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  1. I believe even if we transcend the human body it would mess up with the whole design of the matrix. this is already the case, we already hacked the understanding of non understanding and many things. but maybe that's nature order of things
  2. My personal ways - feel free to share yours. - get list of things ( liberate your working memory ) - meditation when loud emotion arise ( add a personnal mantra ). - self inquiry on your émotional trigger - read or draw before sleep ( or podcast / asmr ) pitchBlack room - sleep at night. - avoid drugs that makes you crash - Diserve a full day of updating the paperwork. ( still integrating .. ) - sleep on a proper schedule - take care of foods that cause upset stomach - get knowledge about your own mind & enlightenment - don't be hateful at society to not work well with you ( very hard ) - avoid all SSRI - dopamine easy ( or only for a week if you can't. ) - certain variety of weed work for certain situations. ( But addiction is too easy for adhd ) ( very hard to integrate. I would only allow myself to smoke at noon & because I m into mental work. ) - increase by will your power of focus on one thing ( still integrating and working on - ) Will update the topic when needed and add more things.
  3. psychedelic every morning + weed You can also focus on the fact of being already dead. what is dead may never die. End of bullshit story.
  4. This was the ego backslash who did that. I stoped smoking 1 week after LSD and did for month. You Can't attribute the psychédélic as cause. The ego backslash was you taking drug so that you'r little ego feel safe again
  5. Where am I on the magic scale ? How can I learn to create servitors and how would they help me ? Is Donald Trump doing dark Magic ?
  6. good. I'll try my metaphysical question "where is god" twist plot the answer will turn to be myself Others questions related to the experience "Do I love my girlfriend" " I m the creator of my experience ? " " am I the boat or am I just a wooden plank in a sea ? " " How can I produce a godlike tiermusic, what is the higher order work that I need to improve on" " to which degree the universe is logical " I'll probably draw and listen music and see what happen Do you have any ideas of precise questions I should try ? so 15g of dry should be efficient as 2g of mush, a bit deceiving, but it's not about the dosage. I expected a bit more strong, I would tea, but I m not sure I get everything out of them this way ( I didn't did this method so far )
  7. They are call'd valhalla truffle. 5-10-15g ? Never did truffle. My max is 2g dry mexican mushroom. Thea or not thea ? Stomach load ? No particular goal - just wanting to try And a short question aswell How much time do you relatively need to get again a baseline tolérance to psychédélics ?
  8. Didn't watched it. But had this feeling today that everything is 'me' is god. Like all I can see is my own projection. Only pure fantasy of everything. All degree all scale' all without line. The only Line : my experience of the experience. I already realised it once but didn't take it seriously' not on the right angle at this moment
  9. you would bet, OR it's more like a darth vader consciousness. That's why it's not in the list, telling you that exploiting and enslaving people for goodness, big paradox. if IA would give us "peace", would it be worth it to be a dictator, manipulator to get the power to create peace ? it's when you detach from human-ness to become godlike/kingness or MAYBE it doesn't exist ( cause coral, is not about that, it's about being yourself fully and embodiment of your truth and experience as yours ) for me coral is the higher stage currently you could be on. I m talking spiral dynamic only, a model for self dev. Would I exploit, enslave and kill if that assured my surviving and peace on earth ? probably. All is one, and violence is not separate from love. Don't project your mind on me now, find for yourself what is true.
  10. I think all games that you can "farm" are too easy. the one the OP is talking about is more about learning by memory and trial and error. I played it. want to play something harder than anything else ? start wanting to be a godtier artist. video games got their limit in self improvement teaching, did there , done that. my new lenses for video games is visual/ambiant now. ( Fable was attractive as a youngster and I finished it again last year, so good ) I m thinking of playing again bioshock. Dark souls all my friends played it, it sounded too easy, some of my close friends are a lot into games, and they play a lot to all this hard thing. one of the hard was the thing with the cuphead, almost as hard as the one OP talk about. if you want challenge, online game competition. Then it's about being a pure athlete.
