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  1. It was the seventies. As ex-pope Ratzinger so clumsily tried to explain, back in the day the Zeitgeist was very different and psychologists in particular thought that any sort of sexual repression in children was bad and they even had communes and experiments where children were encouraged to have sex from as early an age as they felt comfortable with. The idea was that adults should not put any constraints on the free and natural sexual expression of children as this would cause them considerable psychological damage. It was not necessarily an expression of paedophile tendencies, more like a misguided zeitgeist of free love and allowing children free love (mostly in the form of experimentation with each other). Nowadays of course this simply wouldn't fly. Just compare how homosexuality was viewed then (a serious criminal offence) versus how it is viewed today (celebrated and encouraged) to appreciate how much views on sexuality and what is acceptable can shift over time. BTW, in most ancient societies, including Greece and Rome, many things that are highly illegal today (such as bestiality and pederasty) were widely practiced.
  2. Generally speaking, the rousing of the serpent power is a prerequisite to manifesting such abilities. It is only the start though, it gets tougher and more complicated still. Certain powers require the adept to keep the serpent lodged in a particular power centre and use breathing exercises and various concentration techniques to manifest Siddhis. In general, the seeking out of Siddhis for their own sake is frowned upon. My own experience with Kundalini tells me that certain Siddhis are certainly real, though in general I did not seek to activate them consciously. Let's just say some weird stuff happened, without me really trying, but it was never on the level of manifesting things out of thin air, levitating, or any of that. I am personally rather sceptical whether such feats are really possible at all. If they are, there really should be some proof of such happenings already, especially in the era of ubiquitous camera phones.
  3. Yes, I communicate with her from time to time. The conditions have to be right and I need a lot of power to connect, which has to be collected through the right lifestyle, meditation and such. I can't do it if I'm tired, stressed or distracted. More or less. Some words come through, even flashing in red letters, in a grey cloud and on a black background. But what mostly comes through is a stream of consciousness, which may include thoughts, emotions, concepts, pictures and even short visions. There is also an exchange of energy and I have to be tuned to the person I'm connecting to. It is quite similar to the process of inspiration. Not physically, no. They're pure energy and consciousness. However, I can sense them and there is even a degree of touching going on, they do have a degree of physical presence, which is very subtle. However, the mind's eye will create images based on the unfamiliar sensations and energies that are experienced. They also send visions and dreams. Pretty much. It was more of a question of them choosing me. I consider them family and that is the way I relate to them. Others want to take a different approach and that's fine by me. Here on this forum, Matt's thread is excellent: I also like Spiritual Forums, where I've also started an Elohim thread that is far more expansive. For some reason, people on this forum aren't that interested in the topic.
  4. I did a long post about it here: Any questions, just let me know.
  5. @Serotoninluv Yes, obviously. I'm not sure why you'd think that I'd disagree with that. If you have seen my first post on this thread, my entire point is that even men have to watch out for creeps, therefore it must be infinitely worse for women.
  6. @Serotoninluv It's not the creepy women you have to worry about, but the creepy men. A lot of men are raped too, not just women and the perpetrators are almost always men. A serial rapist in London, who targeted almost exclusively men (hundreds overall) has just been jailed. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I also had problems with sexual harassment (unwanted touching and groping) and the perpetrators were always South Asian men. Maybe I was just unlucky, but it is a persistent problem in that part of the world and it affects everyone, though, of course, women are generally the victims.
  7. @Preety_India You know, reading your posts, I'm starting to think that this must be a very old problem, possibly going back thousands of years. It seems unlikely that things will change any time soon, but hopefully, with better education and awareness, they will. I have referenced the last chapter of the Ramayana before, which has traditionally been used to justify Suttee (or Sati). In it, Sita is accused by his Husband, Rama, the he was defiled by Ravana, the ten-headed Rakshasa, ruler of Lanka. The interesting thing is that Ravana, a serial rapist, is unable to rape her, because of a curse placed on him by a previous victim which means he can only have consensual sex (shocking I know. Must have been quite a curse at the time). Sita of course refuses his advances, but the very act of her being in the presence of another man, makes her sullied in her husband's eyes. To prove her honour and valour she throws herself on a funeral pyre, etc, etc... which is how the Suttee myth was born. It is an interesting glimpse into social relationships in ancient India and I think it explains a lot. I am also reminded of a chapter in the Ananga Ranga, which is a medieval "dating" and sex manual so to speak, meant for young princes and other aristocrats. In it, men are instructed on how to approach a woman if they desire her. It starts relatively innocently, with reciting poetry, buying her gifts, etc... If those steps fail, the young prince is instructed to furnish as big a stick as he can find, beat the shit out of the woman, after which he can proceed to rape her. Again, quite an enlightening peek into social relations in old India. There are many other examples of such behaviour being justified even by religious scripture, but I don't want to single India out, every single region of the world has had a similar problem in the past. The point is, that many places in the world managed to overcome the shackles of the past and move beyond such archaic mores, but India, probably due to extreme religiosity, is yet to do so.
