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  1. Understanding Russia & Putin
    Understanding Russia & Putin
    I've been seeing a lot of talk in western media and on this forum about how insane, crazy, or evil Putin is. Well, such talk should immediately make you suspicious of your own worldview.
    This video offers a much better perspective of Russia's and Putin's perspective than anything I have seen coming from Western media.
    What I see consistently is that people in the West fail to consider Russia's security interests at all in this situation. They just dismiss that as a cover for Putin's personal lust for power or Putin's delusional view of history.
    Don't take this as a justification for Putin's war, but as a way of understanding the situation better. If you cannot understand the survival agenda of your adversary then you will not be able to correctly predict his actions and negotiate with him. That's the point. This is not about morality, it's about being understanding. You can't have peace with someone you fail to understand.
    This is also not about blaming the US or the West, or creating some kind of moral false equivalencies. It's about understanding how to prevent conflict.

  2. A Detailed Explanation of How, and Why You Are the Only One Conscious
    A Detailed Explanation of How, and Why You Are the Only One Conscious
    First, this is not for novices. I have seen a lot of questions and discussions on this forum about Solipsism, and people misunderstanding how it is that they could be the only conscious beings in existence. So, I wanted to drop some truth and give a detailed explanation for how it actually works.
    Who the hell am I and why am I qualified to speak on this?
    I'm a seeker, just like you, who has had dozens of incredibly powerful awakenings where I've realized the nature of reality and the self. I also had a near death experience where my heart stopped for 35 seconds in the hospital, and experienced the infinite. I have done psychedelics, as well as intensive self inquiry and experimentation with my visual field. All I ask is that you keep an open mind to the following, and I hope it helps.
    So, is Solipsism true? 
    100% Yes. However, you need to understand a few things to grasp this:
    1 — What is God?
    God is another word for that which cannot be spoken. It is "nothing." The great silence. Nothing is uncreated, as there is nothing else to create it, and necessary, as non-existence is impossible, as you would need existence to define against it.
    "Nothing" / that which cannot be spoken is:
    Not a "thing", but a being Eternal (as it did not have a beginning, nor an end, as it is uncreated) Non-localized (as there is nothing outside of it to be contained in) All powerful (as physical limits do not exist prior to nothing, there is nothing to limit it). Because this "nothing" is all powerful, nothing limited it from "awakening" or creating consciousness. An important fact to recognize, is that this "nothing" is mystical in origin. That is right, reality is mystical in origin, and not mechanical. It literally came out of nowhere, and no when. Complete magic. Let this sink in.
    2 — Notice that everything is happening in your mind
    Look around you, look at your body, a tree, a house, whatever.
    Realize that all of reality is appearing in your consciousness. No matter what you do, you cannot escape the colors, sounds, feelings, thoughts, etc.
    Even if you come from the materialist paradigm that it is all your brain, everything you are experiencing is appearing in your mind.
    You have never, in fact, experienced anything other than your mind.
    Yes? Good.
    Now, where most go wrong is that they assume that the colors, sounds, thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc, are happening in their brain, and that they are receiving input from a physical world and a physical universe. But notice that it is exactly backwards. 
    You have zero experience of a brain, or a face, or a head.
    Look at your own direct experience and notice that right where your "face" should be, you have a luminous void in which the world, colors, sounds, feelings, etc, are appearing.