  11. If logic is a feature. Then you litteraly cannot die' if everything is one. Video game told you what happen. Cause an Infinite time would mean ... I don't believe in death like litteraly better stay grounded here or you'll forget... again
  12. Lol. Not funny for both part I Guess. It just ended by blowing out the thing ? What were you playing ? The black and white heavy GameBoy ? I realise that I wouldn't kill consciously unless if it was to feed myself. I would be trying hunting one day. And I totaly appreciate animals. But that's too easy just going to the butcher and say miam. My dad show me once how you kill a chicken. I only fished so far. I once met a guy at high school' he started a fight against someone for walking in the grass. He told him prior that - that grass was living too and that the dirty human he was should be aware of it. ( this Guy was close to me for a year cause he was curious to me' was fascinated with all kinds of thinking. He got no Friends and didn't wanted any. And he wasn't 'bullyed' just really weirdo' more than me lel ) --- @Mikael89 your beliefs only turn circle. Especially the belief about who you think you are.
  13. 1. There is alien in the common term without a metaphysical game. 2. Time is relative 3. If a society of alien Come to us they will be probably more in a 'light matter' aspect. So nothing too see.
  14. It means there is already 10 others guys I m focused on. Why should I care' Could be this
  15. Be strong Reverse this with your mind Recovery Heal Love Not even this will stop you Believe in yourself and fucking cure That's an order
  16. What would happen if you microdose them' ? Just a thought. But something without tolérance could have great values as a pharmaceutical. Microdosing cubensis B shroom once in a while work better than a coffee day. But 'tolérance' so. It's very experimental on my side
  17. There is no 'truth' aside the one you choosed to believe. Tada.
  18. 5 years. Yes I do. I didn't smoked any from october to april. But I was absolutely non productive at an artistic level. Weed now is the same. I would smoke only at noon and work on other thing the day. My life is very modulated for 'me'. I worked hard through this addiction but now I don't abuse it and would use it like a drink at noon then go for some series or music production ( 90% it ends doing music ) This week wasn't at home. I smoked one every 3 days. The secret is not being toxic about doing substances. ( Took me years of work - ) I know a Friend who worked in restaurant while being high all the time and he was very efficient. All my best friends are musicians and adhd. I would bet on one or two high quality coffee if really I needed 'focus' or physical work. ( And don't do any when not at 'work' ) + meditation and daily sport. + Curing self story neurosis and false goal identity belief through self inquiry and reading books about others people lifestyle.
  19. By the way scrooge mcduck story is legit stage orange embodiment. I would maybe buy the books of his story. ( The one about the life of scrooge mcduck ) I have been raised with those stories. In France he is call'd 'picsou' instead of scrooge mcduck. pic:sou' it sounds like 'pick/get:monney' on a meta perspective they took over his name. Weird for me to use Scrooge mcduck.
  20. Stop this shit. Better smoke weed ( saved my month of withdrawal ) Did ritalin 3 years ago for 1,5y. was doing 70mg a day. My best tool was weed. I wanted a 'free' replacement ( weed : 15€ per day : ssri are 100% free in France : but very limited and hard too get. No adderall or others. ) So as I wanted to work hard and focus but not stop being on drug cause I don't worked enough to my view ( very orange minded ) My experience is that they makes me feel 'belly toxic' and in the end crash was too intense ( nose clogged ) couldn't sleep without an half sleep pill. It wasn't a smart move
  21. Was great laying down while listening music on my bed. Feel safe and could go deep. I really need to try my own cubensis B. Even while Dancing. ( Mushroom tho ) Sometimes I even got Big realisation while dancing eyes closed around people. ( Time shaping control + distorsion + high visual saturation ) You need more than 100u (LSD) or more than 1.5 ( mushroom ) Or then it will just be like a 'good ssri' nothing spiritual. The ego will be stable. No real growth or Big understanding in low doses
  22. Hard but. Work on being mindful when 'anger' arise. Try a mantra like : everything is fine. Then try to focus on creating a New plan directly focused toward a New 'victorious path'. As I m very very emotional I had and still have to deal with this. Another way is not making detailed plan for the futur and accept the flow of what happens as an exercice to overcome yourself. Start being mindful when you start judging and looking for 'who is guilty' It's not easy it is hard work but you can work and 'tame the inner tiger' as they say.