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  1. @Preety_India You're welcome, dear!
  2. This Healing technique is very effective, you can actually feel the power surge as you say the mantra. Sometimes, I will replace Queen of Heaven with Elohim, which is also just as effective in invoking the power of Heaven. In fact this is the specific mantra I use for that: "I am healed by Adonai Elohim, It is Adonai Elohim, that heals me. I am healed by the power of Heaven, It is the power of Heaven that heals me." A more advanced Technique, for those that do remote healing is this: As always, you connect to the person remotely (usually via a photo). When the connection is successful, you should feel an electromagnetic buzz on your face, this is often compared to a cobweb descending on your face. There is often a sound effect accompanying it, which is similar to tuning a radio station. When you find the right frequency, there should be a sound of harmonic resonance, like when you find the right frequency for a radio station. Once the connection is established, I ask for permission from the person's higher self to heal them. I ask, until I get a reply. If it is affirmative, I will often ask the person's higher self to assist me and give me direction on where to go and what to do, as they obviously know best. I then ask them to project their energy body in front of me. This, I will see as a light show basically and darker areas are immediately noticeable, those are the areas I will mostly concentrate on. First I do a scan of their projected energy body with my hands, use the buzzing sensations and the lights that I see as a guide. Darker areas have a lower frequency, brighter areas have a higher frequency, which can be felt on the surface of the hand in terms of electric buzzing. I will invoke the above mantras as many times as necessary to commence and maintain an energy flow from heaven. I will direct them at the darker, lower-frequency areas, where the flow of energy is blocked or may be suboptimal until they light up and quicken. I go through the energy body several times and keep scanning and doing repairs, until I am satisfied, that the person's energy flow is sufficiently unobstructed.
  3. I am starting a thread on a healing technique and mantra, that was given to me by the Queen of Heaven (Inanna). The mantra goes like this: "It is the Queen of Heaven, that heals me, It is the power of Heaven, that heals me. I am healed by the Queen of Heaven, I am healed by the power of Heaven. " You can create your own version in your own language if you like, the power of it lies in intention, visualisation and invocation, not the actual words being spoken. Repeat this as many times as you can manage and imagine a white light descending from Heaven, suffusing your being and healing you. You should visualise the affected parts being transformed by the white light and appearing healthy. It has worked for me in the past. Usually, when I use this technique, if I am in pain or suffering from some health issue, I get immediate relief and the effect will last for quite a while. You need to repeat this on yourself as many times as needed and you can use it on others too. In that case, just replace “me” with “you”. If you are doing this in person, place one or both hands on the affected area to suffuse it with energy and concentrate on the visualisation. It can also be done remotely, by connecting to the person that needs healing via a photo. In that case, you need to connect to the person first and imagine their energy body in front of you and direct the white light to the affected area accordingly. An added visualisation that you can do is to imagine the Queen of Heaven herself descending to earth and doing the healing herself. I see her as an angelic figure, with long blonde hair, white robes and white wings, but you can imagine her in whatever way you prefer. Usually, when I do healing on someone, I will see her working on a person, placing both hands on the affected area to do energy work and physical transformation on the holographic level. If you try this and notice some effect, I would appreciate your feedback.
  4. This whole story has been an instructive experience. I learned a lot about love and attraction and how it operates. It is no accident, that we talk about attraction, opposites attract, etc... There appears to be some mysterious electromagnetic force at play here which regulates attraction, bonding and love. I remember the first time I was in love, I could not only feel, but see (aetherically, or with my third eye), colourful strings that connected my heart (the energetic one) to that of the object of my desire. When we broke up, it was genuinely "heartbreaking" so to speak, because these invisible energetic strings that linked us were uprooted and broken. In Hinduism, there is a concept of gunas or ropes, which are sort of like strings, forming attachments that keep the Jiva (ensouled being) linked to the material realm through these bonds. When I awakened in 2012, all these bonds/attachments/ropes were burnt by the fire of Kundalini and I was "liberated" so to speak, but I also lost any link to the material world I had before, including any genuine interest in things like relationships, family, career, money, cars, etc... It was liberating to be rid of material attachments, but also painful, especially for people around me and the genuine friends I lost in the process. I was reborn and the new me had no attachment to this realm at all. It was then a whole new process to reform attachments and bonds on a different basis. I am now once again forming bonds with people, but it comes from a different place. It is hard to describe, but I would say my current bonds are self-emergent. They emerge organically as they may and I have no attachment to the outcome of whether they are successful, fruitful or satisfactory. In other words, I act and bond, but I lack any attachment to the outcome of my actions and bonds. I take their success and/or failure with equal indifference. This means that things happen as they may, organically and self-emergently, yet because of the power of synchonicity and intention they tend to automatically follow my own best interests. This is actually an important component in manifestation, you should put your intent out there and suffuse it with energy (borrowed from a Deity if needs be), but then you should forget about it and have no attachment to the outcome of your desired manifestation. This is a hard principle to master, but crucial to any energetic working with intent.