    This void, or screen, is happening nowhere. Everything you have ever experienced has taken place in this void.
    Close your eyes. What do you see?
    A dark field.
    This dark field is what holds your entire existence.
    Objects, the universe, the world, everything appears in your consciousness, not the other way around.
    3 — What is reality?
    Reality is a VR experience or game, created by God, to keep itself entertained for all eternity.
    4 — Am I God?
    Yes. You are conscious. You are god.
    See, because God is one, there cannot be another experience but its experience. 
    God is a singular being dreaming up lifetime after lifetime, from the first person perspective, for eternity.
    It has nothing else to entertain itself for all eternity but to dream.
    And your life, right now, is one of those dreams.
    You are literally God dreaming that it is your human self.
    And when your current lifetime ends, you awake as a new self, in a new dream, and the process repeats.
    Your consciousness is God's consciousness. And you have been awake, dreaming lifetime after lifetime for EVER.
    5 — Is my life a dream?
    Yes. Your life is a dream.
    There is no physical universe, physical world, physical anything. 
    It is all simply appearances happening within your consciousness.
    Everything you try to use as an excuse to this fact is in essence delusion.
    Your senses are not communicating information to you from an outside source. 
    Your visual field, what you are experiencing right now, is all there is. There is nothing behind the appearance causing it, and no 3D dimensionality. 
    It is simply a flat screen "wrapped" around your "head", projecting images for you.
    And this creates the illusion of being a physical body.
    6 — Are others conscious?
    No. Others are not conscious. Only you are conscious. 
    There is ONE single instance of consciousness in existence. And that instance is YOU right now.
    All "others" in your dream are simply shards of your own infinite mind. This mind again, is happening nowhere. It is absolute.
    7— But how does it work?
    Here is where it gets juicy:
    So, as God is eternal all powerful.
    It created this dream reality all at once, without any self living it.
    All possible dreams. All possible lifetimes. All possible combinations of storylines, characters, and evens. All possible colors, sounds, feelings, objects, etc.
    Everything that could ever possibly be (again, these are dreams, as nothing can be outside of a dream / consciousness), were imagined all at once.
    All of reality created in one instant, but without any animating self or consciousness to experience it.
    All characters were empty suits, as they were simply models created by this infinite mind.
    Once that was done, God decided to JUMP in and live each possible lifetime and each possible character, from the first person perspective.
    Your life /dream right now is one of those combinations / possibilities. And once you are done with this life, you will go on to live another dream.
    You get it?
    "My" life and "your" life are non concurrent — they are not simultaneous experiences.
    God could have lived 1 million lifetimes between yours and mine.
    From your perspective, it looks like there are others, but in reality, everyone in your dream is one of those empty suits that God imagined during the moment of creation.
    But it gets more twisted, because one day you will live their existence within the dream, as they are another character. And you will then encounter a non-conscious version of yourself, but you will be in another character's body.
    8 — Is my life a Replay? Do I have free will?
    Yes, your life is a replay. It already happened in the mind of God, and what you are, is God *experiencing* that movie or dream.
    Yes, you have free will, and can alter the chain of events unfolding in your dream. It is an interactive movie or VR experience.
    Hope it helps.
    If you have any questions please post below and I will try to answer.

