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  1. I would say yes, generally speaking, women have their guard up more these days. Social media has put the gross tendencies of everyone on display and its being fed into our brains 24/7. While I don't think all men are sexually predatory, I also don't know any women who haven't experienced extremely bizarre and aggressive behavior from dudes at some point in their life. For a lot of them, its pretty often. I think the proliferation of porn and whatnot has had a really bad effect on men and it has lead us to some pretty gnarly points as a society. My male friends in my age range (late 20s) are generally pretty meek and depressed. They spend a lot of time in sedentary positions, they fap a lot, they're pretty purposeless and lost, and they don't really get any pussy, at all. It's really unfortunate and something that troubles and fascinates me a lot. I think it bodes grim shit for real. Of course, not every dude is like this, but I'd argue that its common enough in younger people especially that we should discuss this issue more and hopefully figure out how we can fix ourselves. To clarify, I don't think at all that this phenomenon is strictly mens fault at all, its an American culture as a wholes problem, likewise it'll take changes from men and women both to put an end to this soyboy death spiral
  2. When you are able to go out and have a good time regardless of what occurs or who you talk to, you'll have an easier time attracting women to you. Positive energy is attractive on everyone.
  3. As important as you make them; some quotes have stuck with me forever and I recall them somewhat often to apply to whatever situation I'm in. I've written down quotes from some of Leo's content that has also had a big impact on how I navigate life moving forward. I've also heard a lot of quotes disguised as being profound when really its not that deep, lol. I suggest writing down ones that really speak to you, and coming back to them sometimes to assess how you feel about them or if they've been helpful to you.
  4. I love this, thanks for sharing. It's hard to remove our ego from other peoples judgement, but I've noticed within myself that anytime I am judging another, it is ultimately coming from fear. A lack of feeling secure in myself. Applying more kindness to ourselves and others is so important. xoxo
  5. I can't lie, it cracks me up that now it seems (obviously) it wasn't great for absolutely everyone to get the vax, but to suggest so a couple years back even on this forum meant you were "anti-vax" and declared right wing.
  6. blaming school shooters on women not wanting to tug on your wang is the epitome of what an absolute failure this society has become lol
  7. Thank you for the reminder to be compassionate to one another.
  8. says Svdden Death, the king of wooks lolol
  9. fact is that people are going to be polyamorous regardless of anyone's opinions... idk man I'm not following you tbh. You're not saying anything of substance
  10. I'm amused at how people just can't wrap their heads around the left actually being a nuclear cringe of a political party
  11. I understand what you're saying but I have to disagree, this post is an example of how we're all able to think for ourselves and deduce our own conclusions about these sorts of things. I don't want to have a polyamorous relationship, but the fact that they exist doesn't change my mind at all. Nor does it bother me that people are engaging in these kinds of relationships. It's simply not my business. With your logic, straight people viewing homosexual PDA would threaten their straightness lol
  12. which golden rule? I genuinely can't see an issue with how people conduct their relationship dynamics privately.
  13. Everyone's different; if consenting adults are participating in polyamory, I really don't see an issue. However, in my personal experience having experimented with a fair amount of relationship styles, I noticed that a lot of people involved in polyamory are self-centered and lack empathy. The personality types that are obsessed with themselves and believe themselves to be right about everything tend to be the types that want multiple partners, 'cause they're so great, of course. lol
  14. I get a lot out of tracking my food in an app on my phone, where it shows macros and whatnot. Theres a lot of good youtube videos on high-protein meals and prep, Joe Delaney makes my favorite ones. I've tried all his recipes and they're all top notch. I've heard it's ideal to get your protein mostly from actual food instead of whey- I limit myself to two scoops a day or like 1 scoop and a bar. Cheers
  15. I actually agree with Leo on this one lol more stuff that they were all anal about banning. Reddit functions as a search engine basically, since only really illegal stuff is banned from there. Mods sometimes get out of control sometimes but it comes with the territory of having mods to begin with lol. I think twitter would benefit from seeing less restrictions, less triggered dialogue, and less shady woke people involved behind the curtain. I don't think this can actually be achieved but nonetheless I'd want it to operate more like reddit; in a perfect world.