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  1. @Endangered-EGO Yes, indeed, that is a pretty apt description. It sounds to me, that you are having fun with the process and have taken a pretty playful attitude to it. That is actually the correct attitude to take and it sounds to me that you are on the right path. I think your progress will be pretty swift.
  2. @Endangered-EGO There certainly are dangers. Although the situation has improved in the past decade, good information on Kundalini awakening is still pretty scarce. I have relied mostly on Gopi Krishna's books during my own awakening and they came out decades ago. If you search for Kundalini on this forum, there are some pretty useful threads discussing it, that also provide links. In the end, it is best to build a personal relationship with the Goddess, through your Kundalini. You can actually feel her moving inside you and transforming your body energetically, as we speak, so you already have a good idea of what she is capable of and what her intentions are. Treat her like the Goddess she is and you will notice amazing results in the way she responds to you. In a way, it is like having a divine lover, who is inside you, which is the hidden meaning of Tantra.
  3. Yes, she is intelligent energy. Think of her as your inner Goddess. You can also pray to her for help.
  4. People are like dogs. They can smell fear and lack of confidence and exploit it like pack animals. They tend to prey on the weak and unsure. Well, I wish there was some book or TV show I could recommend to help you deal with your fears (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer is actually a pretty good one in that respect. I used to love that show), but in the end, confidence comes from a "fuck it!" attitude. If you genuinely don't care about the consequences of your actions, you can do anything. It is like a superpower. The beautiful thing is that it works in any situation in life and works with animals just as well as with humans. You can learn a lot from the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan BTW, they even did a South Park episode on how his lessons on handling dogs can apply just as well to humans. My sister is a dog trainer and I help her out quite a lot, having to handle, big, dangerous dogs that could tear me to pieces in a matter of seconds. You have to learn to exude, confident, calm energy in every type of situation. This is a skill, that you can practice and learn. Even animals in the wild won't attack you, if you stay calm and focused. They always go after the ones that are scared and start running from them. In fact, if you can get yourself a dog, it is probably a good way to start learning about how to handle yourself in interpersonal relationships. They can also become like an extension of your own self, helping you out in tough situations. You would be amazed at how much they can tune into your own emotional and mental state. What you also learn from pack animals, like dogs, is that confrontation is mostly a mind game. 90 percent of the time, it is just pretend aggression, to see who blinks first. You have to gradually train yourself to not care. This takes time and patience. Although I live in a very safe country, where violence is extremely rare, I approach every potentially dangerous situation with a devil-may-care attitude. I genuinely don't care if I die or not and I have no fear of killing. If the situation warranted it, I would snap any motherfucker's neck without a shadow of doubt, pity or remorse. Now, chances are that it would never come to it, because the other party would back down well before the confrontation came to this, but the point is that people (and animals) can feel that lack of fear in you. If you don't care about the consequences of your actions, chances are, you won't have to suffer them. On the other hand, if you are paralysed by fear of what those consequences might be, there is a good chance that they will happen to you anyway, because of your lack of action and courage. I'm not saying that you should be foolhardy, but try and practice going into situations with a "fuck it, I'm doing it anyway, consequences be damned!" attitude. The thing is, once you start doing it, others will start treating you completely differently and your problems will pretty much melt away.
  5. A couple of pointers. The trembling you're experiencing has varied reasons behind it. One is an increased flow of electricity through your nervous system, this is bound to cause some palpitations, trembles, involuntary movements, etc... Another reason is the clearing of energy blockages. As the energy moves up the spine, it clears away some of the built up dross. It is important to trust the process, though it can be challenging at times. Do not force it, let it rise, through surrender to the Goddess. In Tantra, this rising energy is thought of as an intelligent, divine, feminine cosmic force, called Shakti. It is important to treat her with respect and dignity, Kundalini really is a local manifestation of the Goddess in you. This may sound bizarre to those that haven't experienced it, but you will understand what I mean as the process unfolds. It is divine Grace, that enables the process to unfold and at the end of it, you will be connected to Heaven and you will feel like you're in Heaven, all the time. I find that there is a wealth of information on this particular thread: http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=129590
  6. I don't think starting a business in India is a good idea. Not just because of the corruption and red tape, but also because of the ridiculously cumbersome state-level regulations. It is much easier to do business across country lines in Europe, than across state lines in India. Sad, but true. Having family there would help, but honestly, as someone who has lived in both London and India, I don't think you would like it there. The only reason to move to India in my opinion, is if you want to join an Ashram or do research of some sort. The best place to open a business in Asia is Singapore. It is actually very similar to London in many ways and what matters is that is that has a broadly similar legal and educational system, plus it is an English-Speaking country. Malaysia is also a good choice for similar reasons, though you may run into some trouble with Sharia restrictions. The rest of Asia is a write-off in my opinion, because everything works through contacts and a tributary system, as an outsider, you have no chance of success, unless you can find a trustworthy local business partner to team up with.