  3. $1000 isn't really a paywall, Leo
    $1000 isn't really a paywall, Leo
    Honestly I don't even want to charge $1k. I woud prefer to price it lower. I don't like overpriced courses.
    $1k is a lot for many people around the world. And one's income isn't necessarily a good indicator of one's readiness of serious awakening.

  4. Is Nahm banned? Or just demoted?
    Is Nahm banned? Or just demoted?
    Many things, actually. Friendships, a more resonant job, mental / emotional wellbeing, sex, hifi-system, and an intimate relationship, which is forming as we speak. Also clarity, inspiration, letting go beliefs that no longer serve etc.
    Once I wrote "Youtube-videos from Nahm" because I wanted to know what he looks like. A month after that he made his channel! 
    It's not really that I would have personally manifested these things. That way of conceptualizing it is quite heavy / discordant. It's really beyond a me and manifestation, it's Love and Joy, god damn freaking magic and immense energy / alignment and creation.

  5. Is Nahm banned? Or just demoted?
    Is Nahm banned? Or just demoted?
    I’ll admit I don’t know anything about how he conducts business, I only know him from his posts and videos and I also perused his website. He may very well be guilty of some kind of social-monetary infraction but I’d bet that’s due to his personality, his lack of worldly understanding, general worldly or personal imperfection, or someone’s lack of understanding. What did you pay him for and what exactly did he say he’d provide? He might be playing the teacher character or perhaps even the swindler character lol (although I’m sure there’d be two sides to that, in the story of course) — I would never do that, but maybe he would. No idea (truly).
    As I said, the elevation of consciousness gets thrown in there with enlightenment and so it can perhaps be seen as something somehow worthwhile to teach and so we have enlightenment (humans associated with it) masquerading as authorities.
    The uncaused, timeless, and permanent end of the illusory sense of personal doership, lack, and separation. Timeless no-other-ness. It is without a doubt the last thing anyone is looking for, though many think they are — you could say that’s how it hides. It cannot be embodied so giving a random example would only mislead but with that said, Andreas Müller.
    Regardless, this couldn’t be any other way, and it’s already unbounded. There’s just no separation — awareness itself is the connection between what is already not separate, and even that is just a story.

  6. Is Nahm banned? Or just demoted?
    Is Nahm banned? Or just demoted?
    I  have directly validated  every facet of awakening that Leo has had.  These are not beliefs.   I actually had several before him and before he began teaching them here.  Namely the awakening in which you are in an expanded state of consciousness and you become conscious thst everything is your own mind.  And I still have the PM where I told Leo about it.  A few weeks later he had the same awakening and began teaching it more extensively.  These are not beliefs.  Don't take them as beliefs either of course.  They can be validated.  Yes we use language as pointers to talk about God..but it doesn't mean the finger is the moon.   Thought should never be demonized.  Egoic thought can be deception and illusion but it is still through Mind that we realize Mind.
    Nahm was not teaching God realization..I don't know why.  Maybe he wasn't awakened.  I don't wanna speculate and it's irrelevant..but he was not teaching that.  He was teaching no self and that was it.  The road is over there is no one to wake up.  God is a thought.  This is wrong..  awakening goes beyond no self although thst Is a massive awakening.  His teachings didn't go far enough and were actually a perversion of the Truth in a way.. and towards the end he just became a madman actually.

  7. Jed McKenna Forum
    Jed McKenna Forum
    Here ya go
    NOTE: I hear tell Jed McKenna actually recently died

  8. The Law of One
    The Law of One
    Hey spiritual seekers and adepts,
    I want to share the most amazing resource I have found that has given me so much clarity. The Law of One is a series of channelings from an entity called Ra. If you don't believe in aliens, I ask you to keep your mind open and give it a go.
    You can read all the channeling sessions for free at or
    The intro is quite long so feel free to skim it. Begin with the first session and if curiosity pulls you in, keep reading. Enjoy the rabbit hole! Thank me later. 

  9. Nahm Demoted
    Nahm Demoted
    The reason @Nahm has been using more of the "there is no you" talk lately, is because a) it's true and b) it's apparently very much needed on this forum, given the incredible misunderstandings coming from the latest "teachings" - the "I am God and the only being in existence" idea, which is indeed a thought. Solipsism is a thought, and Nahm is relentlessly trying to point that out.
    I've thought about trying to do that myself (and I see the irony in the use of pronouns and past tenses here, can't help it), but the passion and desire to do it just doesn't seem to arise here. Ultimately I don't think communication helps, only introspection and openness, if we're lucky.
    The so-called Neo-Advaita talk can get annoying, "I" get annoyed by it sometimes too - that is, annoyance appears and hopefully sooner or later it's let go of - but if it's met with genuine interest and humility it can generate the insight that generates true liberation.
    Infinity CANNOT be grasped, there isn't a self who could possibly grasp it.

  10. Why does God like to suffer, experience all these painful things.
    Why does God like to suffer, experience all these painful things.

  11. Why does God like to suffer, experience all these painful things.
    Why does God like to suffer, experience all these painful things.
    Since God is Love, Joy, Peace and Oneness why would I ever leave those states for this nightmare called Life as a human being. I mean its just a struggle chasing things that wont make you happy and only experience bad horrific things. Its literally Hell and I know thats because im thinking Im a seperate being from the rest of the world but since I and everything is God why would i make it sooo Hard for me to see that im God and everything else is God? 

