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  1. @Raptorsin7 You'd think that the crown opening would at least produce a noticeable shift afterwards, but it never has. Or perhaps it didn't open fully?
  2. It almost felt like something was activated. And it seemed like something was being released. But not much mind content.
  3. Interesting. And this is a good thing? Yeah, it's hard to explain, it almost feels like there is something shooting out of the top of my head. There's a density/hardness to it. I remember during the cannabis trip that I was also rotating my spine and arms. Can't remember if it was at the same time as pole feeling. I probably looked like I was being exorcised or something.
  4. Has anyone experienced the feeling of having an orb inside the top of their head or a pole going through the top of their heads? It's very strong, sharp, and feels magnetic almost. My head usually also rotates spontaneously whenever this happens. The first time I felt it was during a group energy healing I received, where everyone was directing energy to me during a "rebirthing" process. The last time was on a high dose of cannabis oil. And I believe I've experienced it on LSD or 2cb but I can't be sure. What does it mean? Is it related to kundalini?
  5. Can you also help me with finances please?
  6. @kosmo What is the course you're taking called?
  7. I think my biggest fear about pursuing the truth/spirituality/enlightenment, is that it will come at a huge cost. That at some point I will come across a pill too big to swallow. Something that cannot ever be unseen. The big cosmic joke? Or perhaps I have already discovered the truth and spent my entire existence forgetting it so that I can continue experiencing life through different perspectives? i.e. God is everything and created "separation" in order to feel. Part of me says that I only have that fear because I have been programmed to believe that there is always a catch, you can't have your cake and eat it too, everything comes at a cost, etc. But I also want to believe that all of that is only dualistic thinking. How do you see through the distortions? This unsettling feeling has probably been the biggest hindrance in going further. I just want to know if the fear is real or unfounded.
  8. Please don't go this way. I know a lot of people who have come out really fucked up and haven't been the same since. I'm not against Iboga just that you shouldn't START with it for trauma.
  9. Skip the Aya for now. Ever notice how a lot of people who are into Aya, and have done dozens of ceremonies, are still fucked up? Read this What MDMA Therapy Did For Me and then How to Get Started with Planet Medicine Therapy. Tucker Max is the last person I ever thought would write about Trauma so that says a lot. He's friends with Tim Ferris who is a huge supporter of psychedelic therapy, and MAPS. Also, feel free to PM me if you're interested in trauma therapies.
  10. Trauma is trapped in the body/nervous system. The stories in your mind are a result of the trauma, and not the source. So how would it be possible to heal it via hypnosis?
  11. Did it heal you? Do you feel like you still need to do more sessions?