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  1. Nice what change do you notice by 2 years of chelation? Did you do it non-stop?
  2. Is it a group therapy session for rich narcisist egomaniacs?
  3. I would be amazing Like "What good game looks like: mega thread"
  4. The problem is that usually infield that is posted even in paid programs is just bits of flashy game, you don't know whether the interaction actually went to a close, and so on. The ideal to learn is to see a good wingman in real life
  5. Another Tate cult propaganda move either if it's true and either if it's false
  6. Mmmh I don't think that the US or EU would let that happen that easily. Probably the will compromise just on Donbass
  7. They are NOT vitamines or supplements though, they're proper drugs
  8. How much do you take?
  9. Do you still suggest and think that the best resources on Kriya are the ones that you put in your booklist?
  10. True, the thing is that for some supplements (take for example omega 3s) you probably won't feel any immediate tangible benefit on the body, since they mostly work long-term to prevent diseases
  11. Israel has made his mistakes in the settlement expansion and in the Netanyahu policies, but in the end I didn't hear any commentator actually speak about legit alternatives to the current reaction of Israel to the massacre
  12. Leo how much weed? Like you smoke it and you trip this much?
  13. It would be so cool and interesting if there would no actual data and still be a great model. Food for thoughts
  14. That's true and unfortunate for all the innocent kids there and airbombing should be done as surgically as possible... But at the moment there are not many other solutions available for Israel The thing is that sending soldiers there is militarly too risky: getting into Gaza without having weakened Hamas through the bombs can be suicidal for soldiers. I used to be very empathetic with the Palestinians and harsh on Israel colonialism, but they have been receiving money for decades from NGOs and other organizations and they don't do anything for the people themselves, but they just used them to feed terrorism against Israel (every week they try to attack Israel with missiles and Israel keeps standing just for their sheer technological power to intercept them) and they have always violated every agreement, Egypt on the border doesn't even want the Palestinians anymore because they don't want Hamas. Gaza had the change in 2005 to vote for people who actually cared for them, but they wanted Hamas in power and has done nothing other the supporting Hamas ever since, basically committing suicide as a nation. What can Israel do against an organization that states since the beginning that peace is not possibile without the annihilation of Israel?