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  1. I know u didn’t say a specific amount of time it would take. But u saying not to worry about timing is almost just as bad. What if it takes twenty years? For all I know it will. Should be obvious how unacceptable that amount of time is if that turns out to be what it takes. I’ve already been waiting my whole life and possibly much longer only to receive more and more and more and more times infinity of no sex. I’ve placed the order, the universe knows what I want yet it still insists on making me wait perhaps indefinitely because it likes to stroke its vast cosmic cock to the sight of my suffering virgin soul. In the absolute sense, yes. There is no time. But here in this 3d realm we’re stuck in time is very real and affects us all in a fundamental level. Would you rather be forced to go 1 week or 1 decade without being able to touch your pussy? In practical terms like that time is very real. That’s why I’m concerned with timing. I have no more patience to wait. That’s what I like to hear! Sure hope it’s true. Yeah but the sun doesn’t have to put up with getting boners it’s not allowed to use for what they’re made for On a side note, one thing that irks me is when assumption/affirmation videos give warnings because of how supposedly powerful they are. Bryan Scott says it in that romantic love video, he’s like “I warn you, if you do not want to experience powerful romantic love in your life do not watch this.” The only reason they say that is so you’ll feel like you’re onto something to get you to keep watching and consuming the content. I’ve been getting into this stuff for months now and I’ve seen numerous “warnings” on the manifestation videos and still nothing. So how powerful are they really? All I’m saying is one little crumb of action any day now would be fantastic. One teeny tiny eency weency little speck of kinky physical contact just to show me this stuff might actually work would do me a world of good. Make the universe stop being a bitch
  2. What do you have to say about I fucking hate reading stuff like that because I know how true it is. He’s basically saying literally the only way it helps is by putting you in a better mood. That’s not good enough. Girls aren’t attracted to good moods alone, they’re mainly attracted to good game. It needs to be able to make our approaches much better by making the girls effortlessly attracted to us. Sure we may still need to cold approach, but it needs to work in a way that makes our approaches provide much better payouts and much more quickly and easily instead of this having to go through thousands of rejections bullshit which also means attracting negative attention for us small town dwellers Most people in the LoA community think it actually is the end all be all, and some have success stories to back it up This is simply not possible for me. Why would I be willing to wait around for the subconscious/universe which is supposedly all loving to take it’s dear sweet time to give me the only goddamn thing that matters anymore? Why wait for something that for all I know may take 20 years to manifest, at which point I won’t even be able to enjoy it nearly as much because the sex drive will be significantly reduced? What about those videos that promise instant results?
  3. That’s why I said “I think it did something” Usually when I would do an approach like that it would turn sour really fast, so the video must be doing something because that was my very first approach after listening a couple times. Pretty rare to have an encounter quite that wholesome out of nowhere. So it’s either that or just random luck. I’ll only know for sure after more tries
  4. I’ve only listened like 4 or five times and I did the approach after listening only one or two. Planning on listening again here shortly. I do like the video, it’s powerful. I can feel it working, just not sure how long it’s gonna take to give the ultimate result. And it’s hard to follow along with it fully because he keeps saying to imagine a specific person and my mind keeps picturing myself with completely unobtainable people. That girl I met didn’t lead anywhere because she was already engaged. Do you know of any similar meditations for love with multiple partners?
  5. I think it did something. Recently, I was at the mall and decided to approach a girl sitting in the food court. To give you an idea of my mindset going into this, I’ve taken so much shit from women I was prepared to throw down verbally because I was expecting her to be a bitch. Boy was I wrong. Turns out she was the loveliest, most adorable thing ever. 🥺 Her body was only slightly better than my area’s average but her personality boosted her up to a solid 9.5 easily because she did nothing but give the sweetest feminine energy I’ve had in a long time. For the next two days my heart was expanded four sizes and I was on a love rush where music sounded better, my overwatch was more fun, I was in a super good mood, felt physically lighter and was more in touch with emotion. I know this sounds simpy and sappy as fuck but it’s not like that at all. If anything it’s the opposite. The fact that I’m such a sucker for a woman’s charm makes it so I have to be highly perceptive of red flags. I’ll be damned if I ever end up pussy whipped. To some extent I believe it’s no different for most of us. But when you fall as hard and easily as me, you have to be keenly aware of potential users. And because I still have tons of sexploration I need to do before even considering locking in with one person.
