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  1. ^^This is wisdom, as opposed to some really questionable suggestions offered to the OP, such as 200mcg, or "start low at 125mcg". How can one be sure of the dosage taken, beyond the bullshit the peddlers offer re tab strength? Usually dosages are over-estimated but importantly not always, which makes caution prudent. I think 100mcg should be the most taken for a first go if this can be accurately determined. Also regarding duration- its true that the time for the LSD to wear off fully is around 12 hours unless a very modest dose is taken but the real magic is largely over by 6 hours. Doses of 300mcg are very imposing experientially and is far from being a low dose. The peak effect from LSD is achieved at around 600mcg if there is no tolerance and doses beyond this add little more except to the duration.
  2. VaporGenie works much better with NN DMT rather than 5 MeO DMT. I baulk at the thought of smoking 20-25mg 5 MeO DMT- that is psychological trauma/blackout territory if freebase is used and done efficiently. I wonder if OP has a salt version. The hydrochloride salt dissolves promptly in water; the oxalate is less obliging. Smoking 5 MeO DMT should not present problems as found with NN DMT; for the salt version using the sandwich method and a torch lighter should do the job. Snorting it without adding vinegar/coconut milk should also work if its the salt.
  3. The pipe she uses is the Glass VaporGenie and is so suited to vaporizing DMT. She would have been better off using a torch lighter which would get the ceramic diffuser glowing red and this would have allowed her to clear the dose in one breath without too much difficulty. That would have been a much more robust experience and would probably have had her crapping her pants at 30mg. The intensity of the experience is directly proportional to the rate of delivery of the full dose to the brain, as the mechanisms clearing the DMT from the receptors are active almost as soon as the receptors are occupied. Taking the second or third toke is not necessary once one has the technique with the GVG fine-tuned. Some find using multiple screens can have liquid DMT seeping into the pipe; using a healthstone or a disc of copper scrub or steel wire can overcome this, without needing to add any leaf material. The Glass VaporGenie is worth every penny/cent to get the best out of your freebase DMT vaporizing ventures. I cannot recommend it enough.
  4. But Infinite Mind can get confused between its concept of ancient India, and the manifestation based on the concept. Which cannot be the thing itself. Use a fresh syringe!
  5. There is limited information presented in this thread, and some "bold diagnoses" such as a spiritual emergency being thrown about. No-one here really knows and as remember has stated above ^^, such a long period without sleep and paranoid utterances do raise the possibility of a psychiatric issue. Ill-informed speculation is just that and shows how we all (me included) see things through the prism of our own biases.
  6. Could you clarify- is this 5 inhalations of DMT, as in 5 lungfuls of vapor ??
  7. I like this. I think its instructive to consider the entry-point of the word "enlightenment" into the lexicon of spirituality in the West, and how it conjures up a whole host of conceptualizations which are inherently removed from what it purports to convey. The translator of Kants "Critique of Pure Reason" into English, a chap called Max Muller, was also one of the pioneers of translating the Rig Veda and some of the Upanishads from Sanskrit to English, and he used the word enlightenment as the term for both Moksha (liberation) and Bodhi (awakening). Human biases being as they are, Mullers admiration for Kant, and a predilection for a more "natural philosophy" in place of the superstitious aspects of Christianity makes the choice of the word somewhat contrived and intentional. This overlooks the nuances of the terms it "replaces", and with the drift of time and appropriation by other interested parties such as the Theosophists, the word enlightenment has gathered under its mantle aspects of many other Sanskrit terms which render it into a conceptual mess. We see something not too dis-similar in the English version of the New Testament which hop-scotched linguistically through Aramaic, Latin and Greek before getting to the English speaker.
  8. DMT offers a whole range of possibilities when you don't overlook the oral route. Using the different options to inhibit MAO-A (Syrian Rue, B Caapi vine, Moclobemide) and the ratio of these to DMT can allow so many textures to the experience. The ability to have a short-lived but intense experience (1.5- 3 hours) if so desired makes it more practical than LSD which is typically a full day venture. Vaporized DMT alone is less suited to the work because of its brevity; vaporizing a breakthrough dose of DMT after fully inhibiting MAO-A with Moclobemide will demonstrate the creative genius of consciousness in a way that even 5 MeO DMT cannot achieve. Psychedelically speaking, and IME, this is "Here there be dragons" territory.
