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  1. It's poisonous. Don't drink, preferably. But I'm a hypocrite. I drink occasionally but when I do it's a lot; I stay just below the line of blackout. I only drink beers so I can track my alcohol intake precisely when drunk. I mostly utilize it to bond with people I already know. I rarely drink outside my house or at parties. The interactions I have or "friends" I make while drunk seem very fake afterwards and I can't shake that feeling off. I like being authentic when socializing and I don't feel like that's the case when I drink with people I don't know. Adding to that, I'm one of the rare people that have the "hangover effect", where you feel better the day afterwards. So it's cool.
  2. No it's fine. I feel similar. Also asexual
  3. Alpha. Wtf wasn't expecting that lol
  4. Primary:2.1 Secondary:2.2
  5. Idk if it will be of help but I have epilepsy and no psychedelic triggered seizures on me(LSD, mushrooms, DMT). I haven't tried 5-meo-dmt though
  6. I just take medication cause I wasn't able to find any specific trigger tbh. I was having almost multiple daily episodes. I heard of people who got cured without doing anything. Good for them. But I think mine won't go away any time soon. If you want to be sure, just don't hit your head,avoid severe illnessess and COVID.
  7. What's the point of this thread, exactly? I have epilepsy but it only got worse over the years.
  8. At university I am around so much stage green extremists I just gave up discussing whenever they start talking about any political issue, despite being a leftist myself. Open-mindedness is preached everywhere but it's hard to find someone who isn't blind by ideological rage. They have open "debates" but any slightly different ideas that go against their values are heavily repressed, ironically. I do empathize with them though
  9. You can understand the mind alone. No need to study for years in an university to do that. If you plan to work in a psychology related field, then do it. Ps: I'm a psychology undergrad.
  10. I was very into leftist movements and causes and even went to some protests between ages of 18 to 21. This was during university. I'm still at university, but I'm questioning the effectiveness of those actions. I volunteered at some green organizations but they don't seem to have a great impact in the big picture imo. There's lots of pointless, anger-filled discussion, left extremism and loose and poorly-planned actions in my POV. They are not pointed at the core issue but go tangential to the actual (systemic) problems that could be addressed. I can understand and empathize with the pov of those people though. So, that being said, what is your approach to these topics? I admit I haven't studied enough to have a nuanced opinion yet, but I plan to do that.
  11. Leo is the most committed person to truth I've met anywhere really. But remember he was built on the shoulders of giants. A great part of the wisdom he is sharing has already been existing for thousands of years. He is a genius at compiling it all. Let's give him the credit but no idolization, please.
  12. I talk with lots of people of different backgrounds at university, being an extrovert myself. I'm noticing the patterns. It's pretty obvious that some courses (humanities) skew green and constantly criticize the STEM part of the university. And vice versa. It's like an ideological war and I watch the conflicting values, understanding that they don't understand each other and are trying to impose their own values on other people. The humanities part criticize the STEM for pursuing money, success and ignoring politics too much, and the STEM part criticizes the other side because they are kinda inefficient, due to discussing too much and going tangencially, discussing feelings and placing too much emphasis on consensus even if that's not the best course of action to achieve a goal. I can see the partiality in both perspectives but I had some backlash when trying to point it out. I'm misunderstood by both types. As a tangent, Blue isn't very present in university but it helped with my family relations, as now I can get along with my family and older blue people really easy now that I know they couldn't be any other way due to their upbringing and etc. Right now I don't know how to deliver what I can see but I hope I will learn how to do it. Or not, really. Maybe I shouldn't do anything and just focus on my vision. I'm just showing my appreciation for this model. I've been studying it for years alongside with other models. It's awesome to be able to understand everyone's values and be non-judgmental(for the most part) even if i don't agree with them. Awesome 👍😎
  13. Situations like these are rare. I treat people kindly mostly and act non-judgmental, but I'm not a doormat. More like assertiveness. I am rarely passive-aggressive. I have had several times were I told people right away I didn't like what happened and try to solve it as fast as possible so both parties don't hold grudges. I also read the non-violent communication book and it's on the back of my mind to solve these kinds of situations. Nevertheless, experience is king. On the internet I couldn't care less though. Too many toxic people to bother with wasting energy to be kind so I just ignore or block them. No personal attacks
  14. Sorry. I didn't get the meaning of what you asked. Are you asking if I get triggered easily? Offended often? If I have anger towards "enemies" and "evil"? I'm emotionally stable most of the time. And I had several people tell me I'm very calm and patient.
  15. The first time it happened it bothered me cause I was heavily moralized by Green people, but now I'm fine with it. Looking back, it was funny cause they didn't know exactly what to criticize(cause I already integrated many Green values). As I said, I understand why they do it, so now I just shrug it off.
  16. How deep are you into your university course? I quit 1 year into Mechanical Engineering and went to Psychology cause I knew I would be miserable as an Engineer. I thought deeply about my future and I would probably out myself cause the work would bring me too little joy. If your major doesn't help you to advance in your life purpose, yes , It would be better to quit. And I do have lots of ideas I could implement in this domain of work. You don't have a life purpose yet? What the hell are you doing then? Find it. You don't have infinite time in the relative domain. Time to start thinking about this. It being "interesting" isn't enough. It has to be interesting but also have demand and contribute a great deal to society. If you have a novel, ground-breaking idea in your field maybe it'll work. Otherwise you're wasting your time. That being said, you have to have a backup plan. You can't just outright quit and do nothing all day. Are you going to be an entrepreneur or what? Do you have any practical skills? I'm just offering some tough love here. Don't take it personally; I've gone through a phase like yours some time ago.
  17. Hey buddy! I hope you're having a nice day @Thewritersunion Do you mean it would be good to not get fixated on the models? To think whatever I want to, regardless of what tier it belongs in theory?
  18. Lots of XXXP and one EXXJ Probably won't be successful but it will be fun
  19. Better to do it sober... But hey, if you really want to do it, a LSD microdose from 5ug to 15ug works If you feel rumination is what is preventing you from acting social, N-acetylcysteine could help you too. And it's not a drug.