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Meta-source as in sites or wikis or dictionaries or people pulling from a bunch of other sources and a wide range of disciplines. :ph34r:

I found this to be a great resource thus far, reaching a lot of topics from learning to business, persuasion, storytelling, strategy, creativity and much much more (it’s enormous).


Here’s for example Joseph Campbell’s ten commandments of reading stories.

Miracle:    Impossible from an old understanding of reality, but possible from a new one.

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Conscious Awakening Collective is awesome. Really cool books there.

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Here is a couple of book lists I found online.

Orange/Green basic productivity/self help book list:

Blue/Orange entrepreneur/success book list:

Favorite books from various successful people:

List of all books ever mentioned on Tim Ferriss podcast, filtered by guest:

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These meta-resources are buried deep in this subforum, so I'll repost them in this thread so we can have them all in one place.

As you can see, lately I'm kind of hoarding these book lists :D

This one recommends books based on the mystical tradition (Buddhism, Christianity...) you're interested in and sorts them by "levels" of how advanced they are:

And here is a list of +300 mind expanding documentaries sorted into topics from politics to religion to drugs to science and everything else:

Here is a book list by the same person, about the future and innovation, also subdivided into various topics:


If necessary for reference, here are the links to the original threads (not much else to them tho):


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