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  1. yes, well, I heard leo talk about the imaginary universe where we literally live inside the godhead and therefore everything(atoms, etc..) is made out of consciousness. I understand that but not your view on reality. I know an object with my consciousness but so does my brother. that means there must be this outsite world I perceive and so does my brother. Same world, different perceptions. you get what I mean? Galaxies and stuff is there and 8 billion people perceive it with their consciousness right?
  2. but why wouldnt there be something outsite of our perception? how come we all agree there is a cosmos with specifically named stars in the galaxy
  3. but what about my brother, or mother, father or dog or cat or even yourself javfly33? what do you mean exactly with "only you"??
  4. But our cosmos we live in has had a start and an end right?
  5. Guys im so deeply confused about leo's teachings (like "Why brains dont exist" & "making sense of paranormal phenomena" )and there is just way too much videos for me to know where to start. In this case I cant connect teachings like: there is no self but there is also no external world(everything being a hallucination/perception) and stuff like: yes, there probably exist immaterial souls (my interpretation of leo saying we might have lived many different lifes) (video: outrageous experiments in consciousness 30 Awakenings in 30 days) and I might have lived many different lifes but after death there is only nothingness forever. What I also dont understand is how idealism should solve the mind body problem (because stuff still feels solid and my brothers or dogs body is hurt when I punch them) and I havent found much value on this forum either. Also how does besided the mindbody dualism the semantic dualism of nothing and everything collapse? And how is the dualism of my perspective of planet earth versus my brothers perspective of planet earth collapse? Also what does general & special theory of relativity and Quantum Electro Dynamics mean for my thoughts, my actions and the following linear consequences like my mothers, the planet earth's (The fossil record tells us that life on Earth has lasted at least 3.5 billion years ->implies science has taken measurments of the external world and predictions say that in 2 billion years our ocean will be boiling due to the swelling of our sun) or my death? Also I recently took an MRI-Scan, Shouldnt this prove the existance of my skull on planet earth? Can someone give me a model of reality, the world, humans and myself including this empitness/void/nothingness everyone is talking about and also explain me the here stated paradoxes? Please be very concrete if possible, 90 % of the stuff I read here I dont really understand. You'd be my hero. THanks in adavance
  6. Another question, From the 1. Person perspective I understand that consciousness/awareness is prior to an appeareance of a brain, car, dog etc. But what I dont understand is how the notion of other perspectives comes into play. Because then I come back to the old materialistic paradigm of there being an external world on which 8 billion humans live. Which one is now true?
  7. Every knowledge learned in school is a conceptual appeareance just like the brain and my body which both appear in nothingness, correct?
  8. Hey Leo, Hey fellas I havent found this emptiness, nothingness, void everyone is talking about and neither did it just occur. Anyhow, my question is regarding a statement of Leo's in his Quantum Mechanic video. There he states, that Physicality takes place within consciousness and not that the brain produces consciousness. OK, I got that, but that then still means, that within this timeless UNIVERSAL field of consciousness, there is a person or animal tapping into it with their perspective and that makes up every perspective(worm, bacteria, human, dog....) possible. So for example, i took an MRI-Scan which is an appearence, but it is not an appeareance within consciousness that is priviledged to me but the staff and my doctor and everyone who can interpret the taken image. But now I'm confused about the notion of nonduality where all dualities collapse and therefore there should only be one observer and not so many right? Like I believe right now that my friends and family have just as a rich experience of the world in the year 2021 like me and my dog have but this notion of other identities (perspectives) in nonduality seems paradoxical. Can someone explain this to me?
  9. @Leo Gura can you clear this notion of others for me? Because in your Quantum Mechanics video you say that phsyicality can be experienced within consciousness just as the ego, body or self. In the big picture I can see that ultimately my brother and I are from the same substance but nonetheless is he human just as I'm one right?