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  1. The paradox is that God itself is me and is standing in its own way, God is also the ego that is preventing itself to be fully enlightened. So in a way God is holding us back
  2. We are talking about 1978 dude. I wish I would see it as well, but even videos of modern competitions are not so popular, compared to western MMA
  3. Who in your opinion is both deeply awoke but also deeply embodied and purified? For what I've seen Ralston, Sadhguru, Mooji, and you might be good examples
  4. Ways to reduce the probabily of the worst kind of dangers?
  5. I'm a medical student. From what I see here, which is of course not much in this post (meaning not too many info) it sound like it might belong to one or more of this categories. I'll put them in the order which seems more likely by just reading this. Unfortunatly you have symptoms that might be correlated with really half of what you might study in a medical text-book, so that's why you are having problems having a diagnosis, but don't give up, be a bit patient and by seeing other specialists you should get to a conclusion - rheumatological and immunological issue: go see either a rheumatologist or an immunologist or both - Lyme disease - check out of haematological diseases, just to be sure you're healthy on that: like lymphomas and leukemias - psychosomathic - but please leave this when you've consulted enough specialists that say that you seem to be healthy in their domain of expertise - other like gut problems or neurological problems Keeps us/me posted either here or via dm
  6. How do I open a sigil and even begin to learn to do all of this?
  7. Hi guys I wanted to dive more deep into the topic of alternative medicine and healing, but I'd like to do it from what I might consider a more neutral and conscious perspective, a stage Yellow-Turquoise author. Probably a Green one would be too biased against conventional medicine and to biased for alternative healing Up until now I just read Dr Hyman books which give an interesting perspective on things that are not fully understood by the mainstream medicine and I also read and watch some good content from Dr Joe Dispenza (really mindblowing) , but now I was looking into another source more about other times of healings that people might consider woo-woo and scammy like Reiki, Acupuncture, Indian Medicine, etc Can anyone recommend some author? Thanks in advance
  8. I think that a video on this topic is needed, and not just for me, cause I think it's a topic that is valuable for anyone doing spiritual work the one about morality and ethics. I just partially understand what you're saying. Like yeah of course it's about survival, but still to trascend survival steadily and fully you need to literally drop dead and not be a human anymore, and then you'll be totally self-less. Still I understand that from the Absolute perspective all is Good, but still it's when it comes to everyday action we can't fully act according to that, imho, cause then me being a bit drunk and taking the car and running a kid killing him it's still something that God pov is still good but still brings suffering into yourself and into the world. In that situation still some personal ethic and some society moral is needed
  9. This opens up the question. For everyday living and action you still need to be able to decide something that is more or less good, cause if you act according to the Truth that even Evil is part of the Good you're basically justified to do anything. It would kind of become like Nazis who were using Buddhism to detach themselves from actions at are relatively not so good.
  10. Well can you elabore more on this? Cause even with pick-up you can't build intimacy with anyone and still you find out people that trigger more the love buttons in you than others
  11. A few kicks in the butt is no more different than Zen monks beating you with a stick
  12. Oh if you want to cringe even more: Even the title itself Even thought I'd consider quantum physics just as pointer, cause materialists are right in that regard that the level at which it understands reality is just very partial
  13. Jeeeez I'm in love now