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  1. All things that women are attracted to have to deal with things that may enhance their survival. Women on a primal level see height as an indicator of how well a man can protect them on a physical level. Of course this is not always true. But on a primal level they may feel attraction. Do not let this get to you. There are plenty of women out there that ARE attracted to shorter men or simply don’t care. And also, there are many things that women find attractive. Confidence being one of the number one things. Love and focus on yourself and what you CAN control. Dress well, have a nice haircut, workout, build social skills, build your career etc. The only person that will prevent you from getting your dream girl is YOU. There are many girls out there that would love to date you. Keep improving yourself day by day and put yourself out there. You got this
  2. @John Paul Hahah you are hilarious!!
  3. @Knowledge Hoarder Yea I am definitely not concerned about anything actually happening.
  4. @Terell Kirby I know that it is normal to find another person attractive. This situation is just challenging because it is being rubbed in my face so to speak for hours. I will still go to it. Yes, we have a very deep connection and her attraction to this guy is more of a fantasy. I really wish it didn't bother me at all, but it does.
  5. I'm in a great relationship with my girlfriend. She loves me very much and is very attracted to me. When we first started dating she told me about this musician she was very attracted to and said jokingly that "he wouldn't count". She was obsessed with him as a teenager, had posters of him, bought all his CD's, and cried when she found out he got married. When I was at a family gathering with her she said that she "still loved him". Later on, we talked about it and she clarified she wasn't actually in love with him, but is just attracted to him. During the Superbowl she said she is rooting for this team because it's the musician's favorite team etc. Anyways, I got her tickets to see the band he's in for Christmas and the concert is this month. She said she knows she will cry during the concert and I know she will be super starry-eyed staring at him and dancing like crazy. I understand that it is just a celebrity crush and it shouldn't bother me but it is just hard to imagine being there in person watching her drool over this guy. I just want her to have fun and I know she loves music and concerts are her favorite thing so I will still support her and go with her. It's just hard to have no jealousy in the situation. I spent quite a bit of money on these tickets and I just want to enjoy myself and not feel really jealous. Is it wrong for this to bother me at all? Let me know your thoughts, thanks!
  6. @aurum That's a really good point. Thanks!
  7. @puporing Appreciate the input! Any techniques to release trauma that you know of?
  8. What about the best practices to achieve peace, love, happiness, and as optimal mental health as possible? Other than the obvious ones such as: Nutrition, Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Gratitude, Meditation, Kriya Yoga, Psychedelics, Sun, Earthing, etc. Or are the best practices to really dive deep and drastically improve your mental state of being just meditation, psychedelics, kriya yoga assuming you have very good physical health. I have worked very hard to optimize my physical health as I have invested tens of thousands of dollars into it and thousands of hours of research and implementation. I now believe it is time to work on my mental health. Any thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated
  9. Understanding reality.
  10. Addictive potential. Also made my cognitive function worse.
  11. It is absolutely a real issue. I have studied this topic extensively given I've struggled with health issues for years. I am very sensitive to it because I have Lyme disease and I can literally feel it. You can also purchase meters where you can measure how strong the fields are. I'm having a building biologist examine my home for EMF's in a few weeks. Part of the problem with the research side of things is that these telecommunications companies don't want people knowing the dangers of it because its a muli multi-billion dollar industry so a lot of the research is greatly suppressed. If you study more holistic medicine it is very common knowledge that it is an issue. The main things a person can do is lower the levels as much as possible within their home and control that environment. So when they are recovering and sleeping their body can finally get a break from it. Some things you can do are turn off your wifi within your home and use an ethernet connection to your computer instead or at least turn it off before you go to sleep. Keep distance between you and your cell phone and keep it in airplane mode as much as possible. Sleep in a Farraday cage that surrounds your bed to block RF signals. You can get dirty electricity filters for the wall outlets. There is also a device called an EMF kill switch that turns off select parts of the electrical circuit breaker before bed. There are many different solutions. If you are serious about your health I would definitely learn more about this topic. A really good book that covers the topic is: EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself by Dr. Josepth Mercola. Good article: Podcast: @Vision
  12. I've got a lot of insecurities relating to sexual performance and penis size. It all started with my first sexual experience when I was 17 (currently 23). The gal came over when my parents weren't home and one thing let to another. I was extremely nervous and I didn't know what I was doing. The girl made fun of me repeatedly and called me a virgin and laughed at me. I felt extremely crushed and it was after that moment I decided I wanted to get really get at sex. I read books on the topic, watched courses, practiced a lot, and ended up getting very good based on comments I received from girls. As for the penis size insecurity, a gal I had hooked up with acted very irresponsive during sex. She would barely make a sound or react at all. I called her later and asked her about this and she said that it was because she couldn't really feel it and if I was a little bigger she would have reacted more. I later found out that, that wasn't the case and it was actually she has been raped multiple times and shuts down during sex. Immediately after that I researched ways to increase the size of my penis and ended up gaining half an inch after 3 months of exercise. Then I decided to just stop and accept what I have. This insecurity got triggered again fairly recently when my current GF made a joke about my size and was just kidding but I took it to heart initially and started doing exercises again. Just to be clear with this next statement I'm not trying to brag, I'm just showing how deep this insecurity is and how it's illogical. She has had a fair amount of partners (17) and says that my penis is large and that I'm the best sex she has ever had. I had a conversation with her about my size and she says she doesn't want it to get any bigger. The first time she saw it she was a bit scared (she told me later). She has assured me it wouldn't make a difference and it may even hinder things potentially. I know she is being genuine and honest with me. Now even despite getting tons of compliments from her and others about my size and performance I still feel as though I'm not good enough. I know it's purely ego and it's ridiculous to get hung up on penis size and performance, especially when it's not an issue. I've read the six pillars of self-esteem and I meditate daily to help deal with my racing mind but I still don't feel confident in that area. How can I develop core confidence in all areas ideally or deal with this past trauma. I'm tired of this bothering me every day. Thank you in advance for the help
  13. I would stay on the side of caution. Your health is more important than putting yourself at risk.
  14. @Michael569 Any other good books you know of on detoxing?