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  1. Every word from him is Stage Orange with both its healthy and dark side
  2. If I were you, as a soon to be doctor, I would combine carnivore diet with rifaximine (I know it's expensive) so that one the one feeds the other in killing and not feeding and leaving any bad bacteria alive. The good thing with carnivore is that you basically have zero food that feeds the SIBO Last chance would be also fecal trasplant, you might want to check that out, if you haven't already What I'm curious about are you supplementing anything? Like vitamins and antioxidants that vegetables are rich of?
  3. I have a friend who stopped smoking after this video. He had been smoking 20 cigarettes a day...
  4. Exactly! Nicely put
  5. That's basically dictatorship
  6. Ahahahahah still to this day it makes me lmao
  7. I guess it's about human consciousness. Not Consciousness with the capital C
  8. The level of green-turquoise is over 9k!!!
  9. 2015–2016%2C prevalence of,higher among females than males. 15% for HSV-2 which is the more related to genital herpes, 50% for HSV-1 the oral one. Some data here and there say that these percentages are underestimated
  10. Leo but really, why don't get someone to send you Rifaximine, basically almost everywhere in Europe you get it basically for free like not even 10$, it will save you money and time and torture with other less conventional methods, which might be effective I'm not denying that but I think they should be secondary to antibiodies which for SIBO are way less helpful compared to their side effects, even if you take them for a few months
  11. Wachowski's brothers/sisters movies are really amazing, but I could classify more them as Green, but yeah they have some Turquoise elements to them
  12. I was wondering why you didn't attack the unhealthy bacterias with heavy doses of antibiotics, but then read until the end and cringed at the American Healthcare system... 3k for Rifaximine!!! Here in Italy where healthcare is basically free with the prescription you have Rifaximine for 8 euros, a package that includes 12 tablets... Can you get someone to send it to you from countries where it is inexpensive? Rifaximine is a very good antibody for gut issues like SIBO and it can help you if you do a good therapy with it, probably more than other unconventional treatments, which might help you but seem like torture like the fast you are talked about
  13. If you could be more specific about your brain disorder we might be able to give you better tips