  5. Hi Kiko, Obviously your issue is not attracting girls, but keeping them interested in sticking around and establishing a long-term relationship with you. This isn't about looks or game, anyone can chat up a girl, with a bit of confidence and practice. What girls are really attracted to in the long run is energy and personality. You have to work on those. Whatever practice you do to better yourself and create a better version of yourself, will also work on a particular girl wanting to form a life-long bond and partnership with you. Fact is that women are far more sensitive to energies than men are and will suss out your intent and energy from a mile away. You need to be honest about your intentions, e.g. what is it that you actually want and put your intent out there, putting serious energy behind it. There is no need to be obsessed with your intent, but you should put it out there and let it work its magic. You should release your intent into the world, suffused with the right energy and it will attract the right girl into your life.
  6. @Preety_India Thanks Preety! I appreciate your kindness and loving attention to people on this forum. You really are such a wonderful shining light.
  7. Rather interesting developments regarding my dating life lately. Since I already opened up on this thread, to act as a Guinea pig for finding Love using intention and energy, as well as divine intervention, I will continue reporting my experiences, as uncomfortable as it is, for me to do so. To recap, I have gone through a Kundalini Awakening in 2012 and have concentrated exclusively on my spirituality ever since, not dating anyone or even showing any interest in the opposite sex. A few months ago, I started doubting my commitment to the Sannyasin (renunciate) path and have started putting the intent out there, to find my "other half" so to speak, or at least get back into dating and experience romance once again. A few weeks ago, on a saturday, the Goddess came to me and offered a boon. I just told her that she should find me a girl, or girlfriend (I don't remember the exact term I used), as I was fed up with the renunciate life and I wanted to have a woman in my life again. The next day, I sat down to meditate in my local park, and these two girls on the bench next to me (by girls, I mean women in their thirties, but sorry, to me, girls will be girls, irrespective of their age...) noticed me, starting looking over, giggling, taking selfies, whatever, but I paid little attention to them. So, one of them, a blonde girl, came over and asked for a light. Told her I didn't smoke and felt rather stupid that I didn't say anything else. Fortunately, the other girl, a brunette, was rather more deft and just asked me to come over and join them. They were having a little party on their bench and offered me some drinks as we chatted away. I ended up going on a date with the blonde one and we even kissed, within a few hours of meeting, which is highly unusual for me, if you know my background. Anyways, now a few of the details that were missing have been filled in. We have been on several dates since and although I thought we might not be that compatible initially, I have now changed my mind and it seems we are actually a really good fit in many ways. It turns out, she has a brother, who like me, had a spiritual awakening and decided to self-isolate for a number of years. Like me, he decided to come back into society, met a girl and they are now happily in love. This means she fully understands my rather unique situation and is fully in tune with the way I am and is willing to tolerate my many difficult character traits and idiosyncracies. I also explained my relationship with the Goddess to her and how she brought her into my life at my request. She freaked out a bit at first, but she now understands a lot of things about me and why she felt this irresistible urge to come up and talk to me. I actually really reminded her of his brother and she felt this instant emotional bond when she saw me contemplating and meditating. She thought I was the sort of serious guy that she would like to get to know and perhaps form a relationship with. So, I'm really happy that we met and things are going well, but there are certain hurdles that we still need to overcome, which I will write about another time. She also told me, that she can feel my energies, which she finds irresistible and that every time she is with me, she finds incredible calm and peace and that my energetic vibrations, to her, are angelic in nature and have such a positive, uplifting effect on her.