  9. I agree- Absolute Truth is revealed when the self goes. External (and internal) world is shown to be a limiting idea. Psychedelics are unsurpassed in this aspect of the work. A recent 1p LSD experience (100mcg only) provided such an insight. The key was to spend the time from 30 minutes post-ingestion to 3 hours with eyes closed, alone and in silence. It was instructive watching how thoughts are like a centrifugal force, always moving outwards but with disinvolved observation they settle, absent themselves and then things "happen".....
  10. Direct Consciousness ie realizing Being dispels any notion of an "external" world altogether, IME.
  11. You don't. Perceptive faculties are limited and lead to the construction of an image which is all one knows and is convincing. In terms of vision, whatever exists in the environment (if anything) is reflecting the light which "falls" upon it which then enters the eyes, is processed in the brain to produce the image which is projected. Looking at it "the other way", whatever is seen is appreciated through the "limits" inherent in the visual apparatus hence cannot help but to impress objective limitations upon what's seen. Another example- the sniffer dog can smell the traces of heroin on the carpet and you cannot. Whose perception is ultimately and comprehensively "right"? The honest answer would have to be neither. Whatever is out there/present without objective limitations imposed by perceptive apparatus would not be apart from consciousness. So is Not A Thing. A direct experience answers all the questions in a way that an intellectual approach cannot and IME shows the fundamental primary nature of consciousness appearing in multiple forms in a strange-loop arrangement.
  12. To successfully utilise psychedelics for self-development work which would include contemplative practise I find having a clearly defined intention is important, to give some focus/direction to the trip which one should be prepared to return to again and again in spite of what comes up. You will not find Absolute Truths, but the novel synthesis of emotion, verbalised thinking, mental visual imagery and unapologetic self-honesty can allow new perspectives to be drawn from what exists in ones conscious mind and other less obvious domains of cognition. Psychedelics are particularly suited IMO/E to unravelling those assumptions, core beliefs and programming which underpin the construction of that illusory sense of self, and seeing through this by becoming directly conscious of its real-time effects in producing your dysfunction/ character traits that are less than useful. Different agents including combinations have their own preferred domains of investigation and this can vary between users. You will not get enlightened by using these compounds but they definitely give one a head start which one would not get as promptly from any other adjunct to the work. Something that's not often discussed about psychedelics is how they can foster the breeding of subtle self-serving delusions/beliefs which are formulated by the identification of "insights" that sustain ones biases or solidify notions one hopes to be true rather than assessing matters dispassionately. This tends to happen more with the bigger Cosmic questions rather than self-analysis because the prism of honesty is more readily applied to the latter.
  13. The South American frog could be Phyllomedusa Bicolor, source of kambo, which contains the peptides dermorphin and deltorphin, the former being a mu receptor agonist ie like morphine but more potent.
  14. For an enlightened soul, a lot of this ^^ this is a gross assumption, generalization and a belief which you would do well to question.
  15. Its good to see others acknowledge the value of the dissos; I personally believe that they afford a depth in which the work can be done with so much less emotional gloss and glory attached to the experience, something that the typical psychs (LSD, DMT, psilocybin, mescaline, and 5 MeO to some degree) cannot avoid. Be warned that the allure of the space and the potential addiction that can develop to it psychologically has caused the downfall of some of the hardiest venturers. As Leo has stated multiple times how he has been able to have deeper awakenings in the infinite space of 5 MeO, the dissos can add (and of necessity the descriptor is metaphorical) a wholly novel "breadth" which amplifies the potential lessons and insights possible to realize. And for those ultra-hardy venturers, the combination of a long-acting disso with an agent such as LSD can be utterly life-changing, and for plunging depths, vaporized DMT on top of a disso is description-defying. Regard this class of agent as a potent tool which requires wisdom and respect and it has much to offer.