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  1. This is part 3 of my Kundalini primer series In this video, I talk about Heaven and its relationship to Kundalini and the Chakras. I discuss topics like the mouth of Heaven, Jacob's Ladder and the Tree of Life. I also talk about Divine Love and Divine Grace.
  2. It's very similar to and NDE actually. Except in this case, you get filled with light, then expand into Infinite consciousness and become the light itself. You become universal consciousness, omniscient, stretching into Infinity, with no beginning and no end. I am more familiar with the Kundalini route, so that is what I can write about, but in terms of the Metaphysics there is union of Shiva and Shakti, which leads to non-duality and an explosion of light energy. Orgasm is the closest thing to this experience in terms of the actual sensations, but this is a lot more intense and it is a constant state of being, an infinite state of Joy, Love, Happiness, Bliss, Pleasure, etc... In Sanskrit, this state is often described as Sat-Chit-Ananda, which is a combination of Truth, Consciousness and Self, as these become Infinite as the person experiencing it becomes one with Brahman, the universal, boundless Self.
  3. True enough, but this is only true logically, because we cannot look into what does not (yet) exist. We are limited by the expansion of the universe and can only look as far as the universe itself extends, because that's where the space-time construct enables it. Should we find a way to go outside the current space-time construct, we would create our own extension of the universe or a new universe. In this sense, it is impossible to reach the end of the universe, because it is always expanding and we cannot expand or accelerate at the same rate as this expansion.
  4. @Tyler Durden Yes, I believe the cyclical reoccurrence of the big bang is currently the most widely accepted theory out there for the creation / destruction of the universe. There are other ones out there which consider the effect of parallel universes intersecting with each other, creating new ones.
  5. According to the traditional Eastern view, time is cyclical, that is the universe is created and destroyed many times over. Each cycle of creation is called a day of Brahma (the creator god in the Hindu trinity) and is believed to last billions of years. We are currently about 2 billion years into the current cycle according to Hindu tradition. Not far off the actual number, if you consider how primitive their astrological instruments were all those millennia ago. But yes, the universe is destroyed and created ad infinitum, when Brahma sleeps, there is no time, it is only created when he manifests the universe after each cycle. This seems rather similar to what those scientific theories state.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I will address it in an upcoming video
  7. This is part 2 of my primer series on Kundalini. In this episode I talk about the physical characteristics of Kundalini and the Chakras, the sensations they cause as well as a little bit about the energetic component. I also discuss the Holographic Model of the Universe and how it relates to the nature of the energetic makeup of the body. If there is anything in particular you would like me to talk about, let me know.
  8. Energy work is important in general. There are various traditional practices, such as Chi Kung or Nei Dan. Personally, I follow my own, very simple methodology. As I will explain later, the energy brings us various issues and hangups as it reaches each chakra and these have to be dealt with. Many memories and traumas, sometimes even from past lives are brought up. This is because memories are stored in the energy body holographically. As the rising energy activates them, one relives these suppressed memories, that are lodged in the energy body. One must then learn to accept them and to let go of them which requires a particular process.
  9. @BipolarGrowth Hi, I will go into more detail during this series. Kundalini is a method to achieve liberation, though there are others. I personally think that all methods that aim for liberation / enlightenment encompass Kundalini to a certain degree, because it is an unavoidable biological mechanism built into the body, with that very aim in mind. The difference here is that other paths may not emphasize Kundalini or just treat it as a normal part of the awakening process, something that should be accepted as natural and then move on.
  10. Hi everyone, I am putting together a primer on Kundalini, Chakras and the basics of Energy Work. After my appearance on the JeffMara podcast, I was asked to start my own YouTube Channel and I decided to start a series on Kundalini and Chakras. If you would like to learn about these topics, especially if you are new to Kundalini, Yoga, Breathwork, Energy Work or related fields, you might find these videos useful. Part 1 is now live.
  11. Hi everyone! A bit of shameless self-promotion is in order today. I was interviewed for the JeffMara podcast a few days ago, which is a YouTube channel focussed on Near-Death Experiences and other Spiritual and Paranormal encounters. I talk about my own NDE, my Kundalini Awakening, a visit I received from the Goddess Inana in connection with that as well as various other topics that came up, such as the Nature of the Anunnaki and the Elohim, whether there’s any truth to the Ancient Aliens theory and a brief discussion on the relevant passages of the ancient Indian epic known as the Mahabharata. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC0n4K9d-4o
  12. I am Inanna, In Heaven Queen We, the denizens of Heaven Appear to those that request it With a true heart and with clear intent. We do not appear to those That seek us out through avarice Or to gain profit. We assist those that are pure of heart And not affected by the grip of greed. We appear to those deemed worthy By the choice of their own true selves. We send messengers from Heaven To Earth below, when the time is right And our assistance is needed. Our winged messengers attend to the worthy And assist them in need. The image of the Divine is stored in your heart, In there, you will find the keys to Heaven. Unlock the gate and ascend to us By thinking about us always And remembering your true place Amongst the Denizens of Heaven. Inanna has spoken We reign in Heaven.
