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  1. In this interview, me and Brent continue with his ongoing Kundalini series. We discuss the nature of the Self, the Divine Feminine and Masculine, as it appears around the world, techniques for letting go of blocks and Hangups, non-dual consciousness and much else. If you have any questions about this topic, let me know and I'll answer you here.
  2. Finally, all those psychedelics the dude's been taking are having the desired effect...
  3. @Leo Gura This discussion reminds me of an old joke: What's the difference between the Paedophile and the Pedagogue? - The Paedophile loves children.
  4. Yep, that's pretty much the mainstream consensus on the matter, you won't hear anything else from any responsible teacher. There are other paths of course, like that of the Shaman, Ceremonial Magick, or staying within the Eastern context, Tantra and whatever it is that Aghoris do. These are however believed to be more dangerous than traditional paths.
  5. Hey man, I seriously thought this thread was going to be about gender reassignment surgery... But since what you mean is transitioning to the next life, nobody really knows for sure what happens after you die, but NDEs and mystical experiences can give some idea. I've been outside my body a number of times, had an NDE, OBE experiences, as well as a Mystical experience known as Nirvakalpa Samadhi. If you have any questions regarding what it is like to exist in incorporeal form, I am happy to answer them to the best of my abilities.
  6. Kundalini Yoga, as taught by yogi Bhajan (3HO, KYYB, etc...) is largely bullshit. It has some elements of real yoga and tantra but it was largely made up by a conman. That isn't going to lead you anywhere. Kundalini Awakening is a different thing and it can happen as a result of deliberate practice, or spontaneously too, but it is still quite rare, I very much doubt your friend had a real KA given his attitude.
  7. @Ry4n Just because you've done it, doesn't mean it's a good idea. Most traditional schools would say that you have to be sober for at least 6 months before you can seriously do yoga.
  8. That would be a big fat no. Yoga and Zen aren't compatible with psychedelics. Only shamans use them, to my knowledge and they do so mostly in lieu of the sort of inner work, meditation, breathwork, etc... which would be a basic requirement for the aforementioned disciplines. There are some swamis that smoke ganja and whatnot, but they're broadly speaking fake.
  9. Some people on r/kundalini have recommended The OA as a TV-show relevant to Kundalini, so I binged-watch both seasons over the past week or so. The show isn’t exactly about Kundalini, but it is somewhat relevant to it, so I thought I’d note some of my observations which struck me at first viewing. What immediately caught my eye, is the importance of NDEs to the show. Apparently, the creator of the show was inspired by a chance encounter at a party, where a girl told him about her NDE and he immediately noticed that she was “different”, had a different vibe about her, as if she had been touched by another, higher dimension. I’ve had an NDE myself, as well as other mystical, out of body and astral experiences, so I can immediately see the connection here. A deep Samadhi experience is very similar to an NDE, except you don’t actually have to go through the agony of dying. Returning to the body after enjoying some time outside of it always feels weird though and changes you in profound ways. You will never be the same after realising you are not your body and exist completely independently of it. Other parallels with Kundalini I noticed include the movements, which play a central role in the story. Doing the movements concurrently, in sequence and by 5 people is what unlocks special abilities, like healing and interdimensional travel. This is somewhat analogous to the concept of siddhis in Yoga and Tantra. The movements themselves look a bit like Kriyas, which are involuntary movements experienced by those that undergo a Kundalini awakening and form the basis of Yoga. They also look somewhat similar to Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Chi Gong movements, presumably the showrunners blended all these traditions into one for cinematic value. During actual Kundalini practice, a group setting isn’t necessary, this was done to enhance the storyline. Now, for the heady stuff. Does Interdimensional travel actually happen during NDEs and / or during a Kundalini Awakening? In my experience, yes, though this is somewhat different from how it is depicted in the show. During a KA, if it is a complete one and the serpent power manages to pierce the crown, the soul will usually exit the body and is taken into another dimension. First, it enters a dimensionless void, then it expands into infinity and into all dimensions, experiencing unitive consciousness. During an NDE, the soul also exits the body (in both cases, this happens through the bindu, an astral opening at the top back part of the skull), but the experiences had differ wildly, based on the spiritual predisposition and development of the soul. However, even when all that happens is that the spirit or astral body of the person floats around and consciously surveys its environment, it is clear that the experiences don’t take place in our normal everyday reality, but the consciousness of that person is shifted into another dimension. I should note here that The OA uses the terms dimension, parallel universe and alternate reality interchangeably, which is incorrect from a physics standpoint, but I’ll stick to their usage for clarity’s sake. When OA uses the term dimension, it is usually a reference to an alternate reality. Another feature of the interdimensional travel featured in the OA is the presence of helpers, who are sent to assist the traveller, both during NDEs and dimensional shifts. This is also present in the literature, both during NDEs and KAs. Though in the latter case it is far from universal. However, angelic beings, gods, goddesses, spirit guides, feature prominently in these experiences. Apart from these noteworthy parallels, the rest of the OA universe is fictional and diverges significantly from the reality encountered by NDE and KA experiencers alike.