  8. Free will is paramount in this universe, that is the highest teaching. Becoming a god is about exercising ultimate free will. You are your own free agent and you decide what shape your life will take and how you direct your life path. This is decided by the strength of your will, your intent and the energy you put into manifestation. In effect, all of life is a magickal working, the only difference between those that are conscious and those that are not is whether they practice magick in a deliberate and planned manner or whether they do so haphazardly, without any clear plan or direction. Becoming a god is the ultimate magickal working and the end goal of all spiritual practice. It is what you were always meant to be, you just haven't realized it yet. Whatever path you take, at the end of each and every one is godhood. We are all creators, free and creative agents that co-create this reality. By becoming gods, we can slice out our own private universe from the greater whole and become its custodians and caretakers. Every god claims a particular specialty, area of expertise or region of the universe to rule over. This isn't handed out by a higher authority (though there is a heavenly council of sorts, a consensus of the Elohim hive mind), but is a natural and organic outgrowth of the interests, idiosyncracies and personality traits of the person that becomes a god. In other words, gods do what they do, because they want to, not because they're told to. They simply express their free will, the culmination of their wants, needs, interests and likes, which often coincides with the higher good, but may also be entirely selfish in nature. The point is, at that level nothing is good or evil in itself, it is simply godly and does not answer to the demands of human morality. Therefore a god is just as likely to help people seflesslly as he is to wipe out billions in anger, if he detects a slight. He might help the "unworthy" from a human standpoint and ignore the plight of the "worthy" without a second thought. Divine Grace does not depend on merit, talking about the Goddess in particular, She will give it to whomever takes her fancy and deny it to those that most want it. She cannot be forced or cajoled into abandoning her free will. When you become a god, you are on your own. You decide what you do with your own power. There's nobody there to judge you or to force you to abandon your free will. You can destroy the universe, if that is your will, or you can create a new one. Your own decisions only affect your section of the Universe, the one you rule over, the rest goes on as before. There are others of course, but they don't interfere in your affairs, except to give advice in a communion of sorts, where thoughts and energy are exchanged in a mutually satisfactory manner. I realize these ideas are somewhat contradictory. But, since we're dealing with gods, they have to be. Everything and its opposite is possible in the realm of the gods. There is no restriction, no boundaries or limitation, only infinite free will.
  9. @Preety_India Thanks. This one's a quarter Jewish, so I have high hopes. As Christopher Hitchens famously quipped once, Jewish women are by far the funniest.
  10. @Preety_India I know, I know, we're shallow and visual creatures. But, what i wrote, I think would also apply to a woman trying to attract the right man into her life. Obviously, some of the details and principles would be different, but we all have to deal with this at some point in our lives. In my case, I have been asexual and deliberately ignoring the opposite sex for years, even made myself deliberately unattractive (long, unkempt beard and hair) to repel women and make sure they left me alone. All I was interested in, was my spirituality. However, I've had my fill of solitude and wish to change things and steer them in another direction altogether. I think the Sannyasin stage of my life is now officially offer...
  11. @Onemanwolfpac I have been in the state of No-Nogamy for years now, so I wouldn't know I am actually really interested in this girl I met in Budapest, but she lives in another city, which is a pain... I may have inadvertently worked a love spell on myself when I asked the Goddess to send someone my way, so I have only myself to blame if I fall for this one... My main motivation with this thread is to help others who may struggle with romantic issues, that is after all Inanna's main area of speciality. I will be updating it as more info comes my way.
  12. I am starting this thread to help those that may have trouble attracting members of the opposite sex in general, an issue most of us would have struggled with during our lives. I am a heterosexual male, so I will be writing from that perspective for obvious reasons, but what I write here will obviously apply to anyone else that may want to attract a fellow soul into their lives for purposes of forming a lasting bond. My inspiration comes from the Goddess Inanna, who is the Sumerian Goddess of Love and War (two closely related topics, I think we can all agree) and so this thread will include advice given by her, an expert if there ever was one. I reported on this forum a couple of weeks ago, that I have changed my intent in wanting to get back into dating again, or more accurately, to actually start dating for real, for the first time in my life, at 41, because I've never done this properly before, mostly due to a lack of interest in the opposite sex on my side. I did have some girlfriends, relationships and even one-night stands on occasion, but they were mostly incidental, not due to me actually going out and looking. So, since I put out the intent that I want to attract and date girls and asked Inanna to help me out and send some girls my way, things started happening for me. A few weeks ago, the day after I put out the intent to attract girls, I was picked up by two Ukrainian girls in my local park and I started dating one of them. We've met a few times, but I wasn't sure if she was really the right fit for me, there are several things about her that would put me off dating her in a serious manner. So I thought to myself I should really try and meet other girls too, though I have done exactly zero to actually make it happen so far. Today I was on a business trip to Budapest, which is a beautiful city, if you've ever been and is justifiably famous for its extremely attractive ladies. My very first girlfriend was a Jewish girl from these parts and she looked like a young, but buxom Catherine Zeta Jones and had the silky voice of Scarlett Johannsson, not to mention a killer sense of