  6. These are my favorites of his And most of all, this one My baby. Memorized it word for word in the hopes of karaoke-ing it at a bar on lady’s night 😈 Unfortunately they didn’t have it. Surely someone’s karaoke system does. It also apparently has one of the most robust rhyme schemes of his entire discography.
  7. I saw it in the theater like over ten years ago. Didn’t remember that was the plot. That would make more sense
  8. Well now I’m confused. There must be some super technical way to be an asshole towards women that gets them attracted. I’m pretty sure if I said that would be considered asshole behavior. But people are saying that wouldn’t work. Is it not good enough to try to convince her to kill herself and why the world would be much better off without her, or is that being too much of an asshole?
  9. That’s when you dodge it because you’ve been doing this long enough to be two steps ahead of her, you dodge the drink and it turns out her boyfriend or brother was right behind you resulting in HIS face getting drenched Then you run like hell and have pepper spray handy in case he catches up and tries to start beating you. No shit. I know better than to say that stuff in a club or bar. You can barely get away with anything at all in those god forsaken, female dominated pigpens without drawing negative attention, despite everyone saying people are more lenient towards social mistakes there. Women truly are the all powerful in nightclubs. They can point out a guy who approached her who didn’t say or do literally anything wrong and have the bouncer violently throw him out, just based on a bad feeling and nothing more. Lets imagine some hypothetical scenarios: 1. Girl says naughty thing to guy. Guy gets offended and throws drink in her face. Who gets kicked out, him or her? 2. Guy says naughty thing to girl. Girl gets offended and throws drink in his face. Who gets kicked out, him or her? Anyone who thinks the answer wouldn’t be the guy in both situations clearly hasn’t been clubbing very much. How is that fair?
  10. L0L I noticed that right after I posted it. Then suppose she actually SAID that. Still no?
  11. So there’s really no truth in that scene at all?
  12. There lies a hundred percent of the problem. Right exactly there. I’m not getting any younger. The more years go by the harder and harder it’ll be to get those blazing hot twenty year olds from personality alone. I don’t need them quite that hot all the time, but I’d like to experience at least one or two before it’s too late. So that’s my time limit. The other thing is being receptive to it. That was and kind of still is my biggest obstacle because my mind would automatically reject it as as utter hogwash. But luckily I’ve been prescribed a non habit forming medication called clonidine for generalized anxiety, insomnia and blood pressure, exactly what I needed. It puts me in a space where I can more easily vibe with that subliminal frequency and law of assumption stuff. I actually have a testimony of my own. I used this one and some others like it a few years ago and could’ve sworn I put on an extra quarter inch of size on both. Never got any more than that, though. Not kidding. Kind of embarrassing to talk about, but hey, just goes to show there might actually be something powerful going on here. Started taking my med recently and listening to this one Haven’t noticed much difference so far, but I’ve only tried it 2-3 nights. I’ll start listening to the one you posted and update with results if any manifest. Anyway, great idea for a thread and thx for sharing!
  13. Well yeah it’s undoubtedly disgusting and not really meant to be funny. It’s meant more to show that you aren’t the least bit intimidated by her and to exercise your “not giving a fuck” muscle. Both of which are allegedly attractive qualities. Backing off when she gets the creeps is fine, but would it really be of no value to leave her with a statement of that intensity right before you go? Seems like a better option than just moping away with your tail between your legs because it affirms to you that you aren’t afraid of being perceived as creepy, that way you’re less likely to carry that same energy into your next approach. Because a big part of what causes you to come off as creepy is being worried about looking creepy.