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  1. I have been in one relationship in which I got a glimpse of how these relationships could be. I can describe it from how I was feeling in it - I was feeling easy, like I could focus on my own things without worrying about the relationship, I knew he was there for me when needed and I was there for him, and I saw him and I felt his struggles, I would want what’s best for him even if it wouldn’t always be best for me.
  2. Yes, but I am telling you to do that exactly when you get triggered. For happy life you have to aim at 0% of time thinking about those things. The way to stop “negative” thoughts is to replace them with positive thoughts instead. Then the brain would get used to positive thoughts and you will stop getting triggered.
  3. Whenever I start thinking about something like this, having negative feelings towards some people, I bring myself back by thinking what value does it give me to waste my time thinking about these things? Do these thoughts make you happy? Wouldn’t I rather spend time doing something useful for myself, for my life? I only have one life and time is so valuable, every minute I spend on useless things I could be making my life better, making myself happier. Do you have a list of goals? A bucket list of things you want to see/do/buy/eat? What excites you the most? Btw, it is also healthy to do what you are doing and to release your frustrations sometimes. It might be easier for a man to find a high quality woman, but who cares, you can’t change this, right? You focus on you and what you need to do to find what you want.
  4. I mean I get it… you can look at what men write on this forum vs women and start hating men just based on that alone.. many men just seem so autistic and even kind of dumb to me.. so single minded.. I see so many of my female friends wildly compromising in their relationships.. I think men don’t grow up, they are always little boys inside.. Data also proves that - single men live less than married men, vs single women live longer than married women.. Idk maybe the solution is acceptance and understanding that we all have different strength.. trying to see what is their benefit. There’s something to learn from them, try to see what that is? The other thing is to focus on “healthy” and “mature” men only. Immature and unhealthy people are annoying no matter what gender.
  5. Well because first of all the more conscious you become the less people you’ll have to understand you. Plus it sounds to me you’re not fully in a happy place yet, you’re going through some changes and uncovering some pains. Do you share that with your dates? Your dates are not your shrinks and women generally like men who are mentally strong. When you were more blind/delusional you appeared mentally strong to them.
  6. I am also sensitive to sound and light. I always thought I’d make a good police dog 😀 Have you tried earplugs?
  7. I would avoid products with any kind of oil especially if you have oily skin.. it’s like giving a glass of oil to drink to a thirsty person.
  8. I don’t think men skincare should be fundamentally different from female. Male lines usually just have different smells, but you don’t want any skincare that contains perfume to begin with as it is extremely damaging to ones skin. I recommend you go to a good dermatologist, have them asses your skin, and prescribe the right products. Then I would take it with a grain of salt as well and do my own research on it. It generally depends on your skin concern, if there’s any. Most of the fancy stuff they sell in Sephora is complete junk too, I myself have been on a super long journey of just finding a good moisturizer…
  9. It depends on what girls you’re trying to attract. When I was a teen and in my early 20s, I wouldn’t mind a guy with tattoos, now I don’t like them. I also don’t like it when a guy wears jewelry or accessorizes too much, unless it’s a good watch, or some special outfit. I personally prefer classy/clean styles, sometimes with some street accents or business accents. If you are just starting out with developing your style, I would go to something like Club Monaco as they have good quality classy styles. If you are under or in your early 20s, go to wherever you young people are going 😅. Look at their mannequins, ask them what the best sellers are. Also, remember to have different outfits for different occasions, see what works best for the gym, for work, for a night out. At first, I wouldn’t experiment with colours or prints, just go with black, white, navy. Then I would google which colours work well with your complexion and start trying out/experimenting slowly. Classy styles work well with everybody, while something more brassy might make the person look worse and like a parrot.
  10. Because stage green hippies, no offence, but they lack some “form” of intelligence, I mean that’s why they aren’t stage yellow…. Even though they are great with understanding emotions and some of the spiritual stuff, they also need logic, intelligence, systems understanding, and knowledge to transcend to stage yellow. Russel Brand is an actor… Do you see the difference between him and Noam Chomsky? Also, what is your solution to ending the Covid pandemic then? You can’t make everyone eat healthy and change their lifestyle to boost their immune system, that requires so much work/restructuring of ones mentality. The governments are doing best they can with their restrictions, they try to be flexible and improve as new research arises. Do you understand how difficult it is to handle a situation like this? Do you understand how hard it is to navigate a country through these times? Do you understand that this could last for years and years to come and many more people will die from this? Do you understand that all influencers you mentioned with their smart-assing are just prolonging this situation and causing more damage?
  11. Because I want to hear what other people are saying and I want it for the experience. It’s different when you’re in a great atmosphere with candlelight and with spiritual people next to you vs when you’re home on your cold floor listening to your fridge and some dude on YouTube..
  12. There’s also experience sharing there..
  13. I want to get it right, for the same reason I would recommend getting a personal trainer/go to a class when one begins working out.
  14. I am vaccinated, but I am worried more about passing it to my grandma and people on the airplane. Yea, they are anti vaccine here, they believe the solution is to maximize boosting ones immune system and they don’t see the big picture of things.