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  1. So basically you'd say that as much "unaware" you can be it can get close to 0 awareness but never reach it? Would you say that awareness during anesthesia is 0 or 0.000000001?
  2. Further massive reasearch is needed, but nuclear as it is today is kinda devilrly. An accident is really unlikely, but let's say it happens, it takes just 1 accident to fuck up millions of lives for generations. In Europe and Japan people are still paying the prices years later
  3. Blood test your IgG against Sars-Cov2 to tell it
  4. Not even to get less "traumatized" by it?
  5. How micro the dose (basicallu how much)? LSD or shrooms are better for this kind of experiment? I have been thinking about the same lately these days and this post came at the right time
  6. How do you experience the sun or anything else as it actually is?
  7. In a lot of their videos they're somewhat Yellow, but yeah they have still a stronge Orange, which isn't necesserly too unhealthy
  8. By reading your situation: What is unclear is if you like pursuing women, what's your relationship to them There is a spectrum if you've liked pussy even for a period of your life or got turned on by tits and women asses you're definitevely not 100% gay, but you might not be 100% straight. Since sexuality is construct that is influenced by so many factors it's a bit of a spectrum and there are lots of bi-people. It might be this underated condition, which is very managable with a good psychiatrist:; though if you say that you don't like pussy too much it isn't probably the case but it's still worth a read To some degree lots of heterosexual males have little body reactions or look at somebody in the locker room for example, it's not too gay. Many straight people even jerk off together when young (yeah I was shocked to know this as well) Many gay people I know maybe had small doubts about being gay sometimes, but then usually it's pretty clear for them to have them and the doubts usually go away when they try to fuck 1 to 3 women, when they either don't get hard or they don't enjoy it, or they enjoy it very slightly maybe just oral sex and not the pussy, while when they go fuck a guy that they like it's like 100% happiness and 100% hard dick Probably you're bi, if you manage to get away from your home for a while to leave maybe 1 year far away from your hometown you can explore this more and figure it out so that you get more clear. In the end after ancient Greece time, it's the best time in history to be gay if you're in a devoloped country I hope this helps leading your anxieties and worries and life in the right direction. Keeps us posted
  9. Hey! Very glad to hear about your dad. Would be helpful to know something more about what course of alternative course of action and what cancer did he have. If you don't want to share it publicly you can DM me. I'm very interested in alternative healing and I also have an close aunt struggling with cancer
  10. Why not creatively combining them? ;P Namastè
  11. Loool is this really flirting? Come on... That's basically a normal very kind conversation
  12. I would like to know more about your experiences
  13. Birth control pills are usually very safe if you don't have a familiar history of blood clotting diseases, and it will definitevely improve your health situation. It's one of the best choices to deal with PCOS especially at the beginning of the treatment, then you can integrate with more natural and holistic treatments