  12. Why does God like to suffer, experience all these painful things.
    Why does God like to suffer, experience all these painful things.
    Because if it was easy there would nothing to do. You would be bored out of your mind. Like playing a video game with all cheats enabled. There's no more point playing. The game is only fun as long as it's challenging and you are limited.
    A game without pain is not fun. Notice that!
    Dark Souls players will understand

  13. Procrastination
    @Nahm I agree with you but this takes years of daily mindfulness practice and at least one awakening. Even then it’s very challenging because it’s goes for all emotions. How do you explain to someone who’s experiencing pain (physical/mental) that you can free yourself from this pain by simply acknowledging “you” are aware of the perception of pain. Just let it go, drop it like a tennis ball in your hand ?
    My point is, even though what you said resonates in my experience, you don’t just realize it in an instant because you read it online. You’ll need a lot of consciousness to fully grasp the implications of your statement quoted above.
    OP simply needs to go on a dopamine/stimulation detox and learn to find enjoyment in the raw/natural things in life. Lean into the boredom and suffer for a while like an addict in withdrawals. It’s the only way man. I’ve done a lot of work with this in my life. You can fuck around and ignore it but you’ll never grow and you’ll never awaken. It’s brutal but I can promise you it’s worth it. @Illusory Self

  14. Procrastination
    Procrastination, in the way you’re using the word, is self referential judgment. It feels off because it is off, as in because it’s not true about you at all. Similar to someone identifying / believing the thought “I have an anger issue”, or “I have a confidence issue”, or “I have an esteem issue”, the energy zap is due to the discord of believing the thought is about you / identifying with, or by the thought.  
    It’s not about you, it’s about you understanding the emotion you are experiencing, boredom. 
    The significance of realizing it’s not about you, but about the emotions you’re experiencing, is that when the belief is acknowledged it is inherently let go, and you are thus unfettered, and the true nature if you will, better feeling, inspiration, etc, naturally arises. 
    There is nothing you can do which will work as a supplement to letting the belief go. To let it go means noticing you’re behind it, as awareness aware of the thought, and of the emotion. You’ll notice that when you focus on a discordant thought (about yourself) you zap your energy. There is no effort or fixing involved whatsoever. There is nothing to ‘go through’ etc. Letting go feels like relief. Acknowledging you are experiencing the emotion of boredom frees you of it, and naturally results in then experiencing contentment. 

  15. QAnnon Shaman Interview From Jail: Psychedelics & Finding God
    QAnnon Shaman Interview From Jail: Psychedelics & Finding God
    This was interesting:

  16. How de get rid of neuroses?
    How de get rid of neuroses?
    By becoming spontaneous again. 

  17. Accept the suffering!
    Accept the suffering!
    You sayed it yourself that desire and wanting is the cause of suffering. It's true, that part is correct. You also say acceptence of suffering is the end of suffering, correct. But the last part is that your resistence and your desire/wanting goes way beyond your concious awareness. It's deep deep down in your psyche. So to fully accept the present moment one has to sink his awareness into the bottom of the mind, where all the unconscious wantings and cravings and resistence is. If you touch that place with your awareness, you'll find a distance between you and your mind, that's self-realization and the end of suffering to the large extent. But that is not the end of wantings and cravings yet, not full liberation. Still you have to stay in that place of high awareness for long time to allow this awareness to burn all the cravings down. More awareness you have, faster you can burn through desires. Remaining in that equanimous state of no desire, it burns old accumulated desires. In this way one reaches the final goel of liberation.

  18. Accept the suffering!
    Accept the suffering!
    Accept your suffering. That's the only way out. Everyone is going to suffer at some point in their life. That's inevitable. 
    no matter what you think, you are going to suffer. For years. You'll feel insecure and weird and dull. There will be a war inside you that will sometimes lead you to the brink of madness. You'll be hopeless, not knowing what to do. You will want to go back to a normal life, and find that it's impossible. And you'll have to live with the terrible fear that you are completely wrong. You'll be lost between two worlds, belonging to neither of them. Maybe for a long, long time.
    And the message is that it's ok. It's a okay to suffer sometimes. 
    This is the truth and nothing but the truth. Feel free to love me or attack me. I don't care. All I care about is spitting some raw truth. 