  7. The Polish military? What the hell for? Didn't you say in an earlier post that your family moved to Poland from the US? I'm confused as to how you could even join the military, or are you just posting your brainfarts now?
  8. Yes, indeed, as does DS9, which is my favourite, especially as it deals with religious and spiritual themes. Its depiction of the "prophets" as being outside space and time, interacting with us from a higher-dimensional perspective is very clever and in my own personal experience, highly accurate. The same can be said about Stargate Sg-1 and its depiction of ascension and the power of ascended beings. I'm pretty sure they took the idea from Theosophy and their "ascended masters", nevertheless, the whole story arc is very clever.
  9. The Messiah is also my current favourite, but there are many others. The Good Place is an obvious one and there are a number of sci-fi and occult series that have a profound message behind the often silly veneer. I am a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, despite the outdated visuals. There are also certain episodes in the Star Trek and Stargate universe that explore profound philosophical and existential questions.
  10. Most likely, it is Kundalini energy. You should be more careful, you are playing around with pretty powerful forces.
  11. @modmyth Yes, I agree with that assessment. We all have our own paths to walk and each path is different. Urdhvareta only seems to be an option for men and there is a physical, as well as an energetic component. Semen is "sucked up" and absorbed into the spinal fluid. My own feeling is that orgasms are actually beneficial for womens' spiritual development and are not a drain on their energetic body, but I have no idea how to verify that. Technically, expending sexual energy (orgasms) outwards, should not be done on this path. But what happens, when a woman has an orgasm, where does the energy go? I think that is the big question that needs answering.
  12. The Razor's Edge, a pet project by Bill Murray, whose other movie about awakening, Groundhog Day, was already mentioned. The movie is based on a W. Somerset Maugham novel of the same name, which is even better. For those of you that still read, any W. Somerset Maugham novel is a transcendent experience, though Razor's Edge is specifically about awakening. Though not strictly about awakening, Gandhi should also be mentioned here as well as the Celestine Prophecies and Nosso Lar (Astral City: Spiritual Journey), which is about the afterlife. I would also list Metropolis here, even though it is really, really (like 1930s) old school.
  13. @modmyth I had a quick read. I have no issues discussing sexual topics in a graphic way, when exploring some of the physiological aspects of Kundalini, it is absolutely necessary. As for me, personally, I feel very far removed from the topic of sexual intercourse in general, as I'm no longer sexually active. Not because of my age (I'm 40), but because of the way the Kundalini mechanism is playing out in me, diverting all my sexual energies and substances towards a higher purpose. I believe there is an evolutionary purpose to all this and my whole being is currently under transformation, being upgraded, so to speak. According to Gopi Krishna, there are times during the Kundalini transformation process, when all the energy being generated by the genitals is needed to feed said process and all of it is diverted towards the brain. He says that this can be reversed, for instance, when the practitioner wishes to procreate, however, I've never tried it, so I can't be sure. Regarding energy work, I get the impression, that your general, relentless horniness is a sign of the rising Kundalini stimulating the lower chakras, especiallly the second and third one. If you were to raise your energies higher, your urges would gradually dissipate and mellow out. But, I'm guessing, that you are perhaps happy the way you are.
  14. @modmyth The phenomenon is not well understood and according to science, should not even exist. I find, that the best description and explanation comes from Gopi Krishna's works. He had a Kundalini awakening in 1937, followed by 12 years of intense suffering, after which he became fully and permanently enlightened. In the case of women, the mystery increases, because we really don't know how this works anatomically. With men at least we have some idea. I'd be interested to learn more, but it is next to impossible to find reliable information on this. I guess it is a little like female sexuality, much neglected and misunderstood.
  15. @AwakenedSoul444 I can only speak for myself. I've had an enlightenment experience as a result of my Kundalini activation. However, it is not a permanent condition yet. From what I can gather, one needs to keep the Kundalini serpent in the crown for 3 days and nights in order to make the condition permanent. People who have achieved this are known as Jivanmukta in Sanskrit and they have a permanent radiance or glow about them.