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  1. @Devi Shanti It will be really hard to comprehend. We don't need anything, period. We want... Not need. It's perfectly okay to want, go ahead and want the moon. Doesn't mean you'll have ever lasting happiness. Life is pretty simple, don't over complicate it. That's all, go out and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your romance and have a good day.
  2. @universe you are over thinking this, you need to start putting your foot on the gas pedal and jamming numbers in your phone. I've done the same, you are to be loved, but! only by those who can truly see your potential. Those people can make themselves visible if... you start by seeing the potential in others. Intellectual potential, instead of beauty and you'll start to notice many beautiful women are intellectuals. Not all of course ? Meaning, try harder to give more women a chance, if you want something worth finding. Your outcome will be equal to your efforts. However, I've had moments where it was all effortless, rare.
  3. @Devi Shanti you'd be surprised how simple many things are under the surface. Really, I believe our tendency is to make things more complicated than they seem. If you have any objections to an idea, do some deconstructing. I think everything is ought to be appreciated, or learned to at one point or another. Suffering in my opinion is unavoidable, but changing our perspective on suffering and seeing it from a bigger point of view, instead of isolating and emphasizing one aspect of life... will be more worth the time.
  4. Maybe just keep dating before doing a relationship. Do you regularly date?
  5. Stop expecting good things to happen to you from the advice you hear. It's up to you to invite good energy in your life, you deserve it. No guru is as powerful as your personal experience.
  6. Talk to everybody, become vulnerable. Such a short reply... I failed in those two areas at 17.... not to mention unfortunate events happened at the time too. Anyway don't be afraid of rejection you are an irresistible human being. Recognize it and become it. Your heartache now will only grow as you age unless you invite people in to your life.
  7. @Average Investor I read your entire reply, I hope you don't take my reply as too... short and half hearted "The universe has no questions and expects nothing of itself, it's been very successful that way" I'd love to tell you where I got it from, this is a very common, and probably over told thing... but I hope you really embody this quote and I think that's all there is. You will become whatever you want, whenever you want. Message me whenever, I'm glad to talk. As an equal too, I lack in certain aspects in life and would also appreciate your input.
  8. Volume vs intensity Be subtle in your routine, do not do more than one new thing per week, too much intensity, you'll wear out. Too many things, you'll wear out. Quality vs quantity You can become good at many things, but you'll never truly master many. These should be delicately balanced, you have to really decide where you want to be and set realistic expectations, which still have better outcomes than your current situation. Really, I emphasize that there is no need to chase the highest quality of life possible at all times. It's exhausting and if you don't get used to tolerating your boredom. You'll be forced in to it either way in old age and life is only as complex as we see it, so if you start expecting that you need to become perfect at all of these things it will only hinder and reverse your progress. This is a deception too. Your powerful routine, in my opinion could also include solitary meditation without music, since I assume you finding it challanging... because there are only binuraul beats sessions. Also, consistant socialization, since I don't see any room for you to develop your people skills. At a final stage, having a child or simply owning a high drive dog would definitely force you to use almost all of your potential, it's selfless and ultimately one of the highest forms of commitment. This is a serious decision, don't assume that a high drive dog will be easy, you'll be worn out every day but very fulfilled. You can't exercise the energy out of a high drive dog, you will hurt their joints or worse... Kill it, train him/her in a sport and first and foremost become educated before anything. Basically what you can best hope for and "accomplish" is a more balanced life, it's exhausting sure... but you will remove inadequacies from their roots and become stronger this way. The answer will always be unattractive imo. Accomplishments and strengths are always shaped by society as either a direct result as standing against society or conforming in to an indoctrinated idea of what a person should be. Think about it for a moment....
  9. Are you asking how to go about answering them yourself? Or what are our answers?
  10. @Leo Gura I think it's okay to consider things, not this exact videos conversation in particular. Are you implying that you think i'm considering anything that Alex Jones says as truth? Or that I'm not taking it serious enough and that's my downfall? From OP, "You could spend a lifetime analyzing this." To me it looks like we are overthinking about the guy who is overthinking and it appears to be one conversation now. Instead of an observation. Time and place, that's my emphasis.
  11. There's nothing wrong with taking things in to consideration, it's when we take things to heart... too often and too seriously we lose our precious time.
  12. When you start feeling like you should give up on someone time and time again. That's a pretty clear sign to give up on them, just occupy yourself with better things than thinking and obsessing over people that frustrate you. Slowly you should eventually be independent of them.
  13. I think you're too hard on yourself and no stranger cares about you enough to hate you. Maybe you thinking people hate you shows low confidence and being unconfident creates less attraction. We are all too busy caring about ourselves, even if not then our families and friends.
  14. This sounds counter intuitive, but in my experience. I got a job, a stressful one at that, one that forces me to be social and always on my toes. It helps to be forced to be the things in which I'm not, then in time i can become it and noticed I wasn't so neurotic after all and have no energy to waste on negative thought patterns.
  15. What are you really trying to accomplish here? I think nofap PMO is a great way to enhance your sex life, but it sounds like you don't have one. Not trying to put you down, but take care of yourself and stop being so serious with yourself. I've gone a real long time doing this and honestly, nofap+singlelife in hope's to get a girlfriend.... is pure deflection. It's you who is responsible to be social, out-going and find a good partner. There is no specific universal strategy, and I honestly think you're wasting your time here, you can better spend it other ways. I've made worse decisions with who I've gone out with while on Nofap+PMO. You don't want to develop an unhealthy porn habit or fetish, get involved with women who are bad news, married, diseased, addicts etc. It all comes down to moderation, If you remember what ego backlash is, this is a real possibility and it can negatively impact you in several ways. Exercise that gut muscle, be bold, get uncomfortable and not take life too seriously. That one sentence is what i think people try convincing themselves with nofap. It's a waste of time, re-read that, pull off that nofap bandaid and take immediate action.