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  1. And what is your feedback on the movie ? I think this movie is so real it is dreadful and beautiful. 'I believe in nothing' I m hungry to read your view on it. I liked it a lot and I think it translate a social state in our current modern society.
  2. the wake up call for you will be so hard my man. understanding that all your spiritual differences are just your new non sense. I had a friend like you in real life, I liked him he talked to me about aliens and many things ( but he had aswell a big bottle of LSD ), such a nice guy, wanting to energize his lemon on the sun ( to stack the energy ) and all kinds of non sense with pendulum. while in the meantime talking to me "how to cook your own amphetamine in a oven". I mean sorry man, but the reality is not the new fantasy. believe me it's so funny to see the human mind always wrapping around ideas and metaphysical concepts just like new religion:drugs. it's not common sense, and everything is common non sense.
  3. was Hitler in Self love ? What makes Trump not in Self Love ?
  4. there is two kinds of drugs. the ones who makes you in flow like a god the ones who makes you in flow like a shit
  5. Leo if you want to replace concept without adding nuances. Or you're a fan of discordianism. Or you're purposefully mindfucking us for no apparent reason. Create your own words/ideas based on nothing that is already there. Call it. Infinite self love. Instead of 'self love'. Or transcendantal self love. Pragmatic self love Universal self love Objective self love. So the 'devil' corrupt the word and you think 'you' will take back the ownership ?
  6. All my Friends introvert stay home doing art and smoking weed. We hate interacting with people mostly ( non introvert / clients ) ( energy déplétion ). There is no major problèms. I think we started weed to be just motivated by life. Lazy doesn't exist. Observator human produce more than doer if they can 'do it' in the end.
  7. All problems of beliefs and understanding come from the belief that human are self determined. We are god programmation. Accumulated determined knowledge. To know about a subject we had to experience it. We never choosed our school. Parents. Country. Tongue. Cultural context. People around. Etc etc.. Why understanding in mind would be différent ? We are all pnj believing being characters. Indeed there is nothing to hate or love. The Big mindfuck. Incel are god will. And people who dismay them aswell. Now It doesn't mean you can't change people. But ultimately people change by themself. If the matrix want it.
  8. Does someone have a legit link for 'vegan' pills for the pharma gaba in EU ? I only found gaba
  9. Haha you know what I mean. It's the 4chan for frenchfag. Topic deleted aswell by modération. But that was predictable. I just wanted to see how it reflect over there.
  10. I m engaged with someone. Sorry people teaching on the physical for another day
  11. I m sure it should be fun with you. Not pointing finger in anyway haha Everyone his path and taste in term of sex. I have no problem with porn or hardcore sex neither. Right 'assuming' body is one of the best way to heal.
  12. My mental health is prior to bullshit. Abuse and rape a system who doesn't help his members. Until he broke or fix itself. You're not the only one to need a fix. I only worked 3 months normal job. Over for me. Thank you welfare and minimal living. Art will feed me or my life end here.
  13. I see where you are pointing to. Real experience 'maybe'. But only believing in actuality is a belief. There is a truth about 'logic'. For instance logic still exist. It's not because you cease to believe than 'beliefs are useless for actuality' : this is aswell a subconscious new belief. For instance the idea of a scientific méthod is legit. On a pure metaphysical plain. Rock will work with certain people. On a pure 'physical/black matter Magic' . I wouldn't give it to my child to survive cancer.
  14. We can work together if you want some teamwork. ( But I m still learning ). Lot of software skills. ( Sound engineering (ableton)/ photoshop / zbrush(3D). But basicly I learned how to learn. Did this did that. USA or Europe ?
  15. on Those people are a lot frustrated incel. Mostly hardcore blue-orange. It's so toxic to read though. I got answer and people wanting to try before getting a perma ban.
  16. Dépends the kind of porn. Seriously. But it create a lot of false expectation if you only watch 'high erotic girl stuff'. I think that's like men expecting girl to only be focusing on pleasuring the men ( in porn ). ( No Real mind interaction ) ( and in fact both like it' that's not a woman thing ) You need someone who want to connect and focus aswell on your pleasure. ( Teamwork ) Everyone should focus on giving-being Mostly men don't do it because they coufound real sex with porn story. But if a men can Do the distinction between fantasy and Real things that's ok. My girlfriend and I listen our breath for instance. That's for body part. If you are a over mind thinker. Just méditation should do good for sex and présence.
  17. Beliefs are useful sometimes. But do not coufound belief with the real thing
  18. I have shared the guide for enlightment from leo on a french forum once. And have been banned for it.
  19. You don't need more than 4-5 people that are hardcore. What are you working on ?
  20. How to sell stupid rock to the gullible. Yesterday watched a séries showing that no one buyed diamond for his woman in 1950. They push ads' good happy way to marry : give her diamond. 1980 : they were selling out diamonds to american. You would Say then. That's a case. They do from 0 to billion with the same type of ADS in japan and china 10 years later. One of the Guy explain that he could sell a pet rock to you by creating high need from customers. Now you do the maths with : marketing - spirituality Could be that 'rock' have power. But none to our knowledge. Full placebo so far. But placebo have Real power on gullibles.
  21. my higher self mostly lead me to eat meat. ( but in balance with all others things, my own pyramid ) imagine I m a stomach, not a human, the stomach don't choose. I don't choose neither. high quality meat doesn't fuck my belly or head, but surely I did a kfc the other day and I was feeling like shit in the morning. could be a bias, but mostly when I do really shitty food ( once per month when I m out ) I can feel it more when I meditate. meat isn't the problem, low quality meat is. there is aswell the lie from the "MIND to the body" if you go with a thought like " meat / low food " will fuck my brain "probably" you're already creating the pain. then you'll link your delusion on the food. the only way is trial, error, and having no prior belief-thought on your experience at first. for me meat and pasta/bread work, depending the context, day time, what I've eaten before, what quality it is etc... the food of your ancestors ( dna adaptation ) the human body is so powerful it can adapt to many things.
  22. Living in France ( not joking ) There is even better country, like getting welfare in Suede or Norway. ( But you'll hardly be a citizen there ) and if the law change or country fall in the economic systems, you'll have to find other ways. there is a tons of country aswell or having 10 000$ is equivalent to having 200 000$ in USA. like thaïlande and others. Many people go there for thoses reasons. wage slavery cannot be escaped, the system in most rich country is made to makes you a slave, they program your mind since a child to conform to the cult. the cult of work, the cult of capitalism etc.. you can be liberated from monney aswell by leaving society, but you'll need a bit of monney to get that. ( self working house, with electric pannel etc.. )
  23. Bread pasta eggs meat cheese + staying balanced ofc Eating 5 Times a day
  24. this is it, you get it, everything is subjective, even the objective is man made created by cultism. but in the meantime. every act, create another act. every weight in a balance, weight on the other side. for some junk food will battle cancer, for some junk food will kill them. I think it's always about balance, even alcohol very rarely could lead to healing. talking is so useless in reality;