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  1. Because stage green hippies, no offence, but they lack some “form” of intelligence, I mean that’s why they aren’t stage yellow…. Even though they are great with understanding emotions and some of the spiritual stuff, they also need logic, intelligence, systems understanding, and knowledge to transcend to stage yellow. Russel Brand is an actor… Do you see the difference between him and Noam Chomsky? Also, what is your solution to ending the Covid pandemic then? You can’t make everyone eat healthy and change their lifestyle to boost their immune system, that requires so much work/restructuring of ones mentality. The governments are doing best they can with their restrictions, they try to be flexible and improve as new research arises. Do you understand how difficult it is to handle a situation like this? Do you understand how hard it is to navigate a country through these times? Do you understand that this could last for years and years to come and many more people will die from this? Do you understand that all influencers you mentioned with their smart-assing are just prolonging this situation and causing more damage?
  2. Covid People here are not as carrying and careful with maintaining social distancing and other protective measures when it comes to Covid as they are in Canada. At first it was a big shock to me and I didn’t feel safe. Some wouldn’t wear masks at stores, or only cover their mouth (including employees), there is no social distancing when in a lineup. In my building which was built during the Soviet times and the elevator is less than 1 sq. metre, no one is wearing a mask and there is no capacity limit, people just go in even if there’s someone inside. The doctor that was giving a vaccine shot to my grandma was not covering her nose when she was wearing a mask, she told me that was because her glasses get foggy. Many people are anti vaccine. The vaccine passport here is only good for 6 months. Lots of conspiracy theories going around, related to infertility, vaccine related deaths, expired vaccines, wrong vaccines, etc. People here rarely get tested. Tests here are not free, the costs are 1250 HRN ($60 CAD) for 12 hour results and 700 HRN ($35 CAD) for 24 hour result. It’s pretty expensive for most people as the average salary is $300-$400 USD (pensions are around $200 USD). About 50-70% of people that I know here already had Covid at some point. I don’t know a single person in Canada that would have Covid. People are generally distrusting of government here so they don’t want to take the vaccine as it is government recommended - they think it’s government bs and a way for them (or vaccine organizations) to make money. Some think Covid is a business. They also say something like “first they tell us we only need 1 vaccine, then it’s 2, now it’s 3, they just keep lying to us” or “first they say vaccine will protect us from Covid, now they say you can still get Covid”without understanding how science works and that it’s never a 100% success rate with vaccines, or that some people may have reactions to some vaccines, or that looking at the big picture of things, it’s smarter to just get vaccinated. Some jobs now require their employees to be vaccinated, so now there is a huge business of fake vaccination certificates which cost around 1500 HRN ($75 CAN).
  3. Judging grandmas The other day I was walking on the street wearing a classic blazer and a black Victoria’s Secret teddy - I noticed a few grandmas looking at me shaking their head while one grandma walking with a bunch of other old people straight out told me I have no shame to walk around with my boobs out like that 😅. That being said, my theory that Ukrainian guys are boobs guys is now confirmed.
  4. Inflation Last time I’ve been in Ukraine was 2 years ago. Since then, I think the prices increased twice as much and are almost similar to what we have in Canada. When I went out with my friends and got some tea, I paid 70 HRN which is $3.5 CAD. For nails, 2 years ago I paid around 300, now it’s 580. Same thing for makeup, it basically doubled. Tea at McDonald’s is really good here in Ukraine, but it is basically the same price as in Canada. Food generally tastes a 100 times better and feels healthier - I’ve been eating probably twice as much I usually eat and working out less, yet I lost weight.
  5. Because I want to hear what other people are saying and I want it for the experience. It’s different when you’re in a great atmosphere with candlelight and with spiritual people next to you vs when you’re home on your cold floor listening to your fridge and some dude on YouTube..
  6. I want to get it right, for the same reason I would recommend getting a personal trainer/go to a class when one begins working out.
  7. I am vaccinated, but I am worried more about passing it to my grandma and people on the airplane. Yea, they are anti vaccine here, they believe the solution is to maximize boosting ones immune system and they don’t see the big picture of things.
  8. I am currently on vacation and I have an opportunity to try Holotropic breathing for the first time here. However, I am worried of catching Covid right before my flight back home. The session is a group session and is 4 hours with experience sharing at the end and I know it will be amazing and I am not sure I will find anything like this in Canada, at least not the same quality, not so much depth. I am assuming it would be very risky as most people aren’t vaccinated here, should I still go for it?
  9. I wouldn’t even kiss a guy on a first date. From emotional health standpoint it’s not healthy for most women to get intimate too soon as most women can’t separate sex from love. From physical body standpoint, it’s recommended that you both get STD tests first, unless you don’t value your health much.
  10. Pfizer 1st shot - sore arm 1 day after 2nd shot - some fatigue
  11. They say not to do psychedelics unless you’re psychologically stable and dealt with all your wounds/traumas - psychologically stable person should not get addicted.
  12. So does becoming more conscious require being more sure of yourself/being more confident? How would confidence help to grow one’s consciousness? Or do you mean in my particular case this is an area that is underdeveloped and thus a natural next step?
  13. My mom and grandma always called me selfish and egotistical and for the longest time I thought of myself as that - could it be that I am actually an opposite of that - a people pleaser or even something more altruistic and selfless? Maybe it’s also because both my mom and my grandma are ISFJs so their love language would be more physical/materialistic vs I am more of an emotional support/encouragement kind of person.
  14. I think you might be right. My mom and my grandma often trash-talked my dad in front of me, I also didn’t like/“respect”/felt embarrassed about a lot of his qualities and hated being compared to him - so I probably went completely the opposite way while my mom/grandma would always emphasize and make me feel bad for smallest similarities to my dad, which actually made me believe I have a lot of those stage red qualities when I actually have always been denying them all. I think I might have also equated confidence with stupidity.