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  1. Why you don't explain more how you got financially free?
  2. 100% agree, finally a quality post!
  3. Dude, I'm sorry to say that it's so clear that you have never met a really damaged psychiatric person, or if you did, you interpreted the situation in a weird fashion, same goes with baring to study these drugs other than with some Youtube video taken out of context. Even with all side effects life of most people without the drugs that you mentioned is total shit. And I speak as soon-to-be doctor and as a patient who struggled with OCD which SSRIs improved a lot. The thing is that sometimes they missused, but they're not like a tool to get ridden of, because as I said in my previous post the alternative of not having them is far worse. We need something reliable to try to control the symptoms and get the patient with a decent headspace to do psychoteraphy, inner work, shadow work and whatever, and that space is not the space where you believe that your bed is talking to you about how shitty you are and how society is governed by aliens or when you are so obsessed about something that you don't want to be thinking about like maybe how many bacteria there are on your hand. SSRIs seem to produce addiction, only because often if you don't go deep with psychoteraphy and about changing you life, you get back with the depression, but it's not like for withdrawal like with heroin but because the bring bang all the shadows that were partially supressed with the SSRIs. Basically what you're saying regarding the effects of the drugs has no evidence, and I don't mean scientifical, but logical or even experiential, other than some conspiracy theory and prejudice. Basically you see the misuse of them and infer the worse about them, just if you infered how much a knife is dangerous by looking at the news of an homicide, while failing to see all the uses and different scenarios.
  4. Lool whoever criticizes psychopharmaceuticals has no idea of what they're saying most of the time. Yes they're not miracolous, and yes they should be just a small part of the way to heal a patient, yes there is some placebo effect to it, and yes they can cause side effects, but still the alternative is way worse. They should be part of the healing process of some people, along with alternative medicine, meditation, etc, etc. But they shouldn't be demonized either. Just ask an old psychiatrist who when was young had very few treatments for psychotic patients and with people with all sorts of psychiatric issues (not just depression, but OCD for example) and tell them how they're work and how their patients improved their functioning in the world in most cases with conventional drugs. Do they fully heal to the cause? No. But still the alternative is far worse. People with schizophrenia completely change if they respond to the antipsychotic drug, and you can verify by yourself or by asking a relative of a patient with this condition. There are obviously side effects, even messy and troubling ones, but still the alternative is usually not some schizophrenic who is peaceful psychic and healer, but usually people who also might seem possessed by the devil of that they really suffer a lot or are often even dangerous to other human being (during my rounds in med school I happened to see a person who completely changed after medication, while before he was just seeing insects and being depressed and hearing voice of "God" saying that he should kill all the people with blue-eyes who were according to him the devil that made the world a shitty place) and are dreaming the worst in their reality, so of course that compared to that situation the drug improves their life so much even if they get side effects it's still valid. Same things goes with panic attacks and depressions, sometimes drugs are the gateaway to normalize a bit the neurochemistry of the patient so that you can actually counsel him properly and all do the necessary deep healing, which can be quite impossible if the patient is having one massive panick attack a day or he's so depressed that can't get out of bed and can't even come to your psychoteraphy session.... Are they overused? Very true, but still they're one of the tools that you have in your arsenal to give a better life to human being who is in deep suffering, and it's troubling to see how many people demonize them so much, and don't just say that they don't need to be overused or that they don't need to be the only way of dealing with things. Basically they can't be thrown in the trash.
  5. Who else other than Sadhguru?
  7. There are actually lots of historical evidences that he actually did. Even most atheists don't doubt his human existence
  8. What does he mean for internal reflection? What is his methodology? Thanks for the valuable post, btw. I don't fully agree with what he puts in the 80 and what in the 20% but still it's an interesting perspective
  9. Agree, but often to get the attraction truly unleashed there needs to be also a show of compatibility of values, which determines a sense of belonging and makes your mind unleash the attraction for the other person, so in a sense Spiral Dynamics compatibily plays a part in the attraction and falling in love process
  10. But it's not like you'd go to people and tell them "oh guys I manifested 1 million dollars and now I'm rich", you'd tell people you know "oh I won some lottery" or some shit like this. But I don't know if you mean like the random crazy person on the streets that believes he has millions of dollars, then we'd call him crazy since his reality is not our shared reality. But so that would kind of mean that there are actually infinite dreams of infinite people, and the subtotal of them is the shared reality
  11. I've been in a very similar situations as med student. The thing is that is so easy to get depressed the first years of medical school, but then it gets way more practical and close to really helping people and you have more clinical exams, which are a bit less hard and more interesting cause they're more related to day-to-day cases (most of the time). I'd consider that as well in evaluating your choice. As pychiatrist with the other things that you like you'll really crush it, and become really good at it, and you'll probably have an higher income than a psychologist and more chances to use also conventional pharmaceutical therapy in many cases where, despite what you read or not (I talk by direct experience) is very much necessary, because there are so many patients with whom other therapies like for example psychoteraphy just work after you get a decent chemistry in their brain that they're able to function even just to hear you talking about nutrition and other things. But I really get you, medical school is such an hard path, which takes lots of conscientiousness and hard work. If you have any questions regarding the medicine world in Europe, I'm glad to help
  12. What kind of psychedelics do you suggest for this? 5-meo even for this?
  13. Come on, man! Don't tease us, please do share 100%! Even with paid content, but to those who patreon you, but please do it
  14. Not just that, he was sexually repressed in a sexually repressed society. What Freud was describing wasn't just his neurosis and projections, because he had to deal with neurosis that were very common in sexually repressed society and which are very much less common nowadays. Still he had massively great intuitions and impact on history.
  15. You can like martial arts and not be red, meaning liking them not because you want to annihilate or see the other person suffering. As in many activities is the place is coming from and not the thing in itself that is the issue. That being said 90% of UFC MMA fighters and fans are stage Red or Orange or mixture of both.