  19. Accept the suffering!
    Accept the suffering!
    The struggle to survive as an ego is always suffering, sometimes macro but always on a micro-level. Im being very broad with my interpretation of suffering here. Try to sit completely still for 10 minutes without moving. Youll start to micro-suffer very quickly.

  20. Leo Gura more advanced content
    Leo Gura more advanced content
    Here are higher insights put into words. I have verified the majority of what Frank speaks of here in my own direct experience, not as a temporary experience but also as Realization/permanent shifts in consciousness. It’s easy to discount things Frank says from below/lower perspective/lower insight. Be careful of that trap. It’ll hold you back from what you truly want. 

    I also would love to hear deeper insights from Leo. It seems like he is more focused on lower teachings for now though which are more helpful to the majority of people. It is really cumbersome and difficult to communicate things like what Leo experiences, and I totally don’t blame him for focusing efforts elsewhere. It’s probably a wise move for his life purpose. At a certain point, talking about the peaks of one’s awakenings can be a less effective way to teach as no one is even close to understanding them and language limitations/projection keep the message from actually being received. 

  21. Interesting
    Supernatural stuff happening around me
    It seems to be the new normal, or a part of my evolution, like I've let it happen. Is it a bad thing?

    For example spiritual timing, my phone does weird things when looking at it, swipes by itself/volume changes, or I will feel something bubble up and out from within, knocks and tap noises in the house, feeling real demons thrown at me by other people, or I'll notice the faults in someone else's conversations as they're being used as a vessel etc, but they are totally unaware of what's happening to them. Like real psychic abilities.
    It's usually like other energies trying to fuck with me or mess with me, distract me, but I have some kind of spiritual callus where it's the new normal and I've accepted the fact that this phenomena will haunt me for the rest of my life.
    Is this something bad or wrong or is this normal?

  22. Would like a more detailed take on what happens after physical death (pref by Leo)
    Would like a more detailed take on what happens after physical death (pref by Leo)
    Knowing what happens after death often takes serious study (unless you have had an nde).
    We don't die radio NDE radio with lee witting NDE accounts