humour. Unfortunately, I was too young and inexperienced (we were both 18) to reel her in and we parted ways after a couple of months of dating, which I regret to this day. She would have made an excellent wife... But, I digress. So, I was walking around the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, which is home to its famed ruin bars (I was looking for the one called Gozsdu), when I noticed two extremely attractive ladies on the other side of the road. I quickly crossed the street and took a closer look. They were both wearing hot pants, since it was quite a hot day and it really showed off their extremely attractive behinds. I had no intention of actually talking to them, they simply piqued my interest, visually speaking. Once I took a good look, I thought I should overtake them and made a conscious effort not to look where my eyes would take me (which was hard, believe me) and I instead pretended to look above and over them at some shop window, deliberately ignoring them. One of the girls was actually talking to the other, when she noticed me NOT looking at them (which would have been hard even for the Mahatma, given how hot these girls were). She started staring at me and I deliberately ignored her gaze, but she was having none of it and actually started talking to me. She told me that she was just telling her friend how beautiful she was and whether I agreed. I said of course I did and I complimented this other girl on her exotic looks. It turned out that she was Jewish-Gypsy-Polish-Eskimo, a probably unique combination in the whole world and she certainly looked every bit like she had inherited the best traits from all her different ancestors. If I had to describe her, she looked a bit like a cross between Lucy Liu and Nicole Scherzinger. I’m guessing she must be around 25. I remarked that I’m also part Polish and they both retorted that this must mean we were meant to be together. This must have been less than a minute into our conversation. Anyways, we ended up exchanging numbers and I will hit her up the next time I’m in Budapest, but I was blown away by how eager both girls looked to get to know me. As a rule, hot 25 year-olds don’t chat up average-looking 41-year olds, but this is the power of intention and energy at work. During the evening, I’ve noticed several girls checking me out (again, I’m not particularly good-looking) or trying to establish eye contact. This girl, who first chatted me up, out of the blue, looked positively mesmerized. They both were. The very first Ukrainian girl I mentioned, was basically all over me after an hour and within three we were making out in a bar. I have heard that those that have reached a certain measure of self-realization were very attractive to the opposite sex, but it is the first time I really saw it in action and it was quite an extraordinary thing to see. These girls were not attracted to me as a pile of flesh and bones, which is admittedly a decidedly average sight, but it was obviously my calm, masculine energy that they wanted to absorb. My theory is that true masculine energy is in extremely short supply in the world these days, especially in overfeminised western societies and women crave to balance their own femininity by complementing it with the masculine energy of a man (or in some cases, a woman). Anyway, there is a lot to unravel here and this intro is already long enough, but in subsequent posts I will try to give practical advice on how you can achieve the self-confidence and calm assuredness that other people are attracted to and how you can put out the right energy and intent, mostly by applying to the Goddess and unearthing your inner Divine Feminine essence (which applies to both men and women.
  13. @Demeter Of course, any spirit can be channelled basically. I mostly just trust Inanna, because I know her, she saved my life, has helped and appeared in front of others. I know for a fact that she is a higher being, a Goddess so to speak. With others, one has to use discernment. If you know Yahweh's history, he is one of the sons of El (Elohim), but claims supremacy over all the others, or at least his priesthood did back in the day. It is all very controversial, so I won't get into it here and we have very limited info as well, but rivalries in heaven are not unheard of. One thing to note is that heavenly / ascended / higher beings are not perfect, they are real persons, just like us, with their own idiosyncracies, strengths and weaknesses. Due to this, I don't actually advocate worship of deities, but take the Buddhist view, that they can make great friends and allies, help you on your path, but ultimately you are responsible for your own spiritual progress and salvation, nobody can hand it to you on a plate. We have to be realistic about what deities can do for us and what they represent, like I said on another thread, I do not believe, that there is an all-powerful, all-seeing entity that controls everything, we are all responsible for ourselves ultimately.
  14. @Demeter Thanks, Yes, I do prefer the channellings from Inanna in general. The first one sounded an awful lot like the Biblical God to me. I did not agree with the message being delivered, but I decided to transmit it faithfully. It may sound strange, but there isn't always agreement in what I refer to as the Heavenly Council, there are discordant voices sometimes. You have to keep in mind who the message is coming from and treat it accordingly. As we know, Yahweh is a rather Jealous god and does not approve of people worshipping the others.
  15. I will indulge you for one more session, but please note that channelling is energetically draining and I can only do one or two sessions at a time. Question: Why Do you Exist? "I am Inanna Let me answer this question now For we are all part of the same collective. We exist because we wanted to experience, To manifest life in its many and myriad forms To see what it was like to exist as a blade of grass To be the grasshopper upon it To eat the grass And to be eaten by the sparrow in turn, For all these actions are the same They are part of the circle of life The duality that keeps things in motion No life is possible without death Therefore the two must coexist in an eternal circle We do not determine the fates of individuals That choose to incarnate, experience life and learn their lessons They choose their own path and along with it, their own ending However gruesome and painful it may be It is a sacrifice they are willing to make for the greater good So that they may progress spiritually And experience a higher order of existence In their next incarnation. "