  10. @JuliusCaesar Again, gods are much higher, more evolved forms of life, just as we are more evolved and higher forms than cockroaches. All of us are reflection of the divine and we have that divine spark within and a potentiality to return to source consciousness, however we are not the same, not on the same level. Perhaps it is easier to think of gods as very advanced aliens, to wrap your head around the concept of an avatar. For instance, Vishnu lives on the planet known as Vaikuntha, which is inhabited by beings that are vaguely humanoid, but have blue skin and four arms. There are descriptions of Vaikuntha in the Puranas. Vishnu's main Avatar, Krishna, also had blue skin like his four-armed form and had incredible magical powers even as an infant. In this sense, you can think of an Avatar as a human-alien hybrid. I hope that makes more sense now.
  11. @JuliusCaesar The misunderstanding here comes from the failure to distinguish between God and god. Yes, we are all extension, or points of view of God manifesting itself, but we're not all gods. From our human perspective, gods are either powerful cosmic beings, the personification of vast forces of nature, or higher-dimensional life forms that are more powerful, wise and evolved than we are. To take examples from science fiction, the Q of Star Trek or the ascended ancients of the Stargate Saga would be good examples of what we're dealing with here. That is why real avatars have special powers from birth, technically they're not even human.
  12. @JuliusCaesar From Wikipedia: So, as you can see Avatar is essentially a god deciding to incarnate in a human form. Any human that does not display god-like powers, yet claims to be an avatar is just a blasphemer and a poser.
  13. @Alta There is no specific practice for raising Kundalini. It usually happens as a side-effect of various spiritual practices and will rise on its own when the person is ready, or sometimes due to trauma, physical or emotional. Stay away from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (3HO and its various branches), it's a scam. Most schools, techniques and methods claiming to be able to raise Kundalini are scams. It is best to practice Yoga (for instance Kriya or Hatha), Pranayama or Tantra from a reputable school. Meditation is key. Nei Dan also works with Kundalini, but uses a different way to conceptualize it. If you can find a genuine master that can do Shaktipat, that would certainly be helpful. Some people swear by online energy transmissions, but to me they also smell like scams, though I've never tried them. You really mostly have to put in the work yourself.
  14. You should clarify what you mean under enlightenment as it is used to translate 5-6 Sanskrit and Pali terms, such as Buddhi, Satori and Moksha. If you mean Moksha, which is the Sanskrit term for liberation from the cycle of rebirth (Samsara), then Kundalini is a path that leads towards liberation. It isn't the only path, but it can be the most effective and as many point out, the most dangerous. Kundalini is in many ways a direct and potent path to liberation. It requires very little intellectual inquiry, it harnesses the primal, creative power of the universe (Shakti) to break through various mental and energetic layers of the mind-body to read directly to Samadhi states. The highest Samadhi states lead to a non-dual realization and if a person can integrate these Samadhi states and make it a permanent fixture of their being, they become Jivanmukta, a person that walks and lives in a human body but has already been liberated from the cycle of rebirth and has achieved self-realization, which is a fancy way of saying that they have truly (not just intellectually) realized the illusory nature of the ego (ahamkara) and dwell in the real Self, which is the only thing that exists.
  15. Then you don't understand the meaning of avatar. An avatar is when a specific God decides to be born as a human. Vishnu is the best known as he has 10 avatars, one of them still to come (Kalki). In Christianity, Jesus is arguably an avatar. The point is, avatars are extremely rare, they might come along once a millennium or so. Anybody who is claimed to be an avatar today, probably isn't. Avatars display miraculous powers from the day they are born.