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  1. Master one first, then you can move on to another language.
  2. Are you solving a problem that people desire to fix in a unsaturated market? @Raphael
  3. I've done multiple 90 day NoFap streaks and can say that there are a lot of benefits more energy, very confident, charismatic, more driven, don't need as much sleep, deeper voice etc. But, there are some downsides, the major one being that you are horny a lot of the time and you may end up sleeping with someone that you otherwise wouldn't as well as never getting a sexual release which causes some suffering. In my experience, NoFap seems to be great for attracting women/dating and getting financial success, maybe not so good for spiritual work, but then again monks abstain from masturbation. I would try a 30 day plus streak like you mentioned and see how it affects your life. @Dlavjr
  4. If you are worried about legality you could see which psychedelics are legal in your country or take a trip to a country where your desired psychedelic is legal.
  5. @Espaim Specifically what symptoms reduced?
  6. Paleo. Check out Ben Greenfield for all things health/fitness. He is awesome!
  7. @Leo Gura I private messaged Connor Murphy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and sent an email letting him know that you could help him. It's a shot in the dark, but if I get a reply I will let you know.
  8. Leo has a video on his blog called Inside the Mind of Trump.
  9. He's the most conscious PUA coach out there as far as I know
  10. I'd study Warren Buffet, the best investor of all time.
  11. I've never experienced or heard of someone who has had those symptoms. That is very odd. Have you mentioned anything to a doctor? If you haven't yet, that may be a good idea
  12. Seth Godin's books on marketing. Eben Pagan is a good resource, but he doesn't have books on marketing, just courses.
  13. Love you Leo. Thank you for everything you do Happy early birthday!
  14. @Ya know Lucky for you that you are past that stage. He is stuck in the stage orange and will suffer tremendously. I feel the same way as you with what you said