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  1. Sheep/wolf
    How should one determine whether a certain niche is or not too broad?
    Reality is all about exquisite balance.
    If you are starting a project, you are the leader, you are the visionary, and you get paid the big bucks to find that perfect balance for us. If you don't know how to find the right balance then don't be a leader and don't start important projects. Be a sheep who follows someone else who knows how.
    This is the paradox of the sheep asking for detailed instructions on how to be a leader.
    You have a brain. Use it to pioneer the way. Create something new. That is your job. If we do it for you, then what use are you?

  2. Marx books
    Trump permanently suspended from Twitter
    @The Don I really do think you should begin stepping away from you conservative/libertarian ideology. Below I'll link a reading list that you can work through and use to read about the limitations of Capitalism.
    You say that you're not a conservative, but whenever you type you espouse patriotism and anti progressivism. The following reading list I chose to help begin radicalizing you, this is not really to fill you head with another ideology as much as it is to move you away from what you're constructing right now.

    right click and save it on your computer

  3. Pillars of enlightenment
    Most effective way to raise Awareness
    1.  Daily Meditation Habit (Microscope on the Mind)
    2.  Non-Dual Theory (Scaffolding to orient the Mind to favor awareness over the Ego)
    3.  Psychedelics (Exploring inner-being)
    4.  Self-Inquiry (Realizing no-Self fully)
    5.  External World-Inquiry (Realizing no-World fully)
    6.  Cosmopolitanism/ World Travel (Exploring outer-being, world cultures through travel, learning other tongues)
    7.  Education (Exploring world ideas and history leading to reliable knowledge and wisdom)
    8.  Cultivation of the Authentic-Self (Maslow's Pyramid, Life Purpose, Self-Actualization, Self-Transcendence)
    9.  Spirituality (Reconnecting to being the Watcher and purifying away illusions)
    10.  Cultivation of the Body (Nurture and fortify the Body, it's your constant companion)
    11.  Exploration of Art (Exploring non-linguistic ideas and patterns of ideas, exploring linguistic arts like poetry and fiction)
    12.  Life Practice (Perfecting your strengths in a way that makes you feel good/proud, eradicating weaknesses if authentically desired)
    13.  Being Good (Being a source of love and inspiration to others rather than not doing this, assisting others)
    14.  Authentic Relationships (Where you realize and perfect the idea that we are all One)

  4. Best advice
    The Path, Living & The Dream Board
    I received a lot of messages about the story I shared regarding collapsing the duality of self actualization & spirituality, and using the dream board, so I thought I’d make a post and add the responses here as a resource for anyone interested. Give it a try, & have fun with it! That’s the point & the ‘juice’ that makes it work - create your dream life!
    Edit: If you’re looking at this thread you’ll probably find some insights in my videos, so I thought I’d start adding them here.

  5. Afraid of DMT
    Afraid of DMT
    I have been meaning to. But plugging has been so incredibly effective and perfect that nothing more could be wanted. At least that's how it feels inside the trip. Outside the trip my mind can come up with all sorts of other stuff to try.
    I'm a little wary of smoking because I don't want to blow out my energetic system. Too much 5-MeO too fast does not feel healthy to me.
    But I am open to smoking it. In fact I will try Bufo soon.