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  1. Oh I agree, he comes across as egotistical sometimes, but as I mentioned before, many spiritually advanced people are like that. The point I'm trying to get across is, we have to put aside this idea that advanced teachers should confine with our social norms and 'be a nice guy' - humble, caring, kind etc. Usually, such people either tend to put on this appearance to 'lure' people into advanced programs, or they are actually very vanilla and low-level (like Eckhart). I'm not saying these people have no use, they're good for basic self-help stuff, but that's about it. Well that's what I thought as well, until I myself took the plunge. I don't want to be so dismissive of him now, he has been close to Source, I'm sure of that. ? Don't you think?
  2. LOL. If a Guru dissing people in the audience is the breaking point for you and makes them a "charlatan", then I don't think you are capable of serious spirituality. Eckhart Tolle is a vanilla joke meant for soft western audiences, and is a little kid in front of Sadhguru and other Indian spiritual masters. I would rate even Leo to be higher on the scale than Eckhart Tolle. There are advanced masters and Tibetan monks who would beat the f out of their disciples, in order to hasten spiritual progress, so this is not something for soft people who need to be treated with kid gloves.
  3. @Carl-Richard Thanks for sharing, seems interesting.
  4. Kraut made a great video on this a while ago:
  5. @Nahm Got it _/\_ Just some bad poetry from my side.
  6. @Nahm Your words are wise, and rich, and sound; but leave me in a state of intense confound. By such wisdom, behold my vast ignorance, did I; but to my vexation, that which lies beyond, I fail to eye. Lost in thought and word and worldly deed, I notice something afoot indeed; Alas, despite what I see, Brahman, I cannot find thee.
  7. Bookmarked! Thank you very much @FlyingLotus.
  8. Trump 3020. MAGA!!!
  9. @ardacigin A lot of great observations here! Thank you. I will try to put it into practice.
  10. Belated birthday wishes Leo!
  11. I hope you're right. The frustrating part is, you SHOULD be right. The universe is so large and expansive that there SHOULD be aliens visiting us, trading, traveling between star systems. There SHOULD be vast gargantuan civilizations spanning several stellar systems. Yet there seems to be nothing out there, the silence is deafening. In light of that, it is very tempting to be skeptical of UFOs. However, even while being trapped in a sort of materialist thinking, I can't help but to occasionally gaze upward at night, into this vast expanse of god-knows-what and say to myself "really, man?".
  12. I would like to see this evidence. Can you post a link here? I know you'll say something like "go find it yourself". I have, and I'm super disappointed, because it's all bullshit. The most 'compelling' was supposed to have been the Gimbal/GOFAST videos captured by the navy pilots, and they have all been debunked. Gimbal (below): infrared glare from another jet. GOFAST: A balloon or bird that appears to be moving fast only because of parallax. One of the latest released pictures: A batman balloon.
  13. I heard AATIP is hiring.
  14. metashit lol But seriously bruh, aliens may be real but that's a 747 that looks triangular because of the aperture. You can literally see the strobe lights in the full video. I'm glad the aliens are following FAA regulations.