  23. Would like a more detailed take on what happens after physical death (pref by Leo)
    Would like a more detailed take on what happens after physical death (pref by Leo)
    Hi. Im wondering if Leo (or anyone else with insights) has some new takes on the process that occurs after death of the physical body. I am aware of the truth of non-duality. I have had many phychedelic trips, including ego deaths. So there is no doubt in my mind that the final "destination" is that complete lack of self/merge with everything/nirvana/god.
    When Ive seen Leos videos about the matter I get the feeling that he implies that we will all automatically become infinity when our physical human-selves dies, no matter how spiritually developed we have become during our lifetime (might be me that misunderstood him, thats why I want a clarification).
    I personally have a hard time buying this (dont get me wrong, I do believe we will all reach that point in the "end" guaranteed, but that could mean an infinity of lifetimes). What I dont believe is that any human ego that dies will go there after each lifetime, no matter how little developed he/she is. I dont think for example a person who has completely negligated/been unaware of spirituality during that individuals lifetime will be able to merge with the infinite when the physical body dies. Perhaps get a flash glimpse of it before getting overwhelmed and popping out as some limited self again that matches his/her development of what the individual can comprehend as some sort of "reality" for the time being.
    Just like the fact that you can have peak experiences of god when breaking through on psychedelics but at the same time its pretty much unheard of, or atleast extremely rare, that someone manages to maintain what the psychedelic has given you a taste of by yourself when it has faded (even people who use psychedelics like 5meo or similar very frequently with enlightment as goal. To do this you must go through other more challenging practices in order to increase your baseline consciousness aswell as strenghten your ability to remain in those high stages for longer periods (and according to many yogis this process can take many lifetimes of practice. This is not something an everyday person achieve automatically by just doing something so basic that literally everyone can and will do it; meaning killing your physical body.
    Like a yogi (or munk, cant remember) once answered when asked the question of if it is possible to reach enlightened states using psychedelics: Yes it is possible! But you cannot maintain it, you don't have the strenght!
    Another factor is that the illusion of our human selves goes deeper than just the physical body. Meaning that we supposedly have a Physical Body, an Etheric Body, an Astral Body, a Mental Body a Spiritual Body and a Cosmic Body.
    Personally I cant deny or confirm the existance of all those I mentioned there or how correct the terms they have been given there are. But I do have personal experience of atleast the so called astral body and have had since I was a kid. Before I had any concepts of what spirituality, enlightment etc even was I had spontaneous astral projections occuring maybe once a month or so. Many say that astral projection is the same thing as lucid dreaming (and perhaps in a way it is) but whats different for me is that when you astral project while awake you experience the actually separation of you astral body from your physical one. This is accompanied by intense vibrations through your spine and whole body (can even be very painful like getting powerful electric shocks), if you manage to relax when this happens you will most often simply glide out of your physical body (during this whole event you are completely alert and awake) and end up in the astral version of the very same room you were previously sleeping in. Again, the first years of this happening to me as a kid I had no idea what was going on, so this was not something I had any concept of in my head and thereby manifested it. It just happened, and there I was on the astral version of my house and neighborhood where I could fly around etc. Its very dreamlike the whole sensation but at the same time very much clearer and more consistent. Its also populated by entities (often catlike beings for some reason). Sometimes these experiences were beautiful and sometimes quite terrifying since some of the entities populating the astral plane seems aggressive.
    Not until years later as a teen when I got my hands on some book about Indian mysticism I actually found out this was a real thing being practiced by people for thousands of years. This blew my mind back then btw since I  grew up in a secular home with parents who didnt know anything about spirituality (my grandmother had similar experiences tho she told me). Anyways got sidetracked on AP there.
    My point is that since these other "bodies" actually do "exist" (as imagination ultimately sure, but no less than the imagination of our physical bodies) and make up our selves how do we know that these dies just because our physical body dies? From what Ive heard from yogis and others these bodies actually persist longer, especially if we have stored up "energy" left. All this is pointing against the fact that we would just instantly merge with god after our physical death. Still Ive heard almost nothing from Leo about these things. Dont get me wrong, I find great value in Leos work and Im fully onboard with his conclusions on the ultimate truth etc. And I know psychedelics has an amazing power to take you to these very high states. But at the same time I get the feeling that there is alot of stuff inbetween being overlooked here, things that may be important.
    And yet again, I know that all this ultimately is imagination like everything else but that doesn't mean we can just ignore it and make it go away, just like we cant imagine away our imaginary walls in our room. These experiences, different astral planes etc seem to be very consistent for everyone who experiences them, just like this reality but with slightly less physical rules. Gods imagined reality definitely has alot of layers to it and I dont think we can just overlook them thinking we got a free-ticket to Nirvana if we choke on our breakfast tomorrow ;)...
    I mean if everyone is heading to the ultimate after death why would the yogi in Tibet spend his whole life in a hard cave trying to reach enlightment until he finally does it at lets say age 95 if he was going there anyways very soon automatically?

  24. Is Karma real or it's a belief ?
    Is Karma real or it's a belief ?
    Why not listen to people who talk about their past lives?
    21:55 Jan Esmann talks about the time he discovered his past lives. Incredible stuff -- I recommend watching the entire interview. He has some really crazy stories. Absolutely shatters the materialist paradigm.

  25. Does movement exist?
    Does movement exist?
    We’re baking pixels, while photons bake we; there must be an I, light can’t just be screen. 
    Bloodless the eyes, prisms of scenes; yet light to & fro, can not be of dream.
    Relative echoes, a you & a me; eternally special, we both can not be.