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  1. @Danioover9000 8 more hours to go. Although I have practically passed the challenge, I don’t feel as accomplished as I should; and I blame it on the fact that I cheated by gooning half the time. I would like to be able to put in a full year without a single wank as a New Years resolution but unless I make some serious improvements in December there isn’t even a chance. But before that, one things for sure, I’m having a helluva party once the clock strikes midnight tonight.
  2. It happened a lot more in the past. Now days it only happens when someone who doesn’t know what they’re getting themselves into advances too much too quickly. Here’s a download free pdf that does an excellent job outlining the fine distinctions between psychosis and intense spirituality. Lengthy but it’s worth a read. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/6246808_Psychosis_and_Spirituality_Consolidating_the_New_Paradigm_Second_Edition Also here’s Connor making a good point on the matter.
  3. As far as online communities go, I would say yeah
  4. This is called erythrophobia and I know firsthand how horrendously god awful it is to be cursed with. I used to have it pretty bad in high school. Can’t even remember how exactly I cured it but only now that it’s gone do I find out that girls find it super cute when guys blush. Of course.
  5. But then instead of boyfriend and girlfriend we would have to start saying manfriend and womanfriend
  6. @hyruga The opinions seem to be about 50/50 so far. I’m gonna pass this time around, especially since Because while my city isn’t exactly small, it’s certainly not big either. Barley enough to get my feet in the water.
  7. Fixed it for you.
  8. What about the other way around? If your state is perfect but your lines, tone of voice and body language isn’t right, doesn’t that hold you back just as much?
  9. I have an objection to one of the lines Leo likes to use to make women feel more comfortable around him. When the girl isn’t yet sure if she’s safe with you, you say, “don’t worry, I’ve only Ⓜ️urd3r3d three people and they all deserved it” Holy shit. If I tried something like that I can’t begin to explain to you the backlash that would result. Even if I said it in the most obviously joking/sarcastic way possible people are way too fucking retarded to pick up on that stuff in my experience. The theory here is that no one who actually does that stuff would be so open about it. So girls can clearly see you’re joking when you say it. But this of course greatly overestimates the average bar goer’s IQ. Add that with the already drunken stupid state she’s in and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. And remember that most are not in a logical frame of mind in this setting so they’re gonna hear those words leave your mouth and react with fear instinctively.
  10. Gosh, what a fabulous idea! Why didn’t I think of that? Sex is the highest form of acceptance and the primary driving force of all physical life. You can’t mature or grow properly without it. There will always be that unfulfilled craving festering in the depths of your psyche. And everyone will call you creepy for it as though it’s your fault. So it’s a pretty massive issue to not get laid to say the least.
  11. @something_else @Bando Good point. Do they not also tell you what you’re doing wrong and right in real time so you can adjust accordingly? If not, I agree, that would be a rip off. Is that essentially all it’s good for though? I already know how off the hook wild it can get by the stories I’ve heard and the old footage that used to be on his yt channel. Is there some kind of special information only found in HotSeat that will help me out better than anything else?
  12. Ah yes. Good ol misanthropy. The most natural reaction to learning about human nature. The older I get the more I can empathize with the grinch’s resentment towards whoville. Albert Einstein said two things are infinite; the universe and human stupidity.
  13. I just came really close to failing last night. I held myself on the edge too long and felt it coming with the force of a fire hydrant. Luckily my pc muscle was strong enough to reverse the process by shutting off the valve. Did you coom by accident or did you commit to giving in beforehand knowing you would? Because accidents can often be avoided. Go to your local vitamin shop and get yourself some good zinc and tonkat ali to replenish your gas tanks faster to get you back where you were. Also do what @Carl-Richard said.
  14. @something_else the thing is these programs are so crazy expensive Leo’s LP course and his book list together still cost less than the cheapest thing on Owen’s sight at half price.🤯 So I don’t think they would be losing that much money from this especially since they’re only doing it this weekend, supposedly. And rsd is know to be the best pickup company.