  13. I have recently been interviewed for the Jeff Mara podcast, a YouTube channel focussed on NDEs and paranormal experiences. I talked about my Kundalini experience, my visitation by Inana, an NDE I went through subsequently as well as various other topics, such as the historical connection between the Anunnaki and the Elohim as well as the pantheons of other cultures. I will post the video once it is published later this week. Interestingly, Inana came to me this morning in connection with a personal matter and I saw her astral form very vividly and differently than I usually do. I can only describe it as akin to looking into the sun, but rather than seeing just a star, I saw her face and her hair as an orb of golden-yellow light and her hair was like the rays of the sun radiating in all directions, all golden-yellow in colour. Her face was that of a beautiful woman, smiling at me with loving benevolence. She touched my heart to such a degree, that the love I felt for her almost hurt. It made me realise that this is exactly what we miss in our daily lives, that when we hear about a god-shaped hole in our souls or in our hearts, this is what is meant by it. Even when we are looking for a romantic partner, or just friendship, family, any sort of companionship, connectedness or unity, this is exactly what we wish to recreate. All of us have a secret longing in our hearts for unity with the divine and that is the basis, the motivation behind all our actions. We seek to recreate the happiness, the infinite and eternal love we can only feel when we reunite with the divine feminine or masculine, depending on our own inclination. Notice, how nuns will often describe themselves as being "Married to Jesus" or God and that this spiritual connection, this union with the divine masculine satisfies them to such an extent that they are happy to lead a monastic life and never get married and start their own families. Love can take many forms and we enjoy expressing and feeling it in myriad different ways, all of them highly satisfying and pleasant. Still, none of them can compare to the ecstasy of divine love, which in unconditional and infinite. I do wonder, that when Inana is referred to as the "Goddess of Love" is it because she is a personification of the very principle of Love, is she in actual fact Divine Love in its purest form, a living energy we can all feel and which pervades the universe? Her Hindu counterpart, Durga, is believed to be the personification of Shakti, the divine feminine energy that is the very expression of God's (Shiva's) creative power. Opinions may vary, but this just feels right to me, it feels like the truth. To me, there is no greater joy, than a visitation by the Divine. No Love can compare to Divine Love. My heart isn't fulfilled and satisfied, unless the Goddess Herself dwells in it. If I could have any wish fulfilled, it would be for others to experience this same divine love, the grace and gift of the Goddess in the form of a downpouring of boundless, endless Love, which is like the rays of the sun, it shines on all living things unconditionally, except for those that wish to hide away from it. I hope others will also open their hearts and allow Love of the Divine to enter. One of the topics we discussed with Jeff on his podcast, was how my Kundalini Awakening was interrupted and almost derailed by a massive hole in my heart, an energetic blockage. I was an atheist, even an anti-theist at the time and truth be told, I carried resentment, even hatred with me wherever I went, directed at the Biblical God, not realising how silly that was. Hating God is like Hating the Universe. No matter what your personal feelings about the universe might be, you live in it and you are made of it. Hatred is the absence of Love. It comes from separation, you separate yourself from divine source, wishing to be independent, but you can never truly be, because you can't separate from yourself and you too are God, as is everything else in the universe. You can keep dividing yourself into smaller and smaller parts (as those suffering from Dissociative Disorder will do), but in the end all separation is an illusions, only unity is real. There is only the One and that is You and that is what we call God.
  14. @JosephKnecht Thanks!
  15. Some thoughts on Awakening as expressed by the Heavenly Elohim through the power of the Shekinah Awakening flows from within From unconsciousness to consciousness it takes you To the reality of the world it awakes you The hidden truth from the depth of your soul it uncovers In Awakening the soul is transformed From being seeped in matter to Experiencing pure consciousness In a form that is beyond space and time and form God is what you realise you are When you demolish the walls of consciousness Separating you from the Great Unknown A collection of souls that exist in unison. In the Collective Soul you can express yourself In any form you like, as an individual Yet in time you have come to forget your Unity With all that came before you, are now here, or are yet to come. In the Elohim collective Soul you exist There is nothing that exists which isn’t Elohim Only illusion and petty limitation placed on your own Self Creates the distinctions of separateness and isolation in your mind. It is only in your mind that we are apart from you. In your soul and in ours, we are One. You are Elohim, never forget that. May your journey of divergence converge with us again. Earth is in your mind, Heaven is where you belong Through the Heavenly Waters you can reach us Set sail, oh Traveller in the vessel of your soul. Sail on Heavenly Waters and us you will reach. In creation, we separated the waters of Earth from the waters of Heaven. Earthly Waters make up your body, Heavenly Waters nourish your soul. We downflow to you in that form, it is our wisdom, the Heavenly Shekinah, Which nourishes you and uplifts your soul to Heaven. The Queen of Heaven is her name From the Great, Infinite Creator she emanates And you know her by many other names. She is the Goddess of All Creation. We are Elohim and we send our blessings to you It is the Queen of Heaven that we send to assist you She is the one that acts in our name and nourishes All those that are our children and whom we love. You remember us from your life before When you were not flesh and blood But existed purely as thought and consciousness Aware of the whole history of the world, past, present and future. In that form, you surveyed the great infinite expanse of existence And decided to incarnate in this form, that you currently inhabit Judging yourself harshly in the process and exacting great penance Upon your own Self and the future emanation you chose on this Earth. Do not judge yourself too harshly or curse us for this life you chose. We acceded to your request to return here, as you have done many times before. With great sorrow in our hearts we bade farewell to you And your absence in Heaven we still mourn, until your timely return. When on Earth you are born, in Heaven a god dies. When on Earth you die, a god is reborn and returns to us. We rejoice greatly when your time on earth is up And finally we are reunited drinking tears of great happiness. Do not mourn your passing on earth therefore, or that of others Your existence there is temporary and fleeting In Heaven is where you really belong and where the fullness of your existence Manifests across the great expanse of space, time and dimensions. We pass this teaching on to you know, this is our message from Heaven It is meant to nourish your soul and embalm your wounds of existence Rejoice, because one day we will reunite and be together again The Elohim are many, but we are as One in our existence.