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  1. @7thLetter I see a psychotherapist every other week to work on things that personal development and self actualization doesn’t address directly. Childhood trauma, family of origin issues, addiction and brain neurodivergence (aka ADHD). Therapy is somewhat helpful for these but nothing is as helpful as cultivating self awareness and practicing self love/acceptance. Meditate daily! And also one good psychedelic trip equals about a year of therapy in my experience. Just a heads up, therapists do not give advice. They are not going to guide you and tell you what decisions to make. You can ask their opinion but you have to ask and I find a lot of the time they answer quite vaguely. Additionally, there are very few highly conscious, unbiased and self actualized Therapists. Most never rooted their knowledge in personal experience, but rather have a lot of experience observing others. It’s still very valuable experience but it’s not true understanding and transcendence. Honestly just follow along with Leo, (but please don’t fall into the forum rabbit hole 🙏🏻) read the books on the list, do the work and you will have everything you need to transform your life. It always was…
  2. To be honest @Preety_India you’re the reason I left the forum many months ago. This is the first times I’ve signed back in or made a comment since then. Go ahead and check my profile to verify. For me, I couldn’t stand reading your constant commenting, acting like you knew everything and were an authority. You used the forum literally all day every day. Every time I would come on here for something I’d get distracted by your comments plastered all over the forum. Always in arguments, always complaining, always the SJW, always the victim and also kissing Leo’s ass. Then you immediately get defensive when anyone challenged you. People on here can feel your inauthenticity and see your contradictions (even if you can’t) and I think that’s why people “attack” you. At one point this was a place where people on the path could come and get advice but now it’s like any other social media site. Filled with people (not all) just looking to get validation, vent, entertain and distract themselves from practicing real self actualization. I’m guilty of this from time to time myself. I’m sorry for being blunt and an asshole. I really don’t want to make your life any harder than it is, but you sit here in this goodbye sob story and blame everyone and everything else but yourself and I don’t buy a word of it. This is another grasp for attention and validation or an argument. Whatever keeps you involved with something on here to keep you busy and distracted. Again sorry for being a dick but just remember, I’m pixels lit up on a screen, I’m not real.
  3. Was intriguingly thorough, will give em that. If someone were to read through that before ever watching a video or reading through the forum they would think you were insane It’s for this reason I have never once shared this material with a friend or family member. The only person on this planet that knows I follow this work closely is my girlfriend and therapist.
  4. @Leo Gura for sure! And that’s what this book is all about. Ways in which is avoid being sucked into the sneaky devils hypnotic rhythm
  5. “Give me control over a persons fears and tell me what he loves most and you may as well mark that person down as my slave.” The Devil - Napoleon Hill (Interview with the Devil) Love and fear are emotional forces by which the “Devil” uses to distract us from definite of purpose and independent thought. Love is something talked about here a lot and I was curious what some of you think about this? We talk about obtaining high levels of love and acceptance but what if that’s exactly what the Devil wants to make us lose the power of will and reason? (Playing devils advocate ?)
  6. Ok maybe this isn’t a good idea. I just remembered after watching the HBO documentary on QAnon. This is exactly how they have there forums set up lol! I guess what happened is the mods just funnel the bullshit up to top and blindly believe (because so many people “agree”) what they are seeing is truth ? Sneaky
  7. @Epikur @Proserpina I personally think a better idea would be to simply remove the comment count under users profile picture. But the very best idea is a voting system. If someone likes your comment and it was helpful you give them an ♾ point (?) Leo and mods can also flag best comments for us to notice maybe. Just a simple red dot ? will do the trick. Also meditation isn’t necessary a good indicator of your level of integrity. And that’s what we’re are talking about here. Mediation may “show” us how inauthentic and out of integrity we are, but personal development is how we actually make changes. Taking action. All I see is thoughts, ideas and theories on here and almost nobody has direct experience of any of it. Just a Leo parrot, YouTube/internet junky with some intelligence, good memory retention and a lot of spare time.
  8. @Carl-Richard I can see how you could assume this but what if the opposite was true? What if I spend lots of time outside enjoying life and am already living in my life purpose? Would that mean my concerns are more valid?
  9. @Epikur hehe it’s not that much of a lie. I do meditate 60 min a day and workout 60min a day (I’m a personal trainer)
  10. @Epikur ********** $$$$$$$$$$
  11. @dflores321 haha ?? It’s not me I’m worried about. The bullshittery is obvious to me. But like I said, noobs and people without a strong sense of intuition are going to get confused and frustrated from the keyboard warriors. Obviously we can’t really do anything about it but I hope enough people on here see this and just take comments on here with a grain of salt and realize that egos and projection run rampant on forums. Just be careful is all I’m saying. There is a good handful of users on the forum that have thousands of comments on here that have serious psychological issues. I’m not an expert on the subject or anything but I do have a degree in psychology ... ?‍♂️
  12. This might sound slightly ranty but some of y’all spend way too much time on this forum! This may come off judgmental and brash but y’all need to get a life, for real. I’m sorry someone has to say it. I feel like this forum is getting very much like an echo chamber but with lots of delusional ego. An echo/ego chamber lol. So much bullshit and projections is hard to watch. We need to be careful on here because some people are lurking around looking for genuine help are getting horrible advice from these mega commenters. Listen, you don’t know everything, you don’t have to comment on every single thing you think you know. You don’t have to flex your consciousness on us. Just stop. It’s like a high consciousness version of trolling. Get outside and put your phones and computers away, fuck! Maybe this is why you’re so miserable is because you’re stuck on your electronics all day wasting your life. Ok that def was a full blown rant sorry ? I do love you guys and this feels more like a tough love things but seriously. Forum addiction is a real thing. Y’all need to chill
  13. @Leo Gura ? I was always curious your take on the vaccine and if your were getting it. I wrestled with the idea for many weeks before I pulled the trigger. I get my second dose (Pfizer) tonight. The biggest thing holding me back was this thought: The vaccine doesn’t necessarily prevent you from getting COVID, but there’s a 99% chance you won’t get serious symptoms and end up in the hospital. Me being extremely healthy, physically fit and having a very strong immune system (haven’t been sick or fever in over a decade, no allergies (live in allergy capital of the US), never had flu (never had flu shot either) I figured I would be fine even if I caught it. So why put some new vaccine in me when I’ll good? Did anything besides your health hold you back this long?
  14. @Inva ?