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  1. This isn’t being very fair. Is it acceptable to say it’s only half my fault? It takes two to tango after all. My half being I don’t put in enough practice. Their half being they have very little patience for sub optimal social skills. The problem is, you have to already be at a minimum threshold of skill in order to be accepted into any circle or venue unless they’re exceptionally cool. (assuming you aren’t highly attractive) Which sucks greatly because these are crucial training grounds to level up. It’s a perfect catch22. I would love to stop being a loser and take control of the situation. But like I have to carry pepper spray due to the perfectly valid fear of accidentally saying the wrong thing to the wrong person and getting beat up by chad. Night life spaces are supposed to be environments where you can let loose and open up to your true self after a long week on autopilot, to freely and playfully say anything that comes to mind with little inhibition. And it seems there are many people doing that. Then there are those of us who still have to tiptoe on eggshells lest we make some girl the slightest bit uneasy. It sends the message “be yourself but only if it’s a self we happen to like” It honestly feels like an even more sick and twisted version of The Truman Show at this point. If this isn’t what oppression feels like idk what is.
  2. I recently attended a town gathering where people hang out, eat, listen to music and shop. I saw dozens of couples and hardly a single one where the guy is shorter. The only such couples I see are 9/10 times in their forties or fifties. It’s no different no matter where I look. https://youtu.be/zFYNUq9TeW0 I don’t think looks are everything, but I do think they’re about 90% of it. If you have the impeccable social skills of an absolute god, it’s possible for that to carry you to victory in some cases. As long as you don’t mess up. Yet chad barely has to try at all, as seen in the above video. Read the top two comments on that clip. Maybe I live in an extremely closed minded area but it’s very rare I ever get a good reaction from a girl. This is compounded by the fact that they will often disguise their true feelings to give the wrong idea, to either toy with me or as a safety mechanism. I usually try to open by being myself as much as possible which means creating a playful and carefree atmosphere yet this always goes poorly. You would think if so many different girls all had different “types” I would have had at least some luck by now, but nope. I have tried different techniques and they do elicit different responses but the end result is unchanged. If I was the only one going through this or one of the small minority then yeah it would be my fault, but millions of us have this same trouble. which is why I believe teledildonics to be a saving grace
  3. Damn near perfectly stated. All I would say differently is it only helps reduce the risk of legal problems when you get a clear yes from her. It doesn’t eliminate the risk. She can still tell the cops anything she wants and you’re in deep shit if you can’t prove your innocence. So I would say get audio or video recording of her consenting and have her sign a waiver before each session. It may sound like a vibe killer but it’s peoples’ live we’re talking about here. And I agree it would be best to ask and get a verbal yes from her before advancing, but I remember Leo telling me you can’t just straight up ask a girl for sex because putting it in words is a turn off due to the fact most girls respond best to pure vibe and subtle hint. Which is ridiculously frustrating since that means you have to figure it out based on how she’s moving her body instead of clear yes or no’s
  4. Take a tolerance break
  5. Pretty much indifferent except less horny for about an hour or two Although I do remember this one single instance where it energized me. Couldn’t have been much older than ten at the time. I was at a neighborhood friend’s house and I fapped under their downstairs piano while no one was in that area. Really wish I could get that effect every time but no two faps are identical.
  6. Can you clarify this a bit more? It sounds like you’re saying women are now picking only from the very best and seeing them as novelties instead of a basic resource. If that’s true imagine how many people will get left behind. Male virginity rates are already sky high. No it doesn’t. Maybe they won’t do so right in front of you but they sure will kick up a fuss about all your mistakes amongst each other behind your back. This causes problems to say the least. Once someone doesn’t like you, their mind is made up. So there is no room for error. This is not good for a beginner who needs lots of practice. Right, but in this area I don’t think it’s that big a deal. I think teledildonics will be to sex what video games were to say sports or other real world hobbies. First it will be heavily scrutinized, then it will be accepted. Sex is at the very foundation of Maslow’s pyramid. There are so many starving dudes out there and the problem is so extreme I say why not have the perfect substitute to stay satisfied until you get the real thing. It’s even better than that because you can walk around virtual worlds of any design you can imagine and literally just ask people to have sex with you (something you absolutely cannot get away with in the real world even though there’s no good reason why) and there’s a good chance they’ll say yes. It will be infinitely easier to express yourself authentically as there will be no consequences for doing so unlike real life. Imagine two ugly social rejects coming together in vr with perfect avatars to show each other what they never could and probably never would have gotten to experience. Then why have sex at all? Why even have this entire sub forum? Isn’t that all romance is? just maximum pleasure without having to take drugs? The only thing that makes porn destructive is too much dopamine and not enough healing oxytocin to balance it out. I can see this tech getting good enough to trigger the body to release it. Nazi’s fallacy. Just because majority consensus is one way doesn’t mean they’re right. That makes me think of some quotes: “Great spirits will always be opposed by mediocre minds.” And, ”It is no measure of health to be well adjusted... well you get the idea. But to be fair, if you’re going around being a total inconsiderate douchebag then yeah, the problem is you. But most of us arent even close to that and we still come up invariably dry. Apparently what you have to do to get laid is start touching various parts of her body before pulling. The problem is how astronomically high the stakes are here. If she likes it (meaning you read her signals perfectly and touched accordingly, you get to fuck. If she doesn’t, that shit can literally have you fighting a sexual assault charge, happens all the time. Whereas a girl can touch a guy she likes all she wants and generally won’t risk getting in any trouble for it.
