spira about conciousness, and rupert didn't even go deeply into it. He says that consciousness is an emergent property to matter, like flow is to water. This is not more logical than the alternative Idealism. If you were able to pinpoint the exact things he should question, this would help me (and him, and you) enormously. -Bernardo kastrup: Well Idealism vs god. He does a lot of podcasts recently. - Theories of everything with Curt Jaimungal: He asks the RIGHT questions, he asks all of them, and he will probably ask questions none of us would think about. Very underrated podcast. - Joe rogan of course: The world wants to know. Let's talk about aliens and DMT. -Shinzen Young: THIS. Probably the most underrated teacher today. He has an algorithmic solution to every step of the path. If I had to chose one podcast you do, this one is it. What do you think about potential conversations with them?
  4. In case you guys missed it: Finally! I'm so happy to see you on podcasts now! I'm really curious. What are your next podcasts? Are you going to go on joe rogan too?
  5. I thought about that. I don't get how such a choice can be made. I'm aware it doesn't take a decision like the ego self, but it "made it happen". I have been all the way into the nothingness (without love though) I get that, but I didn't feel the need to explain eternity. @m0hsen Yes I meant what you wrote in human language. Because it wants egoic projection, impermanence and meaning. There's absolutely nothing in the singularity. We dream this as a sandbox, to play. @Rajneeshpuram I don't know... People would have taken care of me I guess even if I couldn't function. It's the absence of it, not the opposite. Damn words haha. It's "empty" of fun.
  6. I just had this insight, no awakening prior to it. But it's obvious. The nothingness is just too much of a single nothing. Infinite singularity of ITself. Why would it stay like that? Why, wouldn't it take the form of a human/creature to escape it's boring meaningless void of eternity. As Leo said: It limits/forgets itself to be able to experience itself. Being dead/God isn't fun, this life is made for not wallowing as the nothingness all the "time". This gives my life an entirely different perspective. Damn this is the thing god wants. God loves my life including it's drama. I don't need to take refuge into no-self, because I "escaped" the nothingness for this particular illusion! Oh damn stupid me thought I wouldn't choose to reincarnate again, guess I was wrong. One thing still bothers me. The bad stuff. Suffering is terrifying.
  7. @CultivateLove made me laugh out loud ^^ Why didn't I see this coming
  8. @BipolarGrowth Well maybe not intensively on the 3D world, but I know that I believe the material world to exist just because of sight. and 3D is just the representation of the image-world I am in. Could you please list a bunch of questions to ask about the spacial dimensions? I did a lot of thought experiments with infinite dimensions, like the 2D flat earth starts again once you reach the end (which is the 3D globe earth), and the 3D globe earth starts again once you reach the end (time happens and ever time you go round the earth it is a new earth because of change/time, which led me to the assumption of 4D time just starting again differently in 5D whatever this 5D is supposed to be.
  9. Well, 1. Merging with the objects doing focused self inquiry. (hard for me though) 2. Noting the vanishings of experience. (easy) This leads awareness back to the source.
  10. I can recommend it too, I ran a few times, unfortunately I don't have a lot of endurance but as soon as I found my pace I tend to enter the effortless autopilot where the body runs on it's own and it feels so great. However, I believe that the work is done during normal meditation, and that the Body naturally drops in that state while running, due to practice. Sometimes I am in that state for entire days, and what also can put you in such a state is a sauna. Sometimes when I am in the sauna, for a while, I stay with the pain(s) just sitting, and then suddenly there's a shift, and I don't mind the pain(s) anymore. There's no suffering at all. I always thought this was because I was about to pass out, but no that's just equanimity. I would love to just be able to stay in that state all the time, it feels like paradise lol.
  11. I know someone who is permanently in a dissociative no-ego state, he said that he is easily convinced or manipulated because his ego is not vigilant most of the time. Some teachers who enter a relationship with people who are not interested in spiritual practice, tend to change for the worse, because the other persons ego has a strong influence on how they act. At least that's what I heard.
  12. A lot of mediums are moneygrabbing manipulating con artists, who are so deep in it that they sometimes unknowingly hurt their clients. A few days ago we had a guy here who claimed that a medium told him he had an entity attached to it and that it would cost him 700$ to perform rituals to get it away. I know a woman who claims to perceive things in me, and helped me open my chakras, it had a positive impact on me, but if it's really as real as she claims I don't know. She is doing that for the sake of consciouness, not for money. So if you want to be safe, look for people who do it for free. Then you can be pretty sure they don't want to scam you. (They might want to introduce you to their cult though). When conscious people can help, they help, because that's how consciousness works. I have been on both ends of it. I had dreams come true that are impossible to be coincidence, but never intentionally, and never from someone else. Share the dialogue if you don't mind.
  13. Bro, scam. They prey on people. I met a lot of people who are into consciousness. If they can help they do it for the sake of consciousness. Yellow consciousness and above doesn't ask 700$ to save someone from "demonic possession". If you believe in that you'll find someone who does it for free. I'll do it for free if I can help. What most psychics are doing is blatant manipulation and nonsense. Ask them, they probably don't know basic mystical stuff. Catholic priests do it for free too. It's common, so if you have a church ask them. They probably have purity. There are online ressources that help you do it on your own also. I know a woman who does past life regressions for free, for the sake of expanding consciousness. She is enlightened (nirvana). If there's too much money, there ususally is a lack of consciousness.
  14. @Nahm "Divide and conquer", "untangle and be free". I'm doing that! @Eternity I am afraid of the pain the void can cause. That's it. I actually have that book, it's giant haha.
  15. @Flyboy Well I am the perfect example for going all the way through leads to ego backlash. I believe I understand, that this terrifying fear of the nothingness, trained my ego to NEVER allow awareness to play with itself. This lead to anxiety depression alcohol abuse insomnia etc. ofc that's just speculation, but I believe that's the case. I need to get there more often, but it's very rare, I cannot play with it because of the rarity, however maybe if I increase my practice, I will be able to. I remember from 2015-2016, the time that the nothingness showed up, there is a point of no return. The so called event horizon of the black hole. Once you're there willingly or unwillingly it swallows your being into the singularity. That's where the love is supposed to show up, but love doesn't show up if there is fear I guess. Can you tell me how it feels for you to be really close to it? Just so I can compare what's happening? Do you also have that "nauseous pain" in the chest?