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  1. I am going to try them but there are some things I don't understand still. It seems to me the main reason people and @Leo Gura recommend them is because they show you what's possible for your life, show you the truth etc. My primary goal is healing a big trauma that appears to be blocking me from everything I want in life, can Psychadelics actually help me with that and help me truly overcome that or are they better for if I want to become enlightened? In truth, I just want to sort out my trauma, which affects my ability to connect with others, my ability to have and enjoy sex, my freedom to express myself, which is extremely important for my Life purpose. If I get those things sorted out then maybe I'll think about enlightenment but I don't feel I actually am interested in that right now at least. I'm sure this is asked all the time but I am still confused
  2. I'm inspired by your words, am listening to your podcast now
  3. yeah I know I will only get better, I just worry about making music that won't reach a younger audience by the time I am older, which I guess doesn't have to be an issue. I think the thing I really search for self-expression, which appears to be more the basis of my life purpose than music perhaps. Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. I appreciate this, I am not on the fence about music, I know it's my life purpose or at least a large part of it and I am willing to go the 'so good they can't ignore you' route. I just worry about having a style that seems a little dated by the time I achieve mastery. @Yarco @vizual I appreciate your thoughts, I 100% know I can do it, I just worry about being able to sell it and like you say @Yarco I have a huge fear of being that cringe old musician who never really made it.
  5. I was going through the habits vid on the life purpose course and there is a visualization that gets you to imagine yourself 20 years in the future 'acing' your life purpose. This stopped me dead in my tracks because to me it felt not right to be involved in popular music in my 40's, I've been holding this idea that the time I'll be really acing my life purpose is in the next 5-10 years because I'll be young enough to be easily involved in popular music (I'm 26 now). (My life purpose is to essentially create groundbreaking, genre-defying music). I obviously see how ridiculous this is and that it is a limiting belief to think I can't be acing my life purpose at this age but I dunno what are people's thoughts on this? I always want to be making the music I want and naturally when I'm in my 40's that will differ a lot from what is popular with the younger generation who's tastes will have a big impact on what music is successful and what is not, on the other hand I could still be successful with another age group or just have a particular fanbase. Just wanted to know people's thoughts on this.
  6. Even though I have only been doing it for 15 mins daily this past month, I 100% feel happier as a result. In general, I am just a bit more chilled and content, would highly recommend it. I imagine it will get more challenging (more resistance/ego backlash) as I start to do it for longer but I can already see how much of a valuable technique it is. The constant question being: Why can't you just be happy and satisfied with just this right now, for no apparent reason? Who told you can't do that? How's everyone else getting on? Anyone been practicing it
  7. Of course not but their only concept of doing that is by meeting people through friends or going on a date maybe, which I do, do as well but the thing is that my friends don't really go out to clubs and bars to meet women, so I don't get as much practice at growing my confidence when I am around them.
  8. Your diagnosis is on the money. I guess I feel like I need to tell them about it at some point I don't know, the truth is I'm going out alone right now and I tried to tell my Dad that and he was basically like 'wtf?' - it may be easier when I find a wing I like. In answer to the questions of why I care so much, the truth goes very deep to a fear of being rejected by my parents (a common thing), that sort of rejection feels like death to a part of me. Thanks for your post.
  9. I don't know what to tell my parents when they ask where I'm going when I go out to a club or bar. I would say I'm just going to see some friends but the truth is I'm not, I'm going to meet people who I met on a Pickup Telegram group to go and do sort-of personal development. I basically don't want to lie to my parents but at the same time, I just don't think that they would understand the truth either and they would 100% get stressed out by it. I plan to move out soon so it should be fine but until then I just don't know how to tell them where I'm going when I go out. Anyone deal with this and/or have told their parents the truth?
  10. So this is obviously a huge deal and requires an acceptance of reality as it is but in terms of daily practices The Satisfaction Meditation is a key one here no? I basically do that, push the boundaries of my comfort zone and do this trauma healing journaling exercise. Am I missing the point by boiling it down into daily practices like this? I guess Psychadelics (for someone in a stable state) would be recommended too.
  11. yes this
  12. Anyone here watch Leo's Dating/game series from London? I basically want to have a set going-out schedule that I do for a couple of years or more, so I can get better at this stuff and grow my confidence. I want to find someone who is committed to that as well and that I can get on with/have a good time with. If you're from London (my city) and are interested, reply here and we can meet up and see if we get on. Peace
  13. With Stuff like David R Hawkins and Julien Blanc's Transformation Mastery - do we not think that by going out and approaching but also by putting our awareness on those sensations of fear and/or journaling about those feelings of fear, we can reduce our approach anxiety/general social anxiety more permanently overtime? Julien Blanc claims he doesn't need to get 'in state' anymore, he is naturally in state because he isn't resistant to the sensations in his body.