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  1. You and I are in similar positions, I'm 28 and am currently working a wage slave job to fund myself while I do a lot of small bets and trauma healing to help me find and live my purpose (I already have more or less an idea of what it is from doing Leo's course, just don't know how it manifests exactly yet). Just tackle one thing at a time, you can do it! Just make sure you're taking time to calm yourself down properly and to strategize about your next steps and then trial and error your way through it. You will be fine, just never take your eye off the ball. Sort out survival and get to a point where you're consistently stable financially, take Leo's life purpose course - it's very good, it will help you understand what you want out of life and how to make it into a career, then just execute on that. If a mediocre life is not what you want, then you will never be happy.
  2. very insightful video, I had my head in my hands haha
  3. I'm not sure you understand me, I'm talking about not being a doormat, Leo refers to this in his Gaslighting video.
  4. Thank you, this is the kind of thing I was talking about ^
  5. right, that's what I mean yeah, learning how to respond by setting healthy boundaries
  6. Why do you post here if you're not a fan? Do you mean you're not a groupy?
  7. Anyone know any good books that they've used to become better at setting boundaries? By setting boundaries I mean not letting people disrespect you in conversation or manipulate you and take up your time/energy.
  8. That's awesome man! Mine is about music as well,, what kind of music do you make? Who are your influences?
  9. I agree with a lot of your points, I am happy to switch my focus to my purpose and work on that every night after work instead of going on dates, even to take 6 months off work to live with my parents to focus on it but I don't understand this idea that if I fail after 6 months I should give up completely and just have it as a hobby, never living my life purpose. The approach that seems more sensible is to focus on executing small bet after small bet while still having an income and come to understand what my purpose tangibly is that way, keep trying new 1 month - 2 month projects until I find what I am truly passionate about and am able to make it into a product or service.
  10. Thank you so much for your responses guys, I will keep this all in mind
  11. for how much I'm working on it right now, most days but more working on my trauma and connecting with people in general because this appears to be what I need to work on the most for my purpose
  12. they didn't say but just to be starting to make money from it I think. The beginnings of being able to live off it.
  13. Hey guys, A few nights ago on a coaching call I had with my dating/life coach, he and another coach gave me some pretty anxiety-inducing life purpose advice. For context, I work a fairly standard 9-5 in the day and am working on my life purpose on the side of that with my intention of being able to eventually transition into doing that as my full-time career, been doing that for a few years now. My purpose is based around expressing myself through music and making people laugh/entertaining people but it also seems to be as much to do with connecting with others because I want to enjoy creating music and entertainment in collaboration. I am about to turn 28 years old and they told me that I should quit my job, move back in with my parents or try and survive on a part-time job (in London) and pursue my purpose for 6 months with the intention of starting to make money off of it by the end of it. They said that if I fail at that then I should just give it up and have it as a hobby. The point they were stressing is that if I am spending 8 hours a day at a 9-5 then I am heading towards getting complacent and not living my life purpose because I will eventually be promoted at my 9-5 and then in my dating pursuits (I go on a lot of dates) I will likely meet someone I really like in the next few years and will get more complacent because of them. My feeling is that while I do know that I really need to focus on one thing to actually be successful at it and I'll probably never feel 'fully ready' to make the switch, this is way too risky and is actually unnecessary. I don't ever want to give up on pursuing/doing my life purpose so I don't understand the idea that I should quit if I don't make it after 6 months… My parents are also not supportive of my life purpose stuff and living on a part-time job in London would be very challenging, almost unmanageable. With music particularly, you can make really good art but if your marketing isn't on point then you likely will have 0 success. My approach right now is focusing on healing trauma so that I am, crucially, much better at connecting with others and expressing myself authentically/creatively and just mastering guitar/bass and music production, as well as learning marketing. I want to get clearer on what my product actually is and then work on getting a lot of views for it on social media. I also think a lot of work can be done while having a job and many, many artists have made it on the back of working an 8-hour-a-day job. I don't plan to ever quit working on healing myself from trauma and achieving mastery of my music skills. I rarely hear about creatives going hard for 6 months on their dreams and then blowing up. What do you think of this? Do you think their suggestion is a good move? I'm having a lot of trouble with it. @Leo Gura and/or anyone else currently living their life purpose on here?
  14. yeah this is what frustrates me, if some of this stuff is put another way for them, related to certain experiences they've had in life or just put in specific language that they have a preference for then they would probably be like 'oh yeah, obviously.'
  15. yeah I agree with this as well, if you haven't done the Life Purpose course yet, make sure you do that and if you don't have some sort of healing/spiritual practice set up already, also find what is most important for you to be doing there instead of just wanting to watch more videos.