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  1. @Serotoninluv @Neuroknot then there’s folks like me who understands what he is saying and thinks it’s great but can’t get behind the heavy psychedelic use. I appreciate the pioneering work with 5MEO but without it what do you have Leo? Can you stay as conscious, can you still grow? I ask myself the same question. After awakenings on shrooms I get good growth but if I don’t do them often I don’t stay as conscious. So is it a crutch? Is it something that’s necessary to achieve even a sliver of what Leo talks about? Genuinely curious.
  2. @Angelo John Gage dude why are you always self promoting?
  3. @Depersonilized I’ve seen all the videos, some more than once, I practice contemplation and self inquiry, I meditate daily (4 years straight), I kinda study religious texts sometimes and personal development is a huge part of my life. I just don’t get much from shrooms anymore.
  4. @pluto Ya it could be weak shrooms. I’ve had peak experiences on 2.5 grams before but that was years ago. Ever since it’s been mediocre experiences and boredom. I usually sit in my room and meditate for 4-5 hours while I shroom. I don’t like being around people when I’m tripping.
  5. @Aaron p I understand what you’re saying. Ive been a daily smoker for years but I’ve gone weeks and months without smoking before and I’ve had those feelings of well-being without the drug. I am definitely addicted, I’ve never thought otherwise. I’m still working on it but I just have this problem where smoking enhances my life for the better and I don’t want to quit. Some people smoke and do nothing and eat like shit. I smoke and meditate, go workout and then cook the healthiest foods possible. This is my daily routine and it works bc I’m self employed and can do whatever I want. I’m happy and I’m still growing.
  6. @Aaron p I don’t have anxiety normally, only before psychedelics. I make a million excuses why I shouldn't do them and I psych myself out. that’s funny, weed does the opposite to me. Less anxious and I feel much more grounded.
  7. @Girzo I usually do 4-5grams.
  8. Any time I’m contemplating doing psychedelics (mushrooms in this case) I get anxious and worried and I sometimes talk myself out of doing them. Another thing that comes up is a get really bored on shrooms bc I just sit for hours in my house and do absolutely nothing. I feel like I wasting an entire day and the last few trips were pretty mild in terms of insight or growth gains. I need someone to help convince me to take shrooms today bc I’m feeling an energy shift and I want to be more grounded again. I just don’t fucking feel like it though, help!
  9. @electroBeam hey man, just be aware this is still the internet, please don’t take someone’s evaluation of you (even if they are a moderator: @Inliytened1 ) as factual in any way. That should be determined by a medical professional. I have no idea how someone could determine this with a few paragraphs of words and zero background. @Leo Gura
  10. @SoonHei the obligatory “you’re already enlightened” response. 🙄 Smh. @AwakenedSoul444 dude quit trolling for people to argue with.
  11. I’m going through some sort of rut lately and my mood is really irritable. It’s a little embarrassing bc it’s very out of character. Somehow I get triggered by silly things that I would normally brush off. I’m mindful of when they happen and I apologize to any people involved right away for my poor attitude but how can I push past this? I feel like an asshole.
  12. This show is really bad, like 2 out of 10 bad. I couldn’t get through more than 2 episodes without turning it off bc I was uncontrollably laughing at how stupid it is.
  13. @ShugendoRa i have and I find it addictive and a lot like opiates. It’s also a dirty, sluggish high which does you no good and keeps you unconscious. Just sayin...You’ve been warned.
  14. @Rasheed exercise. After my morning meditation I go straight into an hour workout whether it be a long run, bike or weight lifting.
  15. @TrynaBeTurquoise said nothing about it being dangerous, I said unhealthy “behavior”.