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  1. Much of the ayahuasca-related purging comes from tannins which enter the brew from the leaf material. Techniques exist to remove these which reduce the vomiting . This can also be largely avoided by using a concentrated caapi extract and extracted DMT. I personally think that the shamans know their prep is GI irritant, accept that purging is probable and choose to frame this as cathartic, which typically feeds into the expectations of the (Western) drinker. So the idea feeds expectation and manifests as "real". I have also not found mescaline (as the hydrochloride salt) when extracted from Peruvian Torch to be nauseating but consuming masses of raw/dried cactus would certainly increase the likelihood.
  2. ^^ Dilaudid aka hydromorphone when taken IV exceeds the pleasure factor of IV heroin because the former crosses the blood-brain barrier faster. When taken orally its less impressive. As un-politically correct it may be to say it, opiates are entheogenic in their own peculiar way. As is well known, their ability to hijack the mechanism of the egos construction detrimentally is almost unrivalled. "You would have to be brainless to not enjoy opiates". Literally brainless and not in the "brains don't exist"* fashion. *attributed to L Gura.
  3. Leo, the aim is not to contradict you in any way. Have you experienced vaporized DMT at any time, particularly at the breakthrough level? I would love to get your take on it.
  4. This is where it gets tricky! Leo, you stated that "Since you are God, your mind constructs/imagines all of reality". This is an a priori absolutist position (unless you have had the experience discussed in this thread) which may well be correct, and from this stance the experience of vaporized DMT at breakthrough dose may or may not confirm this. You then state "The psychedelic expands YOUR consciousness and will power such that whatever you start to imagine starts to physically manifest". Your use of the possessive "your" in this sentence, if attributed to God suggests that Gods consciousness is limited and needs expanding for the craziness to manifest. This might reflect a limitation of language, and attribution, but speaking from personal experience, DMT offers a vista which can not be referenced to what other psychedelics provide including 5 MeO. A full breakthrough goes beyond physical manifestation such that the difference between having eyes open or closed is abolished, and looking at a dog would mean nothing, as the dog does not exist to have attributes of hellhound-ishness added to it. If you have not vaporized DMT, I think trying it would be a very useful endeavour for you. In many ways its much more interesting than 5 MeO because it embodies so much more fluidity.
  5. Maybe I'm wrong but this does not sound fully valid when it comes to vaporized DMT. The speed of evolution of the full DMT breakthrough does not leave temporal space for imagination to imagine and concurrently/sequentially manifest. And that is what is so utterly incredible about the experience and stands distinct from the other routes unless perhaps you take daft sized doses. DMT is largely a dual experience (as the OPs description would seem to describe) but there are "tricks" which can make it reliably non-dual but take a very settled mind-set at the launch in order to avoid some major headfucking trauma. And the nature of the realization is not the same as that provided by 5 MeO which convinces me of the multiplicity of non-dual being. Its not inferior, just different, and in some ways embodies the "position" that " 'I' am nothing" more than " 'I' am everything/"God"/whatever". One would need a reliable delivery system (such as the GVG) and take the dose with headphones on playing a suitable track of about 10 minutes duration and just lie back and become the process. All immersive, with no sensation of being a physical being, and a dissolution into an all encompassing unfolding of a show which is not in any way dependant on ones imagination. A pure state of being which if one is up for it is very valuable. The other aspect which is not generally known is that the dose - effect response can on occasion be utterly unpredictable with lesser doses evincing a much more profound effect, and, albeit less frequently, hyperspace putting a block on entry irrespective of the dose taken even with the GVG. A scale is vital when working with DMT via vaporization; many very experienced people feel the horror of DMT can exceed that from a rough 5 MeO experience.
  6. Absolutely right. OPs question reflects the cultural assumption that being hooked on heroin is so bad that refusing a hit will likely be almost impossible and requires some super-human state of mind to achieve. What is less recognised is that, whilst very unpleasant to withdraw, many people manage to go through the process for a variety of reasons including being so defeated by the life and reaching their own particular rock-bottom which leaves the choice of killing oneself or taking the pain. And those who make it through will most probably say that staying off is much harder to achieve than going through withdrawal. In fact, taking some "turkey" is part of the lifestyle of active addiction and is experienced by many addicts not that infrequently. Be wary of cultural assumptions (as Leo has previously and rightly stated); be also aware that there are a very small percentage of opiate users who are able to use in a fashion which does not lead to addiction. You don't hear about them because they don't tend to advertise their activities.