  8. Also, isn't it interesting that I started this thread over 6 weeks ago and it has been crickets. I'm not sure what it says about this community and the preparedness of the average person, but it seems most people are totally clueless and just don't care. A similar thread I started on a much smaller forum has a 156 posts as of now and a wealth of information: https://jandeane81.com/showthread.php/13324-Coronavirus-with-an-R0-of-3-or-beyond
  9. I would recommend Chris Martenson's (Peak Prosperity) daily update, so far, it has proven to be the most accurate. You can find it on his website or directly on youtube.
  10. @Derek White I get the impression that you have not studied the history of the British Raj very deeply or read the Ramayana. Maybe I'm wrong, but then I don't know how you could have come to these conclusions.
  11. It is quite rare these days, but it does happen. Do a google news search and you'll find plenty of examples. Ditto for human sacrifice, which is again rare, but still happens occasionally. Hinduism and India in general have many great and attractive qualities, but their treatment of women is not among them. Admittedly, women were better treated in ancient times and most of the misogynistic additions, to for example, the Ramayana, came later, in the middle ages. European rule did leave a mark in that Suttee was outlawed and the Thuggees were eliminated. The role of Islam is debatable, hard to tell from such a historical distance, since it has been the dominant religion of the ruling class for centuries. However, it is likely that before Islamic rule, women were treated better than they are now. An interesting snippet is that in South India (where I used to live) and Bali, women went topless before the arrival or European colonisers, which is understandable, given the climate. Christians and Muslims were however scandalised when they saw that and it went out of fashion pretty quickly.
  12. Well, eating a lot of fresh fruit is obviously very good for you, but if you eat only that, you will eventually start suffering from nutrient deficiencies as your stores of essential nutrients, that you can't get from fruit alone, will start to deplete. It would be wise to incorporate other food sources into your diet from time to time, to balance that out and avoid deficiencies, especially things like essential fish oils. The ex-vegan community is very large and growing and for good reason, so be careful in following such an extreme diet, it may do more harm than good in the long run.
  13. I'm a pretty big guy, but even I have been sexually harassed by Indian and Bangladeshi men. I can't imagine how bad it must be for women. I have a feeling that this has a lot to do with religion. The two dominant religions in South Asia, Hinduism and Islam are both notorious for their lack of respect for women. If anything, Hinduism has been worse in this respect, with things like Suttee, the shunning of widows and the legal use of rape as a punishment. Islam of course isn't far behind, with honour killings and such. You would think that things have moved on, but suttee (the burning of widows alive, after their husband's death) still happens and it is all justified by one passage in the Ramayana.
  14. I think you may be mistaking Kundalini activity for some sort of entity attack or possession. Note, that this is very common, if you research medieval witch hunts, you'll find that a lot of people (women especially) were accused of being possessed or having sex with demons, because their Kundalini symptoms made it look like they were interacting or having sex with an invisible being. If you are worried about coming under undue influence, I suggest reaching out to a protective deity, depending on your cultural background. My own preference is for various manifestations of the Goddess, particularly in the form of Inanna. But, it could be Lord Shiva, Tara, Kwan Yin or Durga Devi. If you are Christian, Archangel Michael is known to come to the aid of those that are under spiritual attack. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to call upon these beings for help, they are very real and if you call for their protection with an open mind and heart, they will help.
  15. There is a practical reason, which is also why many Yogis / Gurus grow their hair and in some cases their nails too. It is to do with power, as in the Samson tale. Hair and nails act like antennae, they absorb energy from the aether, the more you have, the more energy you will naturally absorb, for spiritual purposes. It is all to do with the crystalline structure of hair and nail cells.