  7. https://youtu.be/FBRSR_LGlOE As it’s probably obvious by now the dating market is beyond screwed (especially if you’re not inner city) and human connection/sex/birth rates are at an all time low because of it. I don’t know about y’all but I’m beyond tired of having to constantly walk on eggshells and enter every interaction very cautiously while analyzing every single thought I have before speaking as not to offend. Tired of being misled about peoples’ true intentions and feelings resulting in faulty calibration settings on my end unequivocally making me look like the “weirdo.” Tired of having to think, act, dress and speak similarly to everyone else and memorize an encyclopedia sized list of social norms so I don’t make anybody “uncomfortable.” For most of us guys it seems at least half of our mental bandwidth is reserved for simply trying to not look creepy. Cost benefit analysis would suggest that putting yourself out there to be for years threatened, bullied and mocked for making social errors plus the possibility of false sexual harassment allegations etc. is not worth whatever great sex you might end up winning. The perfect solution to this massive cultural dilemma has to be advanced cyber sex. There are pressure and friction sensitive flesh lights and dildos that can be connected to each other through the web so each party can feel the simulated movements of one another in real time. You’ll be able to experience intimacy with anyone in any setting and as much as you want. The graphics in that documentary look very REALISTIC and it also says the tech is very close to understanding taste and smell. Watch and see. The more I think about this the more excited I become to finally get to fulfill my basic need and without any of the risks or drawbacks of the real thing. What do you guys think, would you try it?
  8. Well that’s just wonderful
  9. Say no more. Good looks are what get you accepted into the audition. Personality is what gets you the part. Being the friendship or relationship in this analogy. The better looking you are the easier it is to get the audition and the more opportunities you get. A below average looking person is going to have a hard time improving their social skills because no one will want to give them a chance or forgive them if they make an oopsie.
  10. What about non-ejaculatory faps? Are those aloud?
  11. LDAR Just kidding. Getting arrested by itself isn’t that bad. What’s bad is if they find something to charge you with. So I’ll still keep trying when opportunities arise only I’ll have to walk on eggshells so they don’t have anything that can be pressed as sexual harassment. I.e. not saying any of the outlandish stuff Leo or the rsd guys get away with. As much as I wish this could be an enjoyable process, it just ain’t realistic.
  12. Let’s communicate our level of attraction among other things through non verbal “cues” then wonder why when the other person doesn’t know what’s up. When we could save ourselves ten times the hassle by simply using ours words like adults. Straight from the species that prides itself on being the most intelligent.
  13. He wasn’t allowed to show romantic interest immediately because he was at work. That’s just asking to get fired. None of her actions clearly indicated interest beyond friendship either. He would have had to take it on blind assumption. The risk op would have to take to show interest is the girl getting turned off and thinking “ughh! Another guy that just wants in my pants.” Todd V says to never sexualize a hot girl because they already get so much of that already it’s annoying to them. Both parties must clearly express to one another that there is attraction. Otherwise it’s a game of mind reading and awkward moments due to not reading vague signals accurately when you could have just plainly said what you meant with words. You mean like at work?
  14. May be true but that doesn’t stop people from getting arrested for it anyway. Such as this feller for example. His yt username was 1st person approacher and he was arrested then released shortly after on lack of charges about a year and a half ago. All it takes is a few women to feel uncomfortable and complain about it to cause you trouble. Social awkwardness/anxiety/shyness is commonly perceived as genuine creepiness when doing pickup.
  15. I think he makes some valid points especially on marriage and gynocentrism. Though in defense of the ten people saying he’s bad, I watched a convincing video against him by Brittany Venti. Hats off to that, sir.