  7. Chaliponga (Diplopterys Cabrerana) when used in place of Chacruna (Psychotria Viridis- "classic DMT source in aya) does produce a different experience but the issue of this being due to 5 MeO DMT is unclear; some older texts claim 5 Meo has been found in chaliponga albeit at very low levels but more recent analysis disputes this.
  8. The word Absolute as used here, and with reference to Truth- could anyone expand on the meaning in these contexts? As much as the question smacks of a strange loop if the term is used self-referentially (to a notion of Absolute Absoluteness) it hints at something utterly complete and in some ways end-of-the line. I don't think I could define this adequately, hence the seeking for others opinions but I see it as fully inclusive of all egoic misconceptions and their manifold and perpetually evolving nature, namely lacking in an "absolute-ness".
  9. Perhaps a new flavour of Cheetos? @Leo Gura -in all seriousness, your disparaging use of Cheetos is utterly inspired, and conjures up a mental image which is poetically apt, tragic and yet hilarious simultaneously. Well done Sir- I salute you!
  10. ^^ Here is some useful info for calculating the required dose of DXM (as the hydrobromide salt) for reaching the different plateaus. I have dosed at 10mg/kg and it was an intense experience.
  11. Many here are not aware of the magic NMDA receptor antagonists can produce; they synergize wonderfully with cannabis and even better with vaporized DMT. DXM is an interesting one; people using it should always start with a low dose as many people lack the enzyme which breaks it down hence the need for a test dose. 10mg/kg of DXM Hbr is plenty to reveal its full effects. OP raves about the experience- understandably, and Leo states it is Truth. Many have been psychologically knocked off -kilter by this class of drug so be cautious in ascribing anything too unquestionable to the experience. Look up DXM plateaus before dabbling with it.
  12. Psychedelics are more of a catalyst which act on the substrate of your cognition to reveal newer more flexible ways of thinking and in the process make many of the concepts which the self-actualization work is replete with become illuminated in a way that facilitates progress along the path. The substrate is your baseline consciousness which you bring to the experience hence the variability between what different users get out of it. They work best as an adjunct to the more established slower methods and complement them in a way which speeds up progress. The catch in part is due to the users extolling them beyond their objective worth, and a tendency to ascribe rock-solid conclusions on the basis of what could be explained by predictable neurochemical effects as being indicative of an ultimate explanation. I have used them for over 30 years and love them but such an apprenticeship makes clear their limitations.
  13. The last time Infinite Intelligence (II) delivered some Truth to me, I had prepared several intriguing questions beforehand to pose to II to help me decide if this was a trustworthy entity or not. I took one last deep inhalation from the bottle of jenkum and placed it aside as the unmistakeable sensation of expanded consciousness blossomed. As this is not a trip report I will just skip ahead to the questions with the replies transmitted: 1. "Is Leo legit?? Can he be trusted as a teacher?" "He is sincere and wise, and much of his teachings are very astute. Pay close attention to what he says and ponder on the words before drawing a conclusion. Be alert to devilry, be it through ignorance or for any other reason". 2. "What is 'soma'? Does it still exist?" "You ask the wrong question, and you look yet do not see". 3. "Does Leo know what soma is?" "He knows yet he doesn't know so. Remember devilry and the "counter intuitive nature of life?" He has talked about it, disparagingly, and yet it hides in plain sight. Many have missed their own enlightenment and are unable to move past duality, seeing themselves as distinct from the sofa they sit on". 4."Any last bits of advice?" Sadly, the "line" went dead. I pondered long and hard, and concluded the following. SOMA is an acronym for "Sitting on my ass" and that Cheetos, if used in a ritualistic fashion, are a valid route to liberation and permanent enlightenment." Sitting on my ass, eating Cheetos" - has the ring of a powerful mantra about it. As Leo would say- "Ta-da!" (/s).
  14. If you truly have 150mcg then be advised- LSD is a long haul psychedelic, and by the time your aya/shroom doses would have abated, this dose of acid would have just reached its peak. I have had the opportunity to sample accurate doses of LSD, and for me 150mcg is not insubstantial and not something I would do unsupervised for the first time. Also note that incremental doses of LSD are not additive; the increase in effect rises more exponentially. 100mcg or at a push 125mcg would be my advice. Drop in haste, "repent" in leisure is not the aim.
  15. Source? I could just about buy this if mention was made of extracting in place of synthesizing,- there is a world of difference.