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  1. You're basically the guy with the Hammer playing whack a mole, but you have the option here to just let them present themselves and stop viewing some as "negative" every emotion compliments it's opposite emotion.
  2. @Aeris oh, yes reddit searches? Funny you say those things because i also thought "these capsules could of easily been filled with rice powder." Thanks for replying! I would definitely stay on the safe side and order your lions mane from more reputable sources than Paul in this case. I have no reason to doubt what you said because there are plenty of cheap skates in the supplement world.
  3. @Aeris could you elaborate? I typed paul stammet is a scam on google and couldn't find anything. I thought, maybe youtube and found nothing either. I don't know where you got your information from but let's make sure we're providing this forum with as clear and reputable information as possible. If he truly is a scam artist then i want to know how, so i know to never post information from him again. That was a 7 minute video and i don't want to waste anyones time. Everyone i have talked to in real life has Mycophobia, i don't want to steer people away from something potentially helpful. Scam or not someone let me in on this plz
  4. Yes, i still see no cognitive decline after stopping and I honestly feel like i'm still remembering better. Diet, sleep, lifestyle factors for example also plays a major part. Considering this, lions mane can't be soley attributed to an increase in cognition 100% of the time. There are many contributing factors but in general i see a very slow and subtle increase in overall improvement.
  5. Creatine is also worth looking into.
  6. “In practice, thousands of little women in their villages have lived more gentle, more equable and more constant lives than [Cicero].” - michel de montaigne. You don't need to follow any of these things to live a grand life, if you want to follow your heart then do so. Just realize the outcomes will be different, certainly living in blissful ignorance is different than conceptualizing our self deceptions for personal development. You don't need to want to meditate, you meditate because you know when you need to. If you center yourself you'll have answers to the questions like the one you just asked. To be clear too, there is a major distinction between understanding and innerderstanding. I have nothing else to say besides i wish you the best.
  7. @Jacko it really depends on your financial status. If you've wanted to get a degree for the same amount of time it takes to complete it, then I think it's a reasonable choice. College is no small feat, especially if you're on your own and don't have much money. Sometimes if we don't act soon enough to figure out what is we want to do, we have to just spin the wheel.
  8. Surprised nobody has posted on this yet, great video man.
  9. @B_Naz there comes a point where you're capable of distinguishing the voice of doubt from constructive criticism. I believe that you can find the right answers eventually on your own, for the existential questions at least. As long as your asking the right ones.
  10. You're asking questions, taking actions but i don't think they might be the most optimal kind. Your mushroom experience could have easily gone alot worse. These subjects can scare you, it can make you feel absolute gratitude and astonishment but like alot of things it is only what you make it out to be. Decide for yourself what to make with this new encounter. I personally felt a little scared before greatful and astonished.
  11. @VadsterLobster I would have to say that it's mostly the "subconscious" that has knee jerk responses to prevent the We can't remap our entire outlook on life in one night, not to mention in one video. For example, someone can tell you, don't let them get to you! you might say "yaya fine i know." When really, you are still irritated by those people. It can take years to not let people irritate you, so unless you're reaffirming these things everyday and taking it seriously, you won't drill it in to your subconscious. Another example could be "don't make assumptions." In the context of a negative assumption of course. You say this again and again for 1000 days until you stop fabricating negative assumptions of others. Especially the you've lived thinking certain way the harder it'll be for you to change your ways.
  12. @Arcangelo i'm glad you decided to ask this question on the forum. This will be overcame.
  13. @cetus56 Spot on, i also think that fear of being alone and accepting the outcomes of our relationships for better or worse, for our own good should be overcame before attempting to develop a secure enduring relationship.
  14. @cetus56 Excellent story, sometimes when everything is running it's course life throws a curveball at us. To quote Smashmouth "I thought love was only true in fairy tales Meant for someone else but not for me Love was out to get me That's the way it seemed Disappointment haunted all of my dreams" "I thought love was more or less a giving thing The more I gave the less I got oh yeah What's the use in tryin' All you get is pain When I wanted sunshine I got rain" Both followed by "Then I saw her face, now I'm a believer Not a trace, of doubt in my mind I'm in love, I'm a believer I couldn't leave her if I tried" Each part of the song has a running theme, that when we least expect something good to happen it happens. @theking00I think you were right about life being meaningless. The thing about that is we create the meaning. This can't be a bad or good thing since it has no meaning.
  15. @theking00 Sometimes people have faith, other times people say everything is pure luck and sometimes we think things happen to us. Why is it how other times we are making things happen, or so it seems? Why is this? I attribute it to our locus of control, you definitely can't cantrol what's happening to you or how you feel but you can control how you perceive your reactions. You are in charge, for now and eventually the time will come for all of us.