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  1. That's a fantastic observation. It's true! While within the dream, all the crazy shit that happens seems perfectly fine, we never question it until we break out into the substrate of that dream, which is the reality that we are trapped in right now. So by extrapolation, we can say that our rationalizations in this current reality mean jack shit, although it appears as if it might have meaning. Good catch there @Someone here. Thanks!
  2. Symmetric Vison. Does DMT trip simulations.
  3. @Loba I just wanted to say, you posted a lot of great resources/videos on this thread, thanks a lot they really helped me! Especially that death scene from 'Enter the Void' movie. People always call that a junkie movie, but I think it has some interesting takes on experiences after death, etc. Also, nice signature btw
  4. @impulse9 I did not get the point you're trying to convey, but I guess that is a part of this work Sure. But are we not trapped in the samsara? And time is a part of that samsara. It's like when Neo needs to escape the Matrix and has to swallow the red pill. The 'red pill' doesn't actually exist, but he still has to swallow 'it' to escape. Until we can escape we are forced to use the mechanisms of the Illusion, at least that is my understanding.
  5. That is true, once the effects wear off, it's back to square one. But is it really jack shit though? Like he said, people such as Eckhart might have some kind of genetic predisposition to be able to access these states with ease, but what of the rest of us? Their flowery speeches aren't going to help us get there, we need something hardcore. I suspect we'll have to engage in years of practice and thousands of hours of meditation. For many of us trapped in the matrix, such things are unrealistic, which is where psychedelics come into play. If time is not required for enlightenment, why are we not all enlightened at this very instant? It's not like a gotcha question or something, I'm genuinely curious.
  6. Oh I agree, he comes across as egotistical sometimes, but as I mentioned before, many spiritually advanced people are like that. The point I'm trying to get across is, we have to put aside this idea that advanced teachers should confine with our social norms and 'be a nice guy' - humble, caring, kind etc. Usually, such people either tend to put on this appearance to 'lure' people into advanced programs, or they are actually very vanilla and low-level (like Eckhart). I'm not saying these people have no use, they're good for basic self-help stuff, but that's about it. Well that's what I thought as well, until I myself took the plunge. I don't want to be so dismissive of him now, he has been close to Source, I'm sure of that. ? Don't you think?
  7. This Swami's lectures and satsangs have benefitted me greatly, so I will be compiling some of his best ones in this thread. Some of these lectures have been paradigm-altering for me personally, and I hope it would help everyone else on this forum as well.
  8. @Carl-Richard Thanks for sharing, seems interesting.
  9. Bookmarked! Thank you very much @FlyingLotus.
  10. @ardacigin A lot of great observations here! Thank you. I will try to put it into practice.
  11. Belated birthday wishes Leo!
  12. I hope you're right. The frustrating part is, you SHOULD be right. The universe is so large and expansive that there SHOULD be aliens visiting us, trading, traveling between star systems. There SHOULD be vast gargantuan civilizations spanning several stellar systems. Yet there seems to be nothing out there, the silence is deafening. In light of that, it is very tempting to be skeptical of UFOs. However, even while being trapped in a sort of materialist thinking, I can't help but to occasionally gaze upward at night, into this vast expanse of god-knows-what and say to myself "really, man?".
  13. I would like to see this evidence. Can you post a link here? I know you'll say something like "go find it yourself". I have, and I'm super disappointed, because it's all bullshit. The most 'compelling' was supposed to have been the Gimbal/GOFAST videos captured by the navy pilots, and they have all been debunked. Gimbal (below): infrared glare from another jet. GOFAST: A balloon or bird that appears to be moving fast only because of parallax. One of the latest released pictures: A batman balloon.
  14. I heard AATIP is hiring.
  15. metashit lol But seriously bruh, aliens may be real but that's a 747 that looks triangular because of the aperture. You can literally see the strobe lights in the full video. I'm glad the aliens are following FAA regulations.
  16. This has been already been debunked by Mick West from It's apparently an optical phenomenon known as 'bokeh' that arises as a result of triangular apertures on night-vision monoculars. "But the Pentagon confirmed it?!!" Nah, they only confirmed that this video was taken by a US Navy personnel, and that it was a part of an ongoing UAP investigation. It's entirely possible they could've already identified it as a an 'IAP', and just included it in their report. And secondly, the guy who obtained this footage (Jeremy Corbell) is a fake-ass clown who has the credibility of a snake-oil salesman. Jeremy Corbell, George Knapp, Bob Lazar - all fake clowns who would spout any bullshit in order to appease the tinfoil hats just to earn $$. @Leo Gura Aliens might be real, but don't fall for this low-quality, fake hype.
  17. @Javfly33 Yep, this is what struck me as well. Putting numbers on these kinds of things never works. You can't 'measure' these things with such precision. Yeah of course you can say Jesus Christ > Osama bin Laden. But you can't really put numbers on it.
  18. If you are so close-minded, why even engage in the discussion?
  19. Dealing with lust and desire.
  20. Absolutely fantastic, this truly is the definition of a 'high-quality post'. Man this is why I love the forum, I come for copper but find gold instead.
  21. The possibilities are endless. There is so much untapped potential in that continent. If malicious foreign actors who topple governments and establish puppet dictatorships for their own gain, and those who do not care about the African people can be kept away, there is a definite possibility that real change can happen, even within a few decades. @How to be wise This idea that African history began only after Europeans came is laughable. Eurocentric garbage. Just one example - Aksumite Empire - 400 BC. Do some fucking research, Jesus Christ.