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  1. I hope you’re right. I hope it really is that rare. But the stories I’m reading say otherwise. Even if it is that rare, the likelihood of tragedy isn’t even the point. The fact that women CAN do this and get away with it is what has to change. Airplane mechanics and safety inspection agents do everything they possibly can to ensure the safety of all passengers because the airline knows how much heat it will be under if tragedy strikes. In dating, there are no such safety checks and false accusers face zero consequences unless the victim has the lawyers to sue for defamation. What about when they hide the way they’re truly feeling for whatever reason? I don’t want to end up bound to an ankle monitor because I misjudged a facial expression prompting me to place my hands on a girl’s hips or god forbid her booty or tits. All it takes is one wrong move on the wrong girl and you’re banished to the shadow realm. Forget actually touching, look what happened to this kid for simply ASKING to touch a boob https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/boy-accused-asking-touch-girls-26185666
  2. Yeah but back then it was more acceptable (and safe) to shag a drunk chick I can’t find a link to the story but I saw this guy telling about how he got kicked out of the military because he slept with a girl who only had one shot even though he himself had had eight shots. That tiny bit of alcohol in her system was all it took for authorities to consider it rape. There are countless similar stories, here’s one for example https://www.dailywire.com/news/she-begged-him-for-sex-and-then-accused-him-of-sexual-assault-columbia-expelled-him-despite-audio-proving-his-side I probably sound like a broken record but it makes me deeply terrified to make any advances towards women knowing that at any time for any reason they can claim sexual assault without evidence and you’re practically screwed if you have no counter evidence. See “retroactive consent” For me, maybe 1 out of every 70 people I see are anything close to a hot girl. Available, age appropriate and willing to chat ones are extremely scarce and in ridiculously high demand. the only place I know of where hot girls are abundant is on my Instagram feed
  3. Anyone know about how widespread the damage from this is going to be? it looks bad enough to encompass surrounding states, or worse with it contaminating all the rivers
  4. Don’t touch it for a week or two then try. what about legs? Can you do body weight squats?
  5. @meta_male no I wouldn’t, but how am I going to know she’s like that before it’s too late? Like it shows in the image, she said she wanted him to open up, until he did. Women being turned off by guys showing their vulnerable side is a common theme you can find in men’s dating discussions. It makes perfect sense why it would be a turn off for them from an evolutionary perspective.
  6. @Leo Gura
  7. I’d be afraid to do some of the stuff in these lists because of images like this one
  8. I do have an older gal pal, actually. We’ve done quite a bit together, including her trying to help me fight my way back in during last year’s Christmas (didn’t mention it in the op) She changes numbers rather frequently so I’d have to dig up my ancient Facebook account to find her. She is a very people person nightlife type girl. Perfect for assisting me in this way. So that’s what we did. Unfortunately, the fact that they despise my soul with the curse a thousand demons made our efforts futile. So she went in and partied while I stood around outside the door chatting with people coming in and out. A couple hours pass when the femfriend comes out to check on me then some moments later, surprise surprise, a co owner comes out and suggests I leave because I’m creeping people out even though I wasn’t. I argue my case for a minute and she tells me to stop trolling on Christmas. I do enjoy a good troll but in this instance I was being serious. So we end up deciding to leave. She freaked out on me a few days later over the prospect of me performing a highly offensive (to women) rap song on karaoke. We both apologized after the new year and scheduled our next attempt. I have another femfriend who’s only nine hours older but she’s certainly not the bar type. Though I’m sure I could talk her into it. Tell ya what, if I said that they might actually believe me lol. It’s one of the best and one of the few places I have within driving distance.
  9. I’m much too lazy to read but if I wasn’t I’d guess “Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow” would be a good book.
  10. If I can do that my chances will increase but I wouldn’t say they WILL take me It’s because of the hypocrisy and unfairness coupled with the fact it’s one of the few places I can get good practice. It’s a middle class bar ffs. People make each other uncomfortable all the time and even get in fights and their only punishment is getting sent home for that night. It’s like I’m trying to be myself and boldly open up in ways most people are too afraid to, exactly like what people in the personal development community say you should do, and this is what I get? At least now I know better. Do you think I’d look less threatening with a friend? Half my battles are fought alone so perhaps it could help to bring company? It’s a catch 22 because you need spaces to practice and learn that but how can I if I’m gonna be banished to the shadow realm? Particularly the social calibration part.
  11. Stories like these are the reason thanos should have won I really hope you ripped her a new baby hole in your reply text for that one. The lack of accountability and self awareness in her is just baffling yet all too common and it’s exactly why the manosphere is a thing. The way you describe her reminds me a lot of a gal pal I’ve had for quite a while. A girl that can explode on you if you don’t meticulously structure your texts so that nothing can be potentially taken the wrong way. If they owe me nothing does that also mean I owe them nothing? Most will say no when it comes to splitting the bill at a restaurant. They can also get SUPER pissed off when men turn them down.
  12. In your sex doll thread didn’t you just say you have sex three times a day when in a relationship?
  13. I have let this case rest for a year now. Last time I tried to negotiate my way back in was Christmas of last year. The husband of the owner (owner wasn’t there) said I had a chance to regain clearance to the venue if I called and set up a date to make my plea, but hanging out outside the place chatting with people was creepy and not helping my case, even though the people themselves seemed fine with it. The woman we’re talking about here can never be caught smiling and gets pissed off very easily. She obviously hates me for my perceived mistakes. This place is one of the few places in my town that consistently has girls in it, and girls are in very short supply and high demand. These people have no idea the extent to which they’ve ruined my life and reputation, nor do they give a single fuck. Long story short, she banned me for making a naughty joke/conversational topic about jizz and menstruation. The thing about making an in person plea is I will be so triggered by the whole thing I won’t be able to think straight which will make them think I’m just as bad as before because the uneasiness will trigger them. And it cannot be expected of these people to have the compassion to understand this even if explained logically. I still get violently angry sometimes when I think about it. tldr: how do I get accepted back in?
  14. So basically the only two commenters so far are being condescending with op for stating the obvious. My angle is different in that although what op says sounds good and is generally accepted as solid advice when it comes to women, albeit a bit generic, it’s blatantly oversimplified and has failed me far more often than it has led to any progress. I can barely get a few sentences out to a girl before she gets all tense and starts looking for a way to escape me. ⚠️Danger! Danger! DANGER! ⚠️ There is only so much you can hit on girls in any given establishment before they start complaining about the creepy guy bothering random girls. Yes, even if do it in the most non threatening way possible. Unless you’re at an underground rave where people are actually cool. This is why that saying “be yourself and if people don’t like it it’s their problem, not yours” goes right down the shitter. This is some thin ice to tread. The best humor comes from spontaneity, right? If you’re being spontaneous then naturally you aren’t thinking about what you’re saying ahead of time. Women’s hyper emotional nature makes them prone to getting offended easily if something you say comes off wrong. This is unlikely to be recovered from. Long shot of the century. Another obstacle is the possibility of approaching an underaged. The artificial hormones and high stress lifestyle we’re dealing with these days makes women look older at younger ages. Should be pretty obvious how badly screwed you are socially if this happens. I would love for everything in your post to be true. But what I’ve found is that the process of getting laid is more comparable to avoiding those multitudinous laser beams guarding a treasure at the end of a narrow hallway than a straightforward human interaction. Where do I find and what do I say to attract a 5 foot ten in shape and open minded goth girl? A real one, not a poser.