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  1. @NightHawkBuzz experience. Go to a boxing gym and start throwing hands. Get so familiar with throwing a punch that it becomes natural. So natural that you just start punching random people in the streets who look at you funny. Just fight as much as you can and you’ll be safe then ?? But in all seriousness, I don’t think it’s a bad thing that you are not a fighter. It would however be a problem if you let people disrespect you and you don’t enforce your boundaries (verbally). Sometimes that means getting your ass kicked but at least you stood up for yourself. Taking a punch is much harder skill then throwing one.
  2. @Vynce well yeah, but an awakening level of consciousness is not what I’m referring to as practice. I think you know what practice is
  3. In all honesty how much thinking and theorizing do you do vs. actual practice?(observing direct experience, being present, meditation, contemplation, etc..) I started out around 90% theory and 10 practice but after 5 years in the game it slowly flipped. I would consider being on this forum theory, obviously.
  4. @lizz_luna I’m not sure why it matters but I also have the things you speak of as far as status, looks and physique. But none of those things comes even remotely close to how it amazing feels to grow as a person and increase consciousness. Anyway, I think you may be getting ahead of yourself on this one. In my experience the material stuff tends to become less important as you go deeper and deeper into the practice. It happens organically. I’ve never had to force myself to do any practice or to be any certain way. If you genuinely want to have material things, care about appearances and be successful then that is a perfect indicator of your level of consciousness. When you make real progress doing this work your whole life will change forever, you will not be the same person. So just keep doing the practice day in and day out and see what happens
  5. @Julian gabriel Keep realizing it over and over, keep refining your awareness and becoming more conscious.
  6. @John Paul I couldn’t quite comprehend everything you wrote but I’m not sure you understand what Mastery is. Mastery is not in the knowing it’s about direct experience. A Master is the furthest things from a robot. He is always learning, creating, adapting and sharpening his training. A true Master doesn’t give a shit about appearances, he does it for the pure joy of Mastery in and of itself. Letting go takes zero bandwidth. What is bandwidth anyway..? Just another thought distracting you from actually letting go.
  7. @integration journey I spent a month in a 75sqft wooden pyramid on the side of a volcanic lake (Lake Atitlan) in Guatemala in 2018. Meditation, yoga, breath work, long distance runs, gardening, journaling, for a month straight. The town was deserted, maybe 200 people. Was the most spiritual place I’ve ever been. Absolutely transformative.
  8. @Thought Art I love cannabis and most likely will never stop using. It enhances everything (for me) and has been incredibly helpful with my mental health, physical fitness and spiritual pursuits. I’m calmer, happier, more focused, and more grounded. I never got anxious, paranoid or couch locked. Instead I’m more energetic, more inclined to eat healthier and highly motivated. I realize this is rarely the case for most people but not me. Cannabis is my drug. Everyone who knows me is shocked that I’m a user. I definitely don’t fit the mold. I run my own business, am very responsible and have high levels of integrity. The only downside is cost. It is expensive ($400-600/month). But that’s nothing with what I save not using alcohol or taking prescription medication. Cannabis is the best thing that ever happened to me and changed my life (for the better). I started at age 29 and my life only improved since. So yeah, I’m the exception but I always get a chuckle when people demonize cannabis. Most people have little to no experience with it or how to use it in a safe and healthy way. It’s similar to people who take too many psychedelics and write them off as “bad.” It’s bad because you did it wrong. Like the people who eat an entire edible and freak the fuck out. Just stupid rookie shit
  9. @Something Funny your sisters most likely right but it’s easier said than done. Only way she’s wrong is if you have an undiagnosed/treated mental health issue or brain divergence like ADHD. I wasn’t diagnosed till I was 34. These were my exact symptoms in college. I absolutely hated school with a passion! Zero motivation, desire or discipline. I did the absolute minimum to get my bachelors in college. Now, I created a business from my greatest gift and passion in life. I’m the only employee, I work maybe 25 hours a week, make plenty of money and I do exactly what I DESIRE to do every single day. But I’m ADHD, have RSD, am deeply introverted and an addict. How? By choosing the thing in life I truly loved to do and felt the most alive/connected doing, and started a business around it. You have to create a life where you can do exactly what you want to do every single day and satisfy all your survival needs. This for me was extremely difficult but looking back I’d rather be homeless than live someone else’s dream. So I got to work and after ~5 years of major spiritual work (suffering mostly) I was able to pull it off. I wish this for all human beings including you man ❤️
  10. @Wijuu you are an addict and you need professional help. Do not try to fix this on your own. I would try to find an in-patient program that has nutritionists and therapists on staff.
  11. @Nahm I agree with you but this takes years of daily mindfulness practice and at least one awakening. Even then it’s very challenging because it’s goes for all emotions. How do you explain to someone who’s experiencing pain (physical/mental) that you can free yourself from this pain by simply acknowledging “you” are aware of the perception of pain. Just let it go, drop it like a tennis ball in your hand ? My point is, even though what you said resonates in my experience, you don’t just realize it in an instant because you read it online. You’ll need a lot of consciousness to fully grasp the implications of your statement quoted above. OP simply needs to go on a dopamine/stimulation detox and learn to find enjoyment in the raw/natural things in life. Lean into the boredom and suffer for a while like an addict in withdrawals. It’s the only way man. I’ve done a lot of work with this in my life. You can fuck around and ignore it but you’ll never grow and you’ll never awaken. It’s brutal but I can promise you it’s worth it. @Illusory Self
  12. @Nahm nice! This may take some time to understand but I appreciate the fitness reference (I have a small personal training business and physical fitness is part of my life purpose).
  13. @Nahm Could you interpret this for me please? Are you noting here that the mind is always where it is? To me, these one sentence insights you have are brilliant and carry so much wisdom. I hope people don’t overlook these. Often I take note and contemplate. Thank you
  14. @7thLetter I see a psychotherapist every other week to work on things that personal development and self actualization doesn’t address directly. Childhood trauma, family of origin issues, addiction and brain neurodivergence (aka ADHD). Therapy is somewhat helpful for these but nothing is as helpful as cultivating self awareness and practicing self love/acceptance. Meditate daily! And also one good psychedelic trip equals about a year of therapy in my experience. Just a heads up, therapists do not give advice. They are not going to guide you and tell you what decisions to make. You can ask their opinion but you have to ask and I find a lot of the time they answer quite vaguely. Additionally, there are very few highly conscious, unbiased and self actualized Therapists. Most never rooted their knowledge in personal experience, but rather have a lot of experience observing others. It’s still very valuable experience but it’s not true understanding and transcendence. Honestly just follow along with Leo, (but please don’t fall into the forum rabbit hole ??) read the books on the list, do the work and you will have everything you need to transform your life. It always was…
  15. To be honest @Preety_India you’re the reason I left the forum many months ago. This is the first times I’ve signed back in or made a comment since then. Go ahead and check my profile to verify. For me, I couldn’t stand reading your constant commenting, acting like you knew everything and were an authority. You used the forum literally all day every day. Every time I would come on here for something I’d get distracted by your comments plastered all over the forum. Always in arguments, always complaining, always the SJW, always the victim and also kissing Leo’s ass. Then you immediately get defensive when anyone challenged you. People on here can feel your inauthenticity and see your contradictions (even if you can’t) and I think that’s why people “attack” you. At one point this was a place where people on the path could come and get advice but now it’s like any other social media site. Filled with people (not all) just looking to get validation, vent, entertain and distract themselves from practicing real self actualization. I’m guilty of this from time to time myself. I’m sorry for being blunt and an asshole. I really don’t want to make your life any harder than it is, but you sit here in this goodbye sob story and blame everyone and everything else but yourself and I don’t buy a word of it. This is another grasp for attention and validation or an argument. Whatever keeps you involved with something on here to keep you busy and distracted. Again sorry for being a dick but just remember, I’m pixels lit up on a